Parents teach their daughter part 5

Just before we got dressed, Samantha asked us if we could have another private lesson soon, she had a few more things she would like to learn, we were very happy to agree to that. She made sure to give both of us kisses of tongue filled, swirling passion before we were dressed, and back downstairs, she left to go and meet her friends at the mall.

Darrin and I were intrigued, and excited about what our sexy Samantha wanted to learn next. Adding to the excitement was the need she felt for another private lesson, without Roger there. Darrin jokingly asked if that meant another couple of sexless days before the lesson.

"Well sweetheart, I think maybe just the night and morning before the lesson will be enough, it was tough on me too, having that thick cock so close, and working to not grab you, and milk that thick beauty of every drop!"

When Sam came home, and we were eating dinner, she said, "My next lesson, can we make it Friday, after school?"

Darrin and I smiled, and I said, "Of course baby, we look forward to teaching you more."

Samantha smiled back, and replied, "And you and Dad are such awesome teachers, my body is enjoying every little bit of your lesson. Having Daddy's thick cock fucking me to the core was so awesome. It made me so horny, walking around at the mall, feeling the slight soreness of my well used pussy, and a little bit of Daddy's cum still deep up inside me, and feeling so hot and nasty, wondering what my friends would say if they knew Daddy had fucked me so lovingly just a short time earlier! I wonder if any of them would like to ride Daddy's cock?"

My husband, a possible stud to teach teen girls, I liked it, it turned me on, to think that I could watch my husband fucking Samantha's friends. Then, I would be glad to teach them the finer points of licking my hot, horny cunt, right after I had sucked Darrin's load out of their well fucked pinkness. I knew 3 of them that just oozed sexiness, her redheaded friend Misty, gave my pussy a sizzling jolt of heat every time I saw her. That wild tangle of red hair, knowing that she was a real redhead, by observing her eyebrow color being the same. I have been crazy for reheaded pussy ever since my college roommate Melissa and I had a 6 year, torrid love affair while we were at college. Melissa was insatiable, she made me eat her redheaded pussy 3 or 4 times a day, and then I'd strap on a dildo and ram her to a screaming orgasm, she had been a wild bitch in heat. My cunt pulsed with the idea of Darrin fucking Misty, then me with my strap on, ramming Misty next. Maybe we could get her in a DP, and fill up her tight ass and cunt at the same time. Of course, the idea would have to be brought up very delicately, if at all.

"Sam, we'll leave that up to you, to decide if and when you want to bring up the idea with your friends", I replied, "but for now, we'll be looking forward to Friday's lesson!"

"So am I, I can't wait to have you both working my body over!"

Wednesday night, and Thursday morning, Darrin and I fucked wildly, until we were both sprawled out, breathless. I didn't want him to feel too deprived.

Friday, after school, Darrin picked up Sam at school, and brought her home with him. I was eager to get it going, I had put a bottle of champagne on ice in the bedroom, and retreating to the bedroom, clothes flew off, until we formed a pile of nude, happy bodies on the bed. We popped the cork, and toasted the next lesson, draining our glasses.

Sam cooed, "Now, for my next lesson. Roger is all fired up to take me up the ass, now I'm interested, but I'm wondering how a cock can fit up such a tight passage."

"Oh honey, you'll love it, Darrin likes to take my ass, and it feels wonderful, so long as the entry is slow and careful, and plenty of lube is used."

"That's what I want to learn, could Daddy take my asshole cherry? Roger won't know, it'll be so tight, how can he tell the difference?"

I grinned, and Darrin said,"Baby, it will be our pleasure."

We placed Samantha on her hands and knees, head down, ass up, and I could see the tight, dark pink rose shaped pucker of her asshole, bringing us to her like a moth to a flame. I started to lick at her tight, twitchy rim, running my tongue all around her tight, virgin back door.

Sam growled with pleasure, grunted, "Oh fuck, feels so good, my god, it's almost too much!"

I pulled back, and Darrin was happy to take over, his tongue licking at the tight pucker, the bedroom full of our daughter's sighs and moans of pleasure. He pulled back, motioned me back in, and as I applied my mouth back to her tight rim, Darrin took one of my fingers in his mouth, and made sure that my finger was soaking wet with spit, and I knew what that was for. I slid the finger around and around the tight rim, then slowly slid it in, listening to Samantha's gasp of pleasure as I worked it in, slowly. I brought my finger out, and Darrin was ready with the KY gel, he squeezed a dollop right onto her tight rosebud, and my finger went to work again, sliding the slippery lube us Sam's virgin tight passage.

"I think the best way to go about this, is the same way that Darrin and I did, when he gave my asshole it first fucking", I whispered, "so that Samantha, you can control the speed, or stop if its too painful, although Darrin would never f***e you, but you should be in complete control."

I took her hand, and helped my daughter off the bed. Darrin cock looked painfully erect, no doubt eager to open Samantha's tight virgin pucker. Darrin sat down in an armchair, his cock pointing skyward. I took the tube of KY gel, and gave the head of his cock a liberal coating, and then, as Samantha faced away from Darrin and straddled his legs in a reverse cowgirl position, I stroked another good sized dollop on my daughter's asshole. When you are getting your ass fucked, especially for the first time, there's
no such thing as too much lube.

"Ok Sam, Darrin will put his hands on your ass cheeks, and his elbows on the chair arms. That way he can help support your weight and spread your cheeks apart at the same time."

I was now kneeling front of the about-to-couple pair. Reaching between their legs, I positioned Darrin's cock cock at the entrance to Samantha's ass.

"Okay, Samantha, when you are ready, relax and sit slowly back on it."

