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It was the summer of '93, there's a reason I remember it well It was very hot that July and sbout to get hotter!!

I was dating Jessica and 20 year old nymphomaniac, who was open to anything. Jessie is bisexual, witch was great cause I'm bi as well. Jessica Very hot, nice tits, great ass, shaved pussy(Or cunt, as she would call it)for such as beautiful woman she she had such a dirty mouth when we fucked, nothing was taboo! She gave me awsome bj's sometimes a smoking blow job(my previous story). I'm average cock size. 7 1/2 inch but she made me feel like I was 10 inches. she always talked to me in her sexy dirty voice and did everything I liked!

Jessica lived with her older s****r, who was rarely around. They both worked at the same bar as servers, but Cindy had another job and was gone most days, so we had the apartment to our selfs. Jessica was always looking for new things to do in bed, so we didn't get board of each other, I remember her lighting a smoke and asking me if she could blind fold me and hand cuff me to the bed. I watched her smoke and thought about what she asked, I'm open to new things and agreed, thinking it would be fun.

We played, underessed each other kissing and sucking each other getting us both hot, I watched her go to her knees and suck my cock hard, then push me on the bed and sit on me letting my cock slip in her pussy. She groaned and moand softly and told me my cock felt soo good in her cunt as she slowly bounce on me making herself cumm, then sliding off and sucking me till I cumm in her mouth. She showed me my cum, then told me to open up as she stuck her tongue out and let my cum drip into my mouth, then kissing me and telling me "You like eating your cumm huh, my good boy mmmmmmmm sharing cum with you is soo hot.....Hope you liked your orgasim, cause it's the last one for a long time"

Jessica cuffed both my hands to each bed post, then pushed a couple pillows under my hips, then handcuffed my ankles to the foot bed posts, she slinked her way up my body, letting her naked body rub over mine, stopping every 6 inches to kiss me and tease, till she got to my lips when she kissed me and w****d the blind fold over my eyes. Her hand and nails raked over me, sending a tingling sensation through out my body, everything was amplified, her kisses, her licks, and her sucks all brought me closer to extacy. She sucked my cock slow and deep, slurping and smacking her lips as she gagged on me taking me to the edge then..........taking it away she would stop!

She would give me head, then ride me(till she cumm)all to the point of me cumming then stopping. She was grinding her self hard on me till I was about to cumm and again she stops, but this time she kisses me and tells me "I'm gonna go smoke, don't go anywhere.....giggle" and she left the room, about 10 or 15 minutes later she comes back in and kisses me and telling me "I have a surprise for you........" she gets between my legs and ubs some lube in my hole and rubs our 9 inch dildo over me then in. I gasp as she spreads me and pushes all the way in, Jessica fucks me almost every night and lets me cumm......but not tonight. She fucks me over and over, you guessed it bringing me to the edge then stopping.

All this went on for about three hours, she was lovin every min of it, Jessica loved to tease, she didd all my favorite things then finaly she rode me hard and fast, I couldn't hold back and was hopeing and praying that she would let me cumm this time "you wanna fill my pussy, cumm in my cunt?........" she asked just the I swelled and cumm soo hard, I thrust my hips up pushing me deeper into her as she said "Thats it cumm baby, fill my cunt good boy........." we kissed and laughed and told each other how much fun it was. she looked in the bed stand for the keys, then in the kitchen, living room every where......or so she said. "What? you don't have keys?......Jess what?" I yelled, she said "I'll go and ask Cindy at work......" The door slammed and she was gone, leaving me cuffed naked and blindfolded to a bed.......

I layed there having all kind of thoughts, was mad for a min, then scared thing "I trused her, fuck!, Bitch!......" then about 10 or 15 minutes later the door opens and some rattling around the kitchen and living room. i call out "you got em? Jess honey wheres the keys?" She enters the room "Hmmmmmm oh my" a voice says "Oh come quit playing around honey....." I told her

Two hands run up my legs to my balls and start stroking my cock making me hard then a hot wet mouth wraps around me, swallowing every inch down to my balls with a "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" The she stops and some rustling around( taking her pantis off) then she straddles me and rubs my wet head of my cock over her wet pussy lips, then slides down with a sigh and a soft moan. Slowly picking up speed and rythem the bed squeeks and she moans louder and louder, I call out "Jessica.....fuck baby.....ride har honey..." she leans down and kisses me, The kiss is a little differnt than normal but still great then she pulls off the blind fold. The light blinds me for a second the I realize........
"Cindy, What the fuck????......" she slams her puss down hard and fast making herself cumm hard over me "Yess fuck your cock is soo good no wonder she fucks you all the time!"she answers then kisses me and lays ontop of me before she slips off me and kisses her way down and looks up at me as she sucks the head into her hot mouth.I watch and can't hold back she sucks so hard it's pulling my cumm out. Just the head is past her lips as I throb "mmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmm thats it..." she says with a muffled voice.......I fill her mouth with cumm , she holds me there till I finish then kisses me and tells me "don't tell Jess, it's our little secret...ok " pulls the blind fold over and leaves. The door closes and few min later Jessica comes back saying "I got em honey"

She takes the cuffs off kissing me and taking the blinfold off then going down on me sucking me again telling me I was such an good sport and that she was sorry for the key thing.......

About a half hour later Cindy came home she gave me a little smirk and said hello to Jessica, they talked in the kitchen and decided for us to all go out that night........I still think I was set up by those two, and I didn't mind......
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