cheating bride part 3

As I went home I started crying again, but at the same time I felt alittle relief. I have felt incredibly guilty for over a mouth now. It'sbeen sitting there like a stone wedged in my gut. At least I can finallyend this with Todd, and I can confess what I've done, and move on with mylife. At the same time many sad feelings came over me knowing he wouldprobably leave me for sure. I got home that night and Jeff was still out on his trip, and he wouldprobably be home early in the morning. I called my boss and woke him upand said that something came up and I won't be able to make it into work inthe morning. I lied awake all night thinking how I was going to tell Jeff, I came tono conclusion, but my plan was to think about it several days, as I toldTodd. I fell asl**p for about a half hour when I heard Jeff come in thedoor. I got up and made him breakfast. I told him that I was really tiredand I needed a day off from work. He finally went to sl**p after being up all night, and I startedcleaning the house up, with my mind never resting about how I should tellhim. I went and grabbed his overnight bag, and grabbed the rest of hislaundry. I went into the laundry room and started throwing his clothes inand grabbed his dirty underwear and as I started throwing them in thewasher when I noticed something. I picked up his boxer briefs and I noticed there were a lot of cumstains on them. I thought that's weird, Jeff always said that ever sincehe met me he never jerks off. He likes to save all his cum that way he hasa huge load for me. I just smiled throwing them back in. Well I guess I can't get too madat him after all the shit I've done. I picked up his pants and put my handin the pocket to make sure that I wasn't going to wash anything important.I reached in and pulled out a used condom. My heart just seemed to stop, I didn't know what to think. I examinedthe condom for what had to be at least five minutes. There was a good loadof white semen in it. I smelled the outside and at first all I could smellwas rubber. But as I kept doing it I could make out the smell of a vagina. I took the clothes out and put them back into the clothes hamper. Ididn't know what I was going to do, but I don't want him to be suspiciousthat I found it quite yet. I walked quietly back into the room and put thehamper back where it was. When I got to the door, I turned around andwatched him sl**ping for a moment. My thoughts did not move, I knew I would have several emotions soon but,I didn't want to jump to any conclusions until I investigated this further. I had the keys to his car and I opened the door and looked in the glovebox, and everywhere I could think of where I could find evidence. I wasgetting really frustrated the car was really hot. I was just about to giveup when I looked in the back seat where his flight bag sat. I fumbled around in it, and I finally pulled out a letter. I grabbed itand went around the side of the house where no one can see me. Dear Jeff. How are you baby, I'm just sitting here in Houston on alayover and was really bored so I thought id write you a letter. I havehad so much fun fucking you over the last few months. I love how secretand sneaky we've been. Remember that time when we snuck in the cargo areaof the plane while the passengers were loading and we 69'd on one of theboxes. I loved rubbing your balls and sucking your cock, while you lickedmy pussy, and ohh it feels so good when you rub your tongue on my asshole. And remember when we got that trip together and I snuck up to your hotelroom, and I pretended I was a little girl on Halloween asking you forcandy. And you made me suck your cock, and say trick or treat. And then wefucked like a****ls and you rubbed your wife's picture all over my pussy.Then you pulled your wife's panties out of your bag and we both sniffedthem together. And you made me wear them on my head as you fucked me. Andyou jacked your cock off with my husbands tie. That really turned me onbaby. And remember the night of your wedding when you got back to your houseand I was hiding outside, and you snuck out and fucked me up my tightlittle asshole and then shot your tasty cum in a little container. And Iwatched through the window, and fingered myself watching you and your wifein your bed room, and your wife was sucking your cock, after you just gotdone fucking my ass. Then I took the container of cum home and I poredyour cum in my mouth and rubbed it on my pussy. Then I went and made outwith my husband with your cum in my mouth. And he ate me out with you cumrubbed in my little cunt. I could go on and on baby, we have had lots of fun times. We need tostop this soon because I don't want your wife and my husband to find outabout us. But lets keep it going for a little while longer sweetie cause Ienjoy being your little dirty fuck toy. Your secret lover Lisa P.S. I been on the pill, so you can startfucking my pussy and stop wearing those annoying condoms. I sat there and looked at the sky for several moments letting mythoughts and my