He warned me!

OK,I should have listened to my husbands warning,I didn't so there!


I was a twenty two year old married woman when this happened. Opinion had it,I was petite,pretty,with perfectly sized assets. Brunett top and bottom and my husband claimed,I had the tightest pussy an adult woman could possibly hope to have. He also claimed although my quim was tight,it was deep. He said his seven and a half cock couldn't bottom out. I couldn't make my mind up if this was a back handed compliment or a criticism.He also said I was head strong and I suppose,it was a fair comment in the circumstances I'm about to relate to.

We both loved sex and were pretty open when it came to the flirt stuff. One of the things I really liked was my man's story telling prior to him fucking me. Sometimes he would get me so hot with the story I'd orgasm before he'd touched my clit. Just his fondling as he described - what he claimed was all true, events.

My husband was an ex-merchant seaman,so he'd been about a bit. A particular item he warily touched on on occasions was a mate still at sea. Telling me what an attraction this mate was to women and how he - the mate - on many occasions brought very respectable ones back to their shared cabin. He would describe how they both would make out,taking no notice of my husband laying on or in his bunk. The lurid stories got me really going,but I often thought he failed to tell me all.

Naturally enough in my own mind I thought it was probably because my old man had a hand in the activities. He always denied this,claiming it was obvious if he had,he wouldn't relay the story to me in the first place would he? After a rather exciting evening,one of drink and flirting on my part. My husband only drinking and watching my goings on. We started making out up a lane and when I handled his knob,it was soaked in precum. Saying we hadn't been at it long enough to get that wet,he hesitated then admitted it was because of seeing me flirting. Well,I admit to,shall we say,HEAVY FLIRTING. My panties were soaking wet as well.

Having mixed our bodily fluids with a knee trembler against the lanes wall,we continued on our way. Loosened up with all our sexual activity plus the drink,my hubby seemed in a bit of a pensive frame of mind. Cuddling as we walked but more quiet than he normally would be on such an occasion. 'Penny fo 'um' "What,oh! sorry I was mulling over something in my mind" About sex was it? "Yeah,sort of,its to do with the mate I told you about,you know the one at sea. He's due in and asked if we could put him up for ten days while he's on leave" Me - No problem in that,we have a spare room and we could take some hols' couldn't we?

"Yeah,but No,its not that" You're scared he'll tell me the other side of his women antics in the cabin,you know,how you were involved. "NO,course not,I told you the truth I tell you. No its more to do with you than me" ME? "Yeah,you being flirtatious and he being a womanizer. You're sure to fall for his approach to you and approach you he will if he stays with us. He just wouldn't be able to resist the challange. I know him and I tell you,you don't want to,just believe me" What,he's violent then is he? "No,course not,just take it from me you,you mustn't" My husbands stumbling talk wasn't anything about booze,he had no intention of telling me and being a woman this made me all the more curious.

I was going to have the mate stay now if it killed me. Course,I didn't say this to hubby,I knew I'd have to use persuasion on him. So I set about reasuring him I wouldn't flirt with the mate. He claimed my head strong part was what he feared the most. He was right of course but I got him round in the end so the mate was to stay with us. Hubby reacted to my way of thinking really weird. "Don't get up to you know what I'm on about" No,tell me! "You know,I don't have to spell it out" NO! You do,I just don't get it! He pressed his fingers into my pussy slit through my dress. "With that,don't,please trust me don't" Head strong comes through now. What he's got a dose has he? "NO,course not,just trust me,no pussy play"

I wouldn't anyway,is it just you're jealous? you are,you're jealous he'll fuck me. "No! No! its not that,its just something Jim - that's the mate - likes to keep to himself. FUCK! Now I'm really interested,WHAT WOMAN WOULDN'T BE? My old man can be so dumb at times. Cutting to the chase,the mate Jim arrives,settles in and with some holiday we're having a good time all round. No hanky-panky by me or Jim. That is till,having had some booze,my old man goes out like a light this particular evening. I'm in one chair,hubby in the other with Jim on our settee.

I know he's admiring my body although he was most astute at not appearing to be looking. I could feel myself tingling over his sly glances and some were directed at my skirt clad thighs and belly. "Your figure tells me you have an undergarment that makes you so attractively shaped. I've been looking when you walk around,trying to see where it begins and ends" You've guessed it,I fell hook line and sinker for that one. Pertly,I respond, 'I don't need help,what you see is all me' "Get on,if I wasn't such a gentleman I'd challenge you to prove it" Smiling now,his eyes were doing just that,challenging me to show him.

