A Fulfilling Life

A Fulfilling Life

by Abrum Liquor (the first "r" is silent)
(aka Roblon)
07 / 99

Sophia Sappho, a beautiful society woman of 37 years, is having a few girlfriends over for cocktails one evening. Unbeknownst to her friends the hostess has a male washroom attendant available in the powder room.

The first guest retires to the powder room a little urgently. Frantically she lifts her skirt, pulls down her panties and with eyes shut, emptied her bladder. Her eyes open wide as she suddenly hears a man’s voice offering, “Do you require any assistance ma’am?”

Startled, the woman jumps up, pulls up her panties (forgetting to wipe) and storms out of the room. The attendant then resumes his duties and flushes the toilet, but not before he gazes inside and deeply inhales the aroma of fresh feminine urine.

Next, a second woman arrives in the washroom. She however, is not in as big a rush and notices the attendant. “Oh, excuse me” she says, “I didn’t realize the washroom was in use.”

“It wasn’t” offers our hero, “I am here to attend to your needs.”

The woman looks a little puzzled and nervous, “I thought this party was a girls’ night only?”

“It most certainly is ma’am” offers the attendant.

“Well this is the Ladies’ Room and you’re obviously not a lady so you will have to leave.” Dejectedly the attendant turns to leave. Seeing the forlorn look in his eyes, the woman deep in thought, tells him to wait. Pensively, her eyes roam around the room until they land on the dirty clothes hamper. She opens the hamper and rummages, while the attendant stands, confused, awaiting her next instruction.

She pulls out a bra and panties and suddenly with a newly discovered vigour, calls the attendant to her side. “Raise your arms” she commands and then proceeds to hold the bra against the attendant, checking the fit. “Aha, this will do nicely. Now get out of your clothes.” Dutifully, our hero disrobes and the woman dresses him in the soiled undergarments. “There” she exclaims, “just another lady in the Ladies’ Room. Now, kneel down in front of the toilet, I can’t wait any longer.” As he kneels, she lifts her skirt, pulls down her panties and sits down on her throne.

Our hero, listening intently, suddenly finds his head grabbed abruptly and his face thrust downward into the woman’s lap. A moment goes by and finally the woman pulls his head from her thighs. “Please Ma’am” exclaims the attendant, I am here to serve, you needn’t be so f***eful”.

“Shut up and address me as Mistress you lowly pee boy.” The woman rises and commands “Now wipe me clean before I tire of this nonsense.” He reaches for the tissue, and proceeds to wipe her hairy bush. About to discard the tissue in the toilet, the woman grabs his hand stopping him. “A pretty young girl like yourself shouldn’t be caught so flat-chested on an evening such as this. Stuff that tissue into your bra, you may save it as a memento of your meeting me. I must return to my friends, I’ll be back later and you will have served me well if I find you still attired as you are now.”

Barely does the door close when in comes another guest. “My oh my, what do we have here?” she asks.

“I am the powder room attendant ma’am.”

The woman, wearing a very low cut top and showing a lot of cleavage, hikes up her skirt, pulls down her panties and quickly turns to sit on the toilet. “Please wait ma’am, I haven’t as yet wiped the seat for you…you arrived so quickly after the last guest.”

“Oh yes, of course, please hurry with your tasks.”

As the attendant bends to wipe the toilet seat, the woman, suddenly presented with his bent ass before her eyes, begins to enjoy the encounter unfolding. She reaches and fondles his panty-clad ass. “Continue about your business.” she orders as she reaches between his legs for his member.

As the attendant offers the freshly sanitized seat, the woman bends to inspect the cleaning job and in so doing the attendant is afforded a beautiful view of her magnificent thighs and pantied ass. “What is this?” the woman suddenly scolds. She rises and the attendant leans in to see. “That! That right there. ” She points to the seat.

“I don’t see anything ma’am.

The woman grabs the attendant’s head and f***es his nose onto the toilet seat. “My beautiful ass should not come in contact with such an unsanitary seat, now clean it again, this time with your tongue you useless peeboy.”

The woman drags the attendant’s head back and forth across the toilet seat as he licks clean the offending spot. “Hurry up” she commands as she pulls his head away and abruptly sits down.

With the attendant standing in front of her the woman goes about her business until the erection in his panties catches her eye. Remaining on the toilet the woman exposes his member and begins to fellate the engorged head. Pulling the head from her mouth, the woman commands, “Hurry up the other girls are waiting for me.” She continues sucking his member and still the attendant shows no sign of coming. She again pulls the cock from her mouth and yells “hurry up you fagot pee girl! Jerk yourself off onto the tops of my beautiful tits, come on my beautiful tits but don’t you dare get any on my designer shirt!”

