Jen big black bang

Hi my names Jen and I just turned 18 . A little more about myself I still go to highschool
like to think im in pretty decent shape . I have brown hair 34 d breasts , I guess thats why the guys
try and get at me all the time . Well my freind cindy shes 17 had met a few guys , we never really hanged out
with black dudes . They were a little older , and I dident do anything bad. I drank ocasionally but anyhow while
we were at the mall and we met them.

One of the guys was like 23 a big guy .He was really dark skinned and seemed to like me better . His name was Jamari
and his freind was named Deandre , he hung with christy . He was 21 I think , well things were ok and we had a pretty
cool day . They invited us to a party at there house that night and we decided wed go. We got to the party and there
really wasent a lot of people there . There was more guys there wich semmed a little odd . But anyways Jamari introduced
me to a few of his freinds . Cyndi went off with Deandre and a few of his freinds to smoke some weed . Somthing I really
dident do.

After about 5 shots of tequilla I was pretty hammered and Jamari convinced me to go smoke a blunt
with him and his homies in his room .So I agreed , I was a bit intimidated so I went along . We got
in the room and Christy was there with Deandre and a few other guys . She waved and I sat beside Jamari
on his bed.The guys all semmed a bit googly eyed considering my tits I figured the most . After smoking
half the blunt Jamari and Deandre began to convinve me and christy to show off our tits . I wasent too
sure , but eventually christy convinced me .

Christy went first she dident wear a bra I guess and she pulled off her shirt . The guys whistled and then
it was my turn . So I pulled off the pink tank top and Jamari was really intent he was watchin me and lickin
his lips . I guess booze really does take away inhibitions . After I pulled off my bra Jamari reached out
and wrapped his hand around a breast . I tried to bat it away but he insisted it was ok. So as he did Deandre
had allready began to suck on christys tit.

And the older black guy must of been 30 or so next to me reached out and cupped my other breast and said "Damn Jamari
these are some fine women man " And Jamari laughed and began to suck on my tit I never had this happen before so it was
new . I let out a moan and the other guy I think his name was Jo began to suck on my other breast . I looked over at christy
and a guy was rubbing between her legs while rubbing his crotch . Deandre was making out with her and two more dudes slid behind
her . Before I knew it I was being pushed back on the bed and Jamari took my hand and pressed it to his crotch and whispered in my
ear. "I swear we wont fuck you if you suck our dicks you down for that baby ?" Before I could answer I was given the blunt ,
wich I took a hit of. And passed it to the older guy , I looked at Jamari . "Come on baby I mean you are topless in front
of 8 dudes . Were all horny . " He said , Christy looked at me and gave me a nod like we better just do it . I looked at Jamari
and he was smiling as the older guy was rubbin my crotch. "Or we can just take what we want " I then sighed "Ok ok well suck you off"
Christy looked at Deandre and asked him "Is it true what they say about black guys ?" And the room laughed . Jamari then told the skinny
guy to grab the other homies . And he went off for a few while the older black guy pushed my skirt up and looked at me with a smile .

The other 7 guys came into the room with two other chicks . One was a black gal , the other I think was mexican . The black girl introduced
her self as Daph , and the mexican said she was named Rose . Daph looked to be about 5'5 and fairly skinny . She had some really big tits , not
that I go for women and rose well she was about 5'8 blonde streaked hair decent tits . Christy was having the guys behind her paw her breasts .
Daph then said "Oh shit you guys are ready huh ?" And Jamari was kissing me pretty deeply as the older guy Jo had took my hand and pushed it to his
crotch . He made me rub it I could feel his buldge it felt really big. I had only once jerked a guy off so I hadent a clue .

Daph pushed her pants off and shirt and pantys and bra . As did rosa , the first of the maybe 12 guys there introduced himself to me . "Hey baby my
names Big K " he kissed my hand he looked about 50 honnestly and I was kinda creeped out . Deandre now was pulling off his shirt and christy was moaning
as the guys behind her began to strip . Deandre then told christy "You tell me baby am I big ?" He said and my eyes bulged ..he was huge . Maybe 9' and thick .
Christy froze and he took her hand and wrapped it about his thick black cock . The old dude Jo he rolled off the bed and smiled at me "Take your skirt and pantys
off baby " And I did as asked . He pulled his shirt off , he was kinda buff and had a lot of tatoo's . As he pulled his zipper down his cock sprang out it had to
be nearly 12 inchs and Christy instantly said "Oh my god thats a big black cock " Daph laughed as she began to fall to her knees . Then there was a dude they just
called OG . He was old , and looked as if he only messed with young k**s . He was overweight and was smoking a blunt as he pulled off his sweats his cock was about 10
inchs and thick as well . Rosa slid to christy and asked "Can I SUCK on your tits ? " Christy to my surprise said sure as she stroked Deandre cock . 3 guys around christy
now had her nude and were pulling there clothes off.

Jamari now stood up and pushed his pants off and boxers and his cock sprang out .Jo grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his cock as Jamari did the same .
I had two big cocks in my hand now and was stroking them off as the rest soon were nude , Daph had two beside her . And she was sucking on the 50 year old and
jerking off the overweight dude . As they played with her tits , rosa sucked on christys tits and then christy wrapped her lips about Deandres cock . Jo then guided my
head down to his cock and soon I found my lips parting . He soon pushed his cock into my mouth and Jamari pulled daph over to him and she began sucking him off . After a few
minutes I was being pulled to another cock , I lost track of christy but I did catch rosa getting her tits fucked . I was overcome full of lust and scared and anxious Jo was
rubbing my pussy and told Jamari "Man shes so wet ..Man Ja you remeber that 300 dollars you owe me ?" Jamari moaned and said "Yeah man whats up ?" And Jo began to rub my clit
"Man I know you said dont fuck . But you let me fuck this hot piece of ass man ..then we square " Jamari pulled his dick free from daph "daph lick jen cunt and tell me if she wet "
I got scared now never having anything like that done before . I took a look over and a guy shot his load all over Christy while she jerked him off and another soon slid his dick in
her mouth . Rosa was sucking cock now and Deandre was eating christy out .

As daph began to eat me out the old 50 year old guy then chirped in "Man Ja Ill give you 150 bucks if I can get some too " as I sucked him off . He shrugged some and daph looked up"yeah
she ready " and Jamari then said"Aight Jo man go ahead " I began to try and pull away and thats when Deandre pushed me to his cock . Jo climbed onto me and I felt the head of his cock press
against me as he whispered "I knew you wanted me " he said and he pushed in I tried to scream but was being fed Deandre dick . Christy then got a cock slammed into her and she pleaded "No " to
no avail Jo pounded me hard and fast . There wasent a lot I could do he pulled out and came on my face as I cried . The fat dude pushed me over and I thought he was gonna fuck my ass . He dident
he began to fuck me and told me to call him daddy . I muttered it as Rosa took a cock in her now and Jamari stood behind the fat dude . He pulled out and shot his load on my back .

Jamari then slid his cock into me and began to f***efully fuck me as Deandre shot his load on my face . Christy on the other hand was covered in cum and wiping it away as rosa took
a load to her face as well . Eventually for what seemed like hours on end most of the guys had fucked me and christy . And Jamari left us alone with Jo and the older black man who had me call him
daddy . Daph and rosa was gone and Joe was fucking my tits as the other guy had christy sucking his cock . Jo then slipped his cock into my mouth and filled my mouth with his cum and soon the older
guy on christy came on her and got up told Jo hed see him later . And left Jo finally dressed and left as well leaving me and christy alone finally . We finally dressed and left the house .
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