my daughters friend 6

It was about 9:00AM when I woke up to the feeling of a warm mouth and tongue engulfing my now growing love muscle. I looked down and seen her laying on my legs, watching her sweet blonde haired head moving slowly up and down my now fully erect flesh pole. I watch as she goes the whole way down to the base of my cock, and then return to the top with just the tip remaining in her mouth, swirling her tongue over the head and then pull it out the whole way and slide her mouth along the outside of my shaft. ( It's been years since this was done to me, since my wife died and MAN! Was she good!)

Svetlana looks up at me and smiles when she sees that I am awake. She goes down one more time and then moves up my body, sliding her tits across my cock, along my stomach and chest, and finally resting her wet pussy just above my throbbing cock. She moves closer to my face, opens her mouth slightly and angles her head as our lips touch on the first kiss of the morning. Our tongues invade each other's mouths, swirling and dancing across each other's lips and then abck in our mouths again. (MAN! Was she a good too!)

We kept kissing more and more, getting hotter by the moment, rubbing my hands along her back and down the sides of her ass, and then return back up as she lifts up to accept my hands over her B-cup titties, squeezing them softly and rolling my fingers across her already hardened nipples. She grinds her wet pussy against the top of my pelvic bone and puts her hands on the top of my sholders as she moves her hips down until the lips of her pussy are against my throbbing cock. She wiggles her dripping wet pussy lips against my dick soaking the head to make it easier to go in. I feel her put more pressure on the head of my dick as she pushes down harder.

My hard cock slides past her labia and right into her soaking tight vagina. I was about halfway in her and she pulls it almost the whole way out and then would push it in a little further each time, lubing my shaft, until our pelvic bones are meshed against each other. She lifts herself up from my chest, moves her leges forward holding my dick deep in her wet pussy. She just sits there very still and starts to squeeze her pussy muscles tight, gripping my dick and then letting go and then gripping it again. Every time she does this I can feel her hot juices pushing out of her sweet little love hole and down onto my balls making then sticky and warm.

I can tell I was having an effect on her as well as my dick is touching her cervix and being pushed against it as she squeezes each time. She keeps squeezing more and more and her head is pointing torwards the ceiling now. She starts to move her hips forward and backwards, lubing my throbbing membrane and covering my balls even more with her love juice. She leans back, puts her hands on my knees and pushes her pussy hard into my now raging cock. In this position I am hitting her G-spot hard, rubbing across it and sending her over the edge as her body shivers and leaving out a loud moan. I feel her pussy muscles pulsing and the oh so good feeling of the gush of fluid from her orgasm flowing past my hardened flesh pole. (She has got my pelvic area soaking wet! SWEET!)

I let her come down from her orgasm and her mind to return from her euphoria. Her pussy is still twitching and her body would tremble with even the littlest of movement as her insides were still sensitive. She leans back forward again and start moving her hips to give me my climax now. She picks her hips up and back down, making the most of the movement of her tight walls and my swelled head sliding inside her sweet virgina. She realizes that I am getting close as my head keeps pushing harder into her cervix. she picks up her pace and I can feel her pussy tightening up for another orgasm. I hold on as long as I can, but the feeling of her pussy tightening up, my dick kissing her cervix opening sends me over the edge.

I pushed hard back into her, opening her cervix with my head, and squirting load after hot load of baby batter right into her womb. She feels the hot gush and sends her over the edge too, milking my dick with her love muscles, and pulling my cum further into her.

Svetlana collapses on top of me and lays there for a few minutes. Both of us breathing hard and slowly calming down as my slowly deflating dick finally falls out of her now finely fucked love hole. She gets her composure looks up at me and says; "I'll go get my shower and go back out to the couch so the girls don't know what we did. I don't want to upset your daughter or mine till we can officially start dating. OH MY! You do want us to start seeing each other, Don't you?" I look up at her concerned face telling her; " Lana (nickname I always used for her full name) I definately want to date you. In fact, I have wanted to see you for a long time, and I think I am already in love with you too. We will take it public a little at a time and make sure the girls are happy too. but I would say the way those two already get along with each other and the way each of the girls like us together that we will not have much problem. So the answer is definately YES!" She gets a tear in her eye, leans over and kisses me, jumps up, and heads off to the bathroom, thats down the hall, skipping like a k** in a candy store.

