Friends with Benefits...PART 3

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“No, no, no…shame on you!” teased Diana to her husband, Mark. “The rules are if you wanna fold, you have to take a shot. We all agreed to the rules before we started.”

Mark nodded, poured himself a kamikaze shot of vodka, and downed it.

Diana looked next to me. “Well, Joe, what’s it gonna be? You have anything to play, or are you gonna wimp out?” she asked with a smile.

We were all sitting on the carpet in a circle. The lights were low, some light music was playing, and there were a few candles going. The alcohol had removed most our inhibitions. I glanced over at my girlfriend, Sonia, sitting next to me, and then at my cards in my hand. I had nothing.

After a rather heavy night of drinking at Mark & Diana’s house, we ended up pulling out a deck of cards and somehow ended up playing strip poker. The rules were if you wanted to fold any hand, you had to take a shot of liquor. And we had all started with the same amount of clothing so that things were fair: Diana and Sonia started with their pants, shirt, bra and panties; Mark and I started with our underwear, pants, a shirt and a sweater to make it even because of the girls’ bras.

And now Mark and I were getting beat. Both of us were down to our pants and boxers. Diana had removed her bra, keeping her shirt still on, but still had her pants and panties. And my girlfriend Sonia hadn’t lost a hand yet. But we were all d***k.

“Come on, Joe, what’s it gonna be?” Diana said, egging me on with her big blue eyes and full lips. I desperately wanted her to lose so I could see her naked body again – I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about last weekend in our spa when the four of us went in nude. Diana’s full breasts, pert ass and hairy bush were burned into my mind.

“I fold,” I said finally, reaching my shot glass out to Mark so he could pour my punishment.

Diana looked at Sonia. “I’m in, girl. I’ll bet my pants.”

Sonia smirked. “I’ll bet my bra. I call.”

Diana laid down her cards – but Sonia was a good card player.

“Shit,” Diana blurted. My heart started beating faster in anticipation of watching Diana remove her pants.

“Lose ‘em,” Sonia ordered her. “Your pants are mine now.” Sonia had everyone’s clothes in a pile behind her.

Diana stood up. She casually lifted her long t-shirt a bit and unbuttoned her pants, then bent over and dropped them to the floor. Her curvy, smooth white legs were enticing in the low light of Mark’s living room, and for an instant I caught a glimpse of Diana’s modest white panties. But her shirt was long enough that it hung down to her thighs. She sat back down, stretching the shirt between her legs to cover up. She tossed her pants to Sonia sitting next to her.

“Okay, Sonia’s deal,” Mark said. “And this time give me something good. I’m feeling lucky.”

Sonia shuffled the cards, and while she was dealing them out, I noticed Mark watching her intently. He had told me earlier in the week how attractive he thought she was, especially after seeing her naked in the spa last weekend. Admittedly, it turned me on to know he desired my girlfriend. After all, she was beautiful – her long, dark hair, tan-colored skin, big tits and brown nipples were a sight to behold.

“Here we go,” Sonia said as we all picked up our hand.

“I’m in for my pants,” I said.

Mark, sitting to my left, sighed quietly. “Same here,” he said. “I’m in for my pants, too.”

We all looked to Diana. “I’m in,” she said confidently. “I’ll bet my shirt.”

I felt a surge of sexual excitement knowing that if Diana lost the hand, she would be sitting right in front of me wearing only a pair of white cotton panties, her breasts exposed for me to gawk at.

Sonia smiled wryly. “I’m in, too – I’ll throw in my bra. But I’m going to raise – I’ll bet my pants, too.” She looked to me.

“Shit,” I said. “I’ll meet it – I’ll bet my boxers, too.”

“Oooh…” Diana said. “Joe’s all in! It’s win or bust. Or should I said win or butt-naked!”

I smiled bashfully, wondering how I would handle it if I ended up getting an erection in front of Mark & Diana. I tried not to think about it.

Mark shifted uncomfortably. “Damn…” he murmured. “I can’t help myself – I’m in too – I’ll throw in my tidy-whities.”

