A Mother's Helping Hands Part 2

"Mom? Mom, wake up."

Molly came awake slowly, blinking her eyes in the bright morning sunshine. She looked up to see Sean standing beside her bed.

"It's time to wake up," he said.

"Mmm, morning, honey," Molly murmured. She yawned and stretched her body languorously. She'd slept wonderfully, after that delicious orgasm... Her eyes popped open as the events of last night came back to her in a flash. She blushed as she remembered stroking her son's cock, bringing him off with her hand, and the things she'd been fantasizing later as she masturbated. Her mind shied away from those forbidden thoughts as she looked up to her son's face, embarrassed that he might somehow know what she had been thinking. But he couldn't, of course.

She noticed that his eyes kept darting down to her body. Looking down, she was shocked to realize that she was still lying just as she had been the night before, completely nude atop the covers. She fought down the urge to snatch up the comforter and cover herself; she didn't want Sean to think there was anything wrong with nudity, since he was f***ed to be naked in front of her as she assisted him. Nevertheless, she sat up and reached for her bathrobe, which was still lying on the foot of the bed.

"I gotta use the bathroom," Sean said, turning his back as she pulled on the robe.

"Okay, dear," Molly said, rising from the bed and following him toward the bathroom. She moved past him and raised the toilet seat, but he stopped short.

"Uh...I can't go yet," he muttered. At her questioning look, he shrugged embarrassedly. "I've got morning wood," he explained, glancing down at himself.

Molly looked down and noticed the tented front of his pajamas. Her tummy did a flip-flop at the sight, but she kept her cool. "Oh, I see," she said, forcing her eyes back up. "How long, do you think?"

He shrugged again. "I dunno," he answered. "I usually...uh...you know," he gestured helplessly with his bandaged hand, eyes coming up timidly to meet hers.

"Every morning, too?" Molly asked incredulously, eyebrows rising. His only response was a sheepish grin and a rising blush. "So, you need me to...'relax' you again?" she asked. He shrugged non-commitally, but she could see the hopefulness in his eyes. "Okay," she said. "But just give me a minute," she added, smiling at the eager look that came over his face. "I've got to pee, too, and I don't have to worry about any 'morning wood'."

As she stood looking at him expectantly, he seemed to realize suddenly that she was waiting for him to leave. "Oh! I have to go out?" he asked, and a mischievous grin spread across his face. "That's no fair. You get to stay when I pee."

Molly laughed back at him, happy to see him in a good mood. She didn't know if it was the prospect of another hand-job or just being home after so long in the hospital, she was just glad to see him happy. "I suppose you're right," she answered.

She put the seat back down on the toilet and turned around, lifting the hem of her robe as she sat down. She knew he could see the curve of her ass, and probably caught a glimpse of her reddish-brown pubic hair, but she told herself it was no big deal. Hell, he'd just seen her totally naked a few moments ago. Suddenly it occurred to her to wonder how long he might have stood there looking before waking her. Stealing a glance at his bulging crotch, she wondered if it was strictly a piss hard-on. Aware of his eyes on her now, she looked up at him as she let loose with her flow and it began hissing into the bowl. "So, did you sl**p well?" she asked, making small talk.

"Yeah, great," he answered. "Better than I ever did at the hospital. They keep waking you up all night."

"I'm glad, dear," she said, tearing off some toilet paper as the stream of her urine slowed to a trickle. When she was finished, she reached between her legs to wipe, then stood and let her robe fall back into place. She flushed the toilet, then put the lid down and turned to her son.

"Okay, come here, tiger. Let's see if we can get you fixed up." She positioned him in front of the toilet and bent to pull his pajamas down. His eager young cock caught momentarily in the waistband, and then sprang free as she slid the pajamas lower. It came bobbing back up to point directly at her, mere inches from her face, close enough that the heady guy-smell made her head swim. She stared at it momentarily, surprised all over again by the size and maturity of it. She had the sudden urge to plunge it into her mouth, to run her tongue along the smooth hardness and suck it until his hot cum filled her mouth. Last night's fantasies came back in a rush that threatened to overwhelm her.

Molly took a deep breath, forcing her forbidden lusts back down and locking them away. She was doing this to relieve Sean's frustrations. She needed to keep him in a mood conducive to his recovery, and to keep him from becoming depressed. She sat him on the toilet and knelt down in front of him, pulling his pajamas all the way down and off, then pushed his knees apart and moved in between his muscular thighs.