I slowly get up still recovering from the best fucks I have ever had in my life over the weekend. I had popped Natalia's cherry and my daughter Rachelle's cherry and managed to make love to Svetlana, (Natalia's mom). I move to the shower in my bedroom get in and wash my now well used dick off of all the sweet pussy juice of Svetlana. I can still smell the mixture of her perfume and the mixture of our love juices together as I clean the rest of my body. (That woman smells soooo good!) I get out of the shower, dry myself off, and head to the bed to change the sheets, before my daughter wakes up and might come in and find what we had done the night before and this morning. I lay back down and wait for a little while to make sure Svetlana is back on the couch and I can call the k**s to get up.
I get up from my bed put on my shorts and tank top and head torwards the kitchen. I walk closer to my daughter's room and I can hear music and the muffled voices of girls talking, as I get closer I can start to make out what they are saying. I stop at her door and move my head closer to her door so I can hear everything they are saying.

I hear Natalia giggling and ask Rachelle " Well! Now that you are no longer a virgin! (giggles) When do you want to try it with your dad again?" Rachelle giggles back and says; " I thought maybe tonight, since your mom had left the pills in her purse and you were able to get a couple more of them for me." Natalia says; " Now remember! If you decide to give him the pills tonight, you text me on my phone or e-mail me, and let me know when I should come down. Ok? " Rachelle says; " Ok, I'll call you or text you and let you know if I give him the pills. Promise!" Natalia says; " Ok, That will be great! GOD! I'm getting wet just thinking about it! (both girls giggle) Well I guess I will get my shower and get my stuff packed up to go home. Can't wait till tonight." (more giggles)

I realize that she will be coming out the door at any moment, and I quickly moved down the hallway and around the corner before she catches me. I make it to the livingroom without being caught and turn around to see Svetlana laying on her side, with her one arm under her head and the other by her stomach. She looks good laying on the couch, with just a white shirt top that is long enough to go just above her knees and a pair of silky red shorts that barely cover that sweet tight ass of hers. ( I just wanted to go over and throw a big cock, right up inside her juicy little pussy again!)

She's looking up at me, smiling, and whispers; " Hi. How are you this morning? sl**p well?" I move over and sit down on the side of the couch where she was laying, and put my hand on the side of her hips. I lean down and lightly kiss her on the lips saying; " Morning sweetie, and yes. That's the best I have slept in a long time. " I lean back up as I hear the door open to my daughter's room and feet moving across the hallway to the bathroom. I hear the door close and the shower turn on knowing that was Natalia in the shower from the conversation I had overheard earlier. I lean down and kiss her one more time and tell her; " I'll make us food before you leave so you guys don't go home hungry. Ok? (smiling) I know somebody worked me into an appetite!" She looks up at me and says that will be fine.

We ate that afternoon, hung around the pool for awhile and then said our goodbyes. Svetlana and Natalia went to their car and we hugged each other before they left to go home. They get in and I lean in at the drivers side and said; " Can I call you later this week?" She smiles and says; " Yes Robert (With her sexy american/russian accent.) Please call me. I would like that." and gives me a wink.

It's later in the evening and we are getting ready for bed. I tell Rachelle not to forget brush her teeth before she goes to bed. She looks up at me and says; " Daddy do you think we could have a glass of chocolate milk before we go to bed? PLEEEAASSSE!" I allready know what is in store for tonight, so it doesn't take much for me to say yes.

I tell her; " Ok, and would she make mine for me while I went to the bathroom?" She looks up at me and smiles and says; "Ok daddy I'll be glad to." I head into the bathroom, giving her time to make my choclate milk and put the pills in my drink. I return and she gives me my glass, looking up at me in excitment, waiting for me to down my drink. I put it up to my mouth and went to take a drink, but I stop and look at her and say; " Oh honey I forgot to turn the pump on the pool. Would you go do that for me?" She looks up with a slight disappointment and says; " Ok! I'll go check. Be right back." As soon as she left I poured the glass out and made a new glass real quick. She came back in and we drank our glass in the kitchen then we both headed to each of our rooms and went to bed.

I got into bed and laid there with the sheets pushed down at the bottom, just covering my legs . I was in my bed, with no clothes on, so there would be no problem for her and Natalia to do what ever they wanted to do to me, thinking I was sedated.

