Parents teach their daughter part 2

At 1 AM, I could hear steps on the front porch, and I peeked out the window to see Roger and Samantha in a tight embrace. His hands were under the hem of her skirt, under her panties, cupping her ass cheeks, pulling her hips tight against his, lips locked passionately together. My inner heat started to flutter, I ducked away from the window, and a few minutes later the door opened, and Samantha entered, and called for me.

"Hi Mom, I'm home."

"In the kitchen honey, I'm making some hot cocoa, would you like a cup?"

"I never turn down chocolate in any form, especially when someone else does all the work, yes, please!" she giggled.

She entered the kitchen, looking very beautiful and very sexy. I didn't know if it was wrong, but I had started to feel a strong sexual attraction to Samantha. After seeing her sexy teen body riding Roger's cock just a few hours ago, I couldn't stop thinking about her, wondering what it would be like to taste her, lick her, and watch as my husband fucked her, then suck all my husband's thick load out of her just fucked pussy. Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind having Roger's cock reaming out my cunt, until he blew a thick load up the horny hole of his girlfriend's Mom. Maybe Sam would like to suck out her boyfriend's load from my well fucked cunt? My cunt was getting all achey from my imaginings. She sat down at the table, and I brought over our mugs of cocoa.

"Mom, could Roger and I have another of your lessons on Sunday afternoon? There are some things I'd like to try, and I'd like some pointers", she asked, with a smile.

"Sure honey, your Dad and I would love to give you and Roger another lesson."

"Thanks Mom, you and Dad are the best. Your lessons are so much more enjoyable then some birds and bees lecture".

Samantha drank down her cocoa, and gave me a tongue filled good night kiss, just before bounding up the stairs to her room. I followed, and climbed into bed with Darrin, my cunt pulsing, needing to feel my slick heat filled up again.

He was still awake, and he asked, "Is Samantha home?"

I smiled at his father's attitude towards knowing his darling daughter is home safe, and I told him, "Yes, sweetheart, she's in her room, and her and Roger want us to give them another of our special lessons Sunday afternoon."

I could see his cock pitch a tent under the covers, and I wanted to suck him, suck him in deep, then have him plunge deep inside my aching heat, and fuck me hard, until I felt his cock unload another thick spray of heated spunk, splattering my cervix and filling up my womb. I quickly pulled off the covers, and wrapped my hand around his prick, watching it throb up to a full 8 inches. I let out a moan of desire, and wrapping my lips around the head of his cock, I slid my mouth down over that thick cock. With a slight twist, my throat relaxed, and I sucked his eight inches right down to the balls.

Darrin sighed with pleasure, and whispered, "Oh yeah baby, suck my cock, suck out every drop, be the horny little bitch you want to be, be the little cocksucking slut you are, suck every drop out of my cock, you little cum hungry whore!"

I go wild when Darrin talks to me like that, and I eagerly applied my cock sucking skills to his cock. He grunted and growled with pleasure as I demonstrated my skills at fellatio, working his cock up to a gusher of a climax. As much as I would have loved to get my mouth filled, my cunt needed it more, just before he blew, I pulled away, lay back, and spreading my legs, I let him know where I wanted it.

"My hot, horny cunt sweetheart, my slick heat needs to feel it again, fuck my ass off, and explode your load right inside my horny lust pit!" I growled.

Darrin was happy to follow directions, and he powered his super hard 8 inches in. I growled with pleasure as I felt his fat sausage split open my horny walls again, and I wrapped my legs around him, and let him ride me. Our moans and cries of pleasure filled the bedroom, and I thought I heard the bedroom door open. My head was looking towards the door, and I saw my daughter standing in the doorway, watching us, completely nude, one hand stroking at her stiff nipples, the other hand between her legs, masturbating furiously, a look of sexual joy playing across her face. I looked into her eyes, and licked my lips as I then directed my gaze right at her pussy. Then I felt the waves and I clutched tightly at Darrin as I felt it start.

"Fuck, oh fuck, yes, do it baby, cum in me, cum with me, fuck, yes, I'm cumming, oh fuck, yes, yes, YES!"

I howled as I felt the all encompassing rush, I looked over at my daughter, saw the bliss of climax on her face, watched her body shaking in orgasm, and I just came like a train, I could feel my cunt clamp down hard.

Darrin growled, "Fuck, oh yeah, cumming baby, oh fuck YEAH!"

I felt his hard stalk start to pulse, exploding wildly, gushing, jetting his thick load deep inside me, I came again, and again, my cunt spasming crazily, my daughter smiled in her orgasmic afterglow, and blew me a kiss as she quietly closed the bedroom door.