Head strong me,I'm on my feet in a flash and lifting my top just enough to show my belly button and naked waist, 'There see just me'! "Oh yeah,bra and panty support. Sorry,I shouldn't be so rude should I? Sorry,forget I raised the subject" It was only after a while later,it dawned on me what a cunning bugger he'd been. Instinctively I cupped my breasts and bounced them up and down, 'See,all soft and free' my handling of my bra'less tits made my nipples respond and I felt myself flush as the tingled to my touch and his eyes undressing them.

Still I pressed on, 'As for down here' I pressed the waistband of my skirt down at the front,my senses feeling my thumbs just touching my pubes. 'See,no support just me and my knickers' I took hold of the elastic strip and lifted up to show a tight strip of red with black and white frilly piping,now tight on my belly and if he'd only realised very tightly squeezing into my quims crack. I felt myself go hot with the tight sensation at my slit. "Hide the colours,Its too exciting for me,I've been at sea for seven weeks you know"

My un-admitted raunchyness kicked in in reprisal of him doubting my body. Walking back towards my seat,I flipped my hem up at the back real hard. I knew he had a full view of my ass cheeks,I also knew as I had pulled the front of my knickers up tight equally the part on my ass cheeks was now squeezing through my quims slit. I could only guess just how much of my flesh was exposed to his letcherous gaze. WELL SERVE HIM RIGHT. Sitting now,I was most uncomfortable,my knickers felt all wrong and they needed some serious adjustment.

'Just a mo' I really must sort something out' Brashly he said, "Oh Ah! sneaking out on a pretence to take the support off" Certainly not,I haven't one I told you that already. A disbelieving smile really rialled me up. 'Don't you dare say that,I'd adjust it here but I know you'll look' "If you're that un-comfortable you'd take them off out the way anyway,just to prove me wrong" Ignoring this I took a long swig on my current drink,instantly feeling the heat rise up my cheeks. 'Look away' Not waiting to see he was,I put myself sideways on to him and raised the side of my skirt furthest away from him up to the waistband and grabbed at my knickers. Twisting and tugging I eased it down to the top of my thigh. Letting my skirt drop back down,turning the other way,I repeat the action on the other side.

With my knickers like a band around my thighs I made him turn his head away as I eased - through my skirt - my knickers farther down my legs. Don't you dare try to look now,I'm going to do as you say and show you. I knew he had a wicked smile on his face,but I'd whip that away when he saw I was telling the truth. I was sure he couldn't see my gyrations but to be on the safe side,I put my ass towards him. With his body turned in this manner I first saw a bulge at his crotch. If he hadn't seen anything his mind was certainly stripping me. I knew that.

Having been coddled into this as I now realised,off they'd have to come. The knickers dropped but wouldn't come clear of my slippers. 'Don't look' I dipped to remove then and typically they tangled,I didn't fall but I had to steady myself making the elastic spring and slap as it left my grasp. The sound made him glance then whip his head back away,but I knew it was long enough to get a glimpse of my bum cheeks and probably any of my pussy peeping out from the tops of my thighs. 'Don't you dare look now I nearly fell over because of you' Having retrieved my pants,I sparkled, 'See,just panties'

The necky bastard,know what he said? "Ah! all that acting was to let you pull those off and leave the forming piece still on" I towered over him,then pulling the bottom of my top forward, 'Look up then see,bare tits' "Yeah,I'm not doubting that,its down there I reckon you have help" I give a wry smile, 'You're just having me on to get me to show you my private parts' "No,honest,you don't have to prove anything,it was you who chose to make an issue of my opinion" I thought,YOU FUCKER! Now its me doing it is it? Okay I said, 'Have it your way' I stood about an arm length in front of him. Close your eyes till I say. He did as I stood side on and adjusted my skirt up one side until it was just a belt width at my waist on that side. 'Look then,see,naked right up my leg and thigh to my belly' His eyes were burning into my flesh,while his hands stayed firmly over the bulge I'd noticed.

