Wild Call of the Moose - Part 5

The first night of the hunt, we had some kind of cowboy stew that Pete concocted. It was really good actually. Everything he cooked was good. There was something about food cooked out on an open fire that just tasted yummy. My dad’s other friend Darrel didn’t talk much. He was shy and the guys used to razz him and tell him that he was ignorant, but he was actually really smart. He was an engineer at an electronics company in Morgan.

That night, my dad and I zipped our sl**ping bags together and made one big one and just snuggled all night. I know that my dad was seriously fighting a boner, which I totally understand. If I was me, I would be getting turned on too, even though I was his daughter and only c***d. My dad kept me really warm and it was nice spending time with him. We didn’t get enough time together.

The next morning, we woke up with the sun and Pete was already up, with coffee brewed and a huge pile of bacon sitting there, while he cooked eggs in the frying pan.

“Over easy?” Pete yelled to my father.

“You know it partner!” he replied, “The same for the little lady.”

“You got it,” he said, “I aim to please!”

Pete really was a good cook. Darrel was rustling in his tent, so we knew that he would be up soon. Today, we would be mo¬ving camp a couple miles up the mountain, to where the moose were known to congregate.

“We outta be able to get us a moose this time, huh Randall?” said Pete.

“Boy, we better get one this time I am going to be pissed!” answered my dad.

It was strange hearing him called by his first name. I was used to Dad or Mr. Jameson, but Randall was just too formal for me to fathom. My dad was such an easy going guy, he should have been a Dave or a Larry, but not Randall or Randy.

Finally, Darrel emerged from his tent, all dressed and ready for the day. Darrel stuck to what was safe, which means he wore the same clothes and ate the same food all the time, without fail. He was really sweet and very intelligent, but since he was so quiet, many people had mistaken him for being mentally handicapped. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The company that he worked for had a contract with the Department of Defense, for some kind of munitions project. That’s all he could say about it apparently, cause it was a hush-hush thing.

“Good morning Darrel, did you sl**p well,” dad said in an overly happy sounding voice.

“I did, thank you!” replied Darrel, who was looking himself over to make sure all of the buttons on his shirt where fastened pro¬perly.

“How `bout ya’ll,” he yelled back, almost in a we are a million miles from anything kind of voice.

“Well, very well,” he said. “I dreamed about moose all night.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet you did my friend,” he replied. “But today we’re gonna get us a moose, so then you will be dreaming about a pretty lady after that.”

“Indeed my friend,” he said, “indeed.”

“Chow is ready you guys, come and get it,” yelled Pete.

“Yay!” I said, as I was very hungry that morning. It was starting to thaw out, not that the sun was coming out, but it was still really cold being so close to the water.

“Are ya hungry there little girl?” asked Pete.

“Yes, I feel like I haven’t eaten in a week,” I replied.

“Yeah, that Cowboy Stew will do that to you,” he said. “Either that or give you the squirts!”

Then my dad spoke up and said, “Easy there hombre, that’s my little girl you are talking to.”

It was a long hike up the mountain to Spit Point. They called it that because you could spit and watch it fall hundreds of feet straight down. Press gross actually. Anyway, we hiked for about an hour and finally reached the summit and our new home for the next few days. Pete and Darrel began clearing a spot for our camp, making it free of stick and tree debris.

Pete turned to me and said, “Set down your pack and grab some wood little girl! Hahahaha.”

“I am,” I said, “I’m just not as fast as you guys.

“What did you say? You’re not as fat as us guys?” he chuckled.

“Fast,” I said. “You heard me silly. Don’t mess with me.”

“I was just messin’ with you Talina,” he said.

“I know,” I said, “so was I. Hahahaha!”

I liked picking on my dad’s friends, it was fun; Pete more so than Darrel. Darrel was too serious and may take it the wrong way, but Pete was fun to pick on and I did it a lot.

