Since Dad left, Mom's not been herself. Actually, she has been more perky I guess. I didn't think things were bad between her and Dad, but to see her now, it's like she missed something over the years. I started spending more time at home, but she really didn't seem to need it, so I went back to hanging with Zoe and Katie, and when she was around, Beth too.

The situation with Beth was a little different, she stayed over a lot, but every once in a while, unannounced, she would take off for a few days. Katie never explained, and well, who was I to ask about it. When she was around, she was loads of fun, and when she wasn't, I had more time with Katie and Zoe. When I got over to Katie's, Beth was just leaving with a small overnight bag, We passed at the door, and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. She's never done that before, it was different. I got inside and Zoe ran up and gave me a hug and dragged me over to the sofa so I could play a video game with her. Katie was busy in her office working so, it was just me and Zoe.

After about an hour, Katie came out and was glad to see me, she had to run into town for groceries, and asked if I was OK staying with Zoe. I always am, so it was no big thing. Zoe and I played video games for about another hour, when she told me she wanted to go swimming. I figured the pool is enclosed, so it would be warm enough, why not...

We got in the pool and played a bit, swam a bit and played some more. Zoe had these pool noodles she started swinging at me, but I got a hold of one and pulled her in close, and started to splash her in the face. She laughed and squirmed and it was all good fun. Then, Zoe grabbed my cock, tugged on it, and swam away. Once on the far end of the pool from me, she took off her suit and sat there playing with her pussy in a very teasing manner. I took off my trunks and swam over to her, but she jumped over me and swam away again. She kept this teasing act up for a bit, until I gave her the 'I'm not interested anyway' treatment. I went as far as to get my trunks to put back on, when all of a sudden, my Mom walked in. She too was in her suit, followed by Katie.

I was shocked, in the pool, naked with Zoe, and here's my Mom. Mom didn't say anything, and Katie, seeing us naked, took her suit off as well, and dove in. Mom stepped into the pool, but didn't take her suit off. Mom swam down to the deep end, and Zoe swam down there as well. My Mom rested at the edge with her arms outstretched, just catching her breath. Did she not notice I was naked? Zoe swam down and asked her, "How come you kept your suit on, we didn't" Katie piped in, "Zoe, don't be rude, if Seth's Mom (her name is Kelli) wants to take her suit off, she knows she can, she just may not be comfortable yet", and they both swam off. Mom stayed there, and I, as nonchalantly as I could, slid my trunks back on, and swam down to be with her.

"So" she started, "you are OK swimming naked with Zoe?" "Mom, it's fine, if you're not comfortable with it, I'll leave my trunks on, but please don't ask me to stop. Katie and Zoe are like another f****y to me." "I know Seth, I can see that. Maybe I'm just adjusting to the nakedness and all." I gave her a hug and swam off. Katie joined my mom and said "Kelli, if you're not comfortable, we can put our suits back on, we don't mind." "No, as a matter of fact..." and she reached back and untied her top and took it off, showing me breasts I don't ever remember seeing before. I never realized how big they actually are, I mean, they're not huge, just, well, bigger then I thought. They were fairly firm too, but most impressive are her nipples. Now Katie has great nipples, her aureole is about an inch across, but her nipples are not huge, about the size of a pencil eraser. My mothers aureole is about an inch and a half and her nipples are pointy, but longer. I was impressed. My Mom has great tits, but I didn't want to embarrass her, so I took off my trunks and went back to swimming and playing with Zoe, but, when she saw my mom's tits, play time stopped.

Zoe swam down to my mom and complimented her on her breasts. "Those are awesome" Zoe said, and turned and swam away. Katie liked what she saw as well, and joined my mother down by the diving board. They stayed there chatting for a while, and then they both started swimming laps, not racing, just end to end swimming. This was something else I never realized, or never payed attention to, but my mom is a pretty good swimmer. Zoe and I got out of the water and sat watching the two of them. Mom petered out first, and resumed resting at the edge of the pool. Katie got out of the pool, followed by my mother. I noticed, my mother was somewhat transfixed by Katie's ass. (Have I ever told you about Katie's ass? It's very very nice.) Anyway, mom was checking it out, and Zoe noticed it. Zoe, being Zoe, just came out and told my mother, "It's OK if you touch it, she likes it." This totally embarrassed my mother now, she must have been fire engine red by the time Katie caught on to what Zoe was talking about. "Zoe, you stop that now.", and Katie just smiled at my mother. I grabbed a towel, and motioned for Zoe to come over so I could dry her off. As I towel dried Zoe, my mother looked on, I guess in some sort of disbelief. I guess she never realized just how much Zoe and Katie meant to me. Now, remember, I am sitting in a deck chair, naked, drying Zoe, who is also naked. Katie is naked, drying off, and my mother is in some sort of sensory overload I think. She's just standing there taking it all in, basically drip drying. Katie took another towel, and went over and started drying my mother off.