“Now we’re playing cards!” Sonia exclaimed. “It’s about time you guy had some balls…and soon enough, I guess we’ll know for sure.” The three of us laughed at her pun, though mine was a more nervous laugh.

“Okay, Di,” Mark said. “It’s up to you.”

“Oh, you know I’m in,” Diana said. “I’ll wager everything, too – my shirt AND my panties.” She looked at Sonia. “You’re goin’ down, girl!. Check it – a full house. Sevens over fives!” Diana laid her cards down triumphantly, and I felt a moment of panic. I had already lost.

Sonia giggled. “Nice hand, Di,” she said. “But it still doesn’t beat my Queens over tens!” Sonia dropped her cards down on the floor and raised her arms victorious.

“Shit,” Mark said. “I’m done. I only got two pair.”

They all looked to me.

“Well, fuck, what can I say? I’m done, too,” I said. I threw my cards down disgusted. The only solace was that at least I would see Diana nude. I just didn’t know how to avoid the potential embarrassment if I started to become aroused. I just hoped that because all of us were d***k enough, no one would mind…or remember.

“I own you guys!” Sonia declared. “Take it OFF, bitches!” She stood up and did a mock victory dance, turning in a circle. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah…”

“Okay, okay…take it easy,” I said. “No one likes a sore winner.”

“Who’s first?” Sonia said. “Mark? I believe you owe me your pants and underwear…”

Mark stood up confidently, his muscular chest highlighted by the candles and low lighting of the living room. He unzipped his jeans and dropped his pants, standing there in his tight-fitting white cotton briefs. His package looked big even in the low light – bulging between his legs. He kicked his jeans over at Sonia.

“Thank you sir, but I believe you owe me those cute little tidy-whities, too!” Sonia said.

“Gladly,” Mark said. He put his thumbs between his elastic waistband and his tight stomach, and stretched the briefs down to his thighs. His flaccid penis popped out, easy to see because he had shaved all his pubic hair. His cock was long and thick, and his balls hung loosely between his thighs. He bent over and pulled his underwear off, then tossed them playfully at Sonia, seemingly unperturbed by standing in front of the three of us stark naked. Even I was aroused knowing that my girlfriend Sonia was lustily watching his cock.

“Okay, hon, you can quit showing off,” Diana told her husband. “Sit down.”

Mark sat back down and grabbed a pillow from the couch, using it to cover his crotch from our view. I figured I could do the same.

Sonia looked to me. “Okay, bud, you’re next.”

I tried to hide my embarrassment, and stood up slowly. I took off my jeans absentmindedly, since my boxers were pretty much like shorts. But after Sonia grabbed my jeans, I realized the moment of truth was near.

I paused for a minute, glancing at Diana who, to my surprise, was watching me intently, her eyes not even on my face but instead looked directly at my boxers. I noticed even Mark was watching closely.

I took a deep breath and bent over, sliding my boxers down to the ground. I stood up, trying to act nonchalant, but knew that my penis was now in full view. I was just starting to feel an erection coming on, which meant that my cock still appeared flaccid but looked slightly larger than normal. My dark pubic hair was trimmed fairly short, and admittedly, I was a little proud of how I looked.

“Sexy!” Diana blurted out, slightly slurred because of all the alcohol.

“Thanks,” I said softly. I sat down quickly and grabbed a pillow, covering my manhood.

“Only one more to go,” Sonia said. “Let’s make it happen, girlfriend!”

We all looked at Diana, me more excited than the rest of them. I couldn’t wait to see her beautiful body again.

“Wait, wait, wait…” Diana said. “I’m not gonna strip down like some common two-bit whore,” she said. “I’ve gotta do this with some class.”

Diana went over to the stereo and turned on some Sly and the f****y Stone funk music. “Sonia, sit down on the couch next to the guys,” Diana said.

Sonia came over and sat between Mark and I on the couch. It aroused me to know that my girlfriend was sitting next to me and my best friend, both of us totally nude, save a pillow covering our crotches. I wondered if Mark was turned on, too.

Diana began to sway to the music, her t-shirt lifting up slightly to show off her sleek white cotton panties. She teased us by gently lifting her shirt, showing us more, turning around and bending over slightly to give us a view of her pert ass tucked in nicely behind her panties.