The attendant takes matters into his own hands and within seconds spews his load into her waiting cleavage. “Who the hell do you think you are?” shouts the woman jumping from the toilet. “Look what you’ve done to my beautiful skin, how dare you!” Grabbing the attendant by the back of his head, she thrusts his face into her ample bosom and commands him to lick her beautiful skin clean. As the attendant finishes up she suddenly shouts, “my god, I can’t go back out to my friends like this, it would be so unhygienic!” Regaining her composure the woman recalls the attendant’s original purpose. Pointing to her beautiful mons, the woman casts a stern look at the attendant. “I haven’t wiped yet,” she said, as the attendant dropped to his knees and quickly buried his come-smeared face into her crotch.

She listened to his mewling, happy licking sounds as he cleaned the many drops of urine from her bush. Moments later he arose proclaiming her thoroughly wiped. The woman reached down and felt her now matted and slightly gooey thatch. Bringing a finger up to her nose she smelled a faint trace of his come. She smiled and said, “you’ve done a very good job. As your reward,” she bent and presented her beautiful posterior to his gaze, “you may spread my cheeks and plant one small kiss on my heavenly rosebud.”

The attendant, with a look of total enchantment on his face which belied any assertion he might later proclaim as to the act being only his duty, dropped again to his knees, gently spread her voluptuous cheeks and planted a warm, wet kiss on her quivering asshole.

The woman realizing her enjoyment was too great, quickly pulled up her panties and rushed out of the bathroom to rejoin her friends.

Our hero, the attendant, still on his knees and realizing his good fortune, turned to the toilet bowl. Now beginning to relax after his thoroughly uplifting climax, he recounted having his dick sucked, exploding onto an extremely buxom bosom, french kissing the sexiest winking asshole he had ever seen and now, now consumed by total contentment, he dipped his face toward the toilet bowl and deeply inhaled the somewhat acrid scent of the urine of the woman who had brought him to this state.

“Life is good,” he said to himself as he flushed the toilet and another beautiful woman opened the door and entered the powder room…


Instantly recognizable to the attendant were the curves and air of his beautiful employer, Sophia Sappho. “Yes Miss Sophia” he addressed, “can I be of service?”

“Two of my guests have informed me that there is some raging, psychotic transvestite holed up in my Powder Room. Is this true Peeboy?”

The attendant stood motionless, transfixed by Sophia’s beauty and ashamed of the attire that incriminated him.

“Where did these clothes you have on come from?”

“From the hamper” his hand shook as he pointed to the lid of the hamper that still remained open.

“And whose panties and brassiere are you wearing anyway?” asked his employer in a voice full of scorn.

“I suppose they are the housekeeper Hilda’s.”

“Does Hilda know and approve of you wearing her dirty undergarments?” Sophia did not wait for an answer: “And have you been admitting my guests to this room with the clothes hamper lid ajar, allowing them free accord of all my servant’s filthy clothes, not to mention your own, s**ttered hear on the floor and in the tub?”

“Yes Miss Sophia.” the attendant whispered meekly.

“Well Peeboy or perhaps I should say Peegirl, this conduct is certainly unexpected. Gather up your belongings and leave my domain at once. You’re fired!”

Just as the gravity of the situation was hitting our hero, in walked another beautiful guest. It was Alanna Exquisette, the guest who had f***ed him to don the housekeeper’s bra and panties. “Now, now Sophia, don’t be too hard on the hired help. He was only doing my bidding. It was I who dressed him as you see and do you really think Hilda will mind? Gosh, if anything, Hilda will probably agree he looks almost as good as she does in her underwear.

“Please do not interfere Alanna, I cannot have my guests subjected to the bizarre whims of my lowly staff, especially one so lowly as the powder room attendant.”

“Why? Are you afraid your guests will be offended? Certainly some may have already been taken aback but I am sure that reaction was more from initial astonishment and surprise at discovering they were not alone in the washroom, then from genuine disagreement. Watch, you shall see.”

With that, Alanna flitted through the door and hailed all of the evening’s guests. “Ladies! Sophia would like me to make this announcement: For your personal use, hygiene and pleasure the Ladies’ Powder Room today has been staffed with an attendant to assist you in anyway you require. Ladies, may I introduce to you, the highly recommended Peeboy uh girl, oh call him what you will, the Attendant.”

With that Alanna motioned for Sophia to bring the attendant out into the parlour for display. Awash with both fear and shame, our hero was paraded before the guests.

At first the parlour was silent, then some tittering was heard followed by laughter, but as Alanna began clapping, from another guest far in the back, a catcall type loud whistle was heard. Soon the entire parlour was filled with clapping and ovation.

