sunbathing sex orgy

I remember the time when we are at our home sat outside for sunbathing. I am in sexy attire, very seductive like two piece, you in shorts. At first we talk, laugh and cuddle and then you remember that you have forgotten to shut-off the switch of the television so you ask me to leave for the main time. Then I told you since you go back inside to bring some lotion for us to use for sunbathe because i forgot to bring it.Then you said yes baby don't worry. I stand up from where i sit, feel relax, move my hands up and down looking to the sun. Then you come and the lotion is in your hands. Then we noticed that somebody is knocking the door. It is daddy with his 2 friends. They look at us but their all attention was focus on me. I still continue what i have doing. Moves my hands upward, backward, in hail and ex hail. When am doing in hail and ex hail they  staring at me especially to my boobs. Then i stop and you offer them to sit as you want them to join us in the garden. We sit and chat but they still look my sexy body. As i can say the words that comes to their mouth, wow, great nice body shape. Then you invite them to drink, since we don't have beer in the garden i stand up and go inside to get.. They look at me. Daddy says can I go with you inside? Then you reject it and told stay here I will be the one to go with her. We go and daddy with his friends keep looking at my gorgeous body. When we back you sit and let me be the one to give them a drinks. I offer one to daddy but daddy didn't realize that he hold his breath as he looks at me. He get the beer with his one hand and the other hand touching to my hips saying wow, very nice girl. Then you look at us, no comment as your ok of what had daddy wants to do with me. I offer beer also to his 2 friends same as daddy they keep looking at me. Then i ask daddy together with his friends if they want to sunbathe. Then they said yes. So they removed their clothes and only remain was underwear. We move all the sits. We make it in round position. You in shorts baby since they are in underwear you removed also your shorts. I ask you to put me lotion but you refuse it because you need to get another beer. So daddy offer that he will be the one to rub it in my body. So he gets the lotion and rub it on my feet and up to my legs. You leave then to get the beer but you still keep looking us what daddy did and i noticed that it excites you. You smile. Daddy's rub it smoothly down to to my pussy. I was moaning with pleasure. You back and still let him continue what he did. I can feel very nice when daddy's finger brushing my pussy. He rub my hands, stomach chest and everything part of my body. His fingers was touching to my nipples and again I am moaning as yes yes very nice, good work daddy. Daddy looking at you again, but you let him continue, instead you get closer to me and then whispering me to get off my two piece. So i did it. I told all of you to take off your underwear too. We all have no clothes at that time as we all wanted to enjoy that moment. Then i told daddy to rub lotion on my tits. Rub it on my tits daddy please, and he does. My nipples was stick out when daddy keeps on touching it. I saw you wanking your cock by yourself and so as two friends of daddy. And you heard me telling daddy " go on daddy rub me there". Then you stop wanking and get near to me and put cream to my pussy and starts to rub it in. I was lie down. Daddy was on top of my head and you was near to my pussy. Friends of daddy was watching us but wanking cock by their own. You squirts some cream on to my pussy and starts to rub it in. I am excited as you rub ,my clit and slips your finger in. Yes baby fuck me with your finger, ohhh yum yum nice babe.Then daddy was keep going on rubbing my tits. Daddy was too excited he offer his cock to me. I wank it and i lick up and down and sucking his balls and licking it. And you are licking me baby and i am wet.My juices was flowing in to your mouth. I suck your cock babe and you play my tits. Daddy was watching and continue wanking. Then his friends offer their cocks too. I wank it both of you with my two hands. I take your cocks down to my throat and you fuck my mouth. Daddy get closer and offer his cock again. I wank it again, licking it and suck and licking his balls. He was about to cum. I open my mouth wide for him to shoots his spunk down my throat and mouth.I swallow it all down savouring his taste. Then His friends, I wank as i lick them, i wank it hard and fast and they cums into my open mouth, they shoots loads and loads of spunk and i catch it all and then move it around before swallowing it. Fuck me baby please, i want your huge hard cock inside me. You moves up and rouhly shoves your huge cock into my wet pussy. ohhh yes yes babe fuck me hard. you fucks me hard and fast as i play with my pussy. I rub my clit and then you pull out my pussy babe and i feel your cock touch my arse hole,, Ohhh yes baby fuck my arse please. You shoves it in babe and i moan it with pleasure.Daddy rub my clit again and fingers my cunt as you fucks my arse  hard and fast. It excite me too much and i cum. My juices flow out and one friend of daddy goes down and licks it all. Daddy is close to cumming again and pulls out, daddy offers his huge throbbing hard cock. Give me your spunk daddy please daddy, cum in my mouth please, i want to taste your cum daddy. please please please. i suck and lick it and wank him, he told me to lick his arse and i lick it and suck his arse hole before sticking my tongue inside. he can't hold back anymore and sticks his cock into my mouth down to my throat as he cums. He cums loads and loads and i swallow it as it drips from my mouth down to my tits. I suck his cock pulling out his spunk, I love the taste and i lick up all the rest off my tits until i swallowed it "yum yum" daddy your taste is good. Then your turn to cum again babe. I lick and suck your arse then you shove your cock inside me and fuck me hard and fast as daddy and his friends wank over my face and i lick it up as you fuck my hot wet cunt hard. We all cum...

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