Friends with Benefits...PART 6

Before you read Part 6...check out parts 1-5 first...

And now...on to Part 6 (still 100% true!)...

“You wanna a brewski?” Mark asked me as I flopped on his couch.

“Sure – it’s 5 o’clock,” I replied.

We had just arrived home from work after a long day. Mark’s wife, Diana, was still at work, and my girlfriend Sonia was working out of town. I planned on having a casual dinner at Mark & Diana’s before heading home.

Mark handed me a bottle of cold beer and sat on the other end of the couch, flicking on the TV.

“Let’s see what’s on the tube,” he said, skimming through channels.

After swapping wives/girlfriends the week before, I still felt a little awkward around Mark and Diana. Nothing had happened between the four of us since then, and I didn’t know if we had all silently crossed some line that would ruin our voyeuristic relationship – or even our friendship. Of course, Sonia and I were crazy about the idea of fucking our best friends’ partners – but we hadn’t talked about it since with Mark and Diana.

Mark stopped on a skin-flick being shown on cable. “Here we go,” he said, setting down the remote.

The movie was already into a simulated sex scene – all tits and ass, nothing more – but it was arousing nonetheless. Mark and I watched for a few minutes as the woman on the TV “rode” her man.

“So fake,” I said.

“I know. It’s not as satisfying as watching the real thing,” Mark said. “Plus, there’s no pussy or dick, so it’s not enough to really jerk off to.”

I was a little taken aback that Mark would talk to me so openly about masturbating. Of course, we had jerked off as a foursome, but that was different – there were women present, and it was more of a sexual thing. I had always felt that a man’s personal masturbation habits were to be kept private – and I was still somewhat embarrassed admitting to anyone that I jerked off regularly by myself.

“Sorry to let you down,” I said casually. “At least Diana’s around. Sonia’s working out of town and I’m left all alone for the week.”

“Dude, that’s sweet,” Mark said. “It’s always nice to get some good jerking time to yourself. You can get all nasty and perverted when you’re on your own.”

I wondered briefly what Mark did when he was alone. I knew he had admitted watching gay porn – an image flashed through my mind of him using a dildo on himself. Was it so wrong? I had used Sonia’s dildo on more than one occasion – without her knowledge, of course. I liked it – why couldn’t Mark, too?

“Yeah, well, there’s nothing like the real thing.” I said. “Tits are tits, man.”

“Well, let’s find something more realistic to watch,” Mark said, flicking the remote. “I have some stuff saved on the DVR you’ll like.”

He clicked on a movie and then skipped forward until we saw nudity on the screen, then he let it play. It was a full porno with a couple – the guy was licking the woman’s shaved cunt, and the sight of a vagina on the big screen with Mark sitting next to me was a little awkward.

“Here we go,” Mark said. “Check this one out – she has a sweet puss.”

I glanced over and saw that Mark was avidly watching the screen.

“What do you think?” Mark said.

“About what?” I said. “Her?”

“Yeah – would you fuck that puss?” It was amazing how crude Mark could be when there were no women around to hear.

“Of course,” I said. “Who wouldn’t?”

We watched the screen as the woman spread her legs and the man began to enter her. I was starting to get aroused, and if I had been alone, would have gotten an erection. But the weirdness of sitting there with just myself and Mark tempered my physical reaction.

“Makes me horny as hell,” Mark said, shifting in the couch next to me. “It’s uncomfortable in these jeans,” he said, adjusting his crotch.

I knew what Mark was fishing for – he wanted me to tell him it was okay to unzip his pants and touch himself. Admittedly, the idea of sitting next to my best friend while he masturbated to porn was intriguing – and thinking about playing with myself at the same time gave me tingles.

“Go ahead and get comfortable,” I said. “I don’t mind.”

Mark unzipped his jeans, leaving the fly open and letting himself bulge through his white briefs and out of his open pants. He lightly touched himself through his underwear – not stroking – just a little fondling as he watched the couple on screen go at it.

“That feels better,” Mark said. “You can get comfortable, too.”

“I’m okay,” I said, unsure of how far Mark was going to take it. However, the idea of pulling down my pants next to Mark and jerking off in front of just him was exciting.

“Come on, dude, I know you’re horny,” Mark said. “There’s nothing wrong with jacking off. Haven’t you ever jerked before with another guy?”

