Shared & Watched My Chinese Wife 1

We have been married for more than 20 years and I have been the one and only guy my wife has had intimate sex with. Her first boyfriend which lasted for less than 2 months had only so far touched her body and a lick job. When he started to get impatient and wanted to have sex, she immediatey stopped their relationship.

Her strict chinese f****y upbringing was the reason why we only started to have sex after marriage and was basically stuck to normal straight forward sex with dimmed light or in the dark. We only started to have oral sex after more than 10 years which took me a lot of effort with sweet talking and porn movies together with wine to get her going.

A bit on my wife, she has mid shoulder black hair at 5'6" and has 32B breasts with large brownish areolas and nipples even when soft. Her nipples can grow up to the size of a macadamia nut when hard and turns slightly reddish. She has bushy pubic but I have now convinced her to shave clean, her labias are brownish and medium size but pinkish inside her vagina. She is slightly plump but looks desirable for a married +40 chinese women. I am 5'7" with +6" uncut penis and a thick circumference.

During my 20 years marriage to her, I have not been that faithful eventhough she had been a good wife and has always kept her conservative nature until a few months back. I have had a few affairs and had sex with numerous women during my marriage which my wife had never been aware nor suspected of as I still kept our sex life normal with 3-4 times monthly sex sessions.

It was at one occassion when we were having a vacation in sydney at a hotel when I started noticing local aussies at eyeing my wife especially at the hotel pool where some of them were from out of town. During our 5 days stay in the hotel, I have been approached by two aussie couples for chats at the pool and bar and both conversations somehow ended with questions like, do you swing or share? or are you both nudists? I was a bit taken aback at first as the thought of sharing or swapping my wife had never crossed my mind. Was thinking, what kind of married couple would have that in mind? However, when both the husband and wife started sharing their experiences, it got me aroused and I did not realised that my cock was already dripping with precum inside my boxer.

When we met the second couple (husband was 56 and wife was 48) at the bar who also shared and related their experiences as well, it really had me thinking seriously and the fact that my wife does not speak much english had me asking the couples questions about how it would affect their relationship as a couple, safety precaution, what if wife does not want to try or scared or are too shy.....My wife was getting a bit annoyed thinking how I could struck out a conversation with strangers for so long. Little did I know that all the while I was chatting with the couple, my wife had been sipping glasses after glasses of red wine and had already turned red and dizzy by my side.

She was wearing a loose blouse with knee length skirt. Besides her basic bra and bikini panties, she also wore a pantyhose with gater which I introduced her to wear just so it holds her The husband who were sitting across our table with his wife was trying hard to peep under my wife's skirt and cleavage as she swayed from the dizziness. Then his wife got a bit daring and said that my wife is very sexy and bet she is as horny as them. She then whispered to my ear while her hub kept eyeing my wife and said, I am wet and horny for you two, do you like wanna try it out and see if it works and if not we could just say goodnite and maybe next time.

I was tensed and started sweating on my palms from either fright or excitement as we have never done it before nor do I know how my wife feels. I have been cheating on her for so many occassions and she has been so faithfull to me that I was thinking she should be allowed to have her own sexual escapades which would be fair to her. But what if she objects to it totally had she been sobered? But then, I would never know whether deep inside her, she does have this kind of fantasy and was too conservatively shy to tell nor admit to me?

The aussie couple somehow sensed my concerns as we have never swing or share before and told me that we could go to their suite, relax and have a drink before deciding whether we want to have the first wife swapping experience with them. They say we can also check each others out in the room as he is a retired doctor and his wife's a nurse. They say if I feel her husband is too small or big or looks unhealthy or the wife too uncomfortably sexy vice versa, we can then have a drink and say goodnite.

I somehow gathered my guts as I could see my wife was quite knocked out from realising what was going on and we got up and wnet to the couples room. Their suite room was quite cosy and had a big living room which I think would be ideal for us to do it there together just so I could see and maybe stop when I felt like it.

I layed my wife on the sofa while the couple went in to the bathroom to have a shower. I was trying to calm down from my nervousness as I watched my wife mumbling and moving her head and body side to side. After about 10 minutes they came out in their robes and the wife invited me to have a shower which I went without thinking that my wife was sl**ping on the sofa. I quickly showered for about 5 minutes, dry up and went out with a guest robe.

As I stepped out to the living room, I could see that the couples were drinking and my wife was still lying on the sofa with a blanket on her shoulders. Then the wife gave me a wine and about 15 minutes later, she then asked if I felt any better from my first time nervousness and whether we still want to explore the possibility. I could see that the wife was not wearing anything underneath her robe as I could catch a glimse or her breasts which immediately aroused me. Somehow, the work just came out of my lips and I said, yes we could but have to stop immediately if I feel uncomfortable, we agreed and proceeded. The husband suggested that we start checking each other out before going any further and that he will check my wife while i check on his and she on me. I said ok.

