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Story Circle: Getting Caught

We all do it, its a healthy and natural part of life, but masturbation is one of those things people like to keep secret and often even deny doing at all. Whether you are comfortable with the subject or one of those "I never do that" types, most of us have had a close call at least once. But what about those of us who have been caught, full blown, hands down, no questions asked, red handed while treating our selves? I don't know about you, but I've been busted a few times, here are two of my favorite times that I was caught in the act.
I was once caught masturbating by my best friend's mom while sl**ping over at his house, and it was pretty funny both then and now. I was sl**ping on the couch in the living room and it was late enough that I thought everyone had gone to bed. I pulled the leg of my shorts to the side to free my hard cock and starting jerking it off as I do most nights before falling asl**p. I was taking my time and really enjoying my self. I would lick my hand to allow my wet fingers to glide slowly over the head of my dick. I was making little gasping sounds and thrusting my hips to meet my firm hand. I was almost finished when all of a sudden, I hear a small crash from the kitchen behind me. His mom had woken up and was going to get herself a drink. So when she saw me and what I was doing, it caused her to bump into the table and knock some stuff on it over, causing a clattering noise. I turned around to see her standing there with this look of shock on her face and the startle of her presence set me off for some reason. I came all over my self, the couch, and the wall next to me, right there in front of her. She just watched me blow my wad, stared for a moment, and then apologized walked away. I used some paper towels to clean up and left in middle of the night. I stayed friends with them for years after that but we never spoke of it.
The second story involves me and an ex of mine who was not comfortable with the subject of porn or masturbation. She denied that she masturbated despite the fact that I caught her doing it once and she thought that watching porn was the same as cheating. If I were watching porn and pleasuring myself, it meant that I must be unhappy with her and that she was not fulfilling my needs so having any kind of movies or books to look at was not allowed. One day, while she was in class, I thought I had the afternoon to myself and decided to rub one out while watching a dirty movie that I had snuck in and hidden. I started the video and striped naked so I could make the most of my special alone time. My first orgasm hit hard and fast as it had been a while for me and I decided to go for round two before cleaning myself up. I had cum all over my chest as I started to tug on my stiff member again. Just as I was getting into it, I herd the sound of someone walking up the stairs leading to our apartment. I had enough time to either clean myself off or hide the video I was watching, either way I was going to get caught. I figured I could explain jerking off better than watching a porno video that I knew I was not allowed to have (plus I wanted to keep my porn for future use). I yanked the video from the VCR and stuck it under the couch just as the door opened. My girlfriend and one of her friends walked in to see me standing in middle of the living room panting, naked, and with my chest and belly covered in cum. I tried to say I was just taking a nap but it was obvious that more was more going on. My girlfriend's friend excused herself, no doubt embarrassed by my situation. Its a good thing she left too, because my girlfriend was not happy. She read me the riot act about being a pervert and how she could never show her face in class again after what her friend had seen gets out, it was not one of my finer moments. She eventually calmed down but was never able to see the humor in the situation.
So those are two of my favorite stories about getting caught masturbating. Don't get me wrong, I've been caught a few more times than that, but those stories will have to come later. So, what is the best (or worst) time that you got caught?

Posted by robyngoodfello 2 years ago
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4 months ago
I got caught jerking off in my back yard once. My neighbour heard a noise and poked her head over the fence and saw me lay on the bench with my cock in my hand. She didn't say anything until I'd finished and then she said, "Next time, let me help you!". We had lots of fun times until I moved house!
8 months ago
When I was 13, my mom caught me on my knees sucking my cousins cock and jacking off. She wen absolutely wild. Pulled the belt from my jeans an beat me like I was stuborn mule. Called me a little sameless faggot queer. She rasied red welts and some broken skin all over my body. The courst removed me from her and sent me to live with my grandfather. All in all, a bad day.
2 years ago
when i was 18, i watched some porn with a friend at his house. we then decided to jerk off whilst watching it. it me me so horny and i had always wondered what it would be like to feel another cock so i suggested to jerk him till he came. My friend happily obliged and it felt so good rubbing his cock. it felt even better when he pumped out his hot cum onto his chest. I then got on my knees in front of him and he took hold of my cock which was dripping with pre cum at this point. i licked it clean and he then wanked me until i came too. We did this regularly together for the summer. one time i remember licking and sucking his cock which felt so warm. it didnt take him long to cum tho. just as we finished up this time, and were lying there naked, in walks his older sister who laughed and left lol
2 years ago
In college I was pretending to sleep while I watched my roommate masturbating. After awhile I got so hot I also started masturbating but let out a moan which got me busted. She came over to me and started to kiss me and replaced my hand with hers as she rubbed my pussy and kissed me I began to get so hot. This was my first girl/girl experience. I loved it!!!
2 years ago
When I was in high school I was at a friends house and I decided to wack off in the bathroom. I thought I had locked the door but I guess it wasn't done right. In walks his sister. She was two years older home from college. She complemented me on my cock then told me to keep going or she would tell her parents. I was having a hard time, she was hot and making me nervous. Finally she asked me if there was something wrong, and I told her I needed to see something. She took off her shirt and knelt down in front of me rubbing her tits. I came in seconds and shot all over her chest. It was a huge load too.
2 years ago
Hmmm. Well I had been in the hospital for a couple of weeks and, for reasons I will leave to the imagination, I had nurses poking their head in on me every ten minutes, even throughout the night. There were two other women in my room and we didn't have any curtains between our beds. I was beginning to go crazy after about a week and, seeing as though my stay was indeterminate at this point, began to sneak a little rub here and there. Well the little insolent bitch in the bed next to me (who herself did it right there in front of the guys and staff during the day while our curtains were open) decided to complain about me, to the staff, in front of everyone during our morning meeting She said my "moaning woke her up," and that I did it every night. I was mortified.