how i lost my virginity to my best friend (MUST RE

"Alright k**s, were leaving now." My dad said to me,Ann, and my best friend Ethan. "Behave you 13 year olds!" my mother chuckled. Ethan and I both turned 13 today. "we"ll be back around 10:30," my dad stated. "kay'" i sighed. "bye!!" they chimmed. As soon as they left, i looked down at my phone and grinned."5:30! what are we gonna do for 4 and a half hours?" i said. Ethan looked up from his smartphone and smiled. damn, he is my best friend, but he was so fucking attractive. He sported a blue under armour tee shirt and black b-ball shorts from the same sporty brand. He had beach blonde hair and a stunning smile that could get ANY GIRL. me, i wore a see throughwhite hirt witha bright pink bra and short shorts. I had wavy long brown hair and brown eyes. Many guys have told me i am beautiful:) after about 30 minutes of sittin on a leather recliner he said, "hey babe? what do u wanna do?" i looked up as he looked me straight in the eye. "woah, you have god damn beautiful eyes" he said as he strong hands cupped my face. Slowly, he lips decended onto mine. he stuck his tongue onto my bottom lip asking to let his tongue in. I allowed him in as a passionate lip lock turned into a wild tongue party. Quickly, he grabbed me and carried my to my bedroom. Ethan laid me on the bed as he stripped me of my shirt. I couldn't help but smile and get excited. I could see he felt the same way. he laid on top of me as i took of his teal shirt. He reached around my back and unhooked my electric pink victorias secret bra. he slowly sucked my niplles and played with my breasts. I couldnt help but let out a slight moan. he felt so experienced. "this ur first time?" i asked him. "yeah, u?" he replied. "yup, so lets get right to it." he grinned and slid of his pants and boxers, revealing his erection. a slide of my panties and Ethan said, "holy shit Ann! you didnt tell me your body was this hot!" i laughed as he spread my legs apart. he licked his finger and rubbed my clit. " ooooh" i moaned. he replaced his fingers with his tongue and spread my pussy lips. he plunged his tongue into my wet vagina. " so hot and wet" he grumbled while his whole mouth sucked my pussy. "aaahh!AHHH! oh shit! yes just like that!" i screamed. he rubbed his tongue back and forth on my clit as he slid two fingers into my pussy with ease. " harder ethan!" i screamed. i felt my climax comin on, but i tried to hold it back so ethan could have his pleasure. "oh fuck im going come baby!" i screamed between my teeth. "yes squirt in my mouth!" he said while deep in my pussy. "oh fuck, FUCK FUUUCK!!" I screamed as i orgasmed. he took his fingers out of my pussy and licked them and i laid their panting. "let me return the favor" i said. he stood up as i cupped my hand around his penis as i pumped it slowly. i gradually started going faster. "aaah yes baby" ethan said with pleasure. i stuck it in my mouth and sucked it hard. "im close babe come on dont stop the blowjob," my hot best friend said. he released his warm fluids into my mouth and i swallowed. " he flopeed onto the bed as i climbed on top of him. he grinned and spun me onto my back. he spread my legs apart and entered me. he pumped me slowly and passionatley. "aaahh yesss" i sighed. he started pumping harder and fater. he pumped with all his might. I grabbed a pillow and bit into it. "HOLY SHIT YOUR GONNA MAKE ME CUM!" i screamed louldy.he released his warm fluids into me which only made me want him more. he pulled out and in several times. ahhh! i just came i screamed. we both flopped on our backs, exhusted. i got up and switched on the shower. " second round in the shower! score!" he chuckled.

the story of me and ethans shower sex will be up soon!
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2 years ago
A 13 yr old virgin cant hold her orgasm since she is new 2it. Bt it was a great story
2 years ago
Got me hard! Good story!
2 years ago
Nice story..