Our hero, wanting desperately to return to the safe and secure surrounds of the powder room, through all his misery managed to envision a dignified escape. Amidst the applause, he strutted to the centre of the room, did a pirouette, curtsied and quickly exited through the corridor and back to his powder room.

Alanna and Sophia followed close behind.

As the women re-entered the facility, Alanna spoke first: “Surely you’ll reinstate the attendant to his former position, won’t you Sophia?”

“Well after the reception I’ve just witnessed I suppose I must. However, one cannot overlook the infractions entirely. He did shock at least one of my guests and he did borrow Hilda’s undergarments without asking.”

“Perhaps you could find a deserved punishment and put Peegirl on probation.”

“Yes, six months grounding ought to serve to remind him later, but what about for the immediate.”

At that, Alanna leaned into Sophia’s ear and whispered. Sophia’s eyes opened wide, then she smiled as she agreed, “what a marvelous idea, Alanna.” With that, the two women embraced and Sophia opened her mouth and accepted a big enduring kiss from Alanna.

Peegirl, stood beside the toilet and was amazed that, after all that had transpired in the last hour or so, he could feel a stirring in his loins at the sight of the two beautiful women embracing and kissing erotically before him.

The women broke away from one another and Sophia closed the door behind her with the toe of her black patent pump. Alanna asked Sophia: “what was it you came in here for a few moments ago Sophia?”
“Well to relieve myself and powder my nose of course.”

“Well then…” said Alanna trailing off.

“Peeboy” called Sophia, “come closer my dear.” The Peeboy stepped up to his employer, “Yes Miss Sophia?” he asked.

Sophia leaned in close to him, observed closely and then sniffed his face and neck. “Do you realize you just paraded yourself and curtsied to all of my guests with your face still aglow with a mixture of urine and your cum.”

“Oh my gosh” said the Peeboy in disbelief.

“We cannot have my next guest wandering in here with you all dishevelled and displaying poor hygiene, now can we?” Before he could answer, Alanna chimed in “we must wash and rinse his face Sophia. Get into the tub Peegirl and I mean right now!”

Our hero, a little unsure of what was to come obeyed immediately, the reluctance he felt however, did show on his face. “Lay down” commanded Sophia, “on your back.”

As the Peeboy lay down, Sophia exclaimed, “ooh, I can’t hold it any longer” and she straddled the Peeboy’s face and let loose a torrent of golden fluid. Peeboy hardly had a second to realize that his employer wore no panties when he was struck full in the face by her piss. “Use your hands and scrub that filthy cum off your cheeks and lips” said his employer, “hurry now get it all off as Alanna will be along any minute now to rinse you off.

The Peeboy was just finished scrubbing when Alanna and Sophia were to exchange places. Alanna stepped to the side of the tub and raised her skirt. “You’ll have to get on your knees for a moment and help me out of my panties” said the beautiful woman handing him a hand towel. “Don’t get any of Sophia’s golden champagne on my undies though, I have to wear them home this evening you know.” The Peeboy arose and removed her panties marveling at the two perfect cheeks presented before him. He carefully threw the panties onto the hamper as Alanna stepped up and straddled the tub. Before Peeboy could lie back down however, Alanna grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face into her crotch. “Lick me!” she shouted.

“Oh Alanna you’re so wicked” cooed Sophia as she watched and began fingering her own pussy.

Soon both women were in the throws of ecstasy. As Alanna finished quivering she pushed Peeboy’s head away. “Time for your rinse” she said and immediately a torrent of golden nectar, equal to that unleashed by Sophia, came cascading down upon the Peeboy’s face, neck and shoulders.

“Look at the front of his panties,” shouted Sophia. Alanna looked and there was an enormous raging hardon. “Put out the fire” hollered Sophia, douse it quick! With those words, Alanna backed off, took new aim and began pissing on his cock through the housekeeper Hilda’s panties that he wore. Soon Alanna’s torrent started to sputter, and then finally a few drops clinging to her bush was all that remained. Sophia bunched up some tissue, wiped Alanna and discarded the tissue onto the Peeboy’s soaking wet chest. Sophia traced her fingers through her own bush and brought them up to Alanna’s nose. Alanna inhaled deeply then licked the offered fingers sensuously.

Sophia then powdered her nose and Alanna put her panties back on. As the women left the powder room, the Peeboy asked “what about this?” while pointing at his erection now poking out the side of the housekeeper’s panties.

“Oh, you’ll just have to take matters into your own hands, surely you don’t expect either of us to handle your problem through all that disgusting piss” said Alanna.

“Yes, but don’t start jerking off until the next guest arrives to relieve herself” instructed his employer.

With that both women returned to the party, laughing and giggling, obviously very proud of how they had handled the unruly Peeboy.

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