Friends with Benefits...PART 1

Part 1 of a series…worth your time!

“Diana was a little tipsy tonight,” my girlfriend, Sonia, said on the way home in the car.

“I think both you and Di had quite a bit to drink,” I said smiling.

Sonia and I had just spent a night out on the town with our best friends, Mark and Diana. We had been friends practically since they were married a few years ago, and spent nearly every free night with them – either hanging out at their house or ours, going out to a restaurant or bar, spending the days on Mark’s ski boat on the river, or taking long road trips together. The four of us were a perfect match – Mark and I both liked sports and played basketball at the gym regularly, or worked out together. Sonia and Diana were like twins they were so close – they told each other everything and especially liked to just disappear on a Saturday afternoon, never telling Mark or myself where they went. But every weekend night we would get together and live the night life.

Sonia, sitting in the passenger seat, smiled at me. “Yeah, I had my fair share, but Di was getting a little raunchy. Did you hear what she said about her and Mark’s sex life?”

Of course I had heard. I listened intently to everything Diana had to say. I’m pretty sure that Sonia knew I had a secret crush on Diana. Mark probably knew, too, though I doubt he cared. Every chance I got I drooled all over her. Diana was a taut woman in her late 20s with shoulder-length brown hair, deep blue eyes, and a curvy body. She weighed probably about 125 lbs, and wasn’t real tall, but she carried it well. She had round, large breasts that she liked to show off in tight shirts or low-cut blouses. And when we went to the river on the ski boat, she would wear revealing bikini’s that would allow me to see so much of her skin that I would sometimes have to look away to keep from getting an erection. I fantasized about Diana all the time, and often had sex with Sonia thinking of her best friend.

Already turned on thinking about Diana’s sexual revelations during dinner, I egged Sonia on to try to get her to repeat it.

“What did she say? I asked innocently, knowing full well what the conversation was.

Sonia gave me a wry smile. She knew I was pushing her buttons, but to her credit she let me. Sonia was always easy-going like that. She had a bit of American Indian in her, so her dark brown eyes matched the faint tint to her skin. Her long, dark brown hair hung to the middle of her back, and her tiny frame held her big curves well. She was shorter than Diana and weighed just a couple of pounds less, but had bigger breasts. Sonia was in her mid-30s, a couple years older than myself, and had two c***dren from a previous marriage, so her breasts drooped a little, but I didn’t mind. In fact, I didn’t even mind her tummy fat that protruded out and her stretch marks around her belly that showed when she was naked. She made up for that in bed.

Sonia shifted in her seat. “Diana said that her and Mark watched gay porn together sometimes to get in the mood. I can’t believe it!”

“What do you care? Let them have their fun,” I said. “It doesn’t bother me. Whatever turns them on.”

“It’s not that,” Sonia said. “You know I don’t care about that stuff. I just couldn’t believe she admitted to it – in public! How embarrassing for Mark.”

“Maybe Mark doesn’t care if people know,” I said.

“What would he like about gay porn?” Sonia asked.

“I don’t know. Probably just the taboo idea of it. I mean, you know guys like their asses played with when girls are going down on them.”

Sonia stared at me. “Have you ever watched gay porn before?”

I could always be honest with Sonia – she never judged me. “Yeah, I’ve seen it before.”

“Not just seen it – I mean, have you jerked off to it before?”

I admit I blushed a little. “Yeah,” I admitted. “A few times.”

Sonia laughed. “At least you’re honest.”

“What about you?” I asked. “Why would Diana wanna watch it? What do girls get from it?”

Sonia frowned. “I don’t know. I guess the same thing – it’s just taboo, and the idea of it is arousing. Guys making themselves vulnerable like that.”

“Well…have you ever watched gay porn before?” I asked.

“My ex-husband tried to make me watch it with him once. I refused. But that was mostly because of him. With the right guy, in the right mood, I can see how it might be something different.” She reached over and squeezed my leg. “I’d even like to have a threesome with you and another guy sometime if you promised to fool around with him.”

“Well, don’t get your hopes up,” I said. “Because we’re not watching any gay shit tonight. I’m taking you home and having good old fashioned straight sex with you.”

“Yeah, and thinking about Diana while you do it,” Sonia said teasing. “I know you.”

“What?” I protested faintly. “Don’t tell me you don’t have a thing for Mark. I’ve seen the way you look at him when he has his shirt off.”

“Well, yeah, he’s buff. And hot. And Diana says he’s got a big cock.”

I was curious. “You two talk about that? What did you tell her about me?” I asked.

“I told her the truth – that you have a big cock, too, and that you know how to use it.”

