There Can Be Only One Chapters 7 & 8

As I lay relaxing in my foamy bath, I reflected on what had happened this morning and afternoon. I had finally lost my virginity in a way that I would never have expected it. I did feel a little guilty in the way I popped Vicky’s cherry…perhaps it should have been with a little more tenderness and care….but hell it was my cock that was doing the thinking for me. I also hadn’t expected that I could have cum so many times in one day…and it was still not over, although I must admit my cock at this very moment in time did seem a little on the tender side. There was a knock on the bathroom door which broke my thoughts.

“Yeah…what is it”

“Can I come in for a minute?”

“Sure mum”

The door opened slowly and mum entered

“What you…we…did in there was wrong son and we should not have done it.”

I looked at mum as she stood by the bath; her eyes were focused on mine although I did notice that sometimes they did glance down to see if my cock was visible through the bubbles.

“Perhaps you are right mum that we shouldn’t have done it, but we did…and we can’t undo it”

“I know we can’t undo it…but at least we should never do it again”

“Can I ask you something mum?”


“Did you enjoy it?”

“That’s not the point…you hurt Vicky…and loosing your virginity is something that one remembers all their life”

“I am not asking about Vicky…did you enjoy it”

“Whether I did or didn’t is neither here nor there…”

“Lift up your dress mum”

“Ross…what have I been saying”

“I know you enjoy being told and made to do sexual things…show me your pussy”

Mum blushed


I sat up and leaned over to the hem of her skirt, grasping it I lifted it up so I could see her bushy pussy…my drying cum had matted it slightly.

“Ross please”…my mother spoke with a soft voice but did not try to stop me.

“Shave your cunt for me”

“Nooo Ross…no”

“Shave it”

I let the skirt drop back into place and lay back into the bath. Mum’s eyes were watering again.

“Your dad will ask me why”

“You will think of something”

“Why are you doing this son?”

“Because I can…and you want me to”

“I most certainly do not”

“Want me to run my finger between your pussy lips and see how wet it is?

Mum gasped but stayed silent. Once again you could see the crimson inch across her neck and face.

“Shave it…I want it smooth as Cathy’s ass by the time I sit down to dinner”

“I don’t have time…I will barely have time to take a shower and get dinner ready before your dad gets back from golf”

“By dinner time”

Mum let out and exasperated humph and threw her arms up into the air.

I wonder if Mrs Noakes shaves…bet she at least trims”

“ROSSSS…don’t talk like that…she’s the Vicars wife”

“So…she has a cunt…and we know she fucks because she has four k**s”

“Still…you shouldn’t talk about her in that way”. There was a slight pause before she added…”Are you really going to take naked pictures of her?”

“I said I would…and not only naked pics…”

“What do you mean?”

“Ohh you will see soon enough”

“Ross please son…stop this before it goes too far”

I let my head sink under the water to let mum know that I had enough of this chat.

When I came back up Mum knew that no matter what she said it would not make any difference. She knew that I had that made up photograph of her and Mrs Noakes and possibly would post it on the internet or worse…but most of all she knew that she had helped and participated in this afternoon’s activities. Just before she turned to leave the room she spoke quietly.

“Don’t take too long Vicky wants to shower”

“She can shower…I am in the bath”

Just as mum’s hand was on the door handle I spoke…“I will make sure that if…no… when…I take Cathy’s virginity I will be gentler breaking her hymen”

Mum gasped but left the room without adding another word.

I again lay back relaxing contemplating whether or not I should fuck Cathy tonight. It may be a little risky since dad will be home.

My thoughts were disrupted once more by a knock on the door.

Both Vicky and Cathy entered on my response to the knock.

“Is it alright if Vicky takes a shower….and I need to brush my teeth?”

I smiled at Vicky who was still naked although she did have one arm across her breasts and the other hand hiding her pussy.

I smiled at them both and told them to come closer. They did so slowly and warily. I sat up in the bath and told Cathy to lean closer to me. I whispered “There can be only one”. She nodded.

“Kiss ‘the one’

She looked at me puzzled for a moment and then leant down and placed her lips upon mine. As she was about to withdraw my hand went around the back of her head and I gave her a kiss more suitable for lovers than siblings. I released her and as she was rising she spoke with equally soft voice…”You are the one…Master”

I smiled warmly at Cathy before turning my attention to Vicky. This time I did not speak as soft but with some tenderness to my voice.

“Kiss your owner and Master”

Vicky did not move as quickly as Cathy thought she should have, and pushed her forward towards me. The initial shove was enough to prompt Vicky into leaning down and kissing me full on the lips…I kissed her as if I meant it. I broke the kiss as much Vicky did not want it to end.

