Friends with Benefits...PART 4

Before you read..check out Parts 1-3...

And now...PART 4:

“Joe, honey, can you grab me a cold beer from the cooler?” Diana asked me.

“Sure,” I replied.

My best friend’s wife, Diana, was on the cushioned rear platform of the ski boat, laying flat on her back in the sun, totally nude. I was also naked, and had been sitting on the bench seat in the back of the boat right next to her, my head eye-level with her glistening body. We were both wearing sunglasses, so I hoped she couldn’t tell I had been staring at her full, milky-white C-cup breasts that rested softly on each side of her chest as she laid on her back. I admired her pink nipples, her taut stomach, and her perfect triangle of dark brown pubic hair. But admiring Diana’s nude body as I sat naked next to her in the warm summer sun had aroused me, and if I got up to fetch her a beer, I knew my erection would be obvious.

My friend Mark, his wife Diana, and my girlfriend Sonia arrived at Cedar River earlier that afternoon for a two night stay. Although technically it was a river, it seemed more like a long lake surrounded on both sides by high, forested cliffs. Boaters were allowed to go up the river as far as they wanted and could camp anywhere along the shore, much of which were sandy beaches with shade trees. Once you got far enough up river, there weren’t any other campers around, and it was pretty private. So after setting up camp a few miles upriver far beyond any other campers or boaters, we went back out on the water and anchored my friend Mark’s ski boat in the middle of the water.

After our d***ken night playing strip poker a couple of weeks earlier, going skinny-dipping around each other didn’t seem like a big deal. The four of us quickly threw off our swimsuits and jumped in the warm water. I tried not to stare at Diana’s luscious tits, hairy crotch or shapely ass, or even at Mark’s large, shaved, circumcised cock, but I knew I wasn’t the only one sneaking a peek. I caught Mark a few times staring at my girlfriend Sonia’s large D-cup, slightly sagging tits and brown nipples, her shaved cunt, and her tight ass. Sonia seemed less self-conscious about the bit of tummy fat and stretch marks that slightly hung at her waist, even though I assured her she had an incredibly sexy body. I had been trying hard to distract my mind and prevent myself from getting an erection, but it wasn’t easy. The cold water helped.

After swimming for awhile, the four of us were lounging in the sun on the boat. Mark and Sonia were sitting in the bow of the boat, both of them nude, just inches from each other. Sonia was sitting upright, her legs straight out in front of her, and her beautiful breasts, naturally tan Native American skin, and bare hips looked heavenly in the sunshine. Mark sat next to her with one leg up on the seat, his penis in full view for Sonia. As I stood up to get a beer for Diana, I noticed that Mark had a semi-erection, but didn’t seem to be hiding it from Sonia.

Keeping a hand casually in front of my crotch in an attempt to hide my own erection, which was much further along than Mark’s semi, I grabbed a beer from the ice chest and sat back down on the bench seat in the back of the boat next to Diana perched on the platform. It seemed she had trimmed her thick bush of pubic hair since our night of strip poker – just short enough so that it didn’t curl, but long enough to make it look like a nice thick bush. It occurred to me that she and I had the same length of pubic hair - and that Mark and my girlfriend Sonia were both clean-shaven.

“Here you go,” I said, handing it to her.

“Thanks,” she said, sitting up on the platform to sip her beer. As she lifted her body her tits jiggled slightly, and I admired how when she sat up it emphasized the curves of her hips and ass. I felt my erection getting stiffer. I grabbed a towel and covered myself a little to prevent embarrassment. I was glad I had also recently trimmed my own pubic hair a little and shaved under my balls – I thought it looked better than a tangled mess of curly hair.

“Why are you covering yourself?” Diana asked.

“Well, duh,” I said, turning red. “I can’t really control my excitement, I guess.” I looked away from her breasts in embarrassment.

“So what?” Diana said. “It’s normal. No one cares, certainly not me. Actually, I like seeing you and Mark get turned on out here. You’re men are no different from us – we can just tell easier when men are aroused. There are less obvious signs a women is turned on...but they are there. I mean, look at my nipples – they’re not this hard because it’s cold out here!”

