my girlfriends story

I was alone at home when suddenly I heard somebody knocking the door. Who was that? and he answered is your papa around? Then I opened the door and told the old man which is my neighbor "no he is not around" then the old man said, can I get inside to wait him as i have important thing to talked to? yeah sure why not... I was wearing shorts at that time with low top. The old man keep looking at me. So i ask him, do you drink? yes i offer him a wine and did not noticed that he finish lots of glasses. We talk, laugh while we wait papa to come. He let me drink to.. My face becomes red and i was more talkative at that time. Until i see him keep on touching his cock. He ask me lots more on naughty question that gives us more excitements. Then he started to touch me, i never react. I wait what next move he wants to. He kiss and slowly undressed me. He kiss me all over. He kiss the tip of my nipples and his hands goes around my body until he stop on my pussy and lick it. He open my pussy wide and lick it. He fingers too. Then he moves up again and let me bend  and offer his cock for me to swallow it. I lick his balls while he keep on touching my nipples. I suck his cock up and down and play the tip on it. His cock is huge now, about 9 inches long and very fat.i take it in my mouth and down my throat, slowly inch by inch until I have his whole length inside, it makes me gag but he hold my head and keep it there, I was up and we kiss each other tongue to tongue. Then we both lying on the floor. My legs was on his shoulder while he keeps pushing his cock to my pussy when papa open the door and saw what we did. I was thinking that papa was angry but i was mistaken because papa immediately take off his clothes and get closer to us and put his cock to my mouth. Papa was d***k too. I suck his cock while his friend keep fucking me hard. I lick papa's balls and arse. I lick his helmet and his cock gets bigger and bigger as I take him in my mouth and down my throat. Then i feel that papa's cock harder and harder.  Then papa and his friend swap.. Papa fuck me hard to my pussy while his friend fuck me hard to my arse.. we are moaning.. moaning and moaning. I tell papa I want to taste his cum....cum in my mouth papa please..... papa's cock was on my mouth for him to cum. He cum's and i isavour his taste before I swallow it then his friend cum too. i both swallow there cum...
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1 year ago
wow... lucky fuckers. :)