Wild Call of the Moose - Part 6

Being on a moose hunt with my dad and his friends was a really awesome time for me. Like the slut that I am, I fucked everybody on the trip, including my own father. I drank multiple shots of straight semen and took multiple shots of cum in the pussy, ass and my mouth. The boys got a moose and I got every¬thing I could want and more. I was so enjoying my sl**p, when all of a sudden I was being summoned from my slumber by a familiar voice. It was Jeremy.

“Talina, Talina, wake up,” he kept saying over and over.
I finally woke up and was startled to see that I was no longer in a tent, sl**ping with my dad, but I was in some dark cold place and appeared to be alone, though I couldn’t tell.

“Jeremy? What’s going on?” I said. “Why is it so dark in here?”

“The lights are off,” Jeremy replied.

“Well turn them on,” I said.

“The power is off,” he responded, “otherwise I just might do that.”

“Why is the power off in our condo?” I asked.

“We’re not at your condo Talina,” Jeremy responded.

“What are you talking about Jeremy?” I asked.

“I brought you and your little friend back to my place,” he said.

“In Furrville?” I asked. “What the hell is going on?”

“No, we’re not in Furrville either,” he said. “I took you somewhere else.”

“Where?” I asked, “And why?”

“Where is not important and why I will tell you soon,” he replied.

“Jeremy, you need to tell me what the fuck is going on right now,” I said. “Where have you taken me and where is Kari?”

“She is with your father, in the other room,” he said.

“My father is here?” I exclaimed. “Let me see him now.”

“You will see him soon enough,” he replied, “Right now you need to just rest.”

“I don’t want to rest asshole! Let me see my fucking dad now!” I screamed in his face.

“Talina, you really need to not be worried about them right now and just rest until I come back and wake you up.”

“I’m not tired,” I said, even though I really was exhausted.

“Just rest,” he said, as he held a rag over my mouth and I feel back asl**p instantly. The next thing I knew, I was dreaming of the day that Kari and I had met. I remembered every detail of that day, at least in my dream, things seemed really vivid.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Jeremy had my father tied up, with his hands in front. My dad was working the ropes to get them loose, but without much success. Laying next to my dad, on a bed, was Kari and some other girl that was not related to us in any way.

Kari was out cold and she must have received a higher do¬sage of the knock-out d**gs than I had, because she was show¬ing no signs of waking up. My dad checked her pulse and the pulse of the other girl and they both were breathing, so at least no one was hurt at this point. All of a sudden, the voice of Jeremy came over some kind of loudspeaker and said, “Mr. Jameson, you are here to pay for your sins against god and your crimes against humanity. You are an i****tuous father and you had sex not only with your daughter Talina, but my s****r as well, and for this you will pay.”

“What do you want from me?” Randall Jameson yelled.

“I want you to repay your debt,” the voice of Jeremy spoke again.

“Just how am I supposed to do that,” Randall replied.

“There is a girl on the bed next to you. I want you to have sex with her,” the voice of Jeremy responded.

“What kind of sick joke is this Jeremy?” said Mr. Jameson.

“Oh, it’s no joke sir and you will do what I say or I will hurt Talina,” said Jeremy.

“You better not hurt a hair on her head or I will kill you!” yelled Mr. Jameson. “I am not k**ding Jeremy!”

“I will be giving the orders around here, so get busy or else,” said Jeremy over the loudspeaker.

Mr. Jameson wasn’t perfect, but he was a good father and loved his daughter more than anything. He was not in the mood for sex and especially not being f***ed into it by some sicko like Jeremy.

“You won’t get away with this Jeremy,” Mr. Jameson yelled.

Randall Jameson was not looking forward to something that brought him more pleasure than almost anything, but he knew that Talina’s safety was in his hands and who knew what Jeremy would do if he didn’t comply with his demands. Randall got up and got on the bed where Kari was laying. There was another girl in the room, who was also tied up and she was starting to move as if she was waking up. She must have had something over her mouth, because her whimpering was barely recognizable.

Randall had his hands tied in front of him, but he could still use his hands somewhat. He used his hands to remove the girl’s underwear. She made no sound and didn’t move at all when he did this. He didn’t know about Kari and had no idea that she was Talina’s new roommate from college. He reluctantly got his fingers wet and began to rub Kari’s little snatch. She still didn’t move or make a peep. Mr. Jameson unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down. With Kari lying on her stomach, he entered her from behind and slowly slid his over-sized cock in and out of her tight little pussy. Kari was unresponsive to his every thrust. Mr. Jameson turned Kari over on her back and put his cock back in her moistened hole. She started to squirm a little, as he pushed his bone deep inside that young hot hole. He finally couldn’t stand it and he began to shoot his cum all up inside of Kari. As he came, Kari began to wake up from her d**g-induced stupor.

