i felt so guilty

My husband Richard walked out the room and left me in shock as to what he'd just been part of. Since I'd been ****d by his best friend who had caught me all hot from Bruce's licking,my original guilt about being dog licked had upped by a sense of shame for cheating on my husband. It shouldn't have happened I know but the shame part was more because I enjoyed all of it especially the r****g as I chose to term being fucked when so hot through my dogs licking.

I knew I needed to tell Richard all or part of what I'd been up too, but was scared of the consequences. Some weeks after the event Richard came in from work in his usual jovial mood and started fooling around as he usually did,squeezing my tits grabbing at my pussy and generally getting me worked up. At some stage in these goings on he followed form and got my knickers down to around my knees.

This was always the sign he was about to fuck me immediately after he got me to orgasm. Of course I'd play hard to get which always heightened his enthusiasm. On escaping his clutches I scurried into the living room and while darting around our furniture plonked down into a chair while Richard collapsed over the chair on top of me. Kissing and canoodling my face and neck, "I'm going to fuck you" "No! NO! Bruce stop" "Eh?"

Forgetting Bruce was led down in the living room. He,Bruce had un-noticed by us,stood up with our funning and as Richard was smoothering my upper body,Bruce had helped himself to my pussy. Licking me as was usual now when I was in this position in the seat without knickers. Richard pulled back as I pushed my skirt front down over my legs trying to push Bruce's tongue off my cunt. Hubbies eyes were now rivetted on what Bruce was attempting to do to me. In an extremely intense voice hubby said,"NO,let him, see what he does" Taking this opportune moment, "I can't,its to disgusting" "Go on its only like what I do to you"

Relishing the feel of Bruce and realizing I had the chance to out my guilt while blaming Richard for making me do it. I flopped back in the chair and covered my eyes with my hands but peeping through them to watch my husband. He said,"I'll raise your skirt to see what he's doing" "Shh! don't speak,do it if you must,but don't speak anymore!" Richard's look was now so intense it was almost frightening. I felt him pulling my skirt up to my belly button while dragging it back under my ass. Through my fingers I could see myself completely naked from the waist down.

Meanwhile my husband had moved his position and was catching hold of one of my legs and lifting it up on the arm of the chair. "It'll give him more of a chance" "Shh,don't talk I said or I'll stop" "Sorry,sorry,its so damn exciting" "Shut up NOW" Then silence as my other leg was yanked over the other arm. Bruce loved it,he was in my cunt so deep I knew I'd be cumming in minutes. My orgasm burst sending me shaking and girating with Bruce's tongue tracking my pussy all the way. Through my hands I could see Richard pulling Bruce's sheath back,this in itself made me orgasm even more. Bruce true to form stood up on the seat and unable to contain himself,I heard,"Fuck her Bruce, go on get it up her" As the dog cock touched my pussy lips,I said, "Don't you dare" I could feel the heat of Bruce's first two inches as always.

"NO! NO! STOP NOW" Then came the shock! My husband pushed our dogs ass and I felt all Bruce's length go up to his now prominent knot. Fucking hell, it was just so heated in me. Richard was completely carried away at this moment,but when Bruce was going to fuck me,I would decide not anyone else. With difficulty I pulled myself back and up off our dogs cock,saying, "You stupid gett,he'll give me pups you prick,I trusted you and look what you done,I wont let you do that again" I was of course lying on both counts,but Richard didn't know that.

All apologetic, "Sorry,it was so exciting I got carried away,I really would like him to fuck you,besides if we let another bloke fuck you he might tell,but Bruce can't. Now for the "Olivier bit" "You filthy bastard,I had a feeling you'd always wanted to see me fuck somebody else" "No!No! not like that,only if you had an incline to do it" "Oh yeah! I bet I can guess who you had in mind" "Stop it" he said,with that he grabbed hold of me bundled me round and over the back of the chair and rammed his eight inches right up my pussy from behind and fucked me stupid,god we were both so slippery it was obvious he was up for doggy stuff probably more so than me if that was at all possible.

My orgasm hit me with the power of a bomb as he squirted shot after shot of his jism into me. He didn't stop there either,he just carried on and as he rose to a second orgasm with me,through his hot breath on my ear I heard. "Please let me watch you do it again,I don't mind if you let Bruce fuck you,there's no need to worry he can't make you pregnant even if you let him shoot it all the way up you.

I didn't need that in writing,my husband has given me permission to fuck our dog and it sounds like he'd let me fuck Ted if I asked him. That would be in retrospect but there was no need for Richard to know that I concluded. We were now led against each other with Richard's cock still inside. Just as he was about to pull out a hairy body pushed through our legs and started licking both our middles. A gasp from Richard,then, "Fuck,he's licking your cunt again" anticipating what he's thinking,"No, I'll let you watch some other time but not at the mo" "Stay still and just let him lick us then" "Alright I'll let him do that,but that's all"

My feeling of power over Richard at this moment was a completely new sensation but I now knew providing he thought he was in charge I'd have an open book to sex,whatever I wanted in fact. Woman power no doubt! "Rich' would you really not stop me from having another cock,really?" I said this as he left the room and after a bit more fondling,so he may have not heard,but after all I had asked him,hadn't I. He reappeared with two coffees, "Did you have someone in mind or were you meaning Bruce?" I went all hot,he had me right on a back foot. "No,I just asked as more a general thing rather than specifically" "Well I've heard my mate say I'm a lucky bastard to have you in bed" "Who Ted?" "Well yes him as well,but I was on about Dave" OMG I could finish up with a queue. "I bet you'd like to tease them,you know,prick tease a bit" I blushed terribly,if Rich' only knew that's what got me ****d by Ted.

But I said,"You promise me you'll never tell them what you done to me with Bruce,go on promise on you heart" He did,like a flash, adding, "Can we do some more sometime soon?" "Only if you're a good boy" it was just like a k** as he nodded. I did have a bit of a reservation about Bruce having me though. Did I ought to do it alone,what if I did get on his knot? what if we got stuck,how embarrassing. Ah well,that's for another day.

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