She f***ed calmness upon herself, but still her hand trembled slightly as she grasped her son's beautiful hard-on once again. His cock twitched at her touch and he was already breathing heavily through parted lips as she began to stroke the shaft. She struggled to keep an air of clinical detachment, sure that Sean would be appalled if he knew of the i****tuous thoughts she had been having. But it was difficult. His cock was smooth as silk, yet hard and hot, throbbing as she increased the pace of her pumping fist.

She was hot in her heavy robe. Sweat beaded her brow and she could feel it running down from her armpits. It took only a few minutes longer than it had last night, but her arm, not being used to the repetitive motion, was growing tired by the time Sean came. He gritted his teeth and grunted, his legs u*********sly squeezing her sides as he lifted his rump off the seat and arched his back. His cock convulsed in her hand and the cum shot into the air. She continued to jack him off, sliding her hand rapidly up and down his bone, watching in fascination as jet after jet of white semen spurted out the tip. So much cum! Every bit as much as there had been last night. It went all over, coating her hand and his groin, up onto his belly and onto the front of her robe. She kept stroking until his orgasm subsided and he collapsed back on the toilet with a low groan.

Not trusting herself to speak, Molly rose from the floor and went to the sink. She rinsed the hot cum from her hand, then wet a washcloth and wiped the stuff off her robe as best she could before going back to Sean. She cleaned him off, smiling reassuringly at him when his eyes darted nervously to her face. His softened penis grew half hard again as she washed it, so she let it fall back across his thigh, deciding to give him a moment to recuperate.

"Just relax, honey," she said, touching his cheek lovingly. "I'm going to go get you something to wear, then I'll help you use the bathroom, okay?"

He nodded, smiling shyly up at her. She went across the hall to his room and got underwear and shorts. That would be enough for him to wear until time for his appointment. He stood up as she came back into the bathroom. She went over and raised the toilet seat once again, paused for Sean to get into position, then took hold of his freshly 'relaxed' penis and pointed it into the bowl. By now she was becoming an expert at aiming it where she wanted.

Actually, she had realized that if he sat down to pee, he probably wouldn't need for her to hold it, but something had kept her from suggesting it. Although she hated to see him hurt, she liked the fact that he needed her. She hadn't felt this close to him since he was a baby still in diapers. After he was finished, she wiped him with a sheet of toilet paper, pulled on his underwear and shorts, then washed her hands and helped him brush his teeth.

"Now," she said when she was through with him, "go watch TV while I take my shower, then I'll fix us some breakfast." She ushered him out the door with a pat on the rear end and closed the door up nearly all the way.

Finally alone, she dropped her cheerful act and took a deep breath, leaning heavily against the wall. God, why was it so hot in here? She untied the sash and let her cum-stained robe fall to the floor, sighing as the air cooled the sweat on her skin. Looking down at herself, she saw that a glob of Sean's thick white semen had landed on her chest above her robe and slid down the curve of her left breast and into her cleavage. She scooped the slippery cream up with her thumb and stood staring at it in fascination. Before she realized what she was doing, her thumb was in her mouth and she was sucking it sensuously, savoring the taste of her son's sperm and dreaming that it was his cock she was sucking.

"Hey Mom?"

Molly jumped, startled out of her skin, and jerked her thumb out of her mouth. Her arms instinctively tried to cover her nakedness, crossing over her boobs and covering her crotch. "Y-yes?" she answered in a shaky voice.

"Can we have blueberry pancakes for breakfast?" he asked from the other side of the door.

"Sure, honey," she replied, blushing down to her toes, feeling as if she had been caught even though he couldn't have seen what she had been doing. "I'll be out in a few minutes, dear."

"Okay, Mom. Please hurry. I'm starving!"

After he was gone again, Molly jumped quickly into the shower, as if to wash away the impure thoughts she'd been having. What is wrong with me, she wondered. It was one thing to have outrageous fantasies when you were lying alone in the dark, but in the light of day it seemed so much more perverse. She shuddered, hugging herself under the stinging spray of the shower. His body was just so beautiful, and it had been so very long for her.

* * * * *

Shortly after breakfast, Molly and Sean crossed the final hurdle of embarrassment in their nursing arrangement. Sean needed to use the bathroom again, only this time he had to do "number 2." Molly got him seated on the pot and then waited in the hall to give him some privacy. Thankfully, he wasn't too terribly embarrassed when he finished and called her back and had to stand up and bend over so that she could wipe him. The intimate contact they'd already shared helped inure him against the indignity of the situation.