“What the heel is going on?” said Kari as she gained conscious-ness. “Are you Talina’s ex-boyfriend or something?”

“No,” said Mr. Jameson, “I am actually Talina’s father Randall. Jeremy d**gged us and brought us here against our will and f***ed me to have sex with you and said if I didn’t do it that he would hurt Talina.”

“Is she okay,” asked Kari. “Where is she right now?”

“She must be in one of these other rooms somewhere,” he said.

“Where are we?” asked Kari. “We’re not at the condo anymore?”

“No hun, he took us somewhere else, but I don’t know where yet,” replied a very tired and frustrated Randall Jameson.

“Shut the hell up you two,” came the voice over the speaker. “You’re not through yet. You still have more sex crimes to pay for Mr. Jameson,” said the obviously disturbed Jeremy.

“What is he talking about, `sex crimes’?” asked Kari.

“Well, when Talina was younger her and I had consensual sex and somehow Jeremy found out about it and he thinks that I have crimes to pay for,” explained Randall.

“You guys had sex?” asked Kari.

“Yes,” replied Randall.

“Well, don’t get mad,” said Kari, “but Talina already told me all about it and she is totally fine with it.”

“Really?” said Randall, who was very concerned at this point.

“Yes,” she responded, “I wouldn’t worry about it.”

“I’m not,” said Mr. Jameson, “but apparently Jeremy is…”

“I didn’t really like that guy when I met him,” said Kari. “I thought it was kinda creepy the way he followed us home, after Talina told him not to.”

“When was this?” asked Randall.

“The night he stayed over and we had wine,” said Kari.

“Roofies,” he said.

“Excuse me Mr. Jameson?” replied Kari.

“Rufilin,” he said. “That’s what Talina gave me one time and she got it from Jeremy. I knew that guy was bad news.

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Kari. “What are we going to do?”

“I’m not sure right now,” said Randall. “There is someone else in here.”

“Is it Talina?” asked Kari.

“No,” he replied, “but I’m pretty sure that she is here too.”

“Why is Jeremy doing this?” Kari asked. “What is wrong with him?’

“He is obviously very sick,” replied Randall, as he scanned the room to see if he could see anything. The light from the moon was coming through a window that had bars on it. Randall Jameson was an ex Navy Seal and if anyone could get out of here, he could.

All of a sudden, Jeremy came over the loudspeaker and said, “There is another girl in the room with you. Pick her up and put her on the bed.”
Randall didn’t want anyone to get hurt, so he obeyed Jeremy’s orders and went and grabbed the girl up and laid her on the bed.

“Pull off her pants and put her face down and butt up, then I want you to eat her ass,” said Jeremy.

Once again, Randall complied with Jeremy’s request and pulled down her pants and began to eat hear asshole. She squirmed, but almost in pleasure and Mr. Jameson couldn’t tell whether she was trying to fight or was just ticklish.

“Very nice,” said Jeremy over the loudspeaker.

While Randall ate her ass, Kari removed the gag over her mouth, so that she could breath.

“Thank you,” she said. “Jeremy is a freak. He gets off on this shit.”

“Try and be quiet,” Randall said to the girl. “He can probably hear us.”

“Okay,” she responded. “I like what you are doing, I just wish it was under different circumstances.”

“Thanks,” he said, “Jeremy said he would hurt my daughter if I didn’t.”

“I understand,” she said. “Is this your daughter here?”

“No,” he said, “this is one of her girlfriends.

Just then Kari whispered in the girl’s ear, “My name is Kari. I am Mr.
Jameson’s daughter’s roommate.”

The girl replied, “Mr. Jameson?”

Kari said, “He has his tongue in your ass.”

“Oh, duh…” she said, as Kari stroked her head and ran her fingers through her hair.

“Mr. Jameson, what you are doing feels really good,” said the girl. “Please fuck me, okay?”

“Are you sure,” he responded.

“Yes, she said and please call me Martina.

“Okay Martina,” he said. “I’m Randall and this is Kari and my daughter Talina is around here somewhere.”

“Talina, as in Jeremy’s ex?” she replied.

“Yes,” he said, do know her?”

“No, but I have heard Jeremy obsess over her a lot,” she said.

“We’re stuck here no matter what,” said Martina, “so we might as well make the best of it.”

“You are right,” said Randall, “Did you still want me inside you?”

“Yes, of course,” she said in an excited tone.

“Will you please kiss me, while he fucks me?” she asked Kari.
Okay,” said Kari. “If it will make you feel better.”

Randall Jameson already had his trousers down and climbed on to the bed and mounted the young girl, with his giant schlong. She liked it, as he slowly thrust in and out. She kissed Kari passion¬ately as she got the fucking of her life.

“That feels so fucking good, oh my god!” she said as he pushed it in deeper each time. “You fuck so good!”

