Sexual experiments in my youth...PART 2

Before you need to read Part 1:


I laid there on my stomach, totally nude, with my friend Brian standing over me.

“Come on, man, I wanna shoot my jizz now too,” Brian said.

I started to get aroused by the anticipation of what it would feel like for Brian to lay on top of me with his penis resting against my butt. I imitated what Brian had done for me and reached back to carefully spread my cheeks.

Brian lowered himself onto me, and I felt a jolt of electricity as his hard erection rested in my crack. The warmth of his body laying on top of me – his chest against my back – made me feel excited and submissive at the same time.

“Is that okay?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” Brian said gently into my ear, letting his weight press me into my sl**ping mat.

I felt him start to grind his hips against my ass and his hard penis pushing against my rectum. It felt good to know I was giving him pleasure, and I noticed that I was beginning to get erect again myself.

“Does it feel good?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Brian said. “Almost like when I have sex with my girlfriend Vanessa.” He put his hands up on my forearms and held them down to the ground, pushing harder with his groin against my ass. His penis on my skin started to pull and pinch, and it started to hurt a little.

“That hurts,” I said.

“It’s cause we need some lotion,” Brian said. “Lotion will make it slide easier.”

Brian got off of me momentarily and went digging through his backpack, pulling out a tube of sunscreen. “This will work,” he said.

He came back over to me, as I still laid there on my stomach, my bare ass sticking up. He squirted a little sunscreen lotion onto his fingers and then spread it gently in my crack.

The lotion felt good as Brian’s fingers rubbed up and down my crack, brushing my tight asshole. With each pass from my taint to the top of my crack, I got harder and more excited. And with each pass, Brian seemed to linger longer on my asshole, sometimes even gently so that I could feel the tip of his finger penetrate my hole ever so slightly.

Then Brian stood over me again and lowered himself back onto me. Now his hard penis slipped smoothly between my crack, and he built up speed as he gyrated his hips against me in a grinding motion.

“That feels good,” I admitted.

“I know,” Brian said. “It feels good to me, too.”

“Are you going to shoot your jizz?” I asked.

“I don’t know – I’m used to have sex with Vanessa,” he said. “I’m not sure I can do it like this.”

Brian hesitated with the tip of his 5” boner pushed right up against my asshole. I felt him put his hand between his legs and shift his body a little, and then the tip of his penis began to push straight at my anus.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m gonna stick it in,” Brian said.

Part of me wanted not to go any further…but part of me didn’t want him to stop.

The sunscreen lotion allowed the tip of his penis to slide past my tight anus and open up my asshole.

“Relax,” Brian said. “Don’t fight it.” He pushed a little harder, and I felt more of his penis enter me.

“It hurts,” I said.

“It will stop hurting,” Brian said.

He pushed a little harder and I suddenly realized that half of his penis was inside my ass. He pulled out just a little, and I felt my muscles relax, but then he pushed in again, deeper.

Brian leaned down putting his chest on my back and grabbed my shoulders with his arms. “Just relax,” he repeated.

I tried to do as he said, but it hurt as he pushed deeper. Each time he pushed a little further, then would pull back a little, but never letting the tip of his cock come out.

Finally he pushed hard and I felt his groin press up against my cheeks. I knew he had entered me fully. My muscles began to relax a little and I gave in, allowing him to fuck me.

He stroked in and out, back and forth, slowly building up speed and pressure. His breathing became heavier, and each time he pushed deep into me I felt a quiver, and realized that it was turning me on – my penis was fully erect.

Brian’s movements began to quicken and become more jerky, and suddenly I felt him push deep, hard and long…there was a sudden explosion of warmth inside me, and Brian grunted in my ear. I knew he had shot his jizz inside me, and I liked it.

Brian stayed for a minute deep inside me, letting his breathing return to normal. Finally he pushed himself up and his penis slipped out of my ass.

I rolled over on my back and grabbed my erection. My ass hurt, but I felt an overwhelming desire to do more. I massaged and fondled my erect penis as Brian sat next to me watching.

“Do you want me to help you shoot your jizz again?’ Brian asked.


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1 year ago
please, more!
1 year ago
What a life!
1 year ago
Lucky boy. I much prefer having anal done to me (by a cock or strap-on) than doing it.
1 year ago
Boy Scouts learn a lot camping! I remember!
1 year ago
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1 year ago
Wow, got me hard and wishing I could have a nice hard cock sliding in and out and cumming in my ass, so hard now, I'm going to cum
1 year ago
more please
1 year ago
1 year ago
more story please ;)
1 year ago
loved it.made me shoot my load :)
1 year ago
Thanks, could not get the first one, got a 404 error from hamster!
1 year ago
more plizzz i loved it
1 year ago
keep going. both stories are great