emotions come to me. My first thought was I don't have anymore guilt left in me. Guilt is probably the worst emotion to feel. Sixlong weeks of incredible fear and guilt has just been lifted off myshoulders, it was like I had to carry 200 ibs on my back for six weeks andI finally got to drop it. I went inside after reading the letter. It was 11:00 and Jeff was stillsl**ping. I took the letter into our computer room where I copied it. Then I returned it to Jeff's flight bag. I put the copy in my purse beforesitting on the couch to reflect. I still was in shock and didn't know what to think. A millionunanswered questions swirling through my brain. I couldn't believe Jeffwould cheat on me. I always thought he was so in love with me and that hehad such a moral, conservative personality. But then, I thought that aboutmyself before I met Todd. The sex between Todd and me was just an adventure. Through it all, Iremained deeply in love with my husband. It was a terrible feeling tothink that not only has my husband been having sex with someone else, butthat he could of possibly fell in love with her. And if so, does he stilllove me? The thought brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't stand thinkingmy husband loving another women and not me. A whole hour passed before a thought crossed my mind -- a thought thatshould have come an hour ago. "Who is she?" I took the copy of the letter out of my purse and held my breath beforeopening it to read again. I scrolled through the letter, going over thedisgusting details again. I had a lump in my throat as I read. I feltjealous and sick when it came to the part about what they did on the nightof my wedding. I finally made it to the end of the letter which closed with, "Yoursecret lover . . . Lisa." "Lisa!!!" I said aloud. I guess I read the name Lisa the first time but was in too much shock tocontemplate it. There is no way this could be a coincidence. "This could not be Lisa, Todd's wife," I thought. I just sat there and let the thoughts swim around my head for anothertwo hours when, finally, I heard noise from the bedroom. It was Jeffgetting out of bed. I wasn't ready to face him. I was still so confusedabout everything. I ran into the bathroom, locked the door, turned on theshower, disrobed and got in. A few minutes later I heard a knock on thedoor. "Britney?" said Jeff. "I'll be out in a minute," I replied. As I showered, I mustered the courage to go out and just pretendeverything is normal. After I got out of the bathroom and dressed, I foundJeff sitting in the kitchen in his shorts and a t-shirt, drinking coffeeand reading the paper. "Good morning, good afternoon, whatever it is, Jeff." I said. "Hi, honey," he said. I made him something to eat and I was somehow able to put everything inthe back of my mind and act like I always do around him. He was going towork on another trip and had to leave at 7:00 p.m. I was looking forwardto him leaving so I could think and stop pretending I don't know anything. His cell phone rang. He picked it up and looked at it. "Oh, that's my captain. The one I'm flying with tonight." he said to me before answering the call. "Hello?" he said as he walked into the computer room. I got up and hid around the corner trying to hear his conversation. "Yeah, she's home. I can't talk to you right now but I'll call you back on the way to work," he said. I could hear a female voice on the phone but couldn't make out thewords. "I'll call you back in about a half hour, Babe. Can't wait to see you tonight," he whispered. I heard the voice continue. "Okay, Babe. Stop that! You are giving me a hard on and I've got to go past my wife on the way out of here," Jeff said, again whispering. "See ya tonight," he said, shutting the phone. I went back to the kitchen table and looked in the newspaper, pretendingto read it. By the time Jeff entered the kitchen he had his pilot uniformand was adjusting his tie. "Sorry. That was Scott, the guy I'm flying with tonight. He was just calling to tell me . . ." I just sat there and tuned out the rest of his lies. I somehow managedto keep a straight face, kissed him good-bye and exchanged "I love U's". As soon as I heard his car pull off, I got up and ran down the hall andfell on the bed crying. I cried on and off for hours. In my whole life Ihad never felt so alone. My body was so weak from all the stress, and fromhaving so little sl**p in the past 48 hours. I felt horrible knowing whatmy husband was probably doing at that moment, and it was about 10 o'clockwhen I finally cried myself into a deep sl**p. It was 6:15 the next morning when my eyes opened again. I was reallygroggy and it took a moment for my brain to start functioning. Thenthinking of the letter and the phone call, I hoped it was all a horriblenightmare. I looked over and saw Jeff sl**ping. My heart was broken, watching Jeffsl**p on the other side of the bed. He usually falls asl**p with me in hisarms. I got up quietly and walked into the kitchen. I looked at his bagssitting by the door. I didn't want to