“Thank you,” he said, “I just wish it didn’t have to be like this.”

“It’s okay,” said Kari softly, “Just play along until Mr. Jameson finds a way out of here for us.”

“Hmmmm, I just don’t want this to end,” she said.
Randall Jameson fucked the crap out of Martina, until they came together in an orgasmic fury. As Randall got off her, Kari quickly repositioned herself behind the girl, so that she could eat her pussy and taste Randall’s cum. It was pouring out of the girl’s vagina like a faucet left open and Kari did not miss a drop of it. Suddenly, Jeremy’s evil voice came over the loudspeaker and said, “That is enough for now. We will film more after dinner.”

They had no idea of how long they had been there or what time it was, only that the sun was going down and it was getting dark. The windows were all covered in steel bars and had been sprayed black from the outside, because very little light came through. What was he talking about `filming’ more? Was he filming all of this somehow? With night-vision cameras or something and where exactly where they and what were Jeremy’s plans for them? About a half hour later, there was a rattling at the door and three food trays were slid onto the floor and the door closed quickly. A voice came from the other side saying, “Eat now or starve, it’s up to you.” Randall got up and retrieved the trays and brought them to the girls, who were now dressed and sitting on the bed.

“Here you go,” he said. “Hopefully it isn’t dog food or some-thing.”

“No,” said Kari, “it smells really good! I think Talina made it.”

“I think you’re right,” said Randall, “This is one of her special-ties.”

“It’s really good,” said Martina, “She is a good cook.”

“Yeah, she got that from her mom,” said Randall. “I need to find a way out of here, that’s all I know.”

After dinner, Randall began to snoop around. From what he could see, they were in the basement of some rural building. There were a few closets, but only one way in and one way out. All of the windows had thick bars on them and the windows were small and almost to the ceiling, so that would be difficult.

Randall found a flashlight in the bottom drawer of a cab-inet. The batteries weren’t brand new, but it provided him with enough light, to find a few key things. He found a small toolkit, two old TV sets, a radio of some sort and some wire. He gath-ered it together and hid it under one of the beds. There were three beds in this, what appeared to be the dining hall of a church. There were religious things everywhere and folding tables stacked against the wall. As Randall searched with the flashlight, he found a small hole in the wall that looked like it was where Jeremy was filming them from. He found another one just like it in the ceil¬ing above the bed. There also appeared to be several small micro¬phones mounted in the wall as well. Randall looked around some more and found a roll of black duct tape. There was also a small nightstand next to one of the beds that was filled with condoms and lube and a couple of vibrators. It looks like Jeremy had this all planned out for some time. What a sicko, he thought. Just then there was a rustling at the door and as the door opened, Talina was pushed through the door, to the ground. The door then slammed behind her and locked.

“Babygirl! Are you okay?” asked Mr. Jameson.

“Yeah Daddy, I’m fine,” said Talina.

“Who is here with you?” she asked, but before she could get the words out,

Kari had sprung to her feet and wrapped her arms around her so fast, it almost scared her.

“Oh, it’s you sweetheart… I was so worried about you,” said Talina. “And I have been really worried about you too dad, sending me cryptic text messages.”

“Jeremy took my phone from me when he k**napped me, which was the day after you left for school,” said Randall.

“Who else is here?” asked Talina in a frantic voice.

“Oh, Talina, this is Martina,” said Kari.

“Martina Garrison?” asked Talina.

“Yes,” spoke up Martina.

“That’s the girl that Jeremy cheated on me with and that’s why we ended up ultimately breaking up,” explained Talina.

“I am so sorry Talina, I really am. I have been for a long time, ever since I found out that Jeremy did actually have a girlfriend and that he had cheated on you,” she said. “Please don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad Martina. It’s not your fault anyway, so let’s just be friends, okay?” asked Talina.

“Okay,” Martina agreed and the two girls hugged.

Martina was beautiful and she knew it. She didn’t abuse her beauty to use it for cheap gain, but was a true sexpot and an amazing lover for being such a young girl. She was all of 19-years old and Randall Jameson was pushing 45, but there was a mutual attraction. Kari was the only one that he hadn’t fucked yet.

“He’s gonna make us all have sex while he films it you know,” said Martina.

“He’s sick,” said Kari. “What are we going to do?”

“Nothing for now,” said Talina, “but I’m sure we will come up with some plan, at least my dad will for sure.”

“Did he already make you guys have sex?” asked Talina.

“Yeah, he made your dad fuck me while I kissed Kari,” spoke Martina.

“Was it fun?” asked Talina to Kari.

“It was weird, cause I felt like I wasn’t being loyal to you,” said Kari.

“When you are being held hostage in the basement of Jeremy’s Uncle’s church, then you do what you have to do,” said Talina.