“Are you sore?”

“I am is sensitive…it hurt”

“Sorry” I spoke as tenderly as I took Vicky by the hand…”Climb in with me”

“What…there…in the bath?”

I nodded

She gave Cathy a quick look before cocking her leg over the bath and climbing in with me. She lay on top between my parted legs. We started to kiss as I heard the shower being switched on and Cathy entering it.

As we kissed I let my fingers run up and down over her back. The flesh seemed especially soft and smooth in the soapy water. My hands roamed over her round taut ass cheeks. They were soft and malleable and I could feel her grind her pussy against my aching flaccid cock. I could feel her soft breasts and hard nipples press against my bony chest. The kiss became more passionate as our tongues fought in each others mouths.

My right hand index finger touched the puckered entrance to her anal cavity. I felt it twitch. Her moans through compressed lips were become more acute and I felt a sharp intake of breath every time my finger touched her virgin ass hole.

I allowed my index finger to dwell longer on the wrinkled opening before gently applying pressure. She broke the kiss with a gasp as she looked at me with bright blue eyes…eyes that I had taken little interest in before now. I smiled and she grimaced as my finger bore and twisted its way gently into her tight sphincter…it stopped when it could go no further in. I just felt the tight warm soft skin surrounding my digit tighten and then relax as Vicky tried to get accustomed to the invading probe.

After about ten seconds or so she leant down to continue the kiss and as she did so she started to move up and down slowly on my finger. I just let her ride my finger enjoying the softness of her lips and the thrill of having a finger up her ass.

“You randy cow…” Our lips separated and both looked up on hearing Cathy’s voice.

She stood there with a towel wrapped around her upper torso which fell just below her pussy. Vicky did not break the rhythm of her moving back and forward on my finger.

“Ohh Cathy…you got to try this…it feels sooo good” she struggled to say through moans of pleasure.

“You horny fucking slut…you wont be saying that when I fuck your ass with my hairbrush tonight”

“Ohh…fuck…yes…fuck me with the brush before I go to sl**p…fuck my ass Cathy”
Cathy and I burst out laughing. Vicky’s look turned from hurt at us laughing to a great big smile before she too joined in our laughter.

I pulled my finger out of Vicky’s ass.

“Right…I am getting fact we all had best get a move on before Dad gets home”

Vicky and I scrambled over each other until I was able to get out of the bath…I ripped the towel that was around Cathy as she let out a shriek, her hands flying up to cover her breast and cunt automatically. I laughed and left the bathroom drying myself as I crossed the landing to my bedroom.

I had just got one leg into my shorts when…

“Shut your door creep” Susie shouted as she walked past my room…”Mum…that Ross is flashing…not that he has anything worth seeing” she belittled me as she continued to walk down the landing to her room.

There Can Be Only One Chapter 5

I sat at my computer, organising a new folder containing the photograph of Vicky going down on Cathy’s pussy and the Photoshop picture I had made up using mum’s and the vicar’s wife’s heads. I will have to take a few more.

I figured that the best place to hide the folder would be amongst all my saved games. I have the main computer, and although dad and my elder s****r Susie have laptops of their own, they all seem to come in and use mine at times…especially when they are going on the net as mine is by far the fastest.

Cathy and Vicky entered after knocking softly on my bedroom door.

“Mum says dinner is going to be ready in about 30 minutes…whatcha doing?” Cathy queried

I closed the open windows down and jumped on the bed…”Nuffin…what you doing”

They both came and sat on the foot of the bed. They started to talk to each other.

“My pussy is still sore…”

“They say it always is the first time”

“Yes but he…” Vicky looked over in my direction, “was pretty rough”

I apologised and said the next time I will be more gentle. Vicky smiled.

Vicky shifted position so that she was lying on her tummy with her legs bent upwards at the knees.

“How is your asshole since I finger fucked it?”

“Fine…that’s not sore at all…in fact I liked you doing that” Vicky blushed.

“Good,” Cathy injected… “Because I am going to fuck it with the handle of my hairbrush tonight…in fact.” Cathy jumped up and left the room leaving my door open.

“Hi dad”…I heard Cathy say as she was entering her room…”mum says dinner in 30 minutes”

“I know...just spoke with her…going to take a quick shower first”

Dad glanced into my room as he was walking past and suddenly stopped. He didn’t say anything but I saw exactly where he was looking.

“Hi dad…good round?”

