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[Story] Rainy Nights

The rain was pouring outside. Thunder cracked and lightning danced in through the trees. Shards of light coming through cracks between the window blinds. Shifting light and patterns on the walls and the floor. My heart was still beating quickly even though he was snoring next to me. He'd been that way at least an hour ... or maybe only 20 minutes. When you can't sl**p each minute seems endless. I just laid there watching his chest and stomach rise and fall with each breath. His snoring was soothing to me. It was deep and low. I smiled as I started thinking about what had taken place just a fe... Continue»
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[Story] A Straight Farm Boy

One of my favorite sexual memories was with a straight farming guy I'd met a few summers ago. He was actually a few years younger then me, but more gorwn up then guys twice his age. He was a good old boy, sweet with good manners. He lived north of the city a little ways and was down here having a night out.
I had an online ad that he answered. At first I didn't want to respond to him because I didn't want anyone coming over to my place and he had no place in town to go. After hours had passed (with no good responses) I got another message from him and I decided to respond. We chatted ... Continue»
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Updates & Thanks

Recently I found some discs with lots of clips and scenes that I forgot I even had. So in the cumming week(s) I'll be uploading stuff from them. I'm trying to go through them now and pick out things that aren't already on the site. So be on the lookout for new videos.

Thanks to everyone who has become a friend and for all the comments on the videos and my profile. Not sure why some of my videos were taken down, but I guess xhamster had their reasons...
Posted by rockbird 2 years ago