“Not really,” I confessed.

“It’s no big deal.”

I shifted uncomfortably and reached down to unzip my pants. It felt weird – but admittedly it was turning me on. I unzipped and slide my pants down to my thighs, leaving my white boxers on.

Mark made the next move. He reached under his briefs and then quickly pulled out his cock, sliding the waistband of the briefs below his testicles. He immediately began to stroke his semi-hard penis, and watched himself as he did it. I realized I was watching him too, and quickly averted my eyes to the TV.

“Go ahead, man. Pull it out,” Mark said.

I slid my boxers down with my pants to my knees, exposing myself to Mark sitting next to me on the couch. I caught his eye and realized he, too, was watching me. I reached between my legs and grabbed my flaccid cock and began to fondle it, having little trouble making it hard in a few strokes.

Mark began to stroke harder and fast, looking back and forth between the porno on TV and at me masturbating next to him. Soon he had a full erection, and I admired his girth as his hand gripped his shaft and moved up and down. Mark paused for a second and slipped his pants off and threw his shirt over his head, now sitting just inches from me totally naked.

I picked up speed myself, and began to enjoy myself. My penis was now starting to become quite erect, and I even had to pace myself so that I wouldn’t blow my load too quickly.

“How big are you?” Mark said, slowing his masturbation down a little.

“About 7 inches,” I said.

“Really? That’s all? It looks bigger than that,” Mark said.

“Thanks. What about you – how big is yours?” I asked.

“Maybe 8 inches, on a good day,” he said. “I’m not really certain – it’s been a while since I’ve measured.”

Mark got up and walked into the other room, coming back with his wife’s measuring tape. He came back over to the couch, but didn’t sit down – instead he stood in front of me with his erection sticking straight out just a couple of feet from my face.

“Here,” he said. “Let’s measure and see. You wanna measure me to make sure I’m not cheating?” Mark asked.

“No, I trust you,” I said laughing. It took me a second to realize that Mark only asked because he wanted me to touch his penis.

“Okay.” Mark gave his cock a couple more jerks and then stretched the tape out from his pubic bone to the tip of his erection. “Maybe…7 and ¾ inches,” he said. “Now your turn.” He handed me the measuring tape.

I stood up and took off my pants, but kept my shirt on. We were now standing face-to-face, both of our cocks just inches apart. I started to stretch the tape across my now-softening erection, but Mark stopped me.

“Wait – you’re getting soft.” Mark said. “You gotta get hard again. Jerk off a little more.”

I reached down and grabbed my penis, stroking back and forth to get a full erection again. I looked at the porno on the TV for inspiration, and then saw that Mark – who was standing right in front of me – was watching me masturbate and fondling himself at the same time. It gave me a tingle in my spine to know that Mark was turned on watching me play with myself.

“Okay, it’s hard again – but let me measure it,” Mark said. “You keep it hard.”

He grabbed the tape measure from me before I could protest, and reached over and pressed one end into the tuft of dark pubic hair above my erection. Then, without hesitation, he touched the tip of my cock and pointed it straight out, running the tape across the top of my penis. I couldn’t believe he was touching me – and that he was turned on by doing so.

“Pretty close to 7 inches,” Mark said. “Maybe just a hair under – but I’d call it 7.”

He put the tape measure down and then sat back in the couch. “Come on, have a seat.”

I sat down on the couch next to Mark and the two of us went back to masturbating and watching the porno. I kept noticing that Mark was looking over at my crotch while he played with himself, and so I began to do the same. I admired his long, smooth shaft, and wondered how often he shaved his pubic hair to keep it so smooth. Admittedly, there was a part of me that wondered what it felt like to grab his thick erection, and my own penis throbbed thinking about it.

Mark glanced over at me and caught me looking at him.

“You wanna touch it?” Mark asked me abruptly.

“Touch what?” I replied, knowing full well what he meant.

“My dick,” he said. “You’ve been staring at it – I don’t mind if you wanna touch it.”

“No, I’m fine,” I lied. Immediately I wished I had taken him up on his offer.

“Do you want me to touch you?” Mark asked.

Part of me wanted to scream ‘yes’ – but I couldn’t bring myself to be so bold. Instead I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly and said “Sure, if you want to.”