One time when my mom was alive, I caught Pete sniffing her dirty panties in the bathroom, while jacking off with them. He thought the door was locked and I thought that no one was in there and it all happened so fast, but my timing couldn’t have been any worse, cause I walked in just as he shot a huge load into the crotch of mom’s panties. They were here favorite black lace ones, I remember. I never said anything to anyone about that incident, for many reasons, but mostly because it was embarrass¬ing. He always treated me special after that, probably because I saw his tiny penis… Lol! It was only about 3-inches long and that was when it was completely hard, omg! He was a big guy other than that and had a semi-rough exterior with a beard and moustache. Even though he had a small dick, I saw more semen come out of that thing than I could ever imagine was possible. It made me afraid to suck Jeremy’s dick the first time, then he showed me that not all guys cum like that, cause he only came a little bit. After tasting Jeremy’s cum and then becoming more or less addicted to the taste of it, I often wondered what it would be like to have Pete blast off a huge load down my throat and all over my face. I tried not to think about that and especially now, but once I started, I really couldn’t stop myself. Then Pete spoke up and said, “I’m gonna go gather up some firewood for tonight, I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Babygirl, please go help Pete get wood, okay?” my dad asked me.

“Okay dad, if you say so,” I replied, acting almost like I didn’t really want to.

“Let’s go this way,” he said in a gruff voice.

As we got out of sight of camp, I turned to Pete and said, “What’s wrong Pete, you don’t seem very happy?”

“It’s nothing that concerns you little girl,” he replied.

“Are you sure Pete,” I answered, “ cause I get the feeling that it is in some way.”

Then Pete spoke up and said, “Well, it’s just frustrating for a man to be alone and then to have some sweet thing like you out here with us and you’re Randall’s daughter and I could never do anything with you, but the thought sure has crossed my mind.

Then I just said what was on my mind and told him, “Would you believe that the thought has crossed my mind too?”
Really?” he said, “About me?”

“Yeah,” I said, “Not so much having sex, as seeing if you could give me one of those huge loads that I saw you shoot that day.”

“You remember that do you?” he said looking embarrassed.

“Yeah and I will probably never forget it either,” I said.

“I’m sorry,” he replied, “I never meant for you to see that.”

“I know Pete,” I said, “It’s okay.”

“You’re getting’ me awfully turned on right now Talina,” he said. “Maybe we should be getting some wood?”

“I’m trying to get some wood, but you won’t give me any!” I said.

That must have been the magic word, cause the next thing I knew, he had his pants down and his tiny cock in my mouth. I sucked on it very passionately and worked it up and down and back and forth and then I started deep-throating him, which was difficult considering how tiny he was. As I pushed the head of his cock to the back of my throat, he began to orgasm. His cum starting spewing out of my mouth and I was swallowing and choking and gagging and swallowing, all at the same time. I was trying not to waste any on the ground, but I couldn’t take it all at once. I used his cock as a plunger, to push the majority of his spoo down my throat, but there was still a lot on my face and even some in my hair.

“I’m sorry about that,” he said.

“Sorry, why? I loved it Pete,” I exclaimed.

“Really? It was okay?” he asked.

“Yes, it was actually very yummy!” I told him and I wasn’t lying.

“Can you make sure that there isn’t any on my face or in my hair, so when we go back?” I asked.

“Of course I will,” he said. “That was amazing Talina! Where did you learn how to do that?”

“My boyfriend Jeremy,” I said, “He teaches me a lot of things.”

“Really?” Pete asked, “Like what?”

“I don’t know…. Like anal,” I responded.

“Wow! You like it in the rump?” he inquired.

“Sometimes,” I said, “it depends on the guy and how big his dick is. My asshole isn’t very big and I don’t like pain, so…”

“What about my dick?” he asked, “Wouldn’t it be the right size for your little ass?”

I was still wiping the cum off my face and his dick was already hard again.

“Wow!” I said, “Are you a circus performer or something?”

