Friends with Benefits...PART 5

Before you read..check out Parts 1-4...

And now...PART 5:

“What’s this drink called?” I said, feeling buzzed already as Mark handed me a shot glass.

“It’s called a blowjob,” Mark said with a chuckle. “Try it. I know you like them.”

I laughed and downed the shot. Things had become so much more comfortable and intimate between Mark, his wife Diana, my girlfriend Sonia and I over the summer. Our experience having sex in front of each other while camping on the boat over the Fourth of July weekend had opened up new horizons between our friendship as a couple. Over the past couple of months, we had begun to have sex with our respective partners in full view of each other on a regular basis, allowing the sexual tension and excitement to elicit even greater pleasures. I felt like I was staying hard longer, cumming more, and making my girlfriend Sonia shake with shattering orgasms more frequently when we had sex with Mark and Diana watching. The four of us would build off of the sexual energy in the room, pleasuring our partners while we feasted our eyes on our friends’ naked bodies. The voyeuristic aspect heightened our excitement and made all of us more open and free with our sexuality.

The four of us had even developed our own “favorites” that we sometimes requested of each other. Mark loved to watch me cum on Sonia’s large, tan and slightly sagging tits, and Diana liked watching me take Sonia from behind in the doggy style position. Sonia loved to watch Mark fuck Diana in the ass, whether Diana was on her back or all fours. Personally, I just loved it when Diana watched me masturbate – feeling her eyes on me as I pleasured myself to her naked body was enough to make me squirt in mere minutes.

In fact, sometimes we didn’t even have sex with our partners and just partook in some group masturbation, using each other’s nudity as stimuli for self-gratification. The four of us would sit around and rub, stroke or finger ourselves to ecstasy watching the other three did the same thing. It was always a struggle for me to hold out, and I was a little embarrassed that I always shot my load before Mark.

But it was Diana’s naked body that aroused me more than anything. Her luscious C-cup tits, pink nipples, and nicely trimmed but hairy pussy gave me instant hard-ons, and watching her finger herself as she looked straight into my eyes while I stroked my member was enough to make me ejaculate all over myself.

The girls came in the front door.

“What are you guys doing?” Sonia asked as she and Diana came in the front door, back from the liquor store.

Both of them were wearing cute little dresses – Diana in a short lavender skirt and tight white tank top, and Sonia in her favorite tight yellow and black sundress that she liked because she could wear it without a bra, allowing it to show off her slightly saggy, D-cup breasts and - if the right wind came up or she got a little aroused – her hard nipples poking through.

“Blowjobs,” Mark replied.

Diana smiled and looked at me. “Well, Joe, how do you like your blowjob?”

“Great, as they always are,” I said, prolonging the pun.

“According to Joe, he gets the best,” Mark said as he sat down in the recliner.

“Ha,” I laughed. “Very funny.”

“Well, Sonia, is it true?” Mark asked her. “Joe told me yesterday that you give the best blowjobs he’s ever had.”

Sonia flushed slightly. “Why take Joe’s word for it?” Sonia replied with a wry smile, though Mark didn’t appear to catch her hidden meaning.

“What’s your secret, Sonia?” Diana asked. “You have to let me know – Mark is dying to find out.”

“I dunno. It’s hard to explain. I could show you, though,” Sonia replied.

“Yeah, show her,” I egged Sonia on, eager to have my girlfriend demonstrate her oral techniques on me in front of Mark and his wife.

“Let me have a blowjob myself first,” Sonia said, taking the shot glass from Mark and downing it.

“Me, too,” Diana said.

Sonia looked over at me, and with a look in her eyes, I read her mind.

“Actually,” I said, “Sonia, why don’t you show us your secret on Mark, so he can decide for himself if you are really the best.”

Sonia looked over at Diana for her approval.

“You really don’t mind, Joe?” Diana asked me.

“Not at all,” I said. “What about you?”

“I guess I don’t mind, as long as we get to watch,” Diana said.

“Well, fuck yeah!” Mark said with a laugh.

