Dick in Jane 5

The rest of the weekend was wonderful but all good things have come to an end. After their parents returned home they went through orgasm withdrawal.

Sure Jane serviced her b*****rs every chance she got but it was a drastic change from that magical weekend. Luckily for them chance intervened.

After school was out for the summer, John and Dad were in the kitchen when Mom got a call from her s****r. They soon knew something exciting had happened just from Mom's side of the conversation.

When she got off the phone Mom announced "Cheryl has won a contest, for a 7 day and night all expenses paid cruise. The prize includes berths for two couples and she has asked us to join them. Your Aunt will need someone to mind the twins. John do you have a problem with that?" John replied "No problem. You guys deserve a long get away".

The two families only saw each other a couple times a year because they lived an eight hour drive apart. The boys liked the twins as the two f******n year old girls were hot. Jane especially loved their visits as it gave her a chance to have some rare girly time.

John wondered if they could get the twins to participate in the "Come Olympics". He thought there was a descent chance because during their last visit the twins flirted with all three boys. John even got to grope and french kiss both of them during a few stolen moments.

Their parents were going on the cruise in three weeks. During that time the four siblings got together to talked over ways to get the twins to play along. Also how they would still have fun if the twins were not interested. The riskiest thing would be if the twins rejected the idea and decided to tell their parents. They concluded that Jane would be the best one to assess the risk.

Finally Aunt, Uncle and twins arrived. The boys immediately saw the twins were hotter then the last visit as their breasts had grown considerably larger.

When the twins, Gwen and Mary, gave each boy a hello kiss and hug the girls ground themselves into each boy. The guys exchanged glances and smiles. They figured their chances had just gotten a lot better.

Their parents were scheduled to leave for the airport first thing in the morning. A portable bed was setup in Jane's room for the twins. That evening the six teens talked, laughed and had a good time. You could tell that they were all looking forward to a week without parents and with each other.

When they were watching TV in the rec room, well away from their parents, each b*****r had a girl cuddled up under his arm. Jane got to John first so the twins had to pick either Dan or Bill. No one seemed to mind.

Eventually John's Mom yelled downstairs that they all needed to go to bed. The girls went to Jane's room and changed into their PJs. Of course the twins got on Jane's bed to talk into the night.

When Jane steered the conversation to sex and Mary asked "Jane have you every done anything sexual with another girl"? Jane replied "No but I am not a virgin". Both twins looked at her and said "Cool"! Gwen said "Do you think Dan likes me"? Jane replied "He seemed to like you snuggled under his arm tonight".

Mary asked Jane "Can you keep a secret"? Jane nodded her head. Gwen blurted out "We've been licking each other's pussy since we were eleven. Does that shock you"? Jane shook her head saying "Every girl needs regular orgasms. In fact I have three boy friends that get me off when we have some alone time".

Mary and Gwen exclaimed "No way, three? You're so greedy"! Jane asked "Are you girls virgins"? They hung their heads with Mary saying "Sadly yes. Our parents watch us like hawks. We are home schooled so opportunities are slim to none". Gwen added "What is crazy is that we are both on the pill to deal with menstrual cramps and our mutual masturbation has already broken our hymens. You could say we are primed and ready but lack opportunity".

Jane asked "Well have you considered any of my b*****rs"? Mary said "God yes. I wanted John to be my first since I was twelve". Gwen said "All your b*****rs are hunks. If I was their s****r I would have lost my virginity long ago". Mary quickly agreed.

Jane asked "Would you girls like me to see if they are willing"? Gwen and Mary nodded their heads vigorously. The twins jumped up stripped and got on the portable bed muff diving into a sixty-nine position. Mary said "Eat me John" and Gwen "Finger fuck me Dan".

Jane had her fingers rubbing her clit watching the randy twins pleasuring each other while thinking about the fun they were all going to have.

