We were living in ohio just outside of cleveland in a small town. I had a small grass cutting plan that summer. Work and make some money. Are neighbors were all nice folks we had the swinging couple across the street, a very sexy girl who would sunbathe in a skimmpy bikini next to us, and an older couple that lived a couple of streets up. It was a warm summer day when i was approached by the older couple, they were taking a vacation in europe and would be gone for weeks they asked if i would cut grass and house sit, I said sure. The next day I met the older gentle men for instructions on what needed done while they were away.

It was going to be easy cash the first time I went to cut the grass all bussiness work get done and leave. The next time was working but it didn't take as long, so i had some time to kill,I tried the door knob into the house it was open I peeked inside coast was clear, house was neet and any I had seen. I walked around inspecting the house 3 bedrooms guest, their room and a baby blue girls room I hadn't seen any girl of theirs,On the beed there was clothes girls clothes, Then I saw them some bikini style panties. They were clean they were so cute I was drawn to them like a magnet.I got scared and left. All the next week I thought about those panties.

The grass cutting a usual the next week faster than ever,I completed my work. I couldn't wait to see those panties so in I went when I got to the room I was stunned clean clothes were gone, what had happened? I looked around no panties. Then I spotted a one piece speedo suit I touched it it was still damp WTF was going on. Then i saw a pair of panties dirty oh my god,I touched then held then to my nose such a sweet smell. I pulled out my cock and jacked it so fast, cum shot all over the place on the panties on the bed in my face.I hurried out the door after that.

The next week came and their was a car in the drive way their home payday i aproached the house I heard music rock music their was a heavenly girl sunbathing in the backyard in a bikini, what do I do was I caught some pervert attacking her panties. she introduced herself as their daugher who was away at school and was home doing laundry, did she know I was washing her panties with my seed. That day I cut the grass as I was putting mower back. their was a pair of panties in my way red lace panties. she was seeing if I was going to take the bait. I didn't I rushed home and jacked off till my cock was sore.

This story is true,I wish I would have not chickened out about 1 month after these events we moved away to this day I still wonder what would have happened. I have loved womens panties and thongs since that time.
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