Saturday afternoon, and Sam asked me if she could have a private lesson, right now. I smiled, and asked her what she'd like to know.

"Well, I'd like to learn how to suck cock, Roger is eager to get me to go down on him, but, I haven't yet, I'm not sure how to do it right. Could you demonstrate on Dad how to suck a cock?"

I took her by the hand, in the living room, I told Darrin to follow us, and in the bedroom, clothes were quickly discarded, and I was kneeling in front of my husband, Sam right next to me, watching closely. Darrin's cock was surging in my hand, as I grasped it.

"First, pull down on the foreskin, not too hard, so his cock head is exposed." I began, showing Samantha how.

Darrin's big mushroom shaped head appeared, and I continued, "Then lick all over the head, like it's a lollipop"

I did so, hearing Darrin's moan of pleasure as my tongue flicked over his cock head. I also licked up and down the shaft, my tongue painting designs on his stiff shaft.

"Then, fit your lips over his cock head, then make sure your mouth is nice and wet, then slide down the shaft, as far as you can go without gagging. Clamp your lips tightly around his shaft, and slide back up and down. Make you lips and mouth a tight, sliding ring of pleasure, like this."

I did as I had told Sam, sliding my mouth down Darrin's cock, listening to his grunt of pleasure as I did so.

After a few up and down thrusts, I stopped, and told Samantha, "This method should have no problem making Roger shoot."

Samantha asked, "What about his sperm? Should I swallow it, what if it tastes gross?"

I smiled, and said, "Well sweetie, just keep a towel close by, you can discreetly spit it out into the towel if it tastes gross, I'd never had that problem, Darrin's sperm is very tasty!"

Samantha asked, "Could I try out the lesson I just learned, on Dad?"

I looked up at Darrin, saw the lust glimmering in his eyes, he nodded, and I said, "Sure baby, let's see how good you suck cock."

I moved aside, and Samantha took my place. Seeing my nude daughter on her knees, ready to suck her Dad's cock made my pussy a soaking lust fueled furnace, as I watched my daughter giving her Dad her first blow job. She followed my teaching, licking at the swollen head, running her tongue up and down Darrin's shaft, before she looked up at him, and with a look of pure lust, sucked him in, sliding her mouth down his cock, until she had 6 of his 8 inches swallowed down. I could see her lips clamp tightly around Darrin's cock, and she slid back up, and back down again.

"Fuck, yeah, suck me baby girl, umm, you got it right, true tight, cocksucker lips, yeah, suck me baby, yeah, you are natural baby girl."

Samantha started to get into the rhythm of the blow job, her head bobbing up and down slowly on Darrin's throbbing cock. She got a determined look on her face, plunged down, and swallowed all of Darrin's stiff 8 inches. She deep throated Darrin's cock, eager for the first wet spray of sperm in her mouth.

Leaning down next to her, I cooed, "When Dad is about to explode, he'll let you know, I want you to pull back until your lips are just past the head, and stroke his slick rod, I want you to taste Dad's load, and enjoy it!"

Not a moment too soon, as Darrin grunted, "Oh fuck yeah, getting ready, I'm just about to cum baby!"

Samantha quickly slid up, and with her mouth just past the head, she grasped his cock and started to pump it, hungry for the first taste of thick cum.

"Yes, oh fuck yeah, yeah, cumming baby, oh YEAH!"

I could see Darrin's cock pulsing, and my pussy was on fire, seeing my daughter get her first mouthful of cum. His cock pulsed, sending streams of thick cum gushing into her eager mouth, she kept him in her mouth until the pulsing subsided, pulled back, smiled at me, and swallowed every drop of his load.

I was quickly on the bed, I saw Samantha join us, and a hot, wet mouth at my burning cunt. I looked down, saw Samantha's head of blonde hair between my thighs, felt the loving licks as she gave my quivering pink folds the licking they needed, just the touch of her tongue on my clit, and I came immediately, howling with pleasure, I bucked and writhed as my orgasm blew into me, I felt my juices flowing, and felt my daughter's hot wet tongue eagerly licking them all up.

We lay quietly for a while, savoring the afterglow.

Sam cooed, "Today's lesson has taught me that I can suck cock, I love the taste of Dad's cum, and I love the taste of Mom's juices. I hope Roger's cum tastes as good, thanks Mom and Dad, I'm really looking forward to Sunday's lesson!"

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Great stuff,,,and we're looking forward to Sunday too.
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Such wonderful parents.
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great story, Part 3?
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great story again hope there is part 3
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very hot
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Good stuff.
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