At the Hotel

You are at the hotel and in the office working so late...I want to sneak out behind you...close your eyes with my hands... and while you were making guess who was that... begin to kiss your neck, wrap my arms around your underarms releasing your eyes to see again... kissing, licking and biting your neck while my hands are rubbing your tits under your dress.. you begin to breath faster and deeper so my hands can feel your stroke of your chest... your head heel over aside so you can offer your entire neck to me and you rub my head with your hands... I slide down one of my hands downwards on your body and insert your thong... when you feel my hand is trying to access your thong, you spread your legs, lean one of them on the table and pull back the other one to your body...When you feel my fingers on your pubic hair, you begin to moan making sounds of "ooohhhhhhh" and you grab my hand and pull it more downwards to your pussy...I feel the smell of your wet soaking pussy... I rub your nipples gently with one of my hands, and the other one is playing with your wet clit, and my lips are stuck on your neck and also my lips are going on their way to your are crazy now with the pleasure between your legs and on your tits together with the pleasure caused by the sensational pressure of my arms on your body. you hear my whispers saying how much you are beautiful and sexy, how much your body drives me crazy, how much I want to fuck you... and that doubles your desire for my body and my skin. you let me work on you for a while with my hands on the chair... you feel a lot of pleasure of my hands and lips, but after you come on my fingers once, you want my lips on your wet push me back and turn the chair to me and you spread your legs again.. I kneel down and bury my head on your thighs... I insert my tongue in your pussy and I try to push my tongue deeper inside to find your g spot with the tip of my tongue... as I push it harder, the tip of my nose leans on your clit and, because I am moving my mouth drawing a circle, my nose tip draws a circle too and that feels you to get closer to the second orgasm... I help my tongue with my finger and I slide my tongue on your clit as I slide my finger inside your pussy... I suck your clit and stroke my fingers in and out, makes you moan harder and get so close to your orgasm... I put my finger on your g spot and begin to rub it, and after an accelerating stroke series you begin to shake your body with pleasure and moan with little screams.... after you relieve your body, you push me with your legs down on the floor... and climb on me. you spread your legs on my thighs and tear my shirt, and stick your lips on my nipples... and go downwards on my belly. you want my cock so bad... so you did not waste time on licking, kissing and sucking on my body... you throw my pants after a short struggle to taking them off.. and attack my cock so bad indicating that you just released from a prison after a long long years of sentence... you stroke your head up and down quickly so that you want to make me come in your mouth and return my cunnilingus favor... you also wrap your fingers around the shaft of my cock when you suck it. as I want you so bad too, I could not stand so long and squirt in your mouth.... you did not let any drops to get out of your mouth and swallow all the juice. After that you lie down next to me and hug me...begin to kiss my chest and my nipples... that made me hard after a while, I go on top of you and stick my lips on yours and you wrap your arms around my shoulders. you pull your free leg to your body so I insert my body between your legs... I slowly insert my cock in your pussy and you release a moan when you feel the cleavage inside your pussy... I begin to stroke my hips back and forth with an acceleration, in a rhythm syncronised with the actions of your thighs up and down so when I pull my hips back you let your thighs down and when I thrust my cock in you push your hips up so the intension of the impact of our body increases and also the pleasure. meanwhile you wrap your legs around mine and help me stroking in and out. You pull your legs to yourself when I am inserting my cock... you stretch your legs when I am pulling it out... and also this helps you to move your thighs up and down. and it also helps you to synchronise yourself with me... As you start stretching the muscles around your pussy to feel my cock better and to help your pussy to wrap my cockl tightly, you also begin to get close to your another orgasm... after you get all the way to your orgasm, you release it and you begin to shake when you feel the spasms of my cock and the warm squirting fluid hitting a very nice spot inside your vaginal walls... With the screams right next to my ears, you have your orgasm loudly and you hear my screams too in the same way.. I release my body on yours and that made you very pleased because you know that you gave a lot pleasure to the man lying on top of you... you hug me tight with the relief of the pleasure after orgasm...
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