“No,” he said, “Just overly horny all the time. So what about letting me inside your rump real quick and then we can go gather wood like we are supposed to be doing?”

“I would like to, but there is one small problem with that,” I said.

“What is that?” he asked.

“It’s embarrassing actually,” I said, as I turned my head the other way.

“What could be so embarrassing that you couldn’t tell me?” he asked.

“Well, to be honest…” I said, “I really have to take a shit right now, but I am constipated and I can’t go, so maybe now wouldn’t be such a good time, if you know what I mean.”

“Actually, it would get rid of your constipation right away,” he said, “Kind of like a cum enema.”

“Hmmm,” I said, “Are you sure you’re not just messing with me?”

“No,” he said, “bend over this here stump and I will show you.”

There was a tree that had been sawn off a couple of feet from the ground and it supplied me with the perfect place to lay my upped body, leaving my pussy and ass exposed. First Pete got his finger wet and started rubbing my pussy, but I was already soaking wet after swallowing his cum. He slid his fingers in and out of me and then inserted his penis in my vagina. I could tell it wasn’t a finger, cause it was a little bit bigger. Pete fucked my pussy, while he spit in the crack of my ass and began to finger bang my asshole. It felt really good, what he was doing to me. I was a little concerned with not being gone too long, but I wasn’t going to miss this for anything. Finally, Pete slid his tiny cock in my ass and began thrusting in and out, pushing deeper each time he went in. It didn’t take long before he began to make that sound he made earlier when he blew his load all over my face. I knew he was cumming and as he pushed his cock in me, I pushed against him, so that it would go in as deep as it could. Just then, his nuts gave way and a steady stream of cum began to overfill my anal cavity and drip down the back of both my legs and onto my socks and into my boots. I had to shit so bad and I think Pete was right, cause I felt like I could go right then.

“Watch out,” I said, as I squatted down right there and began to push this massive load of cum and poop out of my ass, right there in front of Pete. He must have been a freak, cause it looked like he was excited by the whole thing. I didn’t have any toilet paper, which was totally stupid, but Pete offered to clean me up and though it kind of grossed me out having him lick my ass with shit on it, I figured he knew what he was doing and I was only making him a happy man, so I did it and he got me cleaned up and soon we were on the hunt for firewood.

Pete had some of my poop in his beard, so we stopped next to a stream and he washed his face. I tried lapping some of the water up on my pussy and ass, but it was freezing cold and I realized that it was not such a good idea.

“Pete, I just want to tell you that what happened between us back there is between us and never to be uttered to another human being as long as you live,” I said, “Do you understand me mister?”

“Of course I do Talina,” he answered. “Who the hell am I going to tell? I would stand as much to lose or more than you, so don’t worry about that, but let me ask you one question and be honest… Do you think we can ever do that again?”

I waited for a second to answer him, then said, “We will just have to wait and see, I guess. Don’t get your hopes up though. It may happen or it may never happen again, I just can’t say right now.”

“I understand,” he said, “It was still an amazing dream come true for me, just so you know. I have masturbated so many times thinking about you.”

“Yeah,” I said, “and you jacked off using my panties too?”

“Once,” he said.

“Once?” I responded.

“Okay, twice,” he said, “but I swear… that was it.”

“Yeah right,” I told him. “You probably have all kinds of my panties laying around your house.”

“No,” he replied, “Only one pair.”

“Okay Pete,” I said. “You can keep them!”

We finally gathered a massive amount of firewood and managed to get it back to camp. I told Pete on the way, that he needed to remember to not act too happy when we came back, cause it would be a dead giveaway. I told him about how Jeremy would come to my house all upset and then we would go in my room for a while and when we came out, Jeremy was all happy and bouncing around and my dad totally knew what was up.

As we approached the camp, my dad said, “I thought you two got lost.”

“Nah,” I said, “Pete thought he was going to bring this huge oak tree back with him, but I made him leave it back on the trail.”

