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Story Circle: Catching Someone Else

I posted about being caught "in the act" a while back and got some great stories but some people were asking about catching other people while doing the deed. I have also done this and would love to share stories about how you have caught someone else masturbating. My first story is one that I shared a while back but removed because it had been posted for a long time and I wanted to start the blog section fresh but its a good story and deserves to be here. It happened when I was in high school.
I was dating a girl named Sarah who lived in the next town over and the trips to and from her h... Continue»
Posted by robyngoodfello 24 days ago

Story Circle: Same Sex Experience

Many people go through a "Bi-curious" phase at some point in their lives. For some people, that phase is more of a lifestyle. I have long sense considered myself to be bisexual and tend to be very open about it. The events that introduced me to that aspect of my sexuality are a long and complex list but I would love to share some of them with you.
My very first same sex experience came when I was just a teenager. Me and two buddies of mine would spend a lot of time in the woods around the neighborhood where we lived. One of our favorite places was a stretch of road where people would ... Continue»
Posted by robyngoodfello 2 months ago

Story Circle: Exhibitionism

I think most people have dabbled in exhibitionism, having sex in cars or getting a tug-job at the movies is pretty common. I have always prided myself on being daring and enjoy having fun in unusual places but nothing matches the sense of risk and danger as much as doing it in public.
My first great achievement came while I was in high school. During gym class, when the weather was bad, we would end up having to stay indoors and watch videos. The coach would still make us change into our gym shorts but we were aloud sweat pants and jackets to keep warm in the high AC of the classroom.... Continue»
Posted by robyngoodfello 4 months ago

The rules for "Thruth or Dare"

Me and some of my old friends made these rules for a party game of Truth or Dare. Try them at home and see what you think. :)

Game Basics:
Each player takes turns picking another player to ask Truth or Dare. Choosing a player to ask is done by random. This choice can be made by drawing names from a bowl, rolling a dice, or spinning a bottle, but choosing a player to ask should be random. If you ever randomly select yourself then choose again.
Once a player is selected, they are given the choice of Truth or Dare. If they pick truth they have to answer the given question h... Continue»
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Story Circle: Getting Caught

We all do it, its a healthy and natural part of life, but masturbation is one of those things people like to keep secret and often even deny doing at all. Whether you are comfortable with the subject or one of those "I never do that" types, most of us have had a close call at least once. But what about those of us who have been caught, full blown, hands down, no questions asked, red handed while treating our selves? I don't know about you, but I've been busted a few times, here are two of my favorite times that I was caught in the act.
I was once caught masturbating by my best friend'... Continue»
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