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly, with Molly trying to keep Sean entertained and in good spirits. After lunch, she drove him to the hospital for his appointment. When they got home, Sean took a nap, having had to take a pain pill after his treatment. They had a good supper, and then watched TV until shower time rolled around.

This time Molly had kept on the t-shirt and jeans that she'd been wearing all day. No sense in soaking another nightgown. Sean put up no argument tonight, seemingly eager to get into the shower. Molly undressed him and put the plastic bags over his hands, then helped him into the tub.

As she washed his perfect young body, she tried to keep impure thoughts out of her head, but it was so difficult. He was so lithe, and lean, and firm, and... Cut it out, she commanded herself, realizing that she'd been caressing more than washing him. By the time she came to the last bit, his genitals, he was already fully erect, his cock standing at attention.

She soaped the area liberally, giving it a better cleaning than the night before now that she didn't have to worry about his discomfiture at having her touch him there. As her slippery hand slid over his rock-hard cock, she thought that she might as well get him off here and save the mess later on. But as she wrapped her hand around the thick shaft and began stroking it with that intent, Sean stopped her.

"Uh, Mom," he interrupted hesitantly, "I'd rather wait." When Molly looked up at him, he explained, "Otherwise it'll just be back by the time I get to bed." He blushed slightly. "Okay?"

Molly smiled at him. "Whatever you want, honey. You're the boss, I'm just the hands." He grinned back and Molly rinsed the soap from his body. "Careful," she cautioned as she helped him from the tub. The floor had gotten wet again, and sure enough, her shirt was soaked through. There's got to be a better way, she thought.

She toweled Sean dry, sprayed his underarms with deodorant, combed his hair, and brushed his teeth. Meanwhile, his cock stood at attention the entire time, not drooping one iota. Whether it was anticipation of what was to come, or if it was just youthful vigor, she didn't know, but it was all she could do to ignore it, all the while longing to have it slamming into her creaming pussy like a jackhammer.

Finally finished with all the ablutions, Molly wet the washcloth that she knew she'd need shortly and followed Sean as he walked naked to his bedroom. She couldn't keep her eyes off his tight, sexy ass as she walked behind him. He seemed entirely comfortable being naked in front of her now, even in his obviously aroused state. He sat down on the side of the bed and watched as she laid the cloth on the nightstand.

"Can we skip the pajamas?" he asked when she crossed to the dresser and opened the drawer. "It'll make one less time you have to dress me like a little k**."

"I think there's ample evidence that you're not a little k**," Molly replied, cocking an eyebrow as she glanced down at the cock poking up lewdly from his groin.

He grinned, blushing anew, and Molly pushed the drawer closed. Coming back over to the bed, she propped the pillows against the headboard and had him recline back against them, then sat on the side of the bed, facing him.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

Sean nodded his head eagerly, licking his lips in anticipation. A soft sigh escaped his lips as Molly wrapped her slender fingers around his immense hard-on. An electric thrill went through Molly's body, seeming to shoot straight from her son's cock, up her arm and straight to her dampening cunt. His cock twitched and throbbed like a thing with a life of its own in her grasping hand. Looking down at it reverently, she began to slide the silky-soft skin up and down over the rigid core. She quickly built up to a rapid stroke, watching his big balls jump on the upstroke and the little pee-hole on the big purple head open up every time her hand pushed all the way down.

As she pumped his tumescent organ, Molly noticed that Sean's eyes kept stealing lingering glances at her chest, where her bra was visible through the wet fabric. When her arm began to grow tired after a few minutes of steady pumping, an idea formed in her mind of how to help him along. She slowed her pace and met her son's eyes when he looked up at her.

"I'm sorry, honey," she said, "but do you mind if I take off this wet shirt? It's very uncomfortable."

"Uh...no, Mom. That's okay," he replied, his eyes betraying his excitement at the prospect.

"Thank you, dear," she said. Releasing her hold on his cock, she untucked the bottom of the t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head. "There's got to be some way I can give you a shower and not get everything soaked," she continued, pretending not to be aware of his hungry eyes on her. "Maybe I should wear my raincoat, what do you think?" she joked, but Sean's attention was distracted by her nipples poking out through the wet stretchy fabric of her bra.