Mark stopped stroking his own cock and reached over on the couch toward my crotch. I instinctively moved my hands and watched as he grabbed my erection in his hand and squeezed gently. He began to expertly move his hand up and down my shaft, and I shivered as an electric thrill ran through my body.

“Feels good to have another guy jerk you off for the first time, doesn’t it?” Mark said, noticing my pleasure.

“Yeah…” was all I could muster for an answer. I looked over at Mark and saw he was still rock hard. I wanted to reach over and do the same for him, but was too shy.

Mark stroked me harder and faster, then used his other hand to start to massage my balls. It was unlike any handjob I’d ever had from a woman – not better, necessarily – just different and exciting. I knew I would ejaculate any moment, and felt the need to warn Mark.

“Dude, I’m gonna cum pretty quick. I don’t know if you—“

“Go ahead,” Mark said, cutting me off. “I don’t mind.”

Suddenly the front door opened and Mark’s wife, Diana, walked in. Mark and I were right in front of her – naked, and me with my cock in her husband’s hand.

I quickly pushed Mark’s hand away and covered my crotch in shame. I was so embarrassed – it was worse than getting caught masturbating by myself.

Diana stood in the doorway looking at the both of us. Mark sheepishly sat on the couch, not bothering to cover his erection. I fumbled around for my pants.

“What are you guys doing?” Diana asked incredulously.

Mark grinned but didn’t answer.

“Nothing,” I said, knowing that denial wouldn’t work at this point – she had watched for several seconds as her husband jerked my cock – there was no story to get us out of this one.

“I know what you guys are doing,” Diana said, a little more playfully. “What a couple of perverts. I can’t leave you two home for a few minutes without you jerking each other off.”

I pulled my pants on and zipped up.

“Joe, did Mark talk you into this?” Diana asked.

“Uh…no…we uh….it just sort of…happened,” I stammered. “It’s not what it looks like – nothing else was going on. We were just watching the movie and uh…” I realized the porn was still playing on the TV, but Diana had been so surprised at seeing her husband and me she didn’t even turn to see – until now that I mentioned it. She turned and looked at the porno on the TV.

“Jesus…men.” Diana looked back at the two of us on the couch, me with my pants half-zipped, and Mark still stark naked. “You guys enjoy jerking each other off?”

“We weren’t really,” I protested. “It was just…” I gave up. I couldn’t deny it.

“You guys wanna jerk off and watch me instead of the TV?” Diana asked.

“Hell yeah, Di,” Mark replied.

I nodded in agreement – thrilled that Diana wasn’t grossed out by seeing her husband giving me a handjob.

Diana grabbed the remote control and turned the TV off. Then she began to unbutton her blouse until she removed it, showing off her full, plump breasts tucked neatly into a lacey black bra. I could see her nipples underneath the sheer fabric, and noticed that they were already hard.

Mark began to touch himself again, so I took off my shirt and then inched my pants down, letting my penis flop out. The trauma of being caught had gotten rid of my erection, but I already felt another coming on. I reached down and began to fondle my cock, watching Diana who was now unzipping her tight jeans and peeling them off her legs. She had on matching black panties that were also see-through, and I could easily see her patch of dark pubic hair under her underwear.

“Well, guys, come on – I wanna see who can cum first,” Diana said. She unclasped her bra from behind her back and lowered the black lace, letting her big breasts fall free. I felt more comfortable, and my erection was growing, so I began to actively jerk my cock and watch her, though I was still glancing over at Mark from time to time.

Diana pulled down her panties and stood in front of us, totally nude. I instinctively spread my legs a little and pointed my now-throbbing erection toward her as I stroked it.

“Joe, do you want me to go down on you?” Diana asked.

“Absolutely,” I replied, removing my hand and awaiting her. Diana came over and kneeled in front of me, leaning in and grabbing my cock in her hand. She opened her mouth and immediately shoved my head into her mouth and began to slurp and suckle my cock. Her warm, wet mouth felt heavenly, and I moaned in ecstasy as she began to massage my scrotum and perineum.

Mark got up from the couch and got on his knees behind his wife in front of me. He positioned himself and began to rub his wife’s cunt from behind. Diana moaned with my cock in her mouth and the vibrations sent a chill down my spine. Then Mark pointed his big 8-inch cock at his wife’s pussy and pushed in until he penetrated her.