I hoped that bulge was crucifying his balls,having gotten me to show virtually all,because following his look,he,I knew was looking beyond my side skin on show at what was peeping out under the front of my held up skirt. I knew he could at least see my pubes on my pubic mound. I went on the attack. 'See,now will you concede,its all me' "Yeah I concede it is all you and a very nice you you are" 'Flatterer, Okay now its your turn. What is it Jim,that my old man is so reluctant to tell me about your antics when you shared a cabin and were in port'? He smiled, "Haven't a clue really" 'AW! come on,I shouldn't admit this bit,but - Whispering now in case hubby might hear, - he said you are a woman's man and you would bring them on board for ,you know' "Speaking of which, - he said - I'd bring you on board anytime for,you know" smiling like a cheshire cat. 'Go on,tell me,you must know what I'm talking about'

"Sit down here with me and I'll see if I can fathom this out" 'God,what if Ron wakes and find me that close to you' "He's zonked,he wont wake up and anyways,I'm only going to tell you something,its not as though I'm going to you know" Bastard,he's making fun of my 'you knowing' None the less I plonk down now by him having retrieved my drink and had another swig. Ahead again as I land I realise I've come down on a hand and its on the bare flesh of my ass cheek. "Oh! Sorry,I just didn't expect you to come down that quick,it was just to quick for me to move my hand" I lifted for him to remove his offending hand which he did,but not before he squeezed the cheek,managing to get his fingures dangerously near my pussy slit.

"Naughty me,sorry,that was a reflex action" 'I think more a dirty seaman action and a dirty stiffy naughty seaman' FUCK! I promised not to flirt and here I am,as soon as I get near this guy,I'm at it. IT MUST BE HIM As hubby said... "Lean back in a bit,so I can tell you quietly in your ear. Don't want to disturb Ron now,do we" The bastard! I found myself nodding. Almost as though I was conspiring with his intentions,agreeing I didn't want to disturb my husband as he done what ever he intended to me. I'm not that silly,I knew exactly what those were,He was intent on seducing his mates wife in her own home,possibly in front of that mate. Yeah! I know,I could have stopped it right there,but I would never then know what my Ron was holding back from me.

Jim's arm now cunningly rested on one of my boobs,not squeezing it or anything,just laying on its swelling. "Well now,I shouldn't mention this but do you realise,me knowing that you have no knickers on under that skirt is making me feel,you know" Bastard,he's using my modest approach earlier and its having an immediate affect as well. He's made me conscious of my nakedness so near to his thighs which I'm firmly up against and its making my pussy feel damp. 'You were going to tell me' "Was I? oh yeah. You ever noticed how women react if a bloke lets on to them he's gay?" Fuck,no! he can't be bi' never,can he? Impatiently I interpose, 'you're not bi are you? - answering my own question, - No I don't believe that,you're pulling my leg' "No,nothing like that,its just,have you noticed if a woman know's she becomes all friendly with the gay,I think its because she feels she's the one woman on the planet that can bring him back to where she thinks his desires should be,know what I mean?"

'Sort of,but not really' I lied. "Well what Ron was on about is of that type of thing" 'I'm intregued,go on' - My mind was whizzing back to when I tried to suck hubby's mind when he was half asl**p. I was asking quietly what the secret thing was and as I nudged him as he drowsed in and out of his slumber, all I got on asking,what or how the women responded to his mate having them,was, Fuck that hurt me,each time I nudged him. That can't be hurting you,I only nudged, Another mumbled Ow! fuck that hurt,I'll feel it for a week. So I gave up,stupid man,I didn't pinch him or anything,just a nudge,. So as I say,I gave up,he wasn't going to tell me even in his dosing mode.

I wanted to say,hurry up,come on tell me. I said nothing waiting for him to go on. He did,but not until he adjusted the hand on my breast and I found it was massaging my nipple as the movement hardened it into a rather large knub. - Well if a squeezed tit was what it would take, squeeze on Jimmy boy. Now fully cupped around the rise of my breast and with my nipple clamped between two of his fingers - he - "Put your hand over and you'll get the idea" His other hand had taken my hand and was moving it to his crotch area. Fucking hell! I quivered,his cock was curled as though it was protecting his balls,but the curved bulge was ginormous,all came into place,half asl**p Ron was answering me,it was the women saying "OW, they'd hurt for a week" This was what my husband wanted to protect me from. If he was right and I had a tiny tight pussy,the chances of Jim pushing that up me would split my quim into my rectum.