see anymore but I was extremelycurious and I needed to find out more. I dug through his stuff looking formore evidence. I pulled out his laptop and turned it on. I did find something on the computer. It was the most shocking thing Ihave ever seen. All my questions were answered now. I just swallowed allmy emotions that were now flaring even more than the day before. I copiedit on a blank CD and put it in my purse with the letter before I got readyfor work. On my way to work I stared blankly at the road ahead, with no plan ofwhat to do next. I just wanted to go through my day as usual. I walked through the door and there were already tons of people gettingoff a big corporate jet. There was a line of probably 30 people and Toddwas alone taking care of everyone from behind the counter. I hurriedbehind the counter and started handling everyone's rental car, hotel, taxi,or other needs. I went to the copy machine and though Todd was really busy, he stoppedme for a second. "Britney, is everything okay," he asked with a look of very deep concern on his face. "I don't know, Todd. I'll talk to you when we slow down a little, okay." I said Two hours later people were finally starting to dissipate. I just satthere, staring off in space, not looking at Todd. He scooted up behind me. "Britney, please say something," he said. I'm sure Todd has been tortured the last 48 hours, with what happenedthe night before last, and with me not showing up at work yesterday. "I don't know, Todd," I said , starting to tremble. "What, did you tell your husband," he asked in a panicky voice. I looked into his concerned eyes -- he has such a cute, little boy face-- and all of the sudden I cracked a big smile. He looked at me curiouslyand I rolled my chair so my face was close to his. I gave him a soft kiss.He pulled back. "Britney, please tell me what's going on," he said "What happened yesterday?" I held his face with two hands. "Don't worry about it now. Just kiss me," I said quietly. I kissed him softly for a moment and I opened my mouth inviting histongue. "Britney, tell me what is going on," he said sternly, releasing his kiss. I put my hand down on his crotch and began to rub his soft memberthrough his pants. "Don't talk any more, Todd," I whispered. "Just fuck me. I want you to fuck me now." We continued kissing and I felt his cock starting to grow in his pants.I undid his belt and zipper and pulled his cock out. Stepping back, Iquickly slipped off my shoes and took off my pants. I was standing behindthe counter in just my dress shirt and panties. Pulling my panties to the side, I climbed onto Todd and guided his dickin my pussy, and started to slowly move up and down on his shaft. Igrabbed his head gently and kissed him passionately. Before, Todd was just a friend that I fooled around with -- a partnerwith whom I played kinky sex games. But this time I was making love withTodd. All the feelings I'd had for the last few days -- jealousy, anger,shame, humiliation, saddness -- all the sudden went away. I continued topassionately make love to Todd. A moment passed when I almost said I loveyou. I refrained from saying that, knowing that it wasn't the truth. Butat that moment I did love him. I withdrew my kiss and continued slowly moving up and down on him. "Now I really feel guilty," he said. "Why now," I asked, smiling. "Because this is the way I do it with Lisa," he said. Just hearing him say those words was beautiful to me. I looked up atthe ceiling and continued smiling. "Would you feel more comfortable if I went back to acting like a complete slut," I said. "Hold on now. I didn't say I was not really enjoying this." "I'm glad you are enjoying it," I said "But I agree we need to just go back to being kinky little fuck buddies." I said "Yeah, but I'd say this is pretty kinky, fucking here behind the desk when someone could come in at any second," he said, and I laughed. "Our lunch break is coming up. Maybe we should pay another visit to the maintenance room," I said. "Mmm, that sounds great. And then when we get done, will you tell me what happened yesterday? I know something is wrong by the look on your face this morning," he said. "Okay, I do have something I need to talk to you about, but let's go on lunch break first. I want to go in that maintenance room and be your little nasty whore." I said "Okay," he said, moaning "You have me really curious right now because I know something is up. But you got my cock so hard that I'm really not worried about anything but fucking the shit out of you." I moaned at his comment, got off him and stood up. He put his cock backin his pants as he watched me bend over and put my pants back on. I lookedat him again seriously and gave him a soft passionate kiss. "Thank you, Todd, you are the best friend I've ever had," I said. "Ah, you too," he said. I put my finger on his mouth. "Don't say anything else." We clocked out and met each other in the maintenance room. We tore offeach others clothes. He began kissing me softly again and I pushed himhard against the