Friends with Benefits...PART 2


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“I think we’re out of vodka,” Sonia said as she rummaged through the cabinet in our kitchen. “How about a gin & tonic? I have Tanqueray.”

“That would be perfect,” replied Diana from the other room.

“Same for me,” retorted her husband, Mark.

Diana & Mark, our best friends, had come over after dinner for some drinks. Since Sonia’s k**s were with their father, we had the house to ourselves.

“I’ll make them,” Sonia said to me. “You go ahead and sit out with them in the living room.” Being about a foot shorter than me, she reached up on her toes and gave me a quick kiss. She had thin, strong lips wit a faint brown tint from her Native American heritage.

I walked out into the living room and saw Mark and Diana sitting on one of the couches. I sat across from them and started up conversation.

“You guys thinking of going out of town for the Fourth of July weekend?” I asked.

Mark frowned, his dark brow furrowed against his chiseled and clean-shaven face. “Not sure. Diana wants to go out on the Cedar River with the ski boat for the weekend, but that’s quite a drive from here.”

Diana piped up. “It’ll be worth it, though, because there’s never any crowds up there. And we found that beach last time that is so far up the river, it’s deserted.” She turned to me, her light-brown hair bouncing against her shoulders. She had deep blue eyes and full, luscious pink lips, even when she didn’t wear any lipstick. “It’s so beautiful up there on the Cedar, Joe. And this beach we found – I mean, it’s totally deserted. You have the whole river to yourself.”

I smiled, half imagining Diana laying on the sandy beach next to the river, taking in some sun in her bikini, her full curves and smooth skin glimmering in the natural light. “Sounds nice,” I murmured.

“What sounds nice?” asked Sonia as she entered the room with a tray of four gin & tonics, passing them around. As she held the tray to each of us, she bent over slightly, letting her full, D-cup breasts hang down and giving each of us a nice view of her tan cleavage through her low-cut blouse. I noticed she stayed like that for a few second longer in front of Mark, and I caught his eyes glancing down her blouse.

“Cedar River,” Mark finally replied when Sonia had sat down next to me on the couch. “We found a great beach. We’ll have to go sometime. Maybe for the Fourth of July weekend.”

“I hope it’s warmer than today,” said Diana, pulling her legs up on the couch underneath her. “It doesn’t feel like summer at all. It’s like a cool autumn evening tonight.”

“If you guys would have brought your swimsuits, we could have gone into the hot tub tonight,” Sonia said wistfully. “It’s so nice out there on nights like tonight.”

“That would be nice,” said Mark, sipping his gin & tonic.

We had a nice spa in the backyard, hidden away beneath a wooden gazebo that was covered in g**** vines. It was our own little hideaway, and we left white Christmas lights up year-round so that there was a great ambiance at night. It was private, quiet, steamy and romantic, and Sonia and I had spent a few evenings back there having amazing sex among the bubbles.

“Oh, who needs swimsuits,” Diana replied quickly. “We’re all adults here. Mark and I will just go in the nude.”

My groin tingled at Diana saying the word ‘nude,” and I quickly f***ed a wishful thought from my head that I would get to see her naked.

“Well, I’ll just feel funny if you guys are naked and we’re not,” said Sonia. For a moment I thought she was going to ruin our night, but then she added: “We’ll all just go nude.”

I glanced at Sonia and felt a surge of affection for her. She was such a mischievous girl, and I knew she had something up her sleeve.

Sonia stood up and went to the hall closet, coming back with towels for each of us. “Here you go. You guys can use the guest bedroom to change. Joe, why don’t you go get the hot tub ready.” Sonia dropped the towels in our laps and walked off down the hall toward our bedroom. “And don’t forget your drinks!”


I was out in the backyard, having already pulled the cover from the spa and turned on the bubbles. The pH balance and chlorine levels were all fine, and the heat was toasty at 104 degrees. I was standing under the gazebo, wearing just a towel around my waist, waiting for everyone else.

Mark and Diana came out first, drinks in hand, wearing their towels. Diana’s towel was wrapped low on her chest so that I could see the top of her cleavage, and the bottom hung just below her hips. Mark had his towel wrapped tight around his waist, but it was also hanging low and showed off his abs. I noticed that he didn’t have any hair below his naval.

The two of them walked out to the spa and stuck their hand in, testing the water.

“Feels great,” Diana said.

Sonia came out of our master bedroom sliding door out into the gazebo. She also had her towel wrapped around her chest, but had pinned her hair up to keep it out of the water. It showed off her smooth neckline and shoulders. With the low light of the white lights strung through the g**** vines, both women looked gorgeous.

“Well, I’m getting in,” said Mark. He grabbed his towel from his waist and ripped it off, apparently not minding that his manhood was in full display for the rest of us. Instantly I noticed that he had no pubic hair – he was shaved clean. His circumcised penis hung flaccid between his legs, nestled against his balls. At a glance, it appeared he did have a slightly bigger cock than me.