I turned back to Diana and realized that her nipples were hard and protruding. I felt a little more comfortable about my erection.

“Well, what am I supposed to do – be the only one walking around with a giant boner?” I asked.

“Sure, why not? And you’re not the only one – look at my husband!”

I looked back to the front of the boat and saw that Mark’s cock had stiffened even more. It wasn’t quite a full erection, but it was now sticking out and he wasn’t hiding it. I was sure that my girlfriend Sonia, sitting next to him, didn’t mind at all. I felt a little bashful knowing that Mark’s erection was probably bigger than mine, and that my girlfriend was sitting within reaching distance of his penis.

“Well, okay,” I said. I removed the towel and let my erection stand straight up in the sunshine. It was fairly big – about 7 inches – and I wondered if Diana thought it was big enough.

“See, doesn’t that feel better?” she said.

Admittedly, I did feel less bashful. “Yeah. I guess I’m just not used to it.”

“It’s because normally – except for taking a shower – when you’re naked, you either have sex or jerk off, so your body just thinks that’s what’s going to happen,” Diana explained.

Hearing Diana speak so openly about my masturbation – as if she knew how frequently I jerked off – was enough to make my dick twitch, but I tried to act casual. “I guess you’re right.”

“Don’t worry, after a while, you’ll get used to it and then you won’t get hard so easily.” She sipped her beer, unabashed of her nudity. I tried to do the same, but still felt like my penis was too distracting.

“So what’s with you and Sonia?” Diana asked me. “She tells me you guys are into voyeurism?”

I stuttered: “Uh…how’s that?”

“Sonia told me about your neighbor Phil,” Diana admitted. Phil was my neighbor across the street. I had once come home and seen him at his window with binoculars peeping on Sonia. Phil never knew we were onto him, but we gave him a show once in a while: sometimes Sonia would give me head in front of the window, and sometimes we would fuck doggy-style with the lights on and the curtains open, knowing he was watching.

“Oh…Phil…” I said. “Well, that’s just a lonely guy that likes to watch us. But I think Sonia gets off on knowing that some other guy is jerking off watching her. I think she secretly wishes she was a porn star.”

“Yeah, Sonia told me about your home movie, too,” Diana said. “Have you shown it to anyone? Or is it just for you guys to watch?”

“Um…you’d have to ask Sonia about that. No one else has seen it so far.”

“Is it any good?”

I shook my head. “Honestly, it’s poor lighting, lots of first-person shots, nothing great,” I said.

Diana shrugged her shoulders. “That’s all right – sometimes those are the best ones. Can Mark & I watch it?”

I hesitated. “Uh…I don’t know about that.”

“Come on, we’ll let you watch some of ours!” Diana pleaded.

“You have more than one?”

“Lots,” Diana said casually. “Mark’s pretty good at making them – he uses tripods, lighting…they look pretty good.”

“Have you guys shown them to other people before?” I asked.

Diana shifted and her boob swayed. “A few friends have seen some of them in the past,” she said.

I was intrigued. “Well, if you let us watch one of yours, you can see ours,” I offered.


Chatting so casually had an effect and my penis actually began to soften. After a few minutes, it was flaccid again, and I felt more natural.

I started to move around more as I chatted with Diana, and felt more comfortable now that my erection had mostly gone away. There was something intimate – not necessarily sexual – about being naked with Diana, especially outdoors. I felt we were sharing something unique between us.

After a while, Mark piped up: “Hey, let’s head back to our camp and mix up a few drinks,” he said.

“Sure,” I said, getting up and reaching for my swimsuit.

Mark pushed past me to the driver’s seat of the boat, leaving my girlfriend Sonia in the bow of the boat. He sat at the driver’s seat, still nude, and started the motor.

Realizing that Mark wasn’t planning on putting his clothes back on, I dropped my swim trunks and sat back down on the reach bench seat. Diana got down from the platform and sat to my right, and Sonia got up from the bow and came to join us, sitting on my left. The boat jerked forward and we raced back up the river, hitting little waves and bumps along the way. The girls giggled about how their tits bounced wildly, but I enjoyed feeling the smooth naked skin of their thighs rubbing against mine. I instinctively put my arms out to both sides and rested them on Sonia and Diana’s shoulders.