I sat down on the couch opposite Mark in the recliner, and Diana came over and sat next to me. The three of us looked at Sonia in anticipation, waiting.

Sonia walked slowly over to Mark in the recliner, who eagerly parted his legs so she could stand between his thighs. Sonia got down on her knees, positioned between his thighs, and leaned forward. She carefully grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and lifted it slowly all the way up above his pecks, exposing his hard stomach and muscular chest. Then she moved further forward and began to kiss his chest, slowly and wetly, running her lips across his skin and working her way around until she rested her tongue on his nipple.

Mark closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment, leaning back in the chair and resting his arms at his side. Sonia worked her way down to his stomach, moving ever-so-slowly, running her hands along his thighs and rubbing his legs through his jeans. She inched lower and lower, until she reached his waistband. She leaned her head back a bit and reached up with her hands to his button-fly, delicately releasing each button as his jeans came undone and his tight, white cotton briefs were visible through the fly. His manhood bulged through his underwear, and begged for Sonia to touch him.

My girlfriend cupped her hand over his crotch, rubbing lightly and feeling out his semi-erect cock. Once she located it, she grabbed it more f***efully through his briefs, shifting her grasping fist along its shaft. Then she leaned forward again, and picked up kissing his stomach just below his naval where she had left off. She worked her way down to his briefs, running her smooth lips across his member with only a thin piece of cotton cloth between her mouth and his erection.

“Damn, it’s already in the top 10!” Mark said with a moan.

Sonia looked up at him and smiled, then went back to work. She grabbed the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down, and as she did, the top of his erection popped out. She pulled the waist band a little further, exposing more of his hard cock. I watched intently as my girlfriend carefully kissed Mark’s shaved skin around his cock, resting her cheek against his erection and running her tongue along the base of his shaft. She grabbed the head of his penis with her right hand and squeezed gently, moving it out from his body and expertly working her tongue in the intimate spots.

I glanced over at Diana, curious as to her reaction as she watched my girlfriend go down on her husband. Diana was watching wide-eyed, her mouth slightly open, her legs held tight together with only the lavender skirt covering her upper thighs and crotch. I noticed her nipples were hard and visible under her white tank top, and I assumed the voyeur in her loved watching this.

Sonia backed up a bit and put her hands around Mark’s chest. She lifted his t-shirt off him, removing it entirely. Then she put her hands on his waist and pulled down on his jeans and briefs. Mark instinctively lifted his hips and let her pull his jeans off. His cock was fully hard, sticking straight up to his naval. He was, as always, freshly shaven without a speck of pubic hair, and seeing my girlfriend between his legs was an amazing turn-on.

Then Sonia reached down and grabbed the hem of her own yellow & black sundress. She casually lifted it up, revealing her black g-string panties. She continued to lift the dress off over her head, and as soon as it was pulled up over her arms, her large, semi-sagging D-cup breasts spilled out. Her protruding nipples were brown and hard, and as she tossed the dress to the ground, I reveled in what a truly beautiful woman she was. I found it unfathomable that she was self-conscious about her tits having too much sag, or the little bit of tummy fat that hung over her waist, or even the few stretch marks left from having c***dren. She was incredibly lustful and her actions and libido during sexual encounters made her carnal energy apparent.

Now just in her G-string, with my best friend Mark sitting stark naked on the recliner in front of her, Sonia went back to work. She grabbed his shaft with her hand and pointed it at her face, then lowered her head to his crotch and opened her mouth, taking his head past her lips and settling on her warm, wet tongue. I watched as she closed her mouth around the glans of his large, 8” cock, and began to push it further into her mouth, her lips getting ever closer to the base of his shaft.

My friend Mark moaned in ecstasy, and my girlfriend Sonia took that as a sign to proceed. She cupped his balls, massaging his scrotum as she bobbed her head and let Mark begin to fuck her mouth. She shoved more and more of his hard cock into her mouth, letting him penetrate her orally deeper with each bob of the head. I knew Sonia couldn’t quite get all of my 7” erection in her mouth – but it seemed she was trying to deep throat Mark’s 8” cock.