While finger fucking Gwen, Mary said "Jane please put a pillow over Gwen's head, she's a screamer. I'm about to make the little bitch cream herself". As Jane placed the pillow to stifle Gwen, Mary started to hum the tune to "Oh Danny boy" and then rapidly pumped her fingers in and out of Gwen.

For some reason Jane could not help herself and she stuck a finger into Gwen's puckered ass hole. Gwen screamed "OH GOD" so loud it would have have surly brought their parents running if the outcry had not been stifled by the pillow and Mary's muff.

Gwen was still convulsing when Mary said "Fuck, she did it again. I'm worked up and she is incapable of finishing me off. Jane will you help me out"? Jane replied "Well my sex addiction is for man meat, but just this one time so I know what it's like".

Mary pushed Gwen's limp body off her and moved to Jane's bed laying flat on her back with spread legs. Jane got in position and thought about the various ways her b*****rs made her come. She applied those techniques. Soon Mary was panting and moaning so much so that she had to put a pillow over her own face.

Jane teased her bring Mary close then slowed down. Licks, probing fingers, nipple teasing and clit slaps were all combined to drive Mary crazy. Finally she could take no more and grabbed Jane's head pushing her mouth onto her clit. Jane sucked Mary's clit hard then hummed.

Mary exploded soaking Jane's chin, neck and the bed sheets. She screamed loud enough to challenge Gwen's volume but thankfully it was muffled by the pillow.

Jane sat up and watched Mary's twitching body, she thought not bad. Her b*****rs had taught her a lot about pussy eating. Mary took the pillow off her face and panted "Gwen she's incredible. I think that was my hardest climax, you need to take notes". When Mary actually looked at Gwen, her s****r was naked prone and snoring away. Gwen had not seen or heard anything.

Jane said before Mary could ask "My boy friends are accomplished cunt lickers. They taught me everything that I just did to you". Mary said "Could you let me borrow one of them sometime"? Jane replied "That could be arranged". Mary shook her head and smiled "You are one fantastic cousin. I will eat you out anytime you want".

Jane said "Well not tonight as it is way to late and we'll need to see our parents depart in a little over six hours". The girls got under the covers and went to sl**p.

In the early morning John knocked on Jane's door and she greeted him in her PJs then closed the door behind her. John got a good peek at the naked twins as Jane had tossed her covers aside exposing Mary.

The two siblings went into the bathroom and Jane told John all that had happened saying "For sure the twins will play but first you and Dan need to take their virginity. I will make it up to Bill, he will just have to take one for the team".

John asked "Do you like eating pussy"? Jane replied "It's different and was satisfying when I made Mary come so hard but I still prefer a hard cock". John took her into his arms and laid a passionate kiss on her that made Jane feel all butter inside. She thought this is going to be a week in paradise.

Just before their parents were to leave John told Dan and Bill the twins were on the pill just like Jane was now. So if everything works out no condoms will be required. He left it to Jane to tell them which was going have a virgin to sacrifice.

By 8:00AM their parent's taxis arrived. With all six k**s helping to haul the luggage they were soon saying their good byes. They waved as their parent's taxis drove away.

As soon as the teens were back inside and finished breakfast including the cleanup. They went to the f****y room where John suggested a little game.

He said "The game pits the girls against the guys. When a guy is blind folded each girl gives that guy her sexiest kiss. The guy must not touch the girl other than with his lips. After the kiss he must say which girl kissed him. After that the girls take the same challenge. The winning team would be decided by the highest number of right answers".

The twins wore big smiles then looked at Jane to see if she was OK giving sexy kisses to her b*****rs. Jane said "Girls let's talk as I think I know how to kick their butts". The girls went to the kitchen while John got a blindfold, pen and paper.

The game proceeded with the guys guesses wrong most of the time. While the round was going on Jane took Bill aside and told him what Dan and John were going to do and that she would play with him. Bill was cool and said "Jane you are always a prize. I am not disappointed". He massaged her butt cheeks and laid a big sloppy kiss on her. She was thrilled with his words and wanted to give him her best.