We reached our beach, anchored the boat in some shallow water, and then the four of us waded to shore, all of us still nude. Laughing and horsing around on the beach, all of us felt quite comfortable being naked around each other, and both Mark and I were able to fend off erections.

Mark mixed up some drinks and I parked myself next to him on a beach chair. Diana sat next to him on the ground, laid out on a beach towel. Sonia sat across from the three of us also on a beach towel, and rested back with her elbows on the ground, keeping her knees pulled up slightly and in front of her as she reclined on the beach. Her large, saggy breasts hung from her chest and rested a little to her sides in her reclined position, and her brown nipples pointed slightly down.

“I can’t believe how hot it is,” Mark remarked.

“I like it like this,” replied Diana. “It makes it quite comfortable to not wear any clothes when it’s this hot.”

“I know, but even the lake water is warm this weekend,” I said. “Usually it’s a bit cold.”

“Lucky for you men that it’s not cold!” said Sonia laughing.

“Agreed on that,” Mark said. “But it sure is nice to have two whole days to lounge around up here. I hope the alcohol holds out!”

As we sipped our cocktails and chatted, I noticed that my girlfriend Sonia was nonchalantly letting her knees fall to each side, which opened her thighs and gave the three of us a view of her slit between her legs. She slowly let both legs open even more until the tension parted her pussy lips and revealed the pink folds of her labia. I realized that Sonia was pushing the envelope of what the four of us could experience together, and had moved beyond simple shared nudity. She was showing us her most intimate parts, and waiting for a reaction.

With my sunglasses hiding my eyes, I looked over at Mark. I couldn’t help staring as his cock twitched, rose up, and all on its own enlarged into a full erection, sticking straight up to his belly-button. Sitting right next to him with a clear view of his hard-on, I had a chance to admire its size and girth. In the sunlight I could even see it pulse with his heartbeat, and I couldn’t imagine it getting any harder.

Without realizing it, watching Mark get erect as he stared at my girlfriend Sonia’s vagina was making me aroused, too. I looked down at my own cock and watched helplessly as it surged and grew until it, too, was pointed straight at my naval. I glanced at Sonia, who wasn’t wearing any sunglasses, and she smiled slightly – she knew I had just gotten an erection simply from watching Mark.

Without a word, Sonia got up and walked over to the tent. The three of us watched wordlessly as she bent over to unzip the tent door, giving us a quick view of her ass, and then went inside.

I was so horny at that moment that I couldn’t take it. I got up and walked past Mark and Diana, my full erection in plain view, and followed Sonia into the tent.

“I know where you’re going…” Mark said with a laugh.

“Just be a moment,” I said, walking quickly.

Sonia was waiting for me, lying on her sl**ping bag, with her legs spread. I laid down next to her and ran my right hand up her thigh until I touched the warm, moist skin of her bare cunt. I massaged gently, feeling her breathing increase in my ear. She rolled onto her side, presenting her ass to me, and I pushed my erection between her cheeks and rubbed against her as I fingered and teased her clit.

Suddenly Mark and Diana were at the tent door, diving in onto their sl**ping bags next to us. I stopped fingering Sonia’s clit, but kept my hand covering her crotch casually.

“We thought we’d join you guys,” Diana said.

“The more, the merrier,” Sonia said.

Mark laid down on his back, just a few inches from Sonia and I, his erection still stiff and hard. Diana got on her knees between his legs, and grabbed his cock in her right hand, lightly stroking and squeezing it. Mark unabashedly just looked over at Sonia’s naked body and watched my hand gently rub against her crotch.

I couldn’t believe what was happening – were Mark & Diana intending to have sex in front of us? Did they expect us to do the same?

“Well, come on, guys,” Mark said. “Get back to it. Don’t let us stop you.”

“Sonia told me you guys wanted to see Mark and I fuck,” Diana said. “We think it would be hot to watch you, too.”

“Seriously?” I asked, too surprised to believe my ears.

“Yeah seriously,” Diana said. “Fine. I’ll start.” And with that Diana bent over and took the tip of Mark’s cock into her mouth.