It wasn’t entirely true – I didn’t have a huge cock, though it was bigger than average. I had measured it a few times while erect and determined it was about 7 inches. I wondered how big Mark’s was. “Did Diana say how big exactly Mark’s was?” I asked.

“About 8 inches,” Sonia replied. “A little bigger than you, I guess.”

It turned me on to know that Sonia talked about the size of my erection with Diana. I wondered what Di thought, or if she fantasized about me as I did her. Was she curious to know how big my cock was?

We pulled up to our driveway and I shut off the car. “All this perverted talk has made me horny. Let’s go fuck.”

Sonia leaned over and kissed me hard, shoving her tongue in my mouth and reaching between my legs and grabbing my crotch. “Gladly.”


By the time we got to the bedroom and our clothes off, I was rock-hard. Sonia pushed me back on the bed and spread my legs, going down on me and engulfing my erection in her mouth, caressing and cupping my testicles with her left hand while she wrapped her fist around my shaft. I shaved my taint and my balls because Sonia liked to lick me there, and I kept the rest of my pubic hair trimmed very short. Sonia started to suck on my balls and moved her way down below my sack, licking my extremely sensitive taint and flicking the tip of her tongue at the bottom of my ass crack.

“Pull your knees up,” Sonia ordered. I knew what she was going to do – and I loved her for it. She knew no boundaries in the bedroom. I pulled my knees up to my chest and spread my legs, feeling Sonia work her way down to my asshole. Her wet, warm tongue probed my anus while she expertly stroked my cock while making it stick straight up. Then I felt Sonia push a wet finger tip into my ass, working it in a little deeper as she began to suck my erection again.

“Easy,” I stammered out. “I don’t wanna cum yet. I wanna hold out.”

Sonia slowed down and pulled her finger out of my ass. She gently pushed my legs back down flat on the bed and straddled me.

Her body was a sight to behold. She had big D-cup tits that sagged on her chest, but they had hard protruding brown nipples and big brown aereolas. Her small paunch of stomach fat hung from her tummy, forming a slight crease below her belly-button where the skin was starting to fold down on itself. Her cunt was shaved completely clean, as always, just a tiny slit between her legs.

Sonia worked her way up to my face so that her pussy was directly over my mouth. “Lick me,” she ordered. I stretched my head up until my lips brushed against her warm vagina, flicking my tongue against her slit and working it apart. I felt her clit with the tip of my tongue and began to tease it, eventually making Sonia lower herself onto my face in pleasure. I reached up behind her and grabbed her ass, spreading her cheeks. She had a tight, small ass, but I loved to play with it.

“Do you wanna fuck me up the ass?” She moaned. Sonia actually liked anal sex – we had done it quite a few times, but it was usually on special occasions.

I pushed her down on the bed next to me. “No, not tonight,” I said. “I wanna do it on our hands and knees and cum deep inside you.” Sonia was on the pill and so we didn’t have to worry about where I ejaculated.

Sonia instinctively got on all fours and buried her face in the mattress, presenting her ass to me. I could see her bare pussy lips between her legs and I grabbed the lube, spreading some on my cock and a little on her cunt.

I positioned myself behind her and pointed the tip of my throbbing erection at her pussy, guiding it in until her ass pushed up against my groin. I grabbed her ass cheeks and began to push and pull her against me, ramming my cock deep inside her. Her sagging tits hanging below her chest bounced wildly back and forth as I gyrated against her. I leaned over her and reached down, grabbing one of the floppy breasts in my hand and squeezed the nipple.

Sonia reached between her legs grabbed my balls, pulling on them roughly as I fucked her from behind. Sonia moaned and then began to rub her clit while I pounded her from behind.

I closed my eyes and imagined it was Diana bent over in front of me, letting me fuck her doggy-style. I could see Diana’s blue eyes and big perky breasts bouncing, and I felt my cock start to twitch and knew I was going to cum.

Sonia rubbed her clit furiously. “Oh God…I’m cumming. Cum with me,” she said. “I wanna feel your cum inside me.”

I pushed my cock deep in Sonia and shot my semen inside her, pulsing several times as I emptied my seed. Sonia gasped as each spurt entered her, and relaxed her muscles.

I stayed there for a moment, on my knees. I pushed deep inside her once more, even though my cock was softening, and then pulled out. I watched as my white cum started to leak out of her pussy.

I flopped down on the bed next to her as she rolled over on her back.

“Fuck, that was good,” I said.

“Yeah,” Sonia said. “What were you thinking about when you came?”

I paused, unsure what to say. “What do you mean?”

“Were you thinking about Diana?” Sonia asked, smiling.

I smiled, and without answering, asked :“Were you thinking about Mark?”


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great start
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hurry up and write part 2!!!
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I'm getting hard in anticipation
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very good
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Hurry up with the next episode please.
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