Watching my beautiful girlfriend suck off my best friend – with my best friend’s wife sitting right next to me – was quite erotic. My own penis was now massively hard, and I had an urge to pull it out and start to jerk off. We had said it was okay if we watched – but no one had said anything about watching and masturbating. I assumed, based on our past encounters, it was totally acceptable, but I didn’t want to be the first one.

I leaned over close to Diana next to me, resting my chin on her shoulder, and whispered into her ear.

“Does it turn you on to watch your husband get a blowjob from my girlfriend?” I asked in a whisper.

“Yeah, it does,” she replied, a little bashfully. “I’m about to go over there and steal him.”

“You don’t wanna steal him away quite yet. Sonia’s not done,” I said. “Why don’t you play with yourself?” I hoped the suggestion would allow me to do the same.

Diana seemed a little hesitant, but she put her hands on her knees, then slowly slid them up her legs, moving toward the inside of her supple thighs, and underneath the hem of her purple skirt. Once her hands reached her crotch, her skirt was pulled up enough that I could see her white cotton panties and a few stray pubic hairs sticking out, and easily watched as she rubbed the tender skin where her leg ended and her vagina began.

I glanced at Mark, but he was too preoccupied to notice. Sonia was bobbing her head faster now, stroking the base of his cock as she inserted most of his penis into her mouth with each thrust. Her hanging tits bounced as she let him push his cock into her mouth.

Diana was now rubbing herself through her panties, and I was hard as a rock. I was ready to pull down my pants and start masturbating with Diana, when I decided to try something bold.

I reached my left hand over and rested it on Diana’s upper thigh, and leaned my head in close to put my lips against her neck. She seemed to want to pull away – but she didn’t. I slid my hand up her thigh until I reached her panties. Her thin cotton underwear was moist with her juices already, and I gently rubbed through the cloth along her slit, feeling the contours of her labia buried under her cushy pubic hair.

“What are you doing?” Diana said quietly.

“Just relax,” I said. “I can make you feel good while you watch your husband. It’s okay…”

I shifted to my knees on the floor, facing the couch, and positioned myself between Diana’s legs, staring straight up her skirt at her crotch. I ran my hands up the outside of her thighs, finding the waistband of her panties, and pulled them down. Although she seemed hesitant, Diana lifted her butt to help me slide them off, and as I did, revealed her hairy cunt just inches from my face. I could almost smell her sex from there, and could barely contain an urge to dive right in.

I slid her panties down to her ankles and removed them, then began to kiss her knees and thighs, working my way up until my lips pressed against her pubic mound. Using my tongue, I wiggled through her curly, thick pubic hair until my mouth found her slit, and began to lick her labia, opening her folds and searching for her clit.

“God, yes…” Diana said. She grabbed her skirt and tank top and ripped both of them over her head until she was only wearing her white bra, which she quickly unclasped and removed. I looked up with my head still buried in her pussy, admiring her big C-cup breasts and pink nipples that were now hard and firm. Keeping my nose in her cunt, I reached up and fondled her breast, pinching and tweaking her nipple. I had waited so long to experience this kind of sexual intimacy with my best friend’s wife, and was in shock that I was finally able to touch her so freely.

“Sonia, I hope you don’t mind, but your boyfriend is eating my wife’s pussy,” Mark said from behind me.

All I heard was Sonia’s muffled “Ummm…” as she continued to suck Mark’s cock. I knew my girlfriend didn’t mind – in fact, this was probably her plan all along.

I began to massage Diana’s pussy with my tongue, licking lower in her slit until I was flicking my tongue against her taint, and even below teasing the edge of her asshole. Her scent filled my nostrils, and her taste was in my mouth. I pushed her inner thighs out to spread her pussy more, and licked furiously, rubbing and nudging her clit as she moaned in pleasure.