“Whoo-whoo!” yelped Mark. “Take it off!”

Sonia smiled sitting next to me. I knew she was enjoying this as much I was.

Diana lifted her t-shirt over her head, and her big, full white breasts fell out in view as she removed her shirt. Her tits had pink, quarter-sized areolas, and perfect little nubs for nipples. They looked like a big C-cup or even D-cup, and hung and swayed as she moved to the music. I felt my penis start to stiffen underneath the pillow and shifted uncomfortably.

Then Diana turned around and put her thumbs under the waist of her panties. She lowered them as she bent over, giving us a perfect view of her ass crack as she teasingly lowered her panties, inch by inch. She slid them off to the ground, bending over all the way, and I caught a view of her asshole and the dark, hairy patch below her ass and between her legs.

Diana turned around, giving us a full view of her nudity. Her perfect love-triangle of pubic hair between her legs was arousing, and she touched and fondled her breasts in front of us swaying to the music. She ran a finger down her stomach and through the thick curls of pubic hair, and for a minute, I thought she might finger herself or even reveal her labia, but she stopped short when the song finished.

“Great show, Di,” Mark said.

“I agree,” I said. “Very sexy.” I now had a raging erection underneath the pillow that was covering my crotch.

Diana came over and sat down between Mark and Sonia, still nude. She didn’t seem to be eager to put her clothes back on, and I admired her breasts perched over her patch of pubic hair as she sat next to us. She didn’t even attempt to cover up.

“Okay, Sonia, your turn!” Diana said with a giggle.

“I don’t think so…” Sonia said uneasily.

“The rest of us are all naked. It’s only fair that you join us,” Diana said.

“Come on,” Mark urged. “Give us a show.”

Sonia surprised me by standing up in front of the three of us. I guess she was feeling confident enough – or d***k enough – to strip for us after all. I glanced over to my left and was excited to now see Diana sitting naked to my left on the couch just within reach. The close proximity was arousing and electric.

Sonia waited for the next song to begin, and then started her own strip-tease. She smiled shyly as she unzipped her jeans, giving us a peek of her black panties underneath. She smoothly lifted her shirt over her head, revealing a matching black bra that neatly held her large D-cup breasts. She grabbed and squeezed her tits through her bra, looking at both Mark and I hungrily. With her jeans unbuttoned, I could see the little bit of stomach fat she had from having k**s hanging over the top of her panties, but she still looked sexy.

Then Sonia turned her back to us and inched her jeans down over her small ass, exposing her G-string black panties. Her ass cheeks were bare for us to see, and the G-string was far up her crack so it looked like she had nothing on. Once she got her jeans off her ankles, she turned back around so we could see her front. The black panties barely covered her slit, and we could see where she had shaved her pubic hair completely off just a couple of days ago, leaving small black stubble on either side of the inside of her thighs.

Her hips had a little more curve to them than the thinner Diana, but her voluptuousness was sexy. The faint stretch marks on her stomach and just above her panties expressed her womanhood in a very erotic way. I wondered if Mark felt the same. I glanced over to him and Diana, and noticed that Diana now had her hand underneath the pillow on his lap, and it appeared she was fondling his penis. It turned me on to know that Mark and Diana were enjoying my nude girlfriend so much.

Then Sonia reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. The minute she released the tension, her breasts fell slightly lower on her chest, and the bra loosened and began to drop from her shoulders. She gently took each arm out of the bra and lowered the cloth, letting us see her tits. They were big and full, and hung lower than Diana’s did, sagging slightly. Her brown areolas were bigger than Diana’s, and her dark nipples protruded out. They swayed gently as she dropped her bra, and the pendulous shape was naturally erotic.

Standing in front of us topless, Sonia lifted her large tits to her mouth and tongued her own nipples to the beat of the music. Then she turned around and began to pull down her black G-string panties, bending far over and touching her toes as she removed the silk underwear. With her bent over so far, we could see her brown puckered asshole and the back of her shaved pussy lips between her legs. She turned around to show her entire nakedness, unashamed and sexually heightened. Tucked in the shaved slit between her thighs was a little protrusion of her labia, softly folded back and glistened with her own wetness. She began to rub herself in time to the music.