Mark flung his towel on a chair and lowered himself into the spa. I was trying not to stare, so I glanced at Sonia. She had no compunction about staring, and was watching Mark with an open mouth.

Briefly making eye contact with Diana, I dropped my towel, too. I felt a little embarrassed, knowing that my cock wasn’t quite as big as Mark’s. I was also circumcised, and had short trimmed pubic hair. I wondered if shaving your pubic hair all the way off made you look bigger. I sensed that I was starting to feel an oncoming erection, and quickly got into the spa, sitting next to Mark. I felt more comfortable once I was below the bubbles and out of sight.

Diana was next to bare her nudity. She gently let the towel fall from her chest, and I finally got the view of her naked body I had been fantasizing about for so long.

Her breasts were perky and full, probably a large C-cup. She had pink areolas and big dark pink nipples that seemed to get harder with the cool summer night air. Trying not to stare, I looked down between her legs and saw she had a full bush of dark brown pubic hair, forming a perfect triangle between her legs. Her hips had a wide girth, and as she walked toward the spa, I watched in amazement as her breasts jiggled slightly.

She got in the spa next to Mark, and now with three of us in the hot tub, it was starting to get a bit crowded. Her smooth legs bumped and rubbed against mine in the center, but she didn’t pull away.

“Pretty sexy, huh?” Mark asked me, breaking the uncomfortable silence. Diana smiled bashfully.

“Uh…yeah, absolutely…” I stammered out, unsure what to say.

I looked over to Sonia who was still standing in her towel. She seemed a little uneasy – and I knew why. Diana’s body was more tone and younger than Sonia’s, partly because Diana had never had k**s. I knew Sonia was a bit self conscious about her tummy fat and stretch marks, and that her large breasts sagged more than they used to. I wondered what Mark would think of her – and I was sure that was what she was worried about, too.

Sonia pulled her towel down, but kept her arm in front of her breast, covering up her nipples, and at the same time, keeping them pushed against her chest and preventing them from sagging. But as soon as she revealed her tan skin and shaved vagina, Mark instantly put her at ease.

“Wow, Sonia, very fucking sexy!” Mark said, apparently not intending to look away. In fact, he just stared directly at her, watching as she got into the hot tub. As Sonia lowered herself into the hot water, she removed her arm from her breasts and let them fall free, giving Mark a good view of her big, brown areolas and nipples before they went under water.

With the four of us sitting in the tub, all of our legs rubbed against each other in the center. Mark’s thigh occasionally rubbed against mine, and Sonia was leaning up against me, letting me feel her smooth naked body against mind in the hot, bubbly water. None of us could see anything but each other’s heads sticking up above the bubbles.


We all sat for a while, silent, enjoying the relaxing bubble massage and steam, occasionally sipping our gin & tonics. We chatted about the usual things, made some jokes, and enjoyed the summer night. From time to time, Diana would raise torso slightly above the water to sip her gin & tonic, or just to briefly cool off, and I would get glimpses of her big, pink nipples as her large, firm breasts floated at the top of the water.

Sonia, on the other hand, was having fun showing off to Mark, and at one point even got up and sat on the edge of the spa with just her feet in the water. She freely let her large, slightly sagging tits hang out, not minding that the crisp night air was making her brown nipples hard and protruding. I knew she liked Mark looking at her exposed breasts, and Sonia liked being watched. She kept her legs closed, but sitting across from her in the spa, Mark’s eyes were level with her crotch and I’m sure he could get some glimpses between her thighs of her shaved vagina. Sonia sat like that for at least five minutes, soaking up the attention. Finally she got back in the spa.

“So why don’t we all go to Cedar River for Fourth of July?” Mark said.

“I’m in,” I replied, knowing full well that Sonia would want to go as well. “Sonia, what do you think?”

“I don’t have the k**s that weekend,” she said. “So I’m game.”

“Wait till you see this beach we found,” Diana said excitedly. “It’s way up the river, far from anyone else. No one comes up that far. Last time we were there, we didn’t see anyone for 2 days. There’s a sandy beach that gets sun most of the day, a little meadow under the trees where you can pitch tents. It’s perfect. We can bring all our stuff in on the boat.”

“Sounds amazing,” I said. “How many nights do you guys wanna go?”

Mark sighed. “I have to work that Monday, so we can only go for 2 nights. But that’s enough – gives us one full day without having to go anywhere. We can just sit at the beach, have some drinks, BBQ, live it up.”

“Last time we were there, Mark and I didn’t wear clothes at all,” Diana said. “We just went nude the whole day. It got a little chilly at night, though.”

“I bet,” Sonia said.

“But it was nice to just be naked the whole time. Very freeing and unencumbered,” Diana replied.

Now that I knew what Diana looked like naked, I was busy imagining her lying on the beach naked for a whole weekend. I wondered if she always had so much pubic hair, or if she just hadn’t shaved recently. Sonia always shaved all her pubic hair, so it had been a while since I’d been with a woman with a nice bush. I thought about asking Sonia to grow hers out – and maybe I could shave mine like Mark’s. That would be something new for the bedroom.