The wife then asked if I wanted to start checking her first or she starts. I said up to her, and she then slowly opened and dropped her robe displaying her smooth body and 33C breasts with trimmed pussy. Her nipples were quite pinkish and the size of a pea. My cock was already getting semi hard at that sight and she came close to me held my hands to her breasts to check her out, then she spread her pussy lips to me and I slowly put my fingers to her labias and spreaded it to look inside to see if her vagina has any spots or growth as she says. She was starting to get wet and I could see her pussy glistering from the wetness.

Next, her turn to check me out and she pulled my robe aside revealing my already completely hard cock to it's full +6" showing just my wet slit at the tip. She was so fascinated as it was the first time she had seen and touched a real uncut cock as most aussies are cut or at least the ones she met.

Then I looked over to my wife, the hub started to unbuttoned my wife's blouse and then her skirt and I could see he already had a hardon but to my relief, was only slightly bigger than me, maybe sluightly over 7" and cut. He then unzipped her skirt and slowly pulled it off her and then gazed at her semi-naked body on the sofa as if taking his time to enjoy her. He then decided to take her garter and panties off first and leaving her bra for the last as he said he has been quite amazed with asian or chinese women's nipples and wanted to keep it for the last.

As my wife's panties was off, her shaved pussy looked so mouch like a young women's pussy with just her slit visible as her labias were not visibly large. He then proceeded to spread her legs and I could see her slit opening us as his wife started touching and 'checking' my cock out. As he pulled my wife's pussy opened, her labias then started to spread and revealed her large brownish clit and pink vagina as he pulled them further apart. She was quite dry and I could see he was starting to rub her clit and occassionally poking his index finger into her vagina.

As I was spending so much of my attention on my wife and the guy, I did not realise that his wife has started licking the tip of my cock to make it wet so she could pull my skin down. The precum and saliva lubrication had made it quite easy for her to pull my foreskin opened and revealing my cock's mushroom head. As she started sucking my cock I only felt that she had already started with me while I was watching her hub and my wife. She then stopped and told me to enjoy and watch first if I like as she is a cock slave and always suck and taste cum before having horny sex. That made me even more aroused as I continued to watch my wife.

When I looked back at my wife, the guy had already got my wife aroused and I could hear her moaning softly as he continued running her clit and fingering her. Her pussy was already dripping with precum as the guy licked his fingers to taste her juices. Then he proceed with his left hand to unhook her bra and he was so excited from the sight of her still firm 32B tits and her immensely big and hard brownish nipples. He cried out and said, OMG her nipples are so so sexually arousing and started kissing them while he continued to finger her. Then my wife gave out a soft scream and only did I realised that he must have either sucked her nipples too hard or biting them. As I was going to tell him not to bite her nipples, I saw my wife getting tensed from the fingering and sucking with her hands holding his head to her chest. I stopped and continued to watch as he sucked and pulled her nipples from her tits with his mouth and then he continued on her other nipple slowly biting it with his teeth. He sucked at it for a while and the I could see that each cry from my wife was more from his biting her nipple then his fingering as I could see that he had somewhat stopped rubbing her. He was testing her arousal with his nipple biting which as I know my wife has sensisitive nipples and allowed me to bite them too during sober sex.

Then I saw something I never could imagine, that my wife was getting an orgasm from her nipple arousal and was writhing and screaming while holding the guy's head hard to her chest. His finger was slowly rubbing her clit as she climaxed. He then went down to her pussy and started licking her juices and tonguing her vagina and she was screaming from the ecstasy of being eaten so deep and hard which I rarely do to her. After about 10 minutes before she could cum again he stopped and started putting two fingers into her pussy as he stood and took off his robe with his full length hard 7 incher towards her face. He then continued with a few quick and hard rubbed on her clit and got her writhing and moaning again with arrgh ....ooohhh.....mmm....arrggg....and then shoved his cock into her mouth as she opened up...he slowly got her to take it in and stopped half way and pulled out and then in again to fuck her mouth as she was just sucking him semi-consciously. He stopped rubbing her clit before she was close to cummin and faced her as he sat her up on the sofa. He grabbed her tits with his hands and started fucking her mouth and I could see that he was like torturing her tits which made me more horny as his wife continue sucking my balls and cock ever so softly and professionally.

As my wife started to moan louder, he squeezed her tits hard and pulled her nipples as far out as he could and I could see that he was close to cummin which also had my sperm building up in my balls. I wanted him to cum outside my wife's mouth but the thought of me cummin in his wife as she sucked me had me changed my mind. Then I could not hold it any more as I saw the guy squeezing both my wife's tits hard in massaging motion and I exploded in his wife's mouth without even alerting her but I guess she felt me cummin and she kept sucking and deepthroathed me as I came in her. She gulped and swallowed my cum as I saw her hub pinched and pulled my wife's nipples as he also came in her mouth. I was not sure and did not care as I climax whether she was screaming in ecstasy or pain as I saw her swallowing his cum and choking slightly from it and he then stopped and pulled it out so she would not choke semi consciously.

I could see cum dripping out from her mouth as she laid back on the sofa moaning and mubbling as she fell asl**p. We all then lied on the floor while his wife held my cock and laid her head on my chest and asked if I enjoyed her sucking more or watching her hub ravaged my wife which she says some guys does like the later one.

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Awesome! I love girls who are prim and proper then drink and become sluts! Great story