When she told Dan his assignment he wore a shit-eating grin and she squeezed his balls saying "Better not forget about your little s****r's needs". Dan replied "It would be impossible to ever forget about my sexy s****r".

When the game was over the girls had won. John judged that his plan had worked as the twins looked hot and bothered. They all sat down with Mary beside John and Gwen beside Dan. John asked "What should we do now"?

Jane took her cue saying "Mary and Gwen are virgins and would like John and Dan to help them get over the hump". Both girls went red and looked at the floor. John looked at Mary and said "I would be honoured". He stood up and took her hand. She got off the couch and shyly trailed behind him on the way to his room.

Dan raised Gwen's chin and asked "Do you want me Gwen". She leapt into his arms and gave him a kiss which was all the answer he needed. Dan picked her up and carried Gwen to his room.

Jane and Bill looked at each other and went to her room. On the way Jane thought this house is going to see more fucking in one week than their parents did in their first full year of marriage.

Once in Dan's room he put Gwen down. It took the randy cousin less than a minute to strip and turn to Dan who only had his shirt off. Gwen was getting to her knees while unbuckling his belt and tugging at his shorts.

Dan said "Gwen we have a whole seven days". She replied "Then there is no time to waste. After this week we go back to a home better known as 'school prison', where there are no conjugal visits. I need to have as much sex as possible before our next get together".

Dan was taken aback but said "Well if you will let my b*****rs help you may get your wish". Gwen just smiled and pulled down Dan's boxers licking his semi before they settled around his ankles. What she lacked in technique she tried to made up in enthusiasm.

Dan asked "Do you wanted any suggestions on how to suck cock"? She did not stop just nodded her head. Dan said "The first thing you do is slow down. Alternate between licking and sucking up and down the shaft". Gwen started doing what Dan said but soon she was back to her frantic all over the place ways.

He had to pull her off his cock as she was doing nothing for him but making his cock and balls a drooling mess. He found this to be a turn off. Dan pulled her up and said "I think you need to come a few times to calm down".

Gwen screamed "FUCK ME, FUCK ME" with a crazed look in her eyes. Thank goodness they had central air. If his window was opened she would have alerted the neighborhood.

Dan was going to give her pussy oral attention but decided the randy bitch needed to be fucked good and hard. He grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the desk pulling her head up enough so she could see his face in the mirror.

He said "Tell Danny what you want to loose today". Gwen yelled "FUCK ME, MAKE ME YOUR WOMEN, FUCK ME NOW"! Dan replied "Your wish is my command" and he rammed his cock deep into her. Gwen grunted but ground her ass back into Dan working his cock in her stretched pussy.

Dan could still see that wild look and took it as a personal challenge to tame this sex b**st. Just as he was about to start fucking the shit out of her, Dan saw his door open, there was Jane and Bill partially undressed. Bill focused his video camera on them.

Dan liked to perform and slapped Gwen's ass hard which made her scream "FUCK ME DANNY"! He started a slow pull out and a brutal thrust back rocking the desk she was bent over.

To Gwen's credit she yelled "Just like that, FUCK ME FASTER DANNY"! Dan became possessed doing all he could to satisfy the wild c***d but she just kept screaming all sorts of fucking orders.

Jane whispered to Bill saying "You better be recording all of this as I do not think Dan will believe it himself". Dan was grunting and groaning with Gwen screaming at the top of her lungs like some insane opera diva.

To his credit Dan found a pace he could sustain and finally Gwen screamed "IIIIII'MMMMM CCCCCUUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGG" and convulsed under Dan's assault. He was determined to keep going so kept pounding her right through the climax.

In a strange way Dan could not reach his own climax due to the focus on Gwen's needs. Dan looked into her eyes via the mirror's reflection, with satisfaction saw that Gwen was weakening but only a little.

Dan's legs were getting wobbly so he made a snap decision. He looked over at Bill and gestured with his head to take over. Jane said go for it and took the camera.