It was about an hour later that I heard footsteps coming down the hall and my door slowly opening. I lay there pretending to be asl**p. I squint my eyes waiting to see two horny little minks, but instead, I see only one silhouette coming torwards me. It was Rachelle by herself. She moves my arm a little and says; "Daddy are you awake?" Satisfied I was asl**p I watch through squinted eyes as my daughter starts stripping her clothes off and climbing into bed with me. She lays beside me, puts her hand to the side of my face kissing my neck and putting her one leg over mine and slowly grinding her pelvis into the side of my hip. She takes her hand and moves it from my face and moves her fingers across my chest, down past my stomach, and grabs my now semihard cock. She's stroking my dick making it harder and moving her lips down from my neck across my chest stopping at the nipples kissing them and then going down to my now fully inflated membrane.

I feel her hand going up and down my throbbing cock, rubbing the top, and lubing her hand with my precum and the hot breath of her tiny mouth. She dips her head down and takes my cock into her mouth. I feel her young teen mouth going around the top of my cock, licking the head, and then trying to take as much of my hardness in her inexperianced mouth could take without choking.

Satisfied I was was well lubed she withdrew her mouth from my cock, and moved back up, kissing my stomach, then my chest, and finally my neck again. She spreads her legs wide across my pelvis and aims her slit right at my now fully erect cock. She leans up grabs my dick while moving her hips and puts the head right at the entrance to her love hole. She keeps grinding her hips down harder and harder, opening her slit more and letting my cock slide into her little tiny hot vagina. She keeps pushing my shaft in little by little until pussy lips are sitting on the base of my cock. (MAN! Was she tight and wet!) Her pussy is pulsing and slicking my dick with her vaginal juices. She starts moving her hips back and forth making my dick rub inside her pussy kissing her cervix with my head and then back again. She is so hot and wet inside, and her fluids are running down out of her love hole across my shaft and down onto my balls. She grips my chest, holding herself up and bounces her pussy up and down my shaft as she gets closer to her orgasm. She pumps me hard one more time and then stops, as her body shakes and she's screaming; "Yes daddy! Make me cum!" I feel a hot blast of fluid go past my shaft as her pussy walls spasm and her cervix pulsing against my throbbing head.

I can't take it anymore and I blast my load right into her fertile pussy, feeling my cock release five big streams of cum right into her still pulsing cervix pulling my hot baby batter deep inside her. She feels this and sends her over the edge again screaming; " OH GOD! YES! I FEEL IT! GIVE IT TO ME DADDY! GIVE ME ALL YOUR HOT CUM! "
I feel her pussy spasm again and another hot gush flows past my now pulsing cock from my own orgasm still sending more seed into her.

She falls down on my chest, her body still shaking from her two explosive orgasms, and kisses me on the lips and says in a real low voice; " I love you daddy and I only want to make love to you, just you."

She climbs off,cleans me up, and heads back to her own bed.
A couple of weeks have now past since the first time I had made love to my daughter, and to her friend Natalia (Taking both girls cherries!) and to Natalia's mom, Svetlana. ( Which all happened in one sweet weekend!)

I sat at the table and told my daughter that Svetlana and I were going out tonight to have dinner and a few drinks afterwards. I told her that she was like a friend to me and I just needed to have some adult time with someone my own age. I told her if she wanted to, she could invite Natalia to stay here till we got back and that way she would have some one here at the house till we got back. I just looked at her confused face and told her it's just friendly time thats all. (When in reality was to get Natalia out of her mother's house for a little while so we would have a place to make unbridled passionate love making.

I watched her for a moment waiting for an argument, but instead she looked around the room like she was thinking of something. Her look went from confused to smiling saying; " Ok daddy, but only if you'll take me out to dinner some time for some daughter/daddy time so we can talk." I look back at her, smiling, and say; "It's a deal.

I call Svetlana on the phone to confirm our date for tonight. We talk on the phone for a little while and I am getting ready to hang up when my daughter says; " Don't hang up! Let me talk to Natalia real quick." I ask Svetlana If Natalia is there, that my daughter wants to talk to her for a minute. She says yes and calls Natalia to the phone to talk to my daughter. Natalia takes the phone and says; " Hello Rachelle what's up?" I just laugh for a moment and say; " Hold on. Here she is." I give the phone to my daughter and go in the kitchen to finish putting the dishes away. I here them talking and laughing for a little while about tonight and school and the rumors of the week and of course, hot boys. ( The typical things young girls talk about.)