“So we are in a church,” said Randall to the group.

“Yep, he let me out of my room to cook dinner in the kitchen,” said Talina. “There is no power but the gas is on and he has candles and lanterns everywhere.”

“This is scary,” said Kari to Talina.

“It’s okay, honey,” Talina said to Kari, “My dad is here and he will make sure that Jeremy doesn’t do anything worse than make us have sex together.”

“Yeah, while he films it,” said Martina, ‘That’s fucked up!”

“I like having sex,” said Marina, “and I would have sex with all of you at the same time, if I was doing it because I wanted to and not because Jeremy was making us.”

“You mean you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable having a 4-way right here in the basement of the church?” asked Randall.

“Daddy,” said Talina, “That’s not going to get us out of here.”

“I know that babygirl,” he said, “but if I implement my plan, there is a way that I could cut Jeremy off from filming us and we could just barricade the door and have a free-for-all!!!”

“Then what?” asked Talina. “How do we get out of here?”

“We will worry about that tomorrow when it is light outside,” said Randall, to the girls. “This will really piss him off, if we have sex and he can’t watch or listen.”

“He’s listening to us?” said Kari.
Just then, Jeremy spoke up over the loudspeaker and said, “Everyone get undressed and get ready to film the next scene.” “You have 15-minutes and then it’s show time,” he said.

Talina spoke up and asked her dad, “What now?”

“First, we cut off his ears,” said Randall, as he poked a long screwdriver into the holes in the wall and the ceiling. He could hear a crunching sound, as he twisted the screwdriver around in the holes, covering them with the black duct tape when he was finished reaming the holes.

“That should be all the microphones,” said Randall, “Now let’s cut off his eyeballs, he said, as he covered the hole in the wall and ceiling with the black duct tape.

“Now comes the fun part,” said Randall in a rascal tone, as he pulled that back covers off the TV sets.

“Talina, come hold the flashlight,” he said in a huff.

“Oh dad, I found some batteries when I was in the kitchen and I put them in my pocket,” said Talina.

“Give them to me,” said Randal to his beautiful daughter.

“Here you go,” she said as she pulled them from her pocket.

Randall put them in the flashlight and soon, it was growing brighter than ever.

“Sweet!” said Talina. “What now dad?”

“Hold the light right here,” he said, “and don’t move and don’t touch any of these things on the back of this set.”

“No problem,” she responded. “Do your thing MacGyver.”

Randall snickered, as he used the screwdriver to remove the fly-back transformer from the back of the TV. Using some rubber gloves that he found in one of the cabinets, he removed the same part from each of the two TV’s. He carefully set them aside and stripped some wire that he had found and wrapped the bare end of the wire around the doorknob several times, while he had the girls stack a huge pile of tables in front of the door. There’s no way that Jeremy could make his way in there with that stack of stuff in the way. They found some other furniture and stacked it on top of the tables. Soon, you couldn’t even see the door. The only thing that was exposed, was the doorknob which had the winding of wire connected to it. Randall took one of the flyback transformers and connected the wires to it. “Don’t anyone touch that doorknob for any reason,” said Randall, “Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” said Talina as they all nodded accordingly.

“What will it do?” asked Kari.

“It is good for a one-time shock of a lifetime as long as it hasn’t been somehow discharged,” he replied.

“Will it kill him?” asked Talina.

“No, replied Randall, “but it will knock him on his fucking ass, that’s for sure!”

“What if it’s been `discharged’ as you said?” asked Martina.

“Then nothing will happen and he will just be pissed that he can’t get in,” answered Randall.

“What next?” asked Talina.

“The PA System is really annoying, I think, don’t you?” asked Randall.

“Yes, totally,” said Talina, “What are you going to do?”

“Break it!” said Randall in a happy voice.

“Help me move one of these tables over here, so I can get to the speaker,” said Mr. Jameson to the girls.

They all pitched in and moved a table underneath the speaker where Jeremy’s evil voice emanated from on a regular basis. Randall climbed onto the table and using the screwdriver, took the speaker down and connected two wires to it and dangled them down from the speaker, which was now hanging from the ceiling by its wires. He then connected one of the wires to the other flyback transformer and held it in one hand and the other wire in his opposite hand and waited for Jeremy to speak again.

“If there’s no power at the church, then how is the PA working?” asked Kari. “Is that a stupid question?”

“Yeah dad, how is that possible? Asked Talina.

“There’s power here,” said Randall. “He just has is shut off at the breaker box and it lying to us, saying there’s no power, so screw him! Get ready to hear a scream”

“What if he has a gun or something?” asked Kari.

“He doesn’t have a gun,” said Martina, “He’s afraid of them.”

“That’s a great idea,” exclaimed Randall, “A Stun Gun!”

“What?” said Martina.

