Fight at mall gets Melissa very horny !

This is my first story so bare with me please don't get offended by any ethnic slurs as this a true story and is for the effect.

It all started on a rainy Saturday afternoon.
My girlfriend Melissa and I had plans to go on a picnic instead the rain that was predicted for late this evening came early.So Melissa suggested we go to the mall and do some shopping.I was not happy but I needed a few things for my computer.
when we got there it was packed I guess we were not the only ones that changed their plans at the last minute,before I go any further let me describe Melissa.
She is 5'3 115 pounds long brown hair and the most amazing coral blue eyes I have ever seen she is fair skinned she has 34c breasts nice sized nipples proportioned to her areolas .I am 6'0 200 pounds brown hair brown eyes 7 inch cock. She is very sweet unless someone pisses her off watch out!
A lot of guys hit on her she does not particularly like it specially when guys that dress like thugs you know the kind that even though they have a belt their pants are still falling down.Melissa is from Alabama so that is a factor why she doesnn't like guys like that.Well here is what happens we got to the mall and Melissa decided to go look at bras and panties something sexy , anyways I went to the video store to buy a few video games and what not.
I am on my way to get a drink after going to the bathroom.
I am on line to pay and i get a text from Melissa that this this punk with cornrows and the gold teeth and a do rag or is hitting on her and won't take no for an answer .He then proceeds to tell her that he has a big 10 inch dick for her and to dump that dumb white boy she is with. Melissa tells him to go suck his dick himself.
That really pisses him off and he tries to grab her wrist.That is where I come in. This big skinny ugly motherfucker calls me a stupid redneck Because she has a strong southern accent he thinks I am from the south too.I proceed to tell him if he doesn't get lost I will break my foot off in his fucking ass .He starts laughing saying you fat white bastard go and eat some more donuts I'm talking here Besides fat boy I don't see no ring on the finger of this bitch that makes her public property now get lost before I hurt you motherfucker. He then goes to take a swing at me. My face is red with anger so is Melissa's. I duck then kicked him right in the nuts he starts groaning on the floor and I kick him in the stomach a few times then Melissa kicks him in the face.In the corner of my I see three security guards running towards Us. Me and Melissa start running fast towards Macy's. The security guards must have been 1,000 pounds between the three of them lol. They tried to catch us. Melissa is running so fast I lose sight of her i get to the linens section of Macy's when a arm reaches out and grabs me.It it was Melissa and sweat was pouring down her face she says to me that she thinks we lost them. we go in to the fitting room to hide .
Nobody is there so we go in the same cubicle.Wow that was close the smallest of the three nearly got me he ripped my shirt a little bit.Melissa then proceeds to start telling me how excited and horny she got from watching me beat the shit out of that thug.I then tell her how hard she made me when she kicked him in the face. She then told me that her pussy is soaking wet. Melissa shaves her pussy often but I wanted her to let it grow a little full but neatly trimmed. I then proceed to kiss Melissa on her neck.I know how much she loves when i do that it makes her pussy even wetter if that's possible. I started first removing her coat her then her blouse and skirt hanging them on the hooks on the wall.Then I removed her bra releasing the most perfect tits I have ever seen the nipples are so hard they are sticking out 2 inches or so. I then proceeded to start sucking on her right breast while she played with her left. Shen then stopped playing with her breast and I stopped sucking her breast so she could get on her knees and unbuckles my belt pulls down my blue jeans. Mel takes my cock in her mouth and starts sucking my 7 inch cock she takes it all in her mouth .She then takes my cock out of her mouth and starts licking my cock like a ice cream cone .damn Mel she sucks my cock so good that I explode all over her face with out any warning some of it actually shot up her nose a little bit, the rest i got it in her hair.i apologize for cumming so quickly without warning Melissa just smiles stands up takes off her panties places them on my face pushes me on the floor and slowly lowers her soaking pussy down my still throbbing hard cock. Melissa Slowly speeds up and down my cock as she does that she leans forward so I can suck and nibble her beautiful nipples.I then reach around and insert my index finger into her butt hole. Melissa moans and kisses me then whispers to me how good my finger feels in her tight asshole.Melissa the starts fucking me harder riding me like a wild woman .Mel then starts to have a body shaking orgasm.Her orgasm is so big that me and the floor are soaking wet. Melissa then gets off my throbbing cock gets on all fours and tells me to fuck her tight asshole. I slowly enter my cock in her beautifully puckered asshole. God damn what a beautiful sexy tight ass Melissa has .I slowly fuck her ass it feels so fucking good .I then spank her she lets out a few soft moans and says yes baby spank me some more I love it baby. While I am fucking her deep and hard in her ass she starts rubbing her clit with reckless abandon. Damn I love fucking Melissa in her ass for the first time .As I continue to fuck her tight ass I lean forward and kiss the back of her neck .Melissa is very close to cumming again as I fuck her even harder. She is rubbing her pussy so hard that she starts spraying her cum all over me again. I then tell Melissa I am about to cum and I asked her if she wants me to cum in her ass. Melissa says no she wants to taste my cum and her juices. So I pulled out and she gets on her knees and I start unloading a massive load all over her beautiful face and in her mouth .MMMMMMMMMMM Melissa moans and says to me I love the taste of your cum mixed with mine baby that was so fucking amazing .Yes it was baby but we better get dressed and get out of here.Melissa and I both get fully dressed and leave the fitting room and left Macy's and went home. When we got home Melissa showed me the sexy outfits she bought.More on that another time.
that was the best sex me and Melissa ever had. I hate to admit it but i gotta thank that punk for getting Melissa and I so hot and horny thanks and sorry for the broken nose lol!
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1 year ago
That is funny cause that is where it happened in 2007
unfortunately she moved back to Alabama to take care of her sick mom and she ended up getting married to some guy there I see her online sometimes though she just had a her first kid a daughter I bet in 20 years she will look just as sexy as Melissa is right now!
1 year ago
That is hot. We've never done it in a store, although my wife did fuck a guy we met online behind the small mall on Queens Blvd.
1 year ago
very good