I pulled back from Diana’s cunt, momentarily admiring her naked body on the couch, legs spread, pussy wet with my saliva and her juices, her cunt lips parted, and her tits hanging softly at her chest. I ripped off my shirt and then stood up to remove my pants, quickly removing my boxers, too, and letting my 7” erection stick straight up. I started to move toward Diana, hoping she would suck my dick, but she pushed me back.

“It’s okay,” I repeated. “Mark is right here…nothing will happen that you don’t want to.”

Diana seemed to nod her assent.

“Will you give me a blowjob?” I asked, still standing in front of her with my erect cock at her head level.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I think maybe we shouldn’t cross any lines.”

“Look at your husband,” I said quietly. “He’s enjoying himself – and so is Sonia. You should too.”

“I’m just not really comfortable with giving you head,” Diana said. “At least not yet.”

I took the last part to mean that she wasn’t totally turned off by my proposition, so I decided to push a little further.

I got down on my knees between her legs with her sitting on the couch, and got close enough to grab her hips. I gently pulled her toward me so that she was slumped in the couch and her hips were at the edge. I leaned over and kissed her flat stomach, working my way up to her luscious tits and began to suck and nibble on her erect nipples. Diana didn’t seem to mind, and so I used a free hand to begin massaging her pussy that was still soaking from her juices and my mouth.

“Kiss me,” Diana suddenly blurted out. I pulled my head up to hers and pushed my lips against hers. She parted her lips and invited my tongue in her mouth. Suddenly we were passionately kissing, wrapping out tongues around each other. I leaned in and pushed my erection against her pussy, splitting her slit and feeling her warm, wet cunt against my cock. My penis slipped easily between her labia among her pubic hair, and I angled my hips slightly so that I could put the tip of my cock inside her. As the head penetrated her, she flinched, but then continued to kiss me and reached around me, grabbing my back and pulling me close.

I pushed the head of my cock a little further inside her, and knew one movement was all it took for me to go all the way. I moved slowly and felt her muscles spasm as I entered her, going deeper and deeper until my entire erection was buried in her pussy.

Diana broke the kiss for a moment and whispered in my ear. “Don’t cum inside me – I’m not on the pill,” Diana said. Then she kissed me again.

I was in heaven. I suddenly dawned on me that I was having sex with my best friend’s wife just a few feet away from my girlfriend, who was giving head to my best friend at the same time.

Diana’s juices flowed out onto my balls and made for a slippery ride, but she kept pushing against me harder, deeper. With each thrust her breasts bounced slightly, and I reached up to caress them and fondle her nipples.

I heard Mark tell Sonia to slow down, so I glanced over to see how my girlfriend and Diana’s husband were doing. Sonia had stopped sucking his dick and both of them were now watching me have sex with Diana.

“Damn, that is hot,” Mark said. “You are so sexy, Di. It’s amazing watching you have sex with another man.”

Diana smiled and kept grinding against me.

Sonia turned around and faced her ass toward Diana’s husband. Her tits hung low from her chest, but she looked incredibly sexy, and I knew what a view Mark had at that moment of my girlfriend on all fours in front of him, her shaved pussy lips peeking out between her legs, just below her ass cheeks that were slightly spread to show off her tight asshole.

“Mark, I want you to fuck me from behind,” Sonia said.

Mark didn’t need her to ask twice. He quickly got on his knees behind Sonia and pointed his 8” erection down so that the head of his penis was aligned with Sonia’s pussy. He moved his hips forward and thrust his penis into her dripping wet hole, going all the way in until his hips slapped against Sonia’s butt cheeks.

“Fuck yes…” Mark sighed. “I’ve been wanting to feel that pussy for so long…”

Sonia pushed her ass back against Mark, making sure every last inch of his manhood penetrated her cunt. “Fuck me, fuck me hard,” Sonia said.

Mark grabbed her ass with his hands and began to slide in and out, building up speed and strength with each thrust. The slap of his groin against my girlfriend’s ass cheeks filled the room, mixing with the sound of their grunts and sighs of pleasure. Sonia’s sagging tits hanging straight down from her chest bounced wildly with each punishing thrust of Mark’s 8” cock.