“Good idea dad!” said Talina. “ I know what your plan is.”

“Where is that metal pole that was leaning up against the door?” asked Randall.

“I put it right here,” said Talina. “Next to the bed, so I could hit him with it.” She then grabbed the 5-foot long metal pole and handed it to her dad, who wrapped the handle with the black duct tape and then fastened the flyback transformer to the pole using tape and very carefully, as not to discharge the transformer, he connected the wires to the pole and set it on a wooden shelf, within easy reach.

“Okay, rule number one girls… Don’t touch the crazy metal pole, okay? he said, as if it were their first day of school.

“Okay dad,” they all three answered in perfect unison.
Randall laughed and as he did, Jeremy came over the loudspeaker and said, “What have you done to my cameras? I can’t see you.”
The speaker sounded totally different hanging from the ceiling. It was much more tinny and not as scary sounding as before.
Jeremy spoke up again and said, “Why aren’t you answering me? I can’t hear you or see you anymore. What have you done? You’re ruining every¬thing!”
Jeremy sounded very frustrated and it felt good for Randall and the girls, that they were getting his goat so easily.

“What are you demands?” asked Randall.

“I thought he couldn’t hear us, dad?” said Talina.

“I just want to make sure babygirl,” said Randall to his daughter, who was rallying her friends to be strong and prepare themselves for a confrontation with Jeremy.

“That son of a bitch better not try to hurt us!” said Kari.

“Don’t worry Kari, my dad will protect us, right dad?” said Talina.

“You betcha!” he responded, in a confident tone that put the girl’s fears to rest immediately.

“What now?” asked Talina again.

“Okay, everyone get dressed and get your shoes on and your stuff together and be prepared to run the fuck out of here, right behind me,” Randall said to the girls.

“How are we going to get out of here?” asked Martina, “None of us have a car.”

“Jeremy got us all here somehow, so we will just take his wheels when we leave,” said Randall.

“Okay, so it’s a plan,” said Talina and the girls started getting ready.

Jeremy came over the loudspeaker again, but Randall had found the volume control for it and had turned it way down, so now Jeremy was just babbling in the background and we got ready to mount our offensive.

“We’re ready to clear the doorway now,” said Randall. “It’s the only way out of here.”

The girls removed the cabinets and stuff that barred the door. The tables were moved one by one, as Jeremy screamed at the top of his lungs over the loudspeaker, which was now a softspeaker.

“What the hell have you done?” Jeremy yelled.

“Get ready girls,” said Randall, “This is going to get good.” He then placed the pole-mounted taser near the door.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” questioned Martina.

“Well sweetie,” he replied, “it’s not like we have a lot of options at this point. Do you want to stay here until who know when or do you want to go home and sl**p in your bed tonight?”

Talina spoke up and said, “But dad, I thought you said you wanted to wait until morning.”

“Yeah, well then I started thinking about you poor girls and I changed my mind,” he said. “Is that okay with you?”

“Totally pops, I was just asking,” she replied.

Jeremy had pretty much blown a gasket and was screaming through the speaker, “Fix what you have done or I will come down there and fix you!”

“What if….?” Martina started to say, as she was interrupted by Talina, “My dad was a Navy Seal okay? Don’t worry about it. Just listen to my dad and get ready to book it, k?”

“Okay,” she said. Sorry…”

“No problem,” said Talina to the terrified girl. “It’ll be okay.”

Jeremy was ranting on, making all kinds of threats about all these things that he was going to do, like take the video footage he already shot and put it on the Internet on a website and he would show his Uncle and get Mr. Jameson fired from his job for being a sex pervert.

“Have you girls heard about enough of Jeremy’s bullshit yet?” asked Randall, knowing the answer in advance.

“Yes,” they all responded.

“Okay, goodbye Jeremy, you dirtbag,” said Randall, as he reached up and pulled the speaker down from the ceiling, ripping the wires out of it as he did.

Then Randall calmed the mood of things by saying, “Talina, dinner was fantastic! You take after your mother in so many ways.”

“Why? Cause I’m crazy?” she responded, with a laugh.

“No babygirl,” he said, “don’t ever think that your mother’s problems had anything to do with you, because they didn’t.

“I know dad,” she said, as she reached out and hugged him.

“Group hug,” she said to the girls, who then came and joined her around Mr. Jameson.

“Thank you for getting us out of here,” said Kari.

“We’re not out of here just yet,” he said. “Talina, did you happen to see a phone around here anywhere?”

“Yes,” she replied. “There is a phone in the kitchen and I saw where Jeremy was keeping all of our cell phones. They are in the knife drawer, next to the stove.”

“Okay, good. Now, what about the video equipment?” he inquired.
Talina responded by telling him that she had seen a room near the office that had some kind of flickering light that could have been video monitors of some
sort, but other than that she had no idea.