Bill took hold of her hair while Dan gave Gwen several more thrusts. He pulled out and in a second Bill was deep in that sloppy cunt. Out of her cock-d***k haze Gwen smiled and mumbled "Fuck Me, Fuck Me"!

Bill took the thrust speed up several notches fucking her like a dog fucks a bitch in heat. He had no intent on lasting a long time just a hard time.

Gwen muttered "Oh yeah, just like that" and came with such shakes that it threw off Bill's timing. He quickly recovered pushed Gwen a little further onto the desk and continued his personal pussy assault.

Soon Bill knew he could not sustain the pace so he drove deep and gyrated his cock in her up, down, round and round. Gwen came in a screaming proclamation of her current climax.

Bill used this new method to catch his breath and when sufficiently recovered he started pounding Gwen again. This time Bill intended to come himself. He started telling Gwen if she expected to get fucked like this again she need to come when she felt his sperm spray in her cunt.

Gwen came just hearing his demand. This made Bill smile but then he closed his eyes focusing on his own needs. Soon enough the undeniable tingle had him ram deep and yell to all in earshot "Cum with me Gwen" and he released his first rope of cum.

Gwen to her credit still had enough energy to scream a slurred "CCCCCCOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGG"! as Bill emptied his balls into his young cousin.

The release so draining Bill that he slumped over Gwen's back. Jane knew this was going to be another highlight real for their f****y's i****t video collection.

Her thoughts drifted to Mary and John. A tiny amount of jealously teased her but she suppressed it in hope that Mary's first time would be as memorable as her own.

Earlier John and the trailing Mary entered his room. John shut the door and turned to Mary who continued to look shyly at the floor. John turned her by the shoulders to face him. He put a finger under her chin and raised her pretty face asking "Mary please look at me".

When Mary looked up he gave her his most passionate kiss. She melted into his arms pressing her full breasts into his chest. His hands caressed her through her cloths finally stopping to pull her firm buns into his groin.

When their kiss broke Mary said "John you have no idea how many times I've dreamed of this moment". John replied "Hopefully the experience will exceed your dreams". She could only sigh.

Mary asked him to tell her what to do and he said that would not be a problem. Just then they heard Gwen's first screams of wanton passion. Mary said "We are both screamers but I think she is louder than I am". John turned on some music to mask the background noise and told her "At least I will know if you like what we are doing".

John told her that he was going to undress her and she shivered in anticipation of being exposed to him. John turned her to face the dressing mirror and moved behind her. She watched as he shifted her hair and planted light kisses on her neck. As John did this he started to unbutton her blouse.

Soon her eyes were closed and she turned her body over to her cousin. He tantalized her as he undid her blouse finding different ways to brush her erect nipples each time it seemed like a new delicious accident.

When he had undone the last button John trailed his fingers up the center of her blouse, in between her breasts to the bottom of her neck then pull the blouse open and off her shoulders. He finally tossed the blouse onto his desk.

John moved her hair up and started to kiss and licked her from the very top of her spine down to her bra strap. With his teeth he unsnapped the bra.

With one side of the bra in his teeth he moved to her front loosening the bra enough that when he let it go the bra fell off to the floor.

He gazed at her breasts which she felt swell due to their exposure. John looked into her eyes and said "Mary you are a nubile goddess". She was overwhelmed with this erotic moment and a tear trickled down her cheek. He kissed it off her face and then held her close engaging in a long lovers kiss.

As they kissed John unfastened her shorts. When their kiss broke he went to his knees, pushed fingers under the back of her panties and slowly pulled her shorts and panties down. She gasped as his face was mere inches from her wet kitty.

By the time her pussy was exposed her last remaining cloths fell to her ankles. With hands on cheeks, John pulled her pussy forward burying his face. His long tongue parted her slit as she pressed herself further into his face.

The first touch of his tongue on her erect clit made her spasm and scream "OH JOHN, I CUM FOR YOU"! She slumped and he lifted her over his shoulder. Standing up John laid her on his bed. He stepped back and stripped while she watched.