“FUCK…FUCK…OH MY GOD,” Sonia screamed. It didn’t take her long to orgasm.

“Fuck yeah, you like my big cock inside you while your boyfriend watches?” Mark said to Sonia. “You want me to cum in that nice pussy of yours?”

“Fuck yes,” Sonia said. “Cum inside me while Joe watches.”

Hesitantly, I turned my attention back to Diana, who was watching her husband fuck my girlfriend with a look of awe. I had my penis deep inside Diana’s hairy pussy, and knew that if I moved too fast I’d blow my load, so I gently straightened my back and began to push in and out, looking carefully at her laid in front of me, her legs spread, her tits resting back on either side of her chest, and my cock sliding in and out the hole buried in her pubic hair.

“God, Joe, you feel good inside me,” Diana said, looking up at me. “Come close to me – I want to feel you.”

I leaned back over and Diana wrapped her arms around me, pulling me close. I kissed her ear, and then she turned her head and began to passionately kiss my mouth, darting her tongue in and out and sucking on my lips. I moved my hips faster, and knew it was only a matter of time. I tried to pull my cock out of her, but she pulled me tight and close.

“Oh…Oh…Oh…not yet,” Diana said. I felt her pussy gush with warmth as she had an orgasm, and I tried my best to hold off mine.

“Did you cum?” I asked as her breathing slowed.

“Yes. Fuck yes.”

I started to move my hips again. “I wanna cum now, too.” I said.

“I want you to…”

After just a couple of strokes I was ready, and Diana knew it.

“Don’t cum inside me – cum on my stomach,” she said. “Pull out and I’ll jack you off.”

I didn’t need her to use her hand. The second I pulled out of her dripping pussy my penis shot a gob of white cum that splattered on her pubic mound. My cock squirted several shots of semen that quickly mixed in with her thick pubic hair.

“God…Oh my God…” I said, unable to control myself. More sticky cum shot out of the tip of my cock onto my best friend’s wife.

“Are you watching?” I heard Sonia say. “Joe just came all over your wife’s pussy.”

“I’m watching,” Mark said, not missing his rhythm as he kept pounding my girlfriend from behind. “I’m about to do the same to you.”

I rested my head on Diana’s beautiful breasts and both of us watched as Mark fuck Sonia harder and faster.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled out, then stood up.

“Turn around, Sonia,” Mark ordered. “On your knees. I wanna cum on your tits.”

Sonia did as she was told. She rested back on her knees and stared up at Mark’s huge, glistening erection as he stroked it over her.

Mark gave his cock a couple of jerks and then aimed over Sonia’s breasts. A squirt of yellow, translucent semen landed on her cleavage, and then a larger stream of cum splattered all over her dark nipples.

“Yes, give it to me,” Sonia said. “Give me your cum.”

Mark kept stroking until more semen shot out, each bit landing on Sonia’s large D-cup tits and dripping down onto her big, dark nipples. She reached up and began to spread it around on her tits, massaging it in, as the last drips of cum fell from Mark’s cock.

Mark sat back in the chair with a sigh of relief. Sonia stayed on her knees, resting on her feet, and gently and slowly kept smearing Mark’s cum into her tits and down her stomach, all the while looking straight in my eyes as I rested on Diana’s tits with my stomach smearing my own cum into her pubic hair.

As I rested there, contented and sexually fulfilled, there was a twinkle in Sonia’s eyes. I knew she hadn’t had enough. Sonia always wanted more. It wasn’t enough to fuck my best friend while I fucked his wife in the same room – Sonia wanted to push the envelope further. I didn’t know what kinky, perverted sex acts she had in mind…but I knew I’d find out.


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5 months ago
hope you continue this.
7 months ago
hottest one so far
10 months ago
A well-written, exciting, great story. Makes me want to be involved, for sure!
10 months ago
damn good story, I'm reading it and wish to join that party!
10 months ago
I'm hooked on this story!
Can't wait for part 6!