tool bench. He looked at me in shock, and before he had achance to think why I had just violently shoved him, I was on my knees withhis cock in my hand. I put my mouth over it and I sucked hard and fast. My hand circled his shaft with a very tight grip as I jacked him off at afast pace. I looked up in Todd's eyes -- his mouth was open -- and moanedwhile giving Todd probably the best blow job he's ever had. I spit on his cock and looked him in the eyes as I licked it off. "You are such a little dirty fucking slut." he said. I got up in his face. "I am a dirty slut, so why don't you treat me like one," I said. "You want that?" "Yes treat me like a worthless fuck toy, just do whatever you want to me," I said "If that's what you want, that's just exactly what I'm going to do," he said, grabbing me by my long hair and slamming me face-down on the table. Todd pushed hard on my head, pinning my face to the table, and I wasbent over with my ass sticking out. He reached his hand back and shovedhis middle finger up my ass, all the way to his knuckle. He finger-fuckedmy ass a few times and then pulled my hair, forcing the back of my head up.He pulled is finger out of my ass and stuck it in my mouth, repeated thisseveral times. "You like tasting your shit hole, don't you slut," he said. Before I could answer, he almost lifted me off the ground by my hair andthrew me down on the concrete, face down against the cold floor. "Reach both of your hands back and spread your pretty butt cheeks, so I can see your cute little asshole," he demanded. I did as I was told, my face on the concrete and both my hands spreadingmy ass apart. I was so wet and turned on. But at the same time, my scalpwas aching from having my hair pulled so hard. I was a little nervousbecause I couldn't see what Todd was doing behind me. I don't think Toddwould actually hurt me but . . . Just then I felt a warm fluid hitting my ass. I kept my ass pulled openand I could hear the stream hitting my asshole. It felt so good, as Todd'spiss hit my asshole and ran in my pussy. Then Todd shot piss all the wayup my back and into my hair before he clinched the muscles in his cock,forcing the piss to stop. He reached down and pulled me to my feet, then put his hand on the topof my head, forcing me to my knees. "Now your going to drink my piss, you slut. Your going to drink it like you did on your wedding day in your wedding dress. Only this time, I'm not going to be careful to not get you dirty," he said. I was on my knees. Todd grabbed the hair on the back of my head,forcing my face upward. My mouth was open, waiting. As he pointed the endof his cock close to my open mouth, he let a stream of saliva come out hismouth. It hit my forehead and slowly slid down my face like molasses. His piss began, and it shot in my mouth and hit the back of my throat,making me gag. He released my hair, letting me put my head down torecover, and I swallowed a mouthful as my butt came down hard back on theconcrete. He stepped back and continued shooting his piss. It hit my titsand he worked it down to my stomach. "Your stupid husband don't know that I'm standing here pissing on his naked wife, does he," he said. He continued shooting his piss all over my naked body -- from my, tits,down my stomach, on my pussy, and all over both of my legs and feet. Hestepped up and grabbed the back of my head again and pushed hard making theflow really strong. I closed my eyes as the stream hit me between the eyesand splashed off my face. As the flow weakened, he moved the stream on myclosed mouth and up to my forehead and finally let it drip down all over myhair. He stepped back. I had my head down wiping my eyes with my wrist. "Are you okay, baby," he asked. I opened my eyes, and looked up. I smiled and nodded my head. "I wish your fucking husband could see you right now, sitting naked on the cold floor drenched in my piss," he said. He walked up to me again. I was still sitting on the floor with onehand holding me up, the other still trying to dry my eyes. He turnedaround and put his ass up to my face. "And I wish he could see me, right now, because I'm going to wipe my ass with his little slut wife's face." Grabbing the back of my head, he f***ed my face in his ass, rubbing hisasshole up and down my face. He finally released his grip and stood infront of me and bent over in front of my face. "Get on your knees and kiss my asshole. Now!!!" he demanded. I got up on my knees and kissed his butt hole. I kissed it severaltimes, moaning each time I did. "Now, I want you to eat my ass. And I want you to think how much you love your husband as you push your tongue in my asshole," he said. I grabbed his ass with both hands and I spread his cheeks apart. And Ithought of Jeff and what I seen on his computer, and his fucking letter, asI rimmed Todd's asshole. I did it for several minutes, getting suchpleasure forcing my tongue in his asshole with those thoughts in my head. I didn't want to stop but Todd turned around and f***ed me to bend overthe table again. He spread