“We need to retrieve any video tapes or DVR equipment that he may have been recording us with,” said Mr. Jameson. To use as evidence against Jeremy, in case for some reason is able to get it first and destroy it.”

“What about keys to a car?” asked Randall.

“I saw a set of keys hanging by the office door,” said Talina, “and they could be to Jeremy’s Forerunner. One of them looked like a Toyota key, but I didn’t get a real good look. They are only a springy plastic keychain.”

“So, here’s the deal,” said Randall, “Jeremy will be here any moment. When he touches the door, he should get zapped, but that will only make him angrier. When he finally does make it through the door, I will zap him with the taser and we will head through that door, locking him in her behind us.”

“Are we clear so far,” he asked.

“Yes, but what if…?” Martina started to asked.

“We can’t deal with `what if’s’ right now,” he said, we can only make a plan and then stick to it.”

“I’m with ya,” said Kari. “What should I do?”

Randall explained to them as simple as he knew how, “First we will head to the office, to get the keys to a vehicle, so we can drive out of here, then Talina, you take Kari and goto the kitchen and get our phones and while you are there, check to see if the landline works and if it does, dial 911 and just set the phone down, but don’t hang it up, then get outside to the car and get in and start it and lock the doors.”

He continued, “While you are doing that, Martina and I will look for the video recorders and see what we can grab and then we will meet you outside.”

“That’s the plan,” said Talina. “Let’s rock!!!”

Just then, they could hear footsteps coming down the old rickety stairs of the church, leading to the basement. They could also hear Jeremy yelling. It sounded like there was someone with him by the way he was talking. Either that or he was talking to him¬self. As he approached the door, we could hear keys jangling.

“Keys!” said Kari.

“Shhh,” said Randall, “Stand behind me and someone be sure to get the keys from him if he drops them.”

“Okay,” they all agreed aloud, as Jeremy drew closer. You could hear Jeremy bitching about not being able to film and just has he put his key in the lock and turned it, he said something like, “You stupid motherfuckers… bla… bla…” and then BAMM!!!, a scream like you have never heard and the sound of Jeremy traveling backwards into the wall behind him, bumping his head.

“What the fuck?” yelled Jeremy as he lay on the floor, on the other side of the door from them.

Randall turned the knob and the door opened, exposing pretty much what they pictured… Jeremy on his ass, looking up, wondering what the fuck just happened.

“Hey, you assholes! Get back in there!” yelled Jeremy, as he started to get up.

“Run girls!” yelled Randall as he took the end of the taser pole and stuck it right in Jeremy’s mouth, giving off the biggest spark you’ve ever seen. Something about the amount of metal in his fillings or something, but it popped and damn near blew his jam apart, with an explosive f***e. The spark gave off a bright light that made Talina and Kari stop dead in their tracks on the stairs and turn around, just as Jeremy let out a bl**d-curdling scream, like you ain’t never heard.

“What did you do to me?” he yelled, as he screamed in agony.

“Go Talina! Now!” he yelled at the two who looked like they had just seen a car wreck.

“Grab his feet Martina. Let’s pull him into this room,” exclaimed Randall, in a frantic tone. Martina grabbed his feet and they carried Jeremy into the dining hall and threw him on the floor. Now this would be his chance to stay in the place they had just spent an unknown amount of time in. Jeremy screamed at them to let go of him, but neither Martina, nor Randall looked at him or said a word to him, as they walked out the door and locked it behind them. They could hear him scream in pain and agony about how much his mouth hurt, but they didn’t say a word, and continued to walk up the stairs, until they entered the main level of the church. It wasn’t a very big church at all, but with the basement, it seemed bigger. Talina and Kari made their way to the kitchen and retrieved the missing cell phones. They checked the phone on the wall in the kitchen, but there was no dial-tone, so they made their way to the office where they grabbed the plastic keychain, that was just where she remembered it was and there was a Toyota key on it. As they made their way out to the car, Randall and Martina searched for the room that Talina had told them about. She was correct again, because there were TV monitors in that room, a bunch of them and a bunch of Digital Video Recorders that were connected through a series of wires to the cameras. Randall unplugged the devices that stored the actual video and threw them into a backpack that was sitting there.

There were a few miscellaneous items in the backpack, which Randall threw on the ground. One of which, was a piece of paper, that Martina picked up off the ground.

“Look Randall,” said Martina, “it’s some kind of map to gold mine.” She handed it to Randall and he looked at it and shoved it back in the pack.

“Here Martina,” he said, “Take this backpack and go get in the car, okay?”

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” she responded and she made tracks out of there.

Randall stared at the video monitors for a few seconds and real-ized that he was right, there was power to the church, but Jeremy had all of it shut off, except what he needed to run his video equip¬ment. What other sick and twisted things would they find on the DRV systems? And who else had he done this to?

