Masturbating In Public 1

I've been masturbating since my mid teens, and have always tried various methods to add to add to the thrill.
Whether its magazines, videos, both phone & webcam sex, toys, tributes - I've done it all.
But the one I love the most is masturbating in public.
Its not the thrill of being caught, and I never have, but its the different situations and places that get me going.

My first time was in a public toilet.
Not the erotic of settings I know but we all start somewhere.
I was 19 and in college at the time and had the afternoon off so I went into town to kill some time before I had catch the bus home.
I went around the shops until I found myself in a local newsagent, realising I was feeling a lit turned on.
This wasn't helped by looking at the magazines rack, especially all the lads mags. I know its not hardcore but the women they put on the covers are incredibly sexy.
Inevitably, my gaze edged its way up to the top shelf.
One cover caught my eye.
A cute, 18 yr old blonde.
At that point I couldn't control it anymore. I bought the magazine and left.
I began walking around town, sizing up possible destinations.
Behind a wall, a garden, an alleyway. Nothing was discreet enough. I made my way down to the seafront about to give up when I came across a public toilet.
I walked in, found a free cubicle and locked the door.
I placed the magazine top of the closed toilet lid, pulled both my jeans and underwear down and slowly began to massage my cock.
It took a little while to get my cock hard, whether it was nerves or excitement I don't know, but once it did, it felt amazing.
I spat in my hand and began to rub it in, looking down at that cute 18 yr old.
I reached down and flicked through a few pages, she posed in different positions looking straight at me, I began to pull hard and fast.
The next page had her legs open, gently touching her clit and pussy lips. My breathing became heavier as, again, I pulled harder and faster.
The next page and the one after had her fingering herself. She looked so sexy, so beautiful. She was looking at me, pushing me on to pull my cock even harder.
Pre-cum had began to mix with my spit making easier to rub my cock faster.
I turned to the final pages where she was using a diido. She filled her pussy in every position, all the time looking at me.
I pushed my hand against the wall opposite and leaned myself in. I had been pulling so fast that both the spit and pre-cum had creamed up around the base of my cock.
I angled my cock down, tensing my arse cheeks toether, pushing every ounce of pressure into my pulsating cock.
I looked down, she stared back at me, her pussy filled and dripping.
I shot a single stream of white cum over her, from her pussy to her beautiful face. And then another, and as I finally shot my load for third and final over her, i felt a warm, hot sensation rush over me.
It felt incredible. But it was over in an instance.

I knew I wanted to this again, and have since masturbated in many public places.
But thats another story for another day.
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2 years ago
ok that turn me on :D
2 years ago
Please tell us more!