“Well, I started dinner, since I didn’t know how long you would be gone,” he said.

“No problem dad,” I said as I kissed his cheek. Then I thought to myself, I just kissed my dad with the same lips that just took a huge load! That was crazy! Hahahaha.

Dad made us a wonderful steak dinner that night. We only brought so much meat with us, cause they were planning on gett¬ing a moose and then we would eat it, plus we also had baked potatoes made in the fire pit, wrapped in tinfoil and asparagus. Dad was tired and turned in early, leaving Pete and Darrel and I all up at the folding table, playing cards. They both liked playing poker and I tolerated them for the most part.

After about an hour, Darrel began to get really sl**py and said his goodnights and went to bed, which left Pete and I sitting at the table looking at each other and not saying a word. Finally, Pete spoke in a soft voice and said, “That was nice what you did with me today. It means a lot to me.”

“It wasn’t a mercy fucking Pete, so don’t make it sound like I was doing you a favor, okay” I said in a normal volume.

“Shhh!” he said. “Do you want to get us in trouble?”

“No,” I said, “As I was saying… I asked you, remember?”

“Sort of,” he said, “I think that I was telling you how difficult it was having you on this trip and then you brought up that day you caught me in the bathroom with your mother’s panties and..”

“Excuse me,” I interrupted, “I was there…. Hello.” That had Pete pretty much rolling on the ground.

“I realize that,” he said, adjusting the tone and volume of his voice, to blend in with the dull roar of the fire.

“We really should go find somewhere private and do that some more,” he said with the please fuck me look on his face.

“As much as I would like to, that could prove to be risky,” I said, “My dad isn’t always the soundest sl**per in the world, especially when he goes to bed early like that. He usually gets up after a while and then goes back to bed, so let’s not and say we did, okay?”

“Sure,” he said, “Maybe some other time.”

“Okie dokie,” I responded like a smartass.

“Would you like some hot cocoa,” Pete said, as he got up from his folding chair.

“Okay,” I said, “that would be really nice.”

“Would you like some extra cream in it?” he said, not realizing the major pun he just pulled off (another pun!).

“Excuse me,” I said, “You want to put extra cream in my cocoa?”

“That’s not what I meant actually. Your pop brought some half & half and we need to use it up or it will be no good.”

“Hmmmm,” no on the half & half, but yes on you taking my cup in your tent and filling it with your cream and then if there’s any room left in the cup, you could pour in some cocoa,” I respon¬ded, “like I had that all figured out or something, but I really did¬n’t… It just came to me… Hahahaha!”

When Pete got done having a laugh, he inquired, “Are you ser-ious? You really want me to drain little Willy into a cup for you?”

“If you wouldn’t mind,” I said, “It would be quite yummy and a wonderful bedtime treat! Go ahead and take your time, I’ll wait.”

“Okay,” he said, “I will cum fast because I will be thinking about busting a nut in your ass earlier, that was great!”

"Yes, it was awesome!” I replied, “Now get busy.”

“Okay,” he replied, like someone was asking him to do something strange… Oh yeah, they were. :O)

Pete was gone for a couple of minutes and soon emerged from his tent with my cup full of cum in his hand. “Don’t spill any!” I said as loud as I could without making a scene.

“Shhh,” he said again, “Now you are going to get me in trouble.”

“No way,” I said, “I know my limitations. Besides, if dad caught you with that cup, you could just tell him that the half & half went bad on us and he would probably believe you!”

“There is room for cocoa in here. Do you still want some?” he said.

“Well, how much of you is in there?” I asked him.

“A lot,” he replied, “I came twice, so the cup is kind of full.”

“Half-full,” I said.

“Three quarters full,” he said.

“Give it to me now,” I said, “while it’s still warm.” Then I reached out my hand and Pete handed me the cum-filled cup.

“Are you really going to drink that whole thing,” he questioned.

