my first blow job

i still remember the day eventhough its been almost 48 years,like it was yesterday.i guess you never forget your first sexual experience.i had just turned 15 and my parents and i were going to visit our friends the Hendersons.i couldnt wait to tell my friend Jimmy what i had gotten for my birthday,not knowing that the present he had for me would be a life-changing a short time we arrived at his house,and after spending sometime talking with our parents,Jimmy asked me if i wanted to take a walk,because he whad something to show me. little did i realize what he had in mind.we stsrted down the path that ran deep into woods behind his house,and after about 10 minutes we came to a small clearing.we stopped there for a look around and while we were standing there jimmy said i want to give you your present now.i turned to look at him and as i did he grabbed my left hip and ass cheek and pulled me toward him,and with his other hand reached into my jeans and thrust his hand down into my briefs feeling my now throbbing cock.he stroked it until it was nice and hard then with both hands stripped me from the waist down,my underpants and jeans down around my ankles.he fell to his knees and clamped his hot mouth to my now rigid tool.he licked,sucked and slobbered on my cock going from the tip,down the shaft and lapped at my balls back and forth,all hte while holding and sqeezing my naked ass cheeks for must have been 10 minutes or so.finally i couldnt take any more sucking and knew i was going to cum,and told him to look out.he didnt stop making love to my twitching tool until i started to spurt my hot sticky load down his throat.after he had swallowed all he could,he looked up at me,and licking my cum off his lips,said Happy birthday.To htis day i think about that day and imagine his mouth on my cock every time i jerk off.
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2 years ago
Very good story, did you ever return the present on his b-day?
2 years ago
Got so hot i came inmy panties
3 years ago
What a nice present :)
3 years ago
Another great story!