I had always wanted my wife to wear seamed stocking, short skirt, high heels and a see through blouse out for me and I wanted her to flash her stocking tops for me and others.

We moved to a new town and she told me I was in for a surprise and that we would go out together on Saturday. My imagination fuelled I looked forward to the weekend and when she came down the stairs I was totally blown away.

She was wearing a short skirt, black seamed stocking, high heels and she had a see through blouse and 1/4 cup bra that exposed her nipples. She told me we had to find a pub where no one would know us, fairly easy as it was a new area anyway.

We found a nice pub and I went to the bar for drinks, looking over to my wife her legs were crossed and the tops of her stockings were displayed. As the evening wore on more of her stocking tops and suspenders were displayed and guys were positioning themselves at the bar to get a better view. She went off to the ladies on a couple of occassions and was followed with men walking behind her just to catch sight of her seams.

We left and she was really turned on by the impact she had on the men and we stopped on the way home and I fucked her in the car whilst we spoke of the effect her stockings and see through blouse had made.

My wife was now hooked and suggested we go out again the following Saturday, she dressed as the previous week but advised she was not wearing panties and we set off to find a different pub. On walking in to the pub the barman noticed as my wife turned and sat down she was wearing seams and said how much he liked them and how sexy she looked. Taking our drinks back over I told her she had an admirer and told her what the barman said, catching his eye she gave him a flash of her stocking tops and pussy and every time he looked over she repeated knowing she was driving us both wild.

He came over and introduced himself as Dave and as his shift was now over and asked if he could join us. We sat either side of my wife and both of us were running our hand up and down her seams, with this my wife put her hands onto both of our pricks gently squeezed and told us she wanted us both.

We left in a hurry with my wife and Dave in the back of the car, Dave told me there was a park nearby where we could park up and directed me. When I stopped and looked into the back seat my wife was sucking Dave off and then asked me to join them. Dave proceeded to fuck her whilst she sucked me off I came quickly and Dave was still fucking her before she asked him to fuck her arse, this I had never done but had asked her many times without success. He did not need asking again she turned over and he put his fingers up her pussy before pushing them into her arse quikly followed by his prick. I was amazed how easily she took him considering this was her first experience and he was clearly much bigger than me, he fucked her frantically and asked where he should cum and was told to leave it where it was. She loved every last minute of it especially as he came and after sucking him dry we dropped him back at the pub.

To my surprise my wife then said we should go back to the park as it was my turn to fuck her arse. It was still very wet and she took me easily and sucked me dry after I had cum up her arse.

We drove home with her flashing her stocking tops for me all the way.

We continue to go out to places where we are not known and my wife flashes her tits, stocking tops and stockings. She had had quite a few men with the best being the time she had a coloured guy and his mate both take her together whilst I looked on. More to that story if reponse is good
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1 year ago
If your wife lets a stranger arse fuck her for the first time ,something she has never allowed you to do and with a larger dick then yours and she handles it with no problem, it's time for you to wake up ,it's just her first time doing it I front of you, news flash she's been cheating on you and she really does not care about you, or you would have been the first to get the arse. PS. She used you like a little bit.....ch.
1 year ago
Colored guy? Really? What year is this 1960?