"You know, I'm going to go ahead and take this off, too," she said, reaching up behind her back to unhook the bra. "It's just as wet as my shirt." She watched Sean's eyes widen as her ample breasts tumbled free. "There! That's much better," she said, reaching out once again to take hold of her son's throbbing organ. His eyes darted nervously to her face. Finding her watching him, he blushed anew and averted his gaze from her nakedness.

"You can look if you want, dear," Molly said mildly. "I know men like to see boobs." She smiled reassuringly when his eyes came timidly back to her face then were drawn irresistibly down to her chest. Her gaze followed his, looking down at herself. The pale flesh was prickled with goose pimples from her secret feeling of excitement. In stark contrast, her bl**d-red nipples stood erect, thick and stiff, the aureole puckered up to half normal size. She looked back up at him. "Do you like them?" she asked.

"They're beautiful," Sean whispered hoarsely, staring in awe. "Better than any I've ever seen on TV."

"Even better than in those magazines you keep hidden under your mattress?" she asked, giving his cock a playful squeeze.

He looked up in surprise, but quickly broke into a wide grin when he saw her teasing expression. "Jeez, Mom, you know all my secrets," he laughed, and then returned his gaze to her bountiful breasts. "Yeah, even better than any of them."

"Why, thank you!" Molly joked and began to jerk him off anew. She quickly built up speed, sliding her fist up and down the massive bone. Her pendulous breasts jiggled with her rapid movements, exciting him even further.

He stared raptly, mouth slack and eyes wide, riveted to her dancing nipples, making little thrusting motions with his hips as she pumped his throbbing, twitching cock. In no time, his body stiffened, a low moan issued from his open mouth, and his cock began to spew its load into the air.

When the spurts finally subsided, Molly picked up the washcloth and wiped away all of the hot, slippery semen, acutely aware of Sean's eyes continuing to stare at her naked breasts. She quickly pulled down the covers and got him into bed, moving briskly lest he see how badly her hands were shaking. She mumbled a goodnight and kissed him on the forehead, then hurried from the room, picking up her wet clothes along the way. She switched off the light and pulled the door after her.

She stopped in the hallway and leaned against the wall, panting as visions of her son's beautiful cock filled her head. She turned slowly and pressed her face and breasts to the cool wall, one hand creeping down to cup her burning crotch through her jeans. She pressed the washcloth to her mouth to stifle the low moan that escaped her lips. Biting down on the messy rag, she held it in her teeth as she reached down to unbutton her jeans and push them down far enough that she could get both hands inside.

She moaned again as her fingers found her sopping cunt. The taste of Sean's cum on the rag filled her mouth, and knowing that he was only feet away as she played with herself only added to her uncontrollable desire. She squeezed her pulsing clit between both forefingers, rolling it between them and coating it with the thick juices seeping copiously from her steaming cunt. Her sensitive nipples sc****d the textured wall, sending electric shocks straight to her yearning pussy and eliciting another muffled moan of ecstasy.

She paused when she heard Sean's bedsprings squeak, wondering if he could hear her, but that thought only increased her excitement. Half of her wanted him to hear, to get out of bed and catch her playing with herself. She whimpered into the washcloth as she plunged both forefingers into her yearning cunthole, keeping her clit squeezed between them. She imagined Sean coming out of his room, hard young cock pointing the way, and watching her as she fingered herself faster and faster. She wouldn't move when he appeared, standing with her tits to the wall and her ass sticking out. He would walk up behind her and ruthlessly slam his beautiful cock into her. She came as she pictured him fucking her hard and fast, driving her into the wall with powerful strokes.

When she had somewhat recovered from her orgasm, she picked up her wet clothes that had fallen to the floor and went into the bathroom. To hell with cleaning this up tonight, she thought, feeling weak. She slung the wet things over the shower rod, and then turned to the sink. As she absent-mindedly brushed her teeth, she stared in the mirror, wondering who this stranger was looking back at her with a flushed face and wild eyes. When she finished, she sat on the toilet to pee, then wandered back out to the hall and into her own room.

She pushed her jeans and panties down and kicked out of them as she crossed the room, then fell nude atop her bed. She was too tired to put on a nightgown, too tired even to pull down the covers. Let Sean find her naked again in the morning, she didn't care. In fact, she thought as she drifted off to sl**p, I want him to.

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