Crime and Punishment 3

After lunch we went up to my room I told her I was now soft taking off my shorts to prove it. I said that unless she had me hard by the time she finished her strip tease she would forgo her afternoon lesson.

She squealed and ran out of my room but was back in a flash with a CD which she popped into my boom-box. She said that she did some home work last night.

Again she closed my curtains then started the music. What a difference. Between the sexy school girl out fit and and her liberated libido she had bl**d rushing to my member causing great stirrings and a quick rise.

She moved, swayed and teased like a seasoned pro. She would lean over my desk exposing those cotton panties, pull them down enough that I thought I saw a bit of pussy and then pull them up putting her finger to her lips shaking her head saying Daddy you make me want to do naughty things.

At last her skirt was off, she only had cotton panties and baby girl socks on. She walked close to me turned around, started bending at the hips and slowly pulled down her panties to her ankles.

My cock was pointing to the sky and leaking precum like a sieve then she leaned back enough to rub her ass on my balls and high enough to contact the base of my cock. She rubbed a little more as she looked up and said Daddy you make your little girl so wet can your tongue please clean me up.

I had to do as she asked or would have cum all over her back. So I dropped to my knees and licked her cunt furiously pushing my tongue deep into her then began to tongue fuck her. All I heard along with the moaning was Daddy you make your little angel feel so special.

I need to get control back but it would be a battle with this women-c***d who had a tremendous imagination most of which was dedicated to all things sexy. I started to feel lucky instead of victimized. I stood up and told Ruth to get on her knees.

Ruth your boy friend said you did not know how to give a good blow-job. I have a number of top quality blow-job videos for you to study on my computer. They were split into two categories deep-throat videos which could be a bit rough and regular sexy videos where a women seemed to make love to a man's cock. After you studied all of them you can try the sexy techniques on my cock as the deep-throat ones would take more time to learn.

Then I said before that I am going to play with you as a reward for such a sexy strip tease. She just nodded her head and grinned. I took a step closer to her and moved my cock down to her eye level. I told her that right now she could not lick or suck my cock. First I was going to give you a precum lip gloss so purse your lips.

I moved one hand to the back of her head and the other to my dick and coated her lips until they were slick and shinny. I said she could give the tip one small kiss which she did then lick the precum off your lips. Her tongue were licking her lips in a flash and I heard "Yummy".

I said watch as I stroke my cock and when the precum drips you can catch it on your tongue as long as you do not touch my cock. You should also play with your clit so you can get use to coming at the same time as I cum in your mouth. You will not always see that on the videos but it was something I want you to practise.

I started to stroke my cock slowly and a large globule came out of the tip dropping with a long extended sting. Ruth was very fast and caught the bottom of the string half way down winding the string up but stopping before she touch my phallus.

I kept stroking and Ruth had a perfect record never missing a drop. Finally I had done enough as I wanted to save my load for Ruth's test and told her to go watch the videos and call me when she felt she was ready for her BJ test drive.

She sat at my computer, I already had the proper folders open and they were titled BJs and DeepThroat so she would easily know which were which. I said just double click on a video and it would play. Then I left the room.

I spent the time getting myself under control or I would blow my load as soon as she wrapped her sweet mouth around me cock. I wanted things to last for a while and have somethings for her to improve on.

I watched some TV when Dad called, it seemed it was his day to check up on us. I called Ruth to get the upstairs extension as Dad wanted to talk to her.

I quietly listened in and the little slut called him Daddy a few times. I suspected she was playing with herself as I had not heard her call him Daddy since she turned nine.

When this girl gets into a role she plays it to the hilt. I am going to suggest she tries out for next year's school play and pray she does not get any sexy roles or we will both be done for.

After an hour or so I saw movement at the top of the stairs. All I could see was the frill of a pleated skirt with a bare ass and puffy pussy lips pointed at me. No doubt an attention getter. The skirt was being pulled off and Ruth said she wanted oral exam and needed a b*o-thingy to suck.

I climbed up the stairs picking up naughty daughter's skirt and went into my room. Ruth sat on a pillow placed under her knees. She said that she wanted to be compared against the loving BJ she thought was the sexiest.