my legs and shoved his cock into my cunt reallyhard, He pulled my hair hard again as he thrust in and out as hard as hecould. "AH AH AHHHHH," I screamed. "Your cock is so much fucking bigger then Jeff's. You fuck me so much better then he does." "I'M CUMMING, I'M FUCKING CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR BIG COCK, TODD," I yelled at the top of my lungs. My body froze up and I felt the orgasm all the way through my body. My cum came gushing out and ran down both our legs. He thrust in a few more times then pulled out and f***ed me down to my knees again. "Get on your knees whore. I want to cum all over his wife's fucking face," he said. Todd stood there jacking his cock close to my face. "I wish Jeff could watch you when you cum on my face," I said encouragingly. "I wish he could have watched you fuck his wife on his bed, wearing his underwear, and you fucking me up the ass in my wedding dress before I went and married him." I rubbed his balls as he jerked off, wanting to make him as horny aspossible before he shot cum in my face. "I wish he was here now, and he got to watch you make me taste my asshole off your finger, and then drenched my whole body with your piss, and you sticking your big fucking cock in his wife's cunt," I said. "I could just see him standing there watching you." Todd's whole body tightened. I stared at his cock watching it swell andlooking like it was going to explode. It seemed like hours watching hismuscles tighten before a huge stream of semen shot out the end of his cock,splashing right on the center of my nose. A second load shot out sending along stream from the top of my forehead, all across the top of my head. Irubbed my clit staring at Todd's tight grip emptying all the fluid in hisballs. Todd stepped back and we both looked at each other trying to catch ourbreath. A long stream of warm cum was dangling off my chin. "You look like a glazed dough nut," Todd said as he laughed. I let out a loud laugh as I started to get to my feet. "Boy, I tell you to treat me like a complete whore, and that's exactly what you did. Look at me," I said. Standing up facing him, my hair was totally drenched and piss wasdripping off my naked body. My face was totally white with chunks of cumdripping off of it. "You said that's what you wanted, so that's what I did, and you know you liked it," he said. "Oh yeah, I really liked it," I said, "In fact, I liked it so much that I'm going to give you a big kiss now." I walked up to Todd and gave him an open mouth kiss, and swapped his cumfrom my mouth to his. I stepped back and his cum was dangling off hisnose. Todd and I cleaned the piss off the floor using a nearby roll of papertowels. Then I wiped my body and hair the best I could. We both put onour clothes. I was dry but I was still a complete mess. "What am I suppose to do. I can't go back to work looking like this," I said. "There is a shower in the men's bathroom that the pilot's use. You can go in there and I'll make sure that if someone comes in that they don't go in. I'll tell them it's out of order or something," said Todd. We walked back to the FBO only about five minutes late. We walked up toa glass door and looked in. There was a pilot waiting in front of thecounter. "Oh fuck," I said "Okay, I'll go take care of him. You wait here and when he leaves you can sneak in the men's room." I watched through the glass door where I couldn't be seen and saw Toddgave him the keys to his rental car. Then I headed to the men's room to shower and clean up before headingback to the work counter with Todd. "Todd remember how I had something to talk to you about," I said. "Yeah." he said "I have no idea how to tell you this, so I just want to let you see for yourself," I said. Todd's face looked concerned as I took the CD out of my purse and Istuck it in the computer. I clicked on a WMP icon and the video popped up. It started with my husband sitting on a bed in a hotel room. "Hello, My name is Jeff and I am making this video because sometimes weeks go by and I don't get to see my sexy flight attendant, and this video will give me something to jerk my cock to while I wait to get another trip with her. Todd laughed. All of the sudden Lisa, Todd's wife, appeared on the video. "What the hell is this," he said "Hi baby," Lisa said into the camera. She started undoing his pants and took out his cock and put her mouth on it. "Don't let your wife walk in and catch you jerking off to this video of you fucking me," she said smiling. She putt her mouth on Jeff's cock looking into the camera and she gave ajack off gesture. Lisa got up and tore off her clothes, and sat on hiscock in the reverse cow girl position. "I want a copy of this too, so when Todd goes to work I have something to watch and get off on," Lisa said into the camera, while bouncing up and down on my husband's cock. Todd grabbed the computer plug and pulled it killing the power to thecomputer. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT," he yelled. "Todd I'm sorry, I found this note in Jeff's pants while I was doing his laundry and I read it and then I just went through all his stuff, trying to find more evidence," I said. He tore the note from my hand and started reading it. His face wentpale as he stared at the letter. When he was done reading, he crumbled upthe letter and through it hard against the window before turning his backto me and leaning on a table. I watched him for a moment and I could hearhim start to cry. I got up and went behind him and put my hand on hisback. "DON`T TOUCH ME BITCH." he yelled as he shoved me. I fell back and looked up at him. He had tears in his eyes, and his face was red with anger. "Todd don't get mad at me. We've been doing the exact same thing. Just calm down and let's talk about this and try to figure out what we can do next," I said. "I'll tell you what I'm going to do next. I'm going to go over to your house and take care of your fucking husband. That's what I'm going to do next," he said, storming out the door. Todd jumped in his car and drove off and I followed him trying to keepup. It was two hours before we were suppose to get off work. I raced Todddown the interstate, I kept up with him in traffic, but as soon as he hadan opening he was going over 100 mph and I fell behind. I started to panic knowing that Todd was going to beat me home. He saidhe was going to take care of Jeff. What does that mean take care of him?Todd has about the maturity of a ten year old boy. He has been doing theexact same thing that my husbands been doing, but now the tables haveturned and he can't take it. I didn't know if--- take care of him meantkill him. I don't think Todd could do that, but I have never seen someoneas angry as he was when he left work. He looked like he was completelyinsane. I knew I was going to have to call Jeff now, and warn him, and I wouldhave to tell him that I know about him and Lisa, and that Todd knows thathe's been fucking his wife. I know that after I tell him that I was goingto have to tell him about Todd and me. My heart was pounding in my chest. I picked up my cell phone, and as Iscrolled down to the name Jeff, all of the sudden I saw a couple of policecars. As I got closer I saw Todd. He was lying face down on the roadbeing handcuffed, as I drove by. I was relived, I now have time to get home to Jeff and explain thiswhole thing. I just hope that Jeff is more grown up then Todd. I wasreally nervous but exited at the same time that we can finally lay thiswhole thing on the table, figure out what we are going to do next, and geton with our lives, with or without each other. I finally got to my street and pulled up close to my house. There was acar in the drive way. I pulled up and parked down the street. I am hometwo hours early from work, and there is a strange car in my driveway. Ilaughed "Hmm I wonder who that could be?" I said to myself "Now I get to goinside and catch them." I walked up to the door and walked into my house as quietly as I could.I heard screaming in the bedroom. I walked down the hall, and saw mybedroom door halfway open. I walked up to the wall next to the door asquietly as I could, and peeked my head in the room. Lisa was on my bed bent over on her hands and knees, getting fucked bymy husband in the doggy-style position. I stood their in disbelief, notbecause I was watching Jeff fuck another women in my bed, but because Lisawas wearing my wedding dress. As I watched them, I notice the sexy pink silk thong panties that Jeffbought me on our honeymoon were tied around the base of Jeff's dick andwere rubbing against Lisa's pussy and asshole with each thrust. Jeff and Lisa had their back turned to me and my husband was pullingLisa's hair toward him, forcing her face up. Lisa had one hand on the edgeof the bed to support herself and the other hand was used to pull thebottom of my white dress up to her lower back, giving Jeff easy access. Jeff pulled his dick out, and put the middle finger of his hand inLisa's cunt. Then he pulled his wet finger out and worked it in Lisa'sasshole, with his hand doing small circles. My panties were now tiedhalfway up his cock and he used his right hand to reposition them back downto the base. "You ready to get fucked up the ass now, gorgeous," Jeff said. Lisa moaned, as Jeff jerked his cock a few times getting it hard again,and withdrew his finger and put the tip of his dick on Lisa's asshole. Thetip of my husband's penis was slowly disappearing. Her asshole was openingand taking it in inch by inch. "I love it when you fuck my ass," said Lisa. "My cock feels so good up your tight asshole, baby," he said. Their skin slapped together as Jeff began to fuck Lisa, causing the bedto make a lot of noise. I moved quietly behind them and watched for amoment. "What would your wife do if she knew I was wearing her pretty wedding dress, on her bed, while her husband's cock goes in and out my butt hole," Lisa said, panting. "She would probably make you pay the dry cleaning bill," I said in a calm voice.
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