“We’d better get going, Di,” Mark said. “I gotta get to my b*****r’s tomorrow morning to help him move.”

Mark stood up to get out of the spa, and his penis was just a couple feet from our heads. Steam rose from his soft, big cock, and the water beaded up on his shaved skin. I couldn’t help staring and wondering what it looked like when erect. I finally looked away and noticed that Sonia was staring even more intently than me.

Mark walked over to his towel, and we had a view of his butt. It was tight and well-toned, with a nice shape to it. He grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist, covering himself up.

Diana leaned over and gave Sonia a quick half-hug. “Okay, honey, we’re gonna go.”

Diana stood up, giving us the same up-close view of her nudity. Her nipples were big and soft now, but I couldn’t see much through her thick pubic hair. She turned around and walked to her towel, and I admired her plump, shapely ass. It was much bigger than Sonia’s little butt, and had more curves to it. I reached down instinctively and caressed my cock under the water as I watched her bend over to pick up her towel and wrap herself up.

“Okay, guys, we’ll leave you two alone. We’ll let ourselves out,” Mark said.

“Sure thing, Mark,” I said.

Mark and Diana headed back into the house. Mark stopped at the door and turned back. “And let’s plan on Fourth of July weekend for sure.”

“It’s a plan,” I said.

After Mark and Diana left, Sonia and I went straight to the bedroom, still wet and wrapped in our towels.

“Oh my God, that was so fucking sexy,” Sonia said. “Did you see Mark’s cock?”

“Yes,” I admitted. “Impressive.”

“How big do you think he is?” Sonia asked. “He didn’t look that much bigger than you, really. But without any pubic hair…very sexy.”

“I don’t know how big he is,” I said. “But he did look good.”

Sonia added: “And Diana’s tits? I wish I had her boobs. And what about her big muff? Can you believe it?” I could tell she was excited and turned on with how fast she was talking.

“I know – she had a great body,” I said.

“I’d like to fuck you and Diana,” Sonia blurted out, somewhat surprising me. I didn’t know she had bisexual tendencies. “It would turn me on to see you fuck her hairy cunt while I licked her breasts.”

“Damn, Sonia!” I exclaimed. “It turns me on just to hear you say that.”

“But I get to fuck Mark, too,” Sonia added. “And you can just sit there and watch.”

“Gladly,” I said, pulling my towel off and letting my now-raging erection stick up. I leaned toward Sonia and pushed her gently back onto the bed. “Is this what you want Mark to do to you?” I asked, slowly pulling her towel to the side and exposing her breasts.

“Make me cum,” Sonia demanded, pulling my head to her chest. I carefully and slowly kissed her neck working my way down to her breast, kissing around her light brown nipple before sucking it in my mouth and biting gently. With my free hand I pulled the towel around her waist to the side, exposing her warm cunt. I reached between her legs and massaged her gently, and she opened her legs invitingly.

I began to slowly kiss down her stomach, relishing her slight plumpness, and worked my way down to her inner thigh. Taking my time and teasing her, I kissed and sucked the soft, tender skin on the inside of her thigh, brushing my cheek against her smoothly shaven cunt slightly but only for a second.

“You’re making me wet,” Sonia moaned “I wanna feel you lick me.”

I used my hands to spread her legs a little further, and then her pussy lips parted and revealed her wet and moist labia. I pushed my head between her legs and flicked the tip of my tongue against her labia, and then began to suck on each one, working my tongue into her hole and tasting her juices.

“Fuck….yes….make me cum…” Sonia said.

I began to work her clit with my tongue and lips, applying pressure against it as I moved my tongue rhythmically. Sonia began to gyrate against my face in concert, and I knew she was getting close.

I put my right hand down and grabbed my throbbing erection and started to stroke it. Sonia’s hands pushed my head further into her pussy, and now my mouth and nose were buried in her cunt. I jerked my cock faster and harder, wanting to ejaculate at the same time that she had her orgasm.

“Oh God…I’m cumming….Oh God…Oh my God…” Sonia gasped as she shuddered and her thighs closed tight around my head, holding me still.

I jerked hard and felt my own orgasm coming. Gobs of semen shot out from my cock onto the bedsheet, and I moaned with my head still buried in Sonia’s vagina. With a few slower strokes I emptied my seed and relaxed.

Sonia finally released her legs and let me move my head. I dragged myself up to her chest and laid my head on her breasts, both of us breathing hard. I moved my right hand, now covered in some of my sticky cum, up to her pussy and rubbed it slowly and gently, mixing my cum in with her own juices.

“Would you let Mark do that to you?” I asked her.

“If you do it to Diana at the same time,” Sonia replied. “Do you think they’d ever go for something like that?”

“I’m not sure,” I said. “But they didn’t seem to mind being naked together with us tonight.”

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