It had to end and it had to end now, Randall thought to himself as he scrambled to make his way to the kitchen. He had given the flashlight to Talina and Kari, who were now safe in Jeremy’s Forerunner, with the engine running and the doors locked. Soon, Martina joined them and they were getting warm as the engine ran. Randall found the breaker box located inside the pantry, off of the kitchen. He switched every breaker to the on position and as he did, the old church lit up like a Christmas tree. He then went back into the kitchen and opened the oven and blew out the pilot light and turned the gas up on high and then did the same thing to the stove. They place was quickly filling up with the pungent odor of propane, as Randall exited the church, slamming the front door behind him. As he came from the church, the girls all repositioned themselves, so that Mr. Jameson could get behind the wheel.

“Okay, we’re rollin’!,” he said as he turned on the headlights and slammed it in reverse, spitting gravel all over the windows to the basement, where Jeremy was now locked. They drove fast, as they rolled down the gravel driveway to the church. The girls had no idea what Randall had done with the gas, as the church exploded in a ball of flames behind them.

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Kari, “Jeremy blew up the church!”

“We got out of there just in time,” said Martina. “We owe it all to you Randall.

Talina interrupted Martina and said, “You know Martina, you really should wait until you get to know my dad a little better, before you start calling him Randall.”

“Talina,” she replied, “Your dad filled my pussy full of cum earlier and your little girly friend here ate it out of my pussy, so I think I know him well enough to be on a first-name basis with him.”

Talina looked at Kari and said, “You ate my dad’s cum out of this tramp’s snatch?”

“Yes,” she responded slowly.

“Oh snap!” said Talina, “High-five sista. You are officially in the f****y now. Hahahaha. You ate my dad’s cum.”

“And Martina, I don’t really think you are a tramp,” said Talina.

“I kinda like being a tramp,” replied Martina, “It has its benefits.”

“Speaking of benefits,” said Randall. “After we get to a city with a motel and a diner, I will get us all something to eat and a room and we can stay the night and get some rest. How does that sound?”

“That sounds great dad, I am not so hungry, but very sl**py,” said Talina.

“Is everybody okay,” asked Randall. “That was quite an ordeal.”

“Yeah, we’re fine,” they all responded. “Just tired.”

“What are we going to tell the cops?” asked Martina.

“Well…” Randall started to say, as he was interrupted by his daughter.

“We aren’t going to tell the cops shit about nothing,” spoke Talina, with authority. “Fuck Jeremy! He was a lying asshole who hurt a lot of people and would have hurt a lot more if we hadn’t stopped him.”

“What about the explosion though?” asked Kari. “Won’t someone see that and won’t the police come to the church?”

Randall took over the conversation by saying, “Kari, just so you know… the explosion at the church was an accident, but what Jeremy did to us was not, it was premeditated and very evil, so as long as everyone understands that we were lucky to get out of there before we got hurt, I think we can all put this behind us and move on with our lives, without involving the authorities.”

“No one say a word about it to anyone,” said Talina, “End of story.” Both girls nodded in agreement, that it would be off limits for discussion by anyone.

“What about the fact that we are driving Jeremy’s car?” said Kari.

“Boy, you just think of everything don’t you?” said Talina.

“I have one of those kinds of minds I guess,” she replied.

“I have an idea what we can do with Jeremy’s vehicle,” said Talina. “We need to have a way home, once we drop it off though.”

“Where do you propose we should dump the Jeremy’s wheels sweetheart?” said Randall.

“Kari and I know where there’s this mine that’s closed and with all of the explosions they’ve had nearby, it won’t be long before that place is covered
in rock and timber,” said Talina.

“Okay,” said Randall, “here is a motel with a restaurant next door, let’s stop and stay the night here.”

“Do you have cash Mr. Jameson?” asked Kari. “Don’t use a credit card, or your real name, or Jeremy’s license plate number, okay?”

“Okay Matlock,” he responded with a chuckle, “I’ll remember that.”

“What I want you girls to do is stay in the car, until I get back, okay?” asked Randall.

“Okay,” they replied.

Randall went inside and paid cash, as Kari had suggested, but he had other plans and used Jeremy’s name and license plate number on the registration card. Hey got the room key and got back in the car and re-parked closer to their room. They unload¬ed what little stuff they had with them, into the room and got freshened up, before going next door and having a huge steak and baked potato. It had been many hours since they ate dinner and they were all hungry. Plus, feeling like they had done the world a favor, was a pretty good feeling as well. They finished eating and went back to the motel.

They watched TV, thinking that the fire at the church would be on the news, but it wasn’t. There wasn’t a word of it anywhere. Maybe no one knew about it yet. Nonetheless, they all felt relieved to be away from Jeremy and his craziness. Bed part¬ners were chosen almost immediately, as Talina and

Kari got into one bed together and snuggled up to one-another.