I looked back over at Mark & Diana. Diana was now clearly jerking Mark’s erection under the pillow, and the movement of her hand on the shaft of his penis made her breasts bounce slightly.

The music ended abruptly and Sonia flashed a bit of embarrassment. She came over and sat down between Diana and I. The four of us now sat on the couch, all naked, our thighs touching.

“Wow, Sonia,” Mark said. “That was incredibly hot. You have an amazing body.”

“Yeah, I know both of us enjoyed watching you,” Diana added.

“Thanks,’ Sonia replied. “I enjoyed dancing for your guys. I’m glad you liked it.”

“I don’t know about you two, but I’m d***k and horny,” said Mark. “I think Diana and I are headed to the bedroom. You two are welcome to crash on the couch – probably best, given how much we all drank.”

“Sure,” I said to Mark, suddenly slightly awkward in our nudity.

Diana got up and led Mark by the hand toward the hallway. As Mark lifted from the couch, he let the pillow drop and his erection was visible. It was clearly bigger than mine, and it turned me on to know that he was so aroused looking at my girlfriend. I imagined him sticking his thick, throbbing member in Diana’s gorgeous pussy behind the closed doors of the bedroom. I wondered if Diana was on the pill, or if Mark had to pull out and ejaculate on her.

Diana walked elegantly to the hallway, her supple white ass jiggling slightly with her steps. I admired her body from behind as the two of them disappeared into their bedroom.

“Wow, Sonia,” I exclaimed. “That was so sexy.”

“I know – the four of us, being naked together – and in such a sexual way. Did it turn you on to see Diana strip naked?”

“Of course,” I said. “I’ve had a raging hard-on since. I think I was most turned on knowing that Di was jacking Mark off while you were stripping.”

Sonia sighed. “I’d love to see them fuck,” she said. “I was kind of hoping that Di was going to suck him off right here on the couch in front of us.”

“Yeah, me too,” I said. “I wanted to jerk off the whole time, but didn’t know if they’d think it was cool. There’s a difference between getting jerked off by your woman and just jacking off by yourself.”

“I think it would have been okay,” Sonia said. “They would have been cool with it.” She leaned over and pulled the pillow from my crotch. My erection popped out and I began to stiffen even more with her looking at me, knowing we were both naked in Mark & Diana’s living room.

Sonia got down on the floor on her knees and parted my legs. I instinctively leaned back in the couch and slid my crotch toward her. She engulfed the head of my penis in her mouth and began to suck and slide her tongue along the ridge of my head. She leaned back on her heels, her head buried in my crotch. I knew that when she was in this position her heels spread her ass cheeks apart, and from behind, her asshole was in full view. I imagined Mark and Diana walking back out of the bedroom to see Sonia’s asshole as she sucked my cock, and the voyeuristic image enflamed me.

Sonia moaned softly as she took more of my member in her mouth. She slid her left hand under my balls and massaged my asshole gently with her middle finger. I bucked against her face, shoving more of my cock in her mouth. I glanced down at her between my legs, admiring her hanging, pendulous tits.

“I’m going to cum,” I said. “Keep going- I wanna cum in your mouth.”

Sonia picked up the pace and hummed her consent. She furiously rubbed my asshole with her left finger and massaged my balls with her right hand. I felt a quiver and convulsion, and closed my eyes as the heat of my semen rose to the tip of my penis. I ejaculated powerfully into Sonia’s mouth, thrusting my seed deep in her throat. She willingly swallowed my semen and kept sucking, the sensitivity of my skin on my penis heightened with the orgasm. My dick pulsed a few more times, squeezing out the last bits of cum, and my cock began to soften.

Sonia let my cock slide out of her mouth with a smack and sat back on the couch next to me.

“I wonder if Di swallows Mark’s cum,” Sonia said.

“I wish there was a way for us to find out for ourselves,” I said.

Sonia smiled at me. “Give me time. I’ll figure it out.”

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