Then she got quieter on the phone and I moved to where I could hear her what she was saying without being noticed. I listen as I hear my daughter telling Natalia a whopper of a lie. She says; " Sorry! I went to put the pills in his drink and I accidently spilled them down the sink. Well! I couldn't help it! I thought I heard my dad coming into the room and I jumped and they went down the sink! If you want, bring two tonight, and I'll give them to him tomorrow night and then text you. OK? Can you? Sweet! I want to be first though, you were first the last time. (Giggles) OK, allright, cya then bye!"

She hangs up the phone and comes into the kitchen and says; " Natalia is coming over and we are going to watch a movie or IM on the computer for a little while, till you guys get back. Is that allright daddy?" I tell her that is fine and that we wouldn't be out that late.

It's about 6:00PM when Svetlana and her daughter show up at my house for us to go out for dinner. I answer the door and Natalia runs in saying her quick hello and heading for my daughter's room. Svetlana follows behind her stopping at the door and says hello to me. I look up and down at her as she has got on a black dinner dress that is cut up on one side showing just enough of her leg to make it sensual and sexy. (Man! She look good! Good enough to eat! If you know what I mean.) I call for the girls, saying our goodbys, and we leave to go to dinner.

We sit at the restaurant having drinks and dinner. (Svetlana had more than me since I was driving. SWEET!)laughing and talking about different things, about each other the k**s how they got along and how we got along together too. (The usual to set the mood for more.) We hold hands for a while just looking into each other eyes and she says; " I think it's time we leave, It's starting to get late." I look at my watch and it is only 9:00PM I look back at her and say; " It's only nine. Do we need to go back to the house so soon?"

She smiles at me and says, in her sexy Russian/broken English; "Darling! I said it's time to leave, It's starting to get late. but I did not say we had to go back to your home. I thought maybe you would like to go to mine instead for a nightcap or maybe more." (Giving me that I want to make love look.) We finished our drinks and head to her house.

We go into her house and as soon as the door closes behind us, she turns, looks into my eyes, and grabs me around the neck with her one arm and lays a hard kiss on my lips, slipping her tongue into my mouth, while using her other arm to pull me tight against her hot tight petite body. I take my arms and put them around her, sliding my hands down to each side of her ass cheek, and pull her against me. I gring against her, letting her feel my now hardened member bump against the front of her.

She breaks from our kiss, breathing hard, looks at me with her mouth open like a tigress wanting her prey. She wiggles her finger to follow her as she heads back the hallway, stopping about halfway back, taking off her shoes and starts going again. She takes her hand to her back and pulls the zipper down on her dress and lets it fall as she steps out of it and keeps walking. She has got on a black pair of thongs and a lacy black bra. We get to the door of her bedroom and she turns around and pulls me in. We start to kiss again and she is taking her hands and unbuttoning my shirt pulling it backwards and letting it drop to the floor. I am taking my hands and rubbing over her bra feeling her hard nipples trying to escape from their confines We are breathing hard and getting hotter by the moment.

She moves her hands down to my pants and unbuckles my belt, pulling my zipper down and releasing my button, letting my pants fall to the ground. I step out of them, pull her tight to me and undo her bra, and she moves her arms letting it fall to the ground. I kiss her on the neck and back to her face kissing her lips and back to her neck again, while rubbing her now sweet firm little B-cup titties with my hands and putting her nipples in between my fingers rubbing back and forth. She moaning so loud now and I can smell the sweet aroma of her sex coming from between her legs.

She moves her tongue down the side of my neck, down my chest, and down to my underwear where they are sticking straight out from the monster being held within. She goes down on her knees, kissing my stomach, and stops, looking up at me as she takes her hands and pulls the last bit of clothing off of me. My dick now sticks straight out and she takes her hands grabs a hold of it and starts moving back and forth along the shaft making me moan. She moves her one hand to my balls rubbing them and her other hand to the top of my shaft. I can feel her breath on the head of my dick as she moves closer. She looks at my cock and closes her eyes as she swollows me right down to the root. I feel her hot mouth surround my member, and her tongue sliding up and down on the bottom part of my shaft. I was so close to cumming just from that. (MAN! She was soo fucking good!)