“I guess that leaves you and I,” said Randall to Martina.

“I look forward to it,” she replied as she turned off the light and got undressed and got into bed with Randall Jameson.

“Good night Randall,” she said softly in his ear.

“Good night,” he replied softly as well.

“Good night John-boy,” said Talina, making a joke of them saying good night like that.”

“Good night Talina” said Randall, “and good night Kari, sl**p well my girls.”

Talina spoke up and said, “We’ll sl**p fine as long as you two don’t keep us awake all night fucking.”

“Fucking, huh?” he responded. “Is that what you think of me?”

“Duh,” she replied, “You are a man. Do I need to spell it out for you?”

“Hahahaha,” Kari laughed as they squabbled over whether or not Mr. Jameson was going to fuck the snot out of Martina, with them in the room.

“Let’s just get some sl**p girls,” said Randall. “There will be plenty of time for `fucking’, once we get through this.”

“Yeah, you are right dad,” said Talina, “Good night.”

Randall and the girls were so tired from the whole ordeal, that they fell asl**p almost immediately. The next morning, they woke up early and got a move on, back to Grayson, where they stopped at the condo and grabbed Talina’s car, before driving to the mine to drop off Jeremy’s vehicle.

When they got to the mine, the gate was just as they left it. Talina took the lead in her car, showing Randall where to drive the Fore¬runner to. They reached the mine shaft, where the door was still unlocked. Kari jumped out and slid the large metal door out of the way, exposing the shaft tunnel.

“We will drive this thing down there dad,” said Talina. “You and Martina stay here.”

“Are you sure?” he asked. “What if?” He was interrupted by Talina saying, “What if, nothing…. Just wait here. We will be right back.”

“Okay babygirl,” he said, “If you insist. I trust you know what you are doing?”

“Yep,” replied Talina, “We know dad…”

Randall and Martina, swapped vehicles with Talina and Kari. They sat and watched, while Talina drove the Forerunner down the shaft tunnel, with Kari behind her, riding on the skip.

It didn’t take long to drive down the shaft and into the lower level of the mine. Before they knew it, they were parked at the bottom, planning their next move. With the headlights on, they gathered a few items together, like a couple kerosene lanterns and a small pickaxe that was laying nearby. Talina got out of the vehicle and yelled to Kari, to stay on the skip and get ready to go up with it. She then took the small pickaxe and climbing under¬neath the 4x, hacked a hole in the gas tank, which sent unleaded fuel spilling everywhere.

“Quick,” said Talina, “Let’s get out of here!” That was all Kari needed to hear, as she engaged the motor of the skip and it started traveling upward. Talina ran and jumped on the traveling skip and landed right on top of Kari.

“Déjà vu,” said Kari.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing,” replied Talina.
The skip reached the outer opening of the mine, as they ran as fast as they could to get in the waiting vehicle, driven by Randall Jameson.

“What now? Asked Randall.

Talina spoke up and said, “We left a kerosene lantern burning down that and it should…”, when all of a sudden a huge explosion came from inside the mine. Rock and debris could be seen coming from the shaft, as it completely caved in.

“Well, that’s that,” said Talina. “End of Jeremy.”

“Yep,” said Martina, “He definitely had it coming, that’s for sure.

“Yeah, he was a sicko,” said Kari.

“It’s over,” said Randall, “Now we just need to destroy the DVR’s and everything will be back to normal.”

Talina opened the backpack full of electronic equipment and pulled the two video recording units from inside.

“Give me that screwdriver out of my purse Kari,” said Talina.

Kari reached in Talina’s purse and pulled out a Philips screwdriver and handed it to Talina. Talina then unscrewed the covers to the DVR units and removed the hard drives that stored the video footage.

Talina then spoke up and told her father, “Dad, there are some bluffs on the right-hand side up here. Pull over when you get to Lookout Point, okay?”

“Okay,” replied Randall. They drove a short distance and then pulled off the highway at the Lookout Point exit.

Talina exited the vehicle with both DVR hard drives in her hand. “Be right back,” she said. She then walked to the edge of a huge drop off and threw the devices against the rocks below, where they crashed into a million pieces before her eyes. She knew it was finally over and though Jeremy would never bother them again, that a part of him still lived on in her, as she lived out her life, with Kari and after a short time, Randall married Martina and the four all moved away to California, to a small town called Auburn, located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and though they often had sex together and felt no shame about the lifestyle that they had chosen, but knew that compared to some¬one like Jeremy, they were pretty much a normal f****y. Randall kept the paper with the treasure map on it and vowed to someday go there for a moose hunt and see if there really was gold buried there. He doubted it and had found the treasure that he had always longed for. And they all lived happily ever after!

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