Head strong,don't listen,half a flash at Jim,his hand squeezing my tit like putty now. How the fuck could I bring my husband out of his sl**p to say, 'You're right,I don't or can't take one that big' Then again,those other women did,perhaps I can as well' My mind jumped forward,if I did split,what could I tell Ron,then again he said he watched Jim with these other women getting it. Perhaps if I wake him up to watch or even help me open wide enough. I discounted that idea. I'll suck him dry with my mouth and then he wont want it perhaps. Hold on though,what about me,I might want it the way his hands making my tit tingle down to my quim.

"You want to try,don't you? They all do and I know you do,I can feel it" Shocked I stopped what my hand was u*********sly doing and drew it back from his crotch. In my whirling mind thoughts,my hand had been checking this enormous cock. I put my hand back on it. The sensation was still at my fingers,width,how hard,what length and is it up to full length. He was talking again, "Get it out and see for yourself" Like a zombie I was undoing his fly as his hand was pulling my skirt up opening button after button until it fell apart except for the waist clip. Looking down my belly and thighs as was he, my bush was sitting up on my pubic bone with a tint of my quims lips puffy and enflamed protruding immediately below my bush. His hand tickled across my fur creeping ever closer to my groove.

I watched in facination as my own hand now groped inside his trousers trying to unreel his dick and find just where the knob part was. It felt as though it was tucked around his ball sack and held between his thighs which he now opened a touch to let me get my hand round it. At this point his finger slipped between the slippery flesh of my touchy labias inner lips. "Fuck,you're so swollen and ready,I can't wait to fuck you" 'SSSH! Ron might hear you and wake up' A humorous chuckle, "I bet he'd love to watch me open you up,he did all the other one as I squeezed into their quims opening them to the extreme,I shouldn't tell you this but,everytime they screemed 'NO,NO MORE,its just to big and I made the thrust that broke through their pain barrier making them yell,your old man would go frantic wanking his cock" Interjecting - 'Its not hard yet and there's no way that would go in me even as it is,only half hard now'

"It will,you see,you'll stretch to it" I wasn't convinced. I had it right out now and it was at least 3 inches across its shaft and its helmet was even wider by at least another inch. The length I wasn't so bothered about,after all Ron said I was to deep for his to bottom and anyway,what wouldn't go in can stay outside,can't it? I must admit,as I pulled the foreskin down off its helmet it glistened in all its glory and I had the feeling of joining a s****rhood who was about to be inorgerated once I succeded in taking this man pole. Stupid I know but none the less,I was going to have that cock even if my bum and cunt became one. Fuck what Ron thought.

My legs was open now and while still working at my tit his other hand was just able to reach my clitoris and I could feel it was hard under its hood as Jim kept trying to peel my hood away to touch my actual bean. "Fuck I can't really reach your clit like this stand up and lets do it another way. Like a lamb to the slaughter now I stood and my skirt stayed on the settee. He stood and dropped his trousers,no shorts. His cock stood noble and ready at an angle pointing at my belly button. His hand now ran down over my sides from under my armpits where they had just lifted my top over my head,down through the curve of my waist out over my hips then through the top of my hip bone and finishing up with one seeking out my slit and clitoris as his other arm reached round and grasped at my bum cheeks with his longest finger prodding at my crinkly button. This in turn made me push my clit onto the fingers at the front.

I now had two hands on his dick and I thrilled at it size. Okay,whoever said size don't matter had never had hold of this one,I can tell you. He had now manipulated me against a wall behind where my husband was asl**p. I let go of his cock as it traced slippery snail lines on my tummy with some precum making it sticky on my pubes. "Open your thighs a bit" I did and he grasped both sides round my ass cheeks and started adjusting with his knees to guide this hard headed b**st through my legs against my slit. His and my slickness made it slide to and fro along the length of my pussy and it was so slippery it felt all silky as it tickled my clitoris. He bent his knees slightly more and this made the bulbous helmet point up more and it was trying to go up rather than forward and backwards.