Mark gyrated his hips forward and back, quickly sliding in and out of his wife’s sloppy wet cunt. His groin slapped against her plump white ass cheeks, each thrust pushing my own cock deeper into his wife’s mouth.

“God damn, that looks amazing,” Mark said, watching from behind as his wife gave me head. Admittedly I liked my own view – Diana, on her hands and knees between my legs, her luscious C-cup tits hanging from her chest and swinging wildly as Mark fucked her, all the while with my own erection disappearing in her mouth.

Mark leaned over his wife’s back and moaned. “God damn….I can’t stop…” he pulled out and quickly jerked his penis over his wife’s ass crack. I watched as a sticky load of cum squirted out all over Diana’s ass.

Diana moaned as her husband sprinkled her ass cheeks with his semen. Then she pulled my penis out of her mouth and ordered me: “Now your turn – fuck me from behind.”

I did as I was told and got up from the couch, positioning myself behind Diana. Mark’s cum was still covering her ass, some of it now running down her crack and into her mess of dark pubic hair. I hesitated for a moment, wondering if I should wipe his cum off first.

“No,” Mark said. “Use it – I want you to add your own cum.”

I grabbed Diana’s plump ass cheeks and spread them slightly, giving me a good view of her pink pussy lips between the matted pubic hair. I eased my hard erection into her pussy, and because Mark had just fucked her – and with her own juices and Mark’s cum – my cock slid in easily all the way until my groin pushed against her ass.

Mark sat on the couch where I had just been, and Diana began to suck on his balls. I noticed that his erection hadn’t totally gone away after he had ejaculated.

“Fuck her, man,” Mark told me. “She wants you to fuck her hard.”

I moved back and forth, feeling Diana’s warm, wet cunt enveloping my penis. I pushed hard and Diana arched her back and pushed back against me with each thrust. The slapping sound of my groin against her wet ass grew louder, and Diana took Mark’s cock into her mouth and grunted with each thrust. Soon both Mark and I were pushing our cocks into her holes in the same rhythm, pleasuring ourselves with Diana’s beautiful body.

I knew I couldn’t hold out more than a few thrusts, and within a few seconds, I felt my orgasm coming.

“I’m going to cum,” I blurted out.

“On her tits,” Mark said, standing up and pulling his fully-erect cock from his wife’s mouth. “Let’s both cum on her tits.”

I pulled out of Diana’s dripping pussy and she quickly turned around on her knees. Mark and I stood over her next to each other, furiously jacking off over her. Diana used one hand on each of us and began to massage our testicles, enticing us to cum.

I was the first to shoot a load of hot cum. It glanced off of Diana’s chin and landed on her milky white breast, dripping down over her pink nipple. Another glob of cum squirted out with my next stroke, landing in the middle of her chest.

Mark began to cum again, surprising me with his virility. Though not as much as the first time, he still sprinkled her tits with his semen, and I watched as it mixed with my own. Diana began to run her hands across her tits, mixing the cum together and wiping it all over her chest. I kept stroking until the last of my cum squeezed out.

Diana leaned over and moved my hand, putting my cock back in her mouth. Keeping her other hand on Mark’s cock, she slurped and sucked my penis, then quickly switched and started sucking Mark. She switched back and forth, slowly pulling us closer together until our softening penises were nearly touching. Then she pulled them together until they touched. The feel of Mark’s fleshy tip pressing against my own head was sensational, and I shuddered knowing that my cock was touching another man’s for the first time in my life.

Diana pushed them together and began to lick and slurp both of them at the same time, shoving the heads of both into her gaping mouth. Some left over cum oozed out of my cock and made a sticky lube as Diana smeared it around on both of our penises.

Finally she slowed and stopped, sitting on the floor in front of both Mark & I standing naked in front of her, side by side.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time,” Diana said. “I hope it’s not the last.”

“It won’t be,” Mark said.

“Just don’t tell Sonia about…you know,” I said.

“About you letting Mark jerk you off?” Diana blurted out.

“Yeah. I’m not sure how she’d react.”

“Don’t worry, Joe,” Diana assured me. “I won’t tell a soul.”


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