I take my hands and I am moving my them over the top of her head as she is giving me the best blow job I have ever had. She's moving her lips from the root of my cock to the head sucking hard on the top. She lets go of it and runs her tongue along the shaft to my balls and back again swallowing me whole again. I can feel my balls tightening up and I think she scents it too. She stops sucking my hard member, stands up and pulls her panties off. I can see the wet spot in the little triangle in the bottom of her thongs as she takes them off. She pulls me over to the side of the bed pulls the sheets down and climbs into bed she is on her side waiting for me to get in.

I look at her sweet petite body as I climb in. I am on my side also kissing her and rubbing her firm hard titties. I move over on her a little, as she goes laying flat on her back. I kiss her neck and then to her sweet nipple moving my way down till I am at the top of her sweet little slit. When I get there I realize I am not running into any pubic hair. I stop for a moment and look up at her. Svetlana smiles at me and says; "I shaved that just for you. (giggles) I didn't want you getting anything stuck in your teeth." I smile back and kiss the top of her slit. She spreads her legs open a little bit more and I move around till my face is in between her legs. I take my fingers and pull her slit apart and see her pink engorged lips and her puffy hard clitourus. My fingers touch her labia and she leans her head back and leaves out a low moan.

I move up to her slit and put my tongue on her clit, moving back and forth on it while taking my finger and putting into her wet pink vagina. She's bucking and moaning and crying out my name saying; " Yes Rob! Eat my pussy! Oh your tongue feels so good down there! Oh God! That's it! Right there! OH! OH!" I move my tongue off her clit and stick my tongue deep into her soaking wet vagina while using my thumb on her hard clit. I curl my tongue in a U shape and slice in and out of her love hole. Her body starts to shake and she screams as she has an enormous orgasm, screaming; " YES! YES! OH GOD! YES! I"M COMING! OH GOD ROB! IM COMING! EEEENNNNGHHHH! AAWHH!" I get a blast of hot juice as she squirts what seems a gallon of hot love juice all over my face. I am thinking, yes! Gushing pussy! Nice! I keep licking up and down her whole slit now making her hips buck from being sensitive from her orgasm.

She looks down and holds her hands out wanting me to move up. I quit eating her pussy and head north, kissing her stomach,then her tits and finally her neck. I move up on top of her and as I do she take her legs and spreads them apart and pulls them up, arching her back and putting her pussy at the right angle to accept my raging hard cock. I move my hips around slicking the head with her pussy juice and mixing it with the large amount of precum leaking out the head of my dick. I move up and my cock slides about halfway into her pulsing soaking wet vagina. She arches her back and gasp as I do that. I pull back out with just the head in and push forward again. This time I go the whole way into her and feel her cervix stiil pulsing from her orgasm kissing the head of my throbbing member.

I start moving slowly into her, pulling my cock almost out of her and back into sopping wet love hole, kissing her cervix each time. She is loving this and starts to push back against me, coating my shaft and gripping my member like a velvety glove. I keep picking up my pace holding myself above her with my arms, leaning my head down, sucking her tits and kissing her mouth. She's moaning louder as she heads torwards another orgasm. I can feel her pussy tightening up and her juices flowing more. This excites me and I start slamming into her hard, thinking about that orgasm and how it covered my face and how it was about to cover my cock. She looks into my eyes, slaps her hands on the sides of the bed, and arches her back as she screams her second orgasm, saying; " OH GOD ROB! HERE IT COMES! I'M COMING! I'M COMING! EEENNNGGH!"

I feel her pussy clamp down hard on my cock as she cums and the juice gushing past my shaft. I slam hard into as her cervix opens up pushing my head in and sending me over the edge. I look down at Svetlana and yell; " OH GOD LANA! I'M COMING! I'M COMING! GOD YOUR PUSSY FEELS SO GOOD! I LOVE YOU! AAAWWWGGHH!" I feel my cum race up my shaft, out my head,and send five big streams of hot baby batter right into her fertile womb.
She grabs the back of my ass and holds my cock in her saying;" YES HONEY! I FEEL IT! I FEEL IT! FILL ME UP HONEY! GIVE ME ALL YOU SEED!" and holds me there, till my dick quits pulsing.

We both come down from our orgasms, holding each other for awhile kissing each other softly. She looks over at the clock and says; " Lets go get a shower where we can clean up and go to your house so I can get my daughter.

We clean up,talk a little while about where we are going with this, and head back to my house. She gets her daughter and I sneak one more kiss before she leaves and say; " Can't wait till next time." She says back; " Me either. Till then cya.

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