But Mark didn’t close his eyes and enjoy it, or even watch his wife put his penis in her mouth. Instead, he kept his eyes on Sonia large breasts, and occasionally watching as I moved my hand against her crotch. I felt Sonia push her ass cheeks against my erection, edging me on, so I complied.

Shoving my hard prick against Sonia’s ass, I began to rub her clit harder, allowing Mark to see more of her pussy. I used my fingers to open her cunt and tease her clit.

Diana, looking over with her husband’s cock still in her mouth, pushed his member deeper into her throat until she had swallowed more than half of him. As she bent over and bobbed up and down, I admired her hanging tits and her bare hips.

Sonia bent her right leg, lifting her knee up and spreading open her pussy to give Diana and Mark a better view. Then Sonia reached between her legs and grabbed my stiff prick, guiding it expertly into her hole. I felt her warm, wet cunt wrap around the tip of my cock, and I slid it in past the head, pulled out almost all the way, and then re-entered her, this time further and deeper. Sonia reached up with one hand and grabbed her own breast, tweaking her nipple.

“Damn,” Mark said, breaking the sound of the four of us breathing heavily. “Sonia, you have a beautiful body.”

Hearing my best friend say that while I entered my girlfriend enflamed me, and I pushed deeper until my entire cock was inside Sonia.

“God, yes,” Sonia said as my balls pushed against her crotch. “Fuck yes…”

With that Diana let Mark’s erect penis slip from her mouth. She and straddled her husband. Mark reached down and pointed his prick straight up, and Diana lowered herself onto it, letting all eight inches of his stiff muscle penetrate her hairy pussy. She began to go up and down, letting him fully enter her.

I grabbed Sonia’s hip with my right hand and brought her against me hard and repeatedly. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I was sure that Mark and Diana had a perfect view of her large saggy breasts bouncing wildly as I fucked her, and her bit of tummy fat jiggling with each thrust.

Diana began to moan, grinding hard on her husband. “Fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…” Di moaned.

But it was Mark who climaxed first.

“God damn…” Mark said. “Di – I’m coming baby…”

Diana quickly got off of her husband and lay down on the floor of the tent on her back. Mark straddled her waist, up on his knees, and began to furiously jerk his cock over her tits. She massaged his balls and looked into his eyes, and suddenly gobs of sticky, white semen shot out from Mark’s penis and splattered on Diana’s luscious white tits.

I pumped Sonia harder watching Mark cum all over his wife right next to me.

“Yes, cum on me,” Diana said.

Mark emptied his load on her tits, which Diana then began to massage into her breasts.

Sonia began to rub her own clit, and I knew she was having an orgasm. She gasped and moaned, biting her lip, and rubbed herself to climax. I pushed in and out of her a couple of more times for good measure, and then let myself explode in her cunt. Waves of ecstasy passed through me as I came inside of her, and I let out a grunt of satisfaction.

I glanced at Diana to see if she was watching, and realized she was fingering her hairy pussy and watching us. Mark kissed her neck and rubbed her thigh, expertly teasing her until Diana had her own orgasm. She bucked her hips against her hand, and pushed her finger deep into her wet, swollen pussy.

After Diana’s breathing returned to normal, Sonia rolled over and my quickly-softening cock slipped out of her cum-filled vagina. Without feeling embarrassment, the four of us laid there: Mark with his hand rubbing remnants of his cum across his wife’s nipples, Diana with her fingers gently caressing her labia through her thick dark pubic hair, Sonia on her back, my cum dripping out of her cunt, and me, lying on my back, my semen-soaked cock lying on my stomach.

“That was incredible,” Sonia said.

“I know,” Diana agreed. “Mark and I haven’t had an orgasm that quick in forever.”

“Too bad you cummed inside of Sonia,” Mark said to me. “I would have liked to see you cum on her beautiful tits.”

“Next time I’ll make sure he does,” Sonia said with a smile.


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getting sooooooo hot!!!
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couldn't hold back any longer and I rarely jerkoff and cum to stories. thanks
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good story
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great, got me hard and wanking
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Great work so far.....keeps me hard and interested but not over the top.....good edging porn :p