“Hi Mr Gorman” Vicky chirped up twisting her head to look at him.

“Hi son…Vicky”

Cathy returned pushing past dad and then I heard a small gasp and then turn to look at dad.

Dad quickly mumbled something and strode off towards his bedroom.

“Vicky…” Cathy shut the door…” Dad could see your cunt”

“wha…nooo...he didn’t…OH MY GOD” Vicky turned a wonderful shade of crimson.

Cathy jumped back on the bed waving her hairbrush up and down.

“Stick your ass up…get on all fours like a dog.” Cathy

“What?… you said tonight…and not in front of Ross”

“Shut up slut…do as your Mistress says”

“You are not my Mistress…Ross is my…” she hesitated before lowering her voice to almost a whisper “Master”

“Tell her Ross…tell her that I am her Mistress”

I glanced at both of them before I looked directly into Vicky’s blue eyes, “you are Cathy’s slave and must do everything she asks unless I countermand what she has told you to do.

Vicky gulped and nodded before slowly rising and getting on all fours.

“Get that ass up and your head down…I want to see your ass sticking in the air”

Vicky dropped her shoulders until her arms were folded and her head was touching the bed. My cock started to regain some of its spent energy.

This I had to see. I got up and went and sat on the computer chair as Cathy got right behind her.

Cathy parted Vicky’s cheeks apart and the puckered little rosebud was displayed in all its glory. ‘I am gonna have to fuck that sometime’ I thought to myself.

“Reach round and hold your ass apart…I can’t do that and fuck you at the same time” Cathy commanded Vicky. A slight shuffling of body position and Vicky did as she was told.

I grabbed Susie’s camera and took a snap. The flash made both girls look in my direction.

“Don’t take any of me…you can take as many as you like of this slut…and post them on the net…yeah…that would be good…post them on the net, let everyone know how much of a slut she is.” Cathy spoke with some excitement in her voice.

I took another picture of them in the same position but looking at me. There could be no mistake now. Their faces were clearly seen on the digital image.

“Don’t I said” Cathy screeched

I rose and stood close to Cathy and without warning and before she could react I slapped her hard on her ass.


“There is only one…and next time you argue against me I will double it…and keep on doubling the slaps on your ass every time you argue.”

Cathy looked as though she could quite easily slap me back…you could see the temper in her eyes…but give her credit she did nothing but stare back at me at me.
I was close to Vicky’s ass…yep…I am gonna have to plunge my dick into that tight orifice. It looked so inviting I wanted to kiss and lick it. Then a thought struck me.
Looking back at Cathy who was still glaring at me I spoke quietly but with some authority to my voice…

“Lick her ass”

Cathy’s eyes widened and her mouth was starting to open to object when I raised my hand in readiness to strike once again. I was half hoping she would say something so as to give me an excuse to whack that lovely ass.

Cathy closed her mouth without a word passing her lips and turned to look at Vicky’s ass hole. She lowered her face towards Vicky’s spread cheeks, you could tell that she was not relishing the act that she was about to do.

“Hurry up and kiss it…and don’t just peck it…I want to see your tongue work its way into her hole”

Cathy shot a sideway glance in my direction before closing her eyes and lowering her lips to the dirty brown hole. As soon as Cathy came in contact with Vicky, Vicky let out a soft moan. That girl certainly seems to like anything anal.

“lick it...don’t just sit there…let me see that tongue work its way up and down her crack and into that orifice” I lightly tapped Cathy’s ass and left my hand upon the soft flesh of her buttock as to let her know that she was not doing exactly as I wanted.

After about thirty seconds Cathy started to lick Vicky’s butt with a little more vigour.

My hand wandered down Cathy’s ass and back up but this time under her skirt.

Cathy’s upper thighs tensed not knowing what was coming next. My fingers came in contact with the outer puffy lips of Cathy’s cunt. I heard a muffled gasp from Cathy’s mouth but it did not part from Cathy’s flesh. Vicky was moaning audibly now… mumbled words could be faintly heard from time to time.

What surprised me was how wet Cathy’s cunt was. Was it wet before she started to lick Vicky’s ass or was it a result of doing so?

My index finger found Cathy’s clit. It was small and hard. I recon it could only have been the size of a small petit pois pea…if that. As I rubbed, Cathy’s moans were getting louder and her attack on Vicky’s ass more pronounced.

I let my thumb touch the entrance to Cathy’s vaginal cavity. Another gasp. I tried to push my thumb in, it was tight. I had to wiggle, twist and push and with a load of moans and muffled complaints I eventually got my thumb into my s****r’s virgin cunt up to my first knuckle. Cathy was still tense. Can a woman be excited and tense at the same time…I have a lot to learn.