When he pulled off his boxers she became mesmerized with his swaying dick like prey to a hooded cobra. She asked if she could suck him but John replied "You do not want to eat the whole candy store my sweet, we have all week. Right now I want my focus to be on pleasuring your beautiful body". Mary's sexual tension had her shaking by the time he got on the bed.

He pulled her legs together then straddled her. Her head tilted as she was fixated on his waving pleasure wand. John leaned forward hovering over her and locked her lips in a tongue filled lip embrace.

He pushed down enough that his cock and balls brushed over her pussy mound and stomach. She moaned into his mouth and raised her pelvis to make more contact.

John loved to tease his lovers so raised up enough to return to that light brushing. This teasing had its desired effect as Mary started to become frantic pushing up higher.

When their kiss broke he leaned back low enough for his butt pushed her thighs down. He took her arms and raised them above her head and started tongue flicking and suckling her nipples. Mary shrieked "OH GOD, SO GOOD"!

John held both he wrist with one hand and moved the other down so that he could control where his cock touched. He rubbed her pussy mound and pushed it down to press on the hood of her clit, covering it with slippery precum.

Mary's head was twisting back and forth lost in this exquisite sensual torture. She panted, groaned with oohs and aahs. Sometimes repeating "I love you" over and over like a Buddhas chant.

John gave her a sweet taboo when he told her "Clasp your hands and keep your arms above your head" then he let go of her wrists. As his nipple licking tongue started its descent both hands took over with a loving caress of her breasts. She screamed "More please, more"!

John continued licking, kissing and sucking her chest to stomach then he licked around and around her navel. He finally stuck his tongue in and twisted it back and forth. Mary grunted and attempted to raise her pelvis but she was trapped by her lovers body pressing on her knees.

He trailed his tongue to the top of her pussy mound but kept her knees together. He told her she could lower her arms. Her hands sprung to the back of his head and pushed his face into her pussy.

Between his long probing tongue, her upward pelvis push and her downward press of his head she felt the most exquisite unnecessary limitations. She knew that he was only teasing her to new heights of excitement.

Suddenly he curled his wet tongue hard, parted her lips and raked her nub. Mary exploded shaking, convulsing into a harder climax than she thought was possible.

In an instant John seemed to change personalities as he moved off her legs, grabbed her ankles spreading her wide and dived on her leaking pussy with tongue, fingers, sucking, licking, rubbing, clit slapping, nippled tweaking. This was truly unfair as Mary was in no way prepared for the ensuing cacophony of climatic sensations.

Her orgasms transitioned from a steady rain to a ranging torrent. Thought was lost as the sensations were all that her mind could process. Suddenly John stopped and sat up, softly tailing the tips of his fingers from her shoulders down to her thighs.

Even after her passionate pleasure screams stopped echoing in her ears her body continued its own orgasmic shudders. He asked her if she was ready. All she could do was smile.

The gentle John had returned as he slowly pushed into her letting Mary adjust to his intruding phallus as he probed deeper and deeper. Mary's female instincts took over and she started to push her pelvis up and down his shaft.

With this extra help John finally bottomed out. He started the steady slow all day stroke that Jane loved so much. Mary was transported while moaning and panting into a world she had only dreamed of until this moment.

Even though John did not change the pace Mary came screaming out her love for him and that stroke kept her coming. Soon Mary was frantic again, begging John to go faster.

For some reason this women did not realize that the slow pace was just what she needed as a faster motion would dull the tingling touch of cock to pussy wall.

Mary came for her third time. This last one seemed to drainer her like none before. She looked into John's face and whispered "Please cum in me I cannot take much more pleasure".

John changed the pace going faster and faster until he yelled "Come with me Mary". When she felt his cum splash in her she screamed "Give me all you have John". Her love canal gripping his cock hopefully creating a seal that would not allow any of her cousin's seed to escape.

After a while he pulled out and moved to her side snuggling close. She buried her head into his chest and shed a few tears of happiness then they drifted off to sl**p.
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