Fucking my Mum

This is a true story that dates back to my c***dhood some 25 years ago.

My f****y and I lived in England and my parents also owned a house in the South of France. We would visit this each summer for 6 weeks. My Dad would stay for 2 then have to go back to England to work. This left me, my mum and younger b*****r alone for 4 weeks.

At the time of this story I was 14 years old and like all boys had a crush on my Mum. To be she had a fantastic body and large tits that I would always try to get a closer look at. One hot day my b*****r was playing down the bottom of the garden and my Mum was lying on a sun bed up the other end of the garden. I got another bed and sat next to her. She was wearing a bikini and I was doing my best to get a look at her tits when she turned on to her front and undid the back of the bikini so as not to get any tan lines.

I said Mum would you like me to rub some sun cream onto your back as it is pretty hot today. To my surprise she said yes that would be good. I stood over her and started rubbing the cream into her shoulders, this made my cock get instantly hard, good thing she was lying on her front or she would have seen! I carried on rubbing it in to her back, every now and then allowing my hands to go down her sides just touching the sides of her tits. I thought she lifted herself up a bit when I did this but was not certain. I was thinking does she want me to touch her tits, but was too scared to try.

I then started to rub the cream into the backs of her legs and noticed that her bikini bottoms were slightly off centre and allowed me to see the edge of her pussy, this made my cock even harder. As I rubbed the cream into her legs she moved them slightly apart allowing me to do the inside of her thighs. I put more cream onto my hands and started to rub this into her thighs, she moved her legs further apart again, I was sure she wanted me to touch her so I moved my hands up her legs towards her pussy. Again she moved her legs apart a bit more and I thought I heard a slight moan from her. This spurred me on to be a bit more adventurous, my hand moved up further and was now gently rubbing against her pussy as I rubbed the cream into her thighs. Again she moved her legs further apart except this time she moved them off the bed so she was lying on the bed but legs hanging off the side. N

Now I knew for sure she wanted me to touch her so I moved her bikini bottoms over and started to rub the cream around her pussy. Now she was letting out gently moans and I knew this was my moment to touch my mum for real. I slid a finger into her pussy and started to work it in and out, she was so wet so I put 2 fingers in and started to rub harder and faster. The moaning got louder and faster and I knew she was enjoying this so I moved over and knelt between her legs putting 3 fingers into her and finger fucking her hard. She was pushing against my fingers urging me to go harder and faster, this I did until she suddenly lifted her arse up and moaned really loud. I could not believe it, I had made my Mum cum, but really needed more as my cock was now solid and wanting some action.

My mum rolled over, forgetting she had undone her bikini top and I saw her tits, her nipples were really hard and a lot bigger than I thought they would be. My fingers were still covered in her cum so I rubbed her nipples and massaged her cum into her tits. This was good but was still not sorting out my bulging cock, could I really try and fuck my mum. I looked up and saw my b*****r was still playing at the other end of the garden, so I pulled my shorts down and out came my now massive cock. Mum looked at this and said you have grown since I used to bath you, my god you are bigger than your father. She took hold of my cock and started to wank me while I was kneeling between her legs looking at her shaved pussy wishing I was inside it. I pulled back a bit and let my cock fall from her hands and tried to push it into her pussy. Being nervous I could not get in in so mum said this is really naughty and we should not be doing this but you have got me so horny I cannot stop. You must not tell anyone this has happened. I promised I would not and asked if she would guide my cock into her pussy. She turned over again and sat on her hands and knees and told me enter her from behind as it was easier. Just looking at her naked pussy open waiting for me to enter nearly made me cum. I thrust my cock into her pussy really hard and continued to fuck her as hard and fast as I could. My hands were holding her tits playing with her nipples as my cock slid in and out of her. She was so wet, I could not believe I was actually fucking my mum. I said mum i am going to cum, you feel so good and 30 seconds later I came deep inside her, my legs turned to jelly and I lay down next to her. She turned round and sucked my cock saying she loved the taste of cum and wanted to know if I tasted different to my Dad. This instantly made me rock hard again so she sat on facing away from me watching my b*****r play as she fucked me her other son.

This is the only time this ever happened and we have never spoken about it to each other. I often dream about it as it was the best fuck of my life.
97% (100/3)
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3 years ago
Lovely to read, no better teacher than a parent.
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Your story is nice. I can tell it is true because of how you described it. I too had sex with my mother. It went on for about four years. It was so nice and loving.
4 years ago
U r so lucky !!!!
4 years ago
that was a real hot turn on!!
4 years ago
u 1 lucky STUD
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
Great story
4 years ago
great story so hot!
4 years ago
very hot and naughty a real turn on