As I got right in front of her, she repositioned me slightly. I warned her no teeth sc****s as it was more painful than someone stepping on your toes while dancing. She nodded and started the video.

As soon as I saw which video she picked I got harder as it was a favourite. Ruth looked up at me and asked please Daddy may I show you what I have learnt.

She had already started playing with herself. I nodded and she leaned in rubbing her face all over my cock and balls, kept going adding little kisses, all the while looking up waiting for a sign from me that she was doing well.

I winked and smiled, with that she licked from the bottom of my ball sack all the way to the tip of my cock then opened wide and pounced on the head and licked and pulling off the head with a pop. It was my turn to gasp. I saw the most wicked grin as she realized what power a women has when sucking a man's cock.

I must say the girl was a quick study as she seem to mix in many of the best techniques from all the videos. She even took me down deep just until her eyes had a few tickle throat tears but no gagging. A few times I had to tell her to slow down and make it last. Soon she seemed to be able to sense when I was close and change the pace.

Finally Ruth looked up at me and said Daddy I need your cum please fuck my face gently as I have never sucked Daddy's big cock before. She opened her mouth and pursed her lips around the head. I placed a hand on each side of her head and started pumping in and out of her mouth. Slowly she started applying more and more suction while moving her tongue rapidly on the underside of my cock.

An unstoppable tingling in my balls made me yell Ruth I am going to come baby and I explode. The cum seemed to start from my toes, rip up my legs to my balls and out the tip of my cock. The first spurt I shot was so hard I saw Ruth's eyes bulge then I shot several more and my cock felt her throat swallowing as my last spurts went down to a dribble.

I noticed Ruth was shaking and I realized she had come with me. Finally my legs were not going to hold me any longer. My cock pulled from her mouth with another pop as I sat quickly on the desk chair.

Ruth looked up at me obviously rolling the last of my cum around on her tongue swallowed and asked what grade do I get coach. I said I would have given her a B for the BJ but seeing how she came with me you gets a beginners A, but I knew with practice she would be an A+ student in no time.

Ruth seemed so proud of herself, shook her head and said all she need was a b*o-coach and she soon would be a world class cock-sucker. I bent down and kissed her on the lips and told her she could practice on me any time. She got up and sat on my lap and cuddled up and whisper that she loved me too.

Sitting naked on my lap soon had me getting a woody so I told her to stand up and lay on the bed as her b*****r wanted to m***** his i****tuous little s****r slut once more as today was Friday and lessons would be over until Monday.

When she laid on my bed she said b*o m***** me good or I may not last until Monday. I moved beside her licked my two middle fingers and used the two finger, palm clit teaser hold she like so much in the shower. With my fingers slowly moving in and out of her I started kissing her until her panting stopped her from kissing back. I moved to lick her tits and teasing her nipples.

Soon enough her pelvis started to rise trying to catch the rhythm of my hand. I would change the rhythm when she matched it. I knew she was close then said if you come before I tell you to you will not get any more lessons or pleasuring until a week this coming Monday. Her eyes popped open and pleaded with me to let her come.

I moved my hand faster and bit her nipples hard. I had to move my head so her moans did not deafen me. Just as I saw tears form in her eyes and her face go red as she strained not to come. I commanded sexy s****r come for your b*****r and master.

She screamed in relief her pelvis rising in an arc that would have impressed a contortionist but her shaking body looked like she was in a voodoo ritual.

Ruth's pussy gripped my two fingers and she gushed so much I would need to put my sheets in the wash. I slid down, spread her legs and lapped up the juices I was going to miss until Monday so wanted to have my fill.

I lifted her up, we moved to her room. I tucked Ruth in for a short snooze. I went back to my room collected all her clothing and dropped them into her closet. Just to be safe I set her alarm so that it would ring an hour before Mom and Dad would get home. I changed my sheets then went around the house making sure nothing was amiss.

Just before Dad got home Ruth came down wearing her usual summer shorts, bra and top, then joined me to watch some old TV rerun. As soon as Dad had gone upstairs to change I asked Ruth if she was on the pill she smiled and said yes for a year now as the doctor had prescribed them to deal with menstrual cramps.

I just nodded my head and said good to know. Ruth's nipples grew erect and a shiver went through her body. I smirked but said nothing else.
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