Katie was so gentle, toweling off my mothers face, her neck and shoulders, around to her back, then around to her front. Katie took the towel and while moving my mothers arms away from her breasts with one hand, drying her with the other hand. My mother looked at Katie and just stood there, allowing her to fondle her breasts through towel wrapped hands. Katie took care in drying her completely, lifting each breast and rubbing gently. Katie then slid my mother bathing suit bottom off, giving me a fantastic view of my mothers ass. Gently, Katie dried my mothers ass and legs, ever so slowly working the inner thighs and up to my mothers trimmed pussy. Katie turned my mother around, to such an angle I could see my mothers breasts rising as her breathing got heavier. Her nipples were more pronounced now, and she stood there biting her bottom lip. Katie was so methodical, getting every inch of my mother, not leaving anything unattended.

Zoe shocked me back to the moment, yelling "Seth, quit poking me with that.", bringing attention to my now hard cock. Katie looked over and just smiled, but my mother, just looked, and looked, and looked. I turned a bit, and went back to drying Zoe off. "How dry are you going to make me," and with that, she walked away and sat down. I d****d the towel over my hard on and sat back. Zoe sat in another chair, and watched Katie's sensual towel assault. As Katie moved around eventually the towel was on the deck, and Katie was just massaging my mother. My mother was delirious and offering no resistance. I looked over at Zoe and she was watching her mother, and rubbing her little pussy. You could see Zoe was wet, and she took great joy rubbing that wetness all over her pussy and clit, and dipping down to her little butt hole. My mother saw this, and I thought she was going to faint.

My mother went over and got right down into Zoe's crotch. "May I taste you?" my mother asked. Zoe said nothing, just moved her hand out of the way. By now, my cock was throbbing. I was so hard, it hurt. I don't know if I was any bigger then I normally am, but I know this was almost a painful hard on. Katie came over to me, moved the towel, and sat down on my cock, guiding it into her soaked pussy. Katie and I sat still like this, watching my mother lick Zoe's little bald pussy. The next thing I know, I'm dumping a load into Katie's pussy. I could see Zoe's face, and she was going to cum soon, and Katie just started to slide up and down on my cock, not allowing me to go soft. I was so sensitive, I almost screamed, but Katie just kept going. Zoe started to cum and I saw my mother's hand fingering herself through her patch of hair. Faster and faster her hand went, and when it was obvious Zoe was cumming, my mother's fingers went deep into her crotch. I could see her body starting to shudder, and he own orgasm came to fruition. Katie, seeing all this started slamming harder and harder, eventually bringing herself to an orgasm, which brought me to one as well. I shot and shot, and there was cum dripping out of Katie's pussy, soaking my balls, and Katie was not done, she was not anywhere near done. I could tell, she grabbed her pussy and kept slamming on me hard, relentlessly until she screamed in pure bliss.

My mother looked over and saw my cock buried deep into Katie's shaved pussy, and just smiled. Zoe got up and came over and started to lick Katie's pussy, licking my cum off her mother, and as more dripped out, Zoe was right there to clean it up. My mother sat in the chair watching this, and started to finger herself to another orgasm, and another. Katie got up off my cock and went to my mother, moving her hand out of the way. Katie pulled gently on my mothers pubic mound and licked my mothers clit for what seemed to be hours. I swear, I thought my mother was going to pass out by the looks on her face, but then when I thought she was out, she screamed and shuddered and shook like a mad woman. Her face was beet red, the veins in her neck were bulging, and her teeth were clenched like a vise. She thrust her hips into Katie's face harder and harder, all the while, Katie had her tongue planted on my mother's clit. All of a sudden, my mother's pussy gushed and gushed and it seamed like she was spraying gallons on Katie's face and tit's. Katie never missed a lick. She took her fingers and dug deep into my mother's pussy, and more spraying, until my mother almost fell out of the chair. She actually pushed Katie away from her pussy "I can't, no more, I can't take any more." my mother panted.

Up in the kitchen, over tea for the moms, and soda for me and Zoe, Zoe had to comment on how my mother cums so loud. "Sweaty" my mother said, "It's been a lot of years since anyone made me feel that good." Katie just smiled, as we all did.
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