He stopped and pressed and I could feel this huge head trying to go in. It wouldn't but my poor little pussy was trying so hard to open wider to let it. I whispered,now right behind my husbands head, 'It wont go in this way' "I know,but isn't it an amazing sensation" It was,so I let him carry on doing it,he was gently nudging at my hole but when he pulled back slightly more,it kept slipping to my front and hitting my clit under its hood. The hole of his dick seemed to be trying to suck my hard clit off like a little cock and he had a knack of tiny movements that kept his cocks hole around my clit and it was now paying dividends. 'Its making me cum,keep my clit in you cocks hole,please,please don't take it away until I cum,its the most sensitive feeling I've ever had'

My orgasm bloomed and though I tried to cum very quietly I made a lot of noise,enough to disturb Ron but he didn't open his eyes,but he turned slightly and settled again. I found this further stimulated my orgasmic world. The thought of him catching me. Yes I'd flirt,but this was the first time I was going to go all the way. My orgasms rolled on one after another as Jim now pumped this huge cock backwards and forwards along my throbbing slit. I hissed, 'I've got to be fucked,I'll faint before you get it in if you keep making me cum like this'

"The back of the settee,bend forward over it,I'll try from the back of you,its sure to go in now,you're so slippery,you could take a horse" I quietly giggled,'Get that in there and I'd had taken a horse' A little chuckle from him, "Well a pony shall we say" Secretly I felt disappointed,I really did want to have this giant cock. It came up against my slit and he moved around with it till it lined up with my hole. Not moving now he just put his weight against my ass,pressing like hell but I thought nothing was happening. I just had a sensation not unlike when you poop a hard one. I felt him massaging my bum and he gradually pressed his fingers against my crinkly hole. 'What are you doing back there'? "SSSH,massaging your pussy from the inside" Trying to imagine what was happening I suddenly felt my quim give a bit. Then I realised he had a finger up my bum and another I'm not quite sure where. The finger up my bum was feeling around the hard head of his cock and the other seemed to be behind my clitoris somewhere.

In a flash,my pussy and brain exploded,the finger up my bum was gone,the one that seemed to be behind my clit touched something and as everything exploded in an orgasm of orgasm's my cunt became swollen then filled. I instinctively put my hands down my belly to feel I was alright. I was except that I had a very puffy swelling above my pubes that was moving. this moving was making my latest orgasm go in waves and the waves were moving higher and higher up my belly. His voice broke through these sensations, "Feel it,is it hurting much,I've got it past your lips its well up in you" 'What up my cunt? how much is up in? just the fat bit,it feels alright,fuck it hurt just before I had this giant orgasm that's still going on' "That was because I f***ed my finger past my knob end after I got it through your opening,I knew if I could start your 'G' spot off you'd swallow the rest of my shaft" 'How much is up there?' "Feel that,that's my pubic bone pressing you ass cheeks,you've taken the lot" 'Have you ever measured what you are? length like?' "Twelve inches all but, - really quiet now, - want to know some thing else? Ron's watching us since I had you by the wall,you didn't hear it but did you feel any difference? a feeling by your belly" I realised now I had,but with my mind set on not being able to take Jims cock,it didn't register. "He had his hand on your belly feeling my progress,once he saw you were alright with all of me inside you he backed behind his chair wanking as he watches your pussy flexing to my thrusts, FUCK! here it comes"

I thought,this is so strange as Jim squirted in me,my cunt made like a pumping feeling up inside,I know now it was the neck of my womb trying to capture Jim's spunk for my eggs,because it was the first time a cock had hit my uterus I hadn't felt it before. I've had it since and love it more each time. But back to now, Jim is pressed right at the top of my cunt and its hard against the uterus and that spunk is going only one way,straight into my womb. Ron is stood at my side now,he's just left his sperm deposit hanging from the side of my belly the dirty fucker,fancy cumming off on your wife with another man's cock stuck up her insides. I said this and the poor sod looked as guilty as hell until he realised I was funning. He was gone and I realised he was under my legs watching as Jim un-speared me from his fucking great cock.

Till Jim went back to sea,my old man went on morning noon and night constantly getting me on that over large cock. But fuck,I ached for a week after the first fuck,but it didn't stop me using it several times each day while I had it there. I'm a bit apprehensive at the moment though,my old man's stories have moved on to donkey's. He was in the middle east when the gutt was a haunt for sailors. Oh well,what ever turns them on will turn me on. Home from the sea permanently now,our long time lodger is as rampant as ever. OH FUCK,Here they come again both with hardon's,may it never end.

As a footnote,Ron admitted a while later,he wanted me fucked and used my head strong attitude to his advantage, Thank god.


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