crowder ave arcade part 3

now i feel myself being grabbed by the ropes on my wrists and being roughly snatched up to my feet, as i feel myself shoved sideways i bump my legs into the chair, i then feel myself being grabbed and and f***ed to kneel on the chair facing back wards and hands pushing me down hard,, bent over the back of the chair, which makes my tight little girl butt stick up in the air. when the hands behind me start to touch me on my clit and finger my pussy i realize that they have let another man into the room, for there is two hard cocks rubbing, and slapping against my face, and pushing hard against my lips, paying no attention to me begging them to stop,, "i've changed my mind" "no more please" a voice in the dark laughs , " "we are so past mind changing, suck those cocks" both cocks are hitting my face so hard it stings, i open my mouth and one drives in and starts fucking my face i feel it swell up and the cum shooting deep in my throat. just when the other grabs my hear hard and uses his hands to pull my mouth on his cock and it down my throat while it shoots hot cum.. someone reaches down and replaces the gag when the third cock drives hard and deep into my tight little pussy, making me scream,then the feeling of the cock pulsing and swelling up even more as the cum fills me. thinking they are done i try and loosen the ropes only to feel them jerked really hard tightening them more, when i feel more penetration in my pussy i know i am about to be fucked again, only it is somehow different til it painfully opens me up and i feel my pussy closing around it someone has found my toy bag on the bench, and i've had my pussy plugged it has been pumped up and the vibrator is on. i've been used and abused, i'm sitting on a chair, panties, training bra, and my slip, blind folded, gagged, with my hands tightly tied behind me, and now alone in this arcade booth, like this. and i found out it didn't end here

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2 years ago
this is so hoti'm cumming in mypanties
3 years ago
hope you write the nextchapter verysoon loved this one thanks Candi