“You ever had anything in here before?”

Cathy paused her licking to answer… “No…and it’s kinda sore”

I increased the speed of my index finger on the hard nub but did not press too hard. Pretty soon there were moans of pleasure coming from Cathy’s mouth and once more resumed her attack on Vicky’s asshole. I could see that the tip of her tongue was now trying to gain entrance to the tight bung hole.

“Lick my ass…work that tongue up me you ass licking whore…taste my shitter tube”

What were mumbled words at one point, were now much louder and audible. Cathy seemed to be spurred on by the verbal attack.

I pushed my thumb in further until I could feel it reach the top. It couldn’t be…I have less than 2 inches in her. Ohh shit...that must be her hymen. I pulled out my thumb and straight away pushed in my middle finger. It slipped in easier. I wanted to feel it with my finger. I touched it. Cathy’s cunt muscles gripped my finger tighter.

Cathy stopped licking and turned her head around. She did not say anything and I could not decipher the look she was giving me.

Was it one of please…push but be gentle…or please don’t…I could not make it out”

‘THUMP’ We all froze on hearing the fist hit against the door. “Hey flasher…mum’s calling us for dinner” Susie’s voice thundered as she walked past my door.

Another knock on the door to the room next to mine…”Hey brat…dinner” she must have thought the girls were in their room.

We all jumped up and rushed to get down for dinner. I whispered an instruction to Cathy’s ear as we made our way into the kitchen.

Dad and Susie were already sitting at the table.

Dad looked rather sheepish but did not take his eyes off Vicky. Vicky and I sat down with me making sure that Vicky sat next to dad. Cathy went up to mum just as she was straining the last lot of vegetables.

“Mum…I love you” Cathy’s soft voice spoke to her mum

Mum looked puzzled but with a smile on her face… “And I love you too sweetheart”

With that Cathy leaned into mum and gave her a kiss on her lips, pressing hard against them.

With both hands full and containing hot saucepans there was little mum could do but accept the kiss.

When they broke Cathy came and took her seat next to Vicky beaming.

Mum looked startled and her tongue licked her lips. The expression changed as her tongue swiped across her upper lip, a slight pause, and then another swipe of her tongue. A look of alarm and shock crossed her face as she looked first at Cathy, and then at me realising that the taste on her lips were that of ass.

I smiled at her.

Mother’s expression became one of a frown as she finished off straining the carrots and placing them into the serving bowl.

She came over and sat next to me.

As dad and the others started to grab the dishes and serve themselves I looked at mum who obviously was uncomfortable with what was going on.

“You have something on your upper lip mum” I spoke quietly

“Where...what is it?” she replied as her hand moved across her mouth. “Is it gone?”

The others paid little attention as they were busy swapping serving bowls with one another.

“no...let me” I raised my hand and made a slow deliberate back and fro movement of my finger on her upper lip”

Mother withdrew her head sharply away as the aroma of cunt juices wafted up her nostril. Once again the look was priceless as I mouthed… ‘Cathy’s’

“Well son…what did you get up to this afternoon?” Dad spoke as we all settled into the meal. “Anything exciting?”

Mum froze …her face suddenly flush…the twin girls giggled and before I could reply Susie answered for me… “Just flashing his weedy body…as if anyone would be interested in THAT”

Dad gave a quizzical look. Mum let out an audible gasp wondering if Susie had seen anything that had happened between us.

It was my turn to turn crimson…I was lost for words…I couldn’t deny it…Susie had seen my bare ass, unintentional as it was.

“Hey…he didn’t flash us” Cathy moaned and jumped in obviously seeing my predicament…Vicky and Cathy giggled to themselves.

“And he had better not” Dad responded…”Or else”. He glanced at Vicky knowing that he had seen the cutest ass and cunt lips he had ever seen.

I recovered enough to retort to Susie’s remark, “I didn’t flash her, she stopped to ogle”

“Did not creep”

“Enough you two…” Dad interjected.

Dinner passed without too much incident, although I did on occasion let my hand rest on mum’s leg. Besides the sudden momentary freeze mother did nothing but dart a quick look around the table to see if anyone had noticed.

I was not brave enough to let my hand slide up to see if mum had done as I asked and shaved her pubic hair off.

Dinner finished, Susie excused herself and ran off to get ready for her date with Jeff…a nerd if ever there was a nerd…AND I owe her for trying to drop me in it.
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