Samantha looked like she was concentrating, working hard on relaxing the tight pucker. After a minutes, Sam slid down slowly, and Darrin's large mushroom shaped head went in.

Samantha let out a yelp, grunted and growled, "Oh fuck, it's so big, I'm gonna be ripped apart!"

I quickly started to stroke her body, whispering to her, "It's okay baby, remember, if it's too much, you just stop, and we won't think anything less of you, sweetheart."

"Let more work on it," she grunted, "I don't want to give up until I've really tried it, and am sure I can't take it."

I felt a rush of love and pride for Samantha, what a daughter, not ready to just call it quits. I poured more champagne, and gave her a glass, she quickly drained it, and worked hard on relaxing. She started to squirm her rear, and, although she gritted her teeth, and let out little gasps of pain or pleasure, I couldn't tell, she started to sink slowly onto Darrin's well lubricated shaft.

When I had my asshole virginity busted open, I found that the mix of pain and pleasure was the best part of it. I felt that the pain heightened my orgasm, and wow, when I went off, Darrin told me after that when I came, my asshole clenched down so tightly, it felt like my ass was going to bite him off.

Slowly, very slowly, Samantha sank down, I watched her inching her way down, her sphincter alternating in contracting and relaxing around his cock, taking Darrin's cock in. Finally, after several slow, grunting minutes, Darrin's cock almost completely entombed up my daughter's Hershey highway, Samantha asked Darrin to take his hands off her ass, and she sat down fully, taking every last bit of Darrin's cock in. She grunted at the feel of being fully filled.

Sam gasped, "Fuck, oh my fucking god, fuck, it's so big, my ass feels stretched beyond belief! I'm probably gonna have one hell of a sore asshole tomorrow, but I think it will be worth it! Momma, could I have another glass of champagne?"

I refilled our glasses while Samantha worked on adjusting to the massive stretch. She continued to squirm her ass, working on getting it comfortable, as I handed her and Darrin their glasses. Sam gulped hers down pretty quick, eager for the dulling effects, I remember the feeling of Darrin's cock my first time, it had seemed to throb within my tight ass.

Kneeling down between the wide spread legs, I dipped a finger into my glass, and then rubbed some of the champagne onto Samantha's pussy. Sucking a small amount of champagne into my mouth, I leaned into Samantha's crotch, placed my lips against Sam's tight lower labial lips, and squirted the champagne up her heated tunnel. As it dribbled out, I eagerly licked out the champagne, now mixed with our daughter's love juices. Samantha moaned softly, and her squirming started to become outright movement. She began to slowly lift off Darrin's crotch, only to sink down after a few moments. As she began to rise and fall slowly, the length of the strokes increased, I could imagine the squeezing tightness that Darrin's cock was buried in. I placed my tongue against Samantha's heated lips, and let my tongue lick the full length of Samantha's creamy entrance as it rose and fell before me. Finally Samantha was bouncing almost the full length of Darrin's cock, when Darrin growled out.

"Fuck, oh fuck yeah, gonna fill your tight ass baby, oh fuck YEAH!"

With a loud growl of pleasure, he grabbed her hips, slammed her back into his lap, and bucked up to her as he spent himself in a shuddering orgasm, I could imagine the feel of his cock erupting, as his cock jetted his thick, juicy load, deep into Samantha's tight asshole.

As he was pumping his load up her tight hole, I could feel Samantha's hands grasp my head, pulling me tightly against her soaking pussy, Sam cried out, "Fuck yes, I'm cumming too, keep licking me, Momma, lick me, yes, yes, YES!"

I was rewarded with juicy squirts of Samantha's girl cum, she sprayed my face with her juicy reward, as her pussy dissolved in a squirting heat, she let out a scream of pleasure as she exploded, I could imagine the clenching clutch of her tight, no longer virgin asshole working over Darrin's cock.

Sam lifted herself off Darrin's lap, and pulled me over to the bed. Darrin got up, and headed into the bathroom to wash off his cock, while Sam whispered in my ear.

"Sit on my face, I want Momma's pussy, I want you to cum all over my face, would Momma like to spray her girl cum all over my face?", she teased.

I growled, "Lay back baby, I'm so hot, I need it bad! "

She lay back, and said, "Give me the wettest, juiciest facial ever!"

I squatted above her, feeling her fingers stroking at the outside of my crimson lips, feeling her arms pulling my hips down, her tongue working on my soaking center. I noticed Darrin come back, his cock quickly reviving as he watched us display our Mother/Daughter love for each other. Knowing I was ready to explode, Sam quickly shoved two fingers up me, working over my G spot, wanting a juicy facial. I felt the spasms start, the squeezing urge, and the release, I howled as my cunt exploded, and I started to squirt, I could feel the gushes, hear the splattering of my girl cum and the squeals of pleasure as my daughter got her face sprayed, looking down, I saw my cunt squirting, my daughter's face a picture of bliss as some of my spray went right into her wide open mouth, she looked so sexy mouthing my orgasmic flow, my body shaking wildly, a giant burst of pleasure exploding dead center in my overheated cunt. I felt somewhat faint as I felt Darrin lifting me up, and laying me down, they cuddled in next to me.

Samantha gave us a lust filled grin, and said, "It's only 5 PM, I think class has only just begun, I have more I want to learn, right now!"

With Darrin's cock back up to rock hardness, and my cunt still warm, we were both ready to play more teacher to our sexy student Samantha

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This lass is going to be the best educated girl around
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Great series. Cant wait for the next part
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yea,another good one.
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This 5 part set is one of the most arousing and exciting sets on here. Wonderful job. As I read, I just had to "play along"
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Fantastic set!
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Damn! my cock and nips are so hard right now
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Great series. Cant wait for the next part:)