“I hope so,” I said, “That is, unless one of these coyotes doesn’t try to steal it away from me…”

“Okay, bottoms up,” I said, as I gulped down this huge cup of Pete’s spoo. The look on his face was priceless. I finished almost the entire thing, but had to stop and get my breath for a second.

“Are you okay,” Pete asked.

“Oh, I’m more than okay Pete, thank you!” I said, looking at him like I was some kind of seductress or something. I finished the cup of cum and set the cup down on the table and just stared at Pete, to see just how uncomfortable I could make him, just for fun, but it didn’t work.

“What?” he said, “What’s wrong?”

“Why does something have to be wrong Pete?” I replied. “Why can’t I just look at you, is that a problem?”

“Now there little miss, not at all,” he said, “I’m just used to bad news I guess. That’s my fault.”

“Wait a minute Pete, that makes no sense,” I responded. You are used to bad news, that’s bad enough to feel that way about your life, but to say that it’s your fault is just stupid. It is other people’s fault for the wrongs that they have done to you, just like you are responsible for your own shit,” I said, like I was the camp counselor.

“Yeah, I suppose you are right,” he said.

“Of course I am and don’t you forget it,” I said as I got up from my chair and put my dirty cup on a pan full of dishes.

“I’ll do them dishes Talina, you look tired. Go ahead and go to bed and I will see you in the morning, okay?” he asked.

“You might see me before morning mister, if you’re not careful,” I said as I kissed him on the cheek. “Good night Pete.”

“Good night babygirl,” he said, knowing full-well that was my dad’s pet name for me.

Swallowing that huge cup of cum really turned me on. I didn’t realize how much it had, until I found myself laying next to my dad, pushing my clit up against what I was sure was his cock that was innocently poking into me. My dad rustled around a little bit and then went back to sl**p and started snoring softly, so I knew he was asl**p. I kept rubbing against him and he would get hard and then it would go soft and then get hard and then go soft. I pulled my sweats down around my knees and tried pushing in just my underwear and that was much better. I could feel the outline of his cock and that was driving me wild. I reached my hand behind me and casually reached into the slit in the front of his boxers and pulled his semi-hard cock out and let it flop down on the soft interior of the sl**ping bag. I touched it a few times and when it was hard enough, I spread my legs apart and pulled my panties aside and just rubbed the head all over and my wet pussy. Back and forth on my clit I kept rubbing as his dick grew two sizes. I wanted it inside me, but I couldn’t risk waking him up and making a scene, so I just closed my legs together, with it still stuck in my panties, pushing against my clit. It felt so good and I quit paying attention to being still and started bucking against my dad, until he finally woke up and being a little confused how his penis has made its way into my underwear, he said, “Honey, what is going on?”
I acted like I was having a dream or something and said, “Oh Jeremy, I like it when you do that.” There was silence for a minute and then my dad said in a soft voice, “You like that?”

“Yeah,” I said, “Put it in me Jeremy, please,” hoping that my dad had no idea that I was really completely awake.

“Maybe you should just go back to sl**p,” he said.

“No Jeremy, I WANT YOU INSIDE ME NOW!” I said, trying not to be too loud. He didn’t say a word, he just lined his hard cock up with my wet pussy hole and he carefully slid it deep inside me. I could tell by how gentle he was being with me, that he really did think I was sl**ping and that I thought he was Jeremy. He fucked me for quite a while and I played it off like I was in a dream-state. He finally pulled it out and shot his load all over the crack of my ass. I seriously thought he was finished, until he started using the cum he just shot on me and lube for my ass. Would he be brave enough to attempt an all out ass fucking on his little babygirl? I actually didn’t think so, until his soft penis made its way into my anal cavity and as it grew in size, I pushed against him harder and harder until he came again, this time in my ass and he did not pull out when he came, but continued to fuck me well after he came and his dick was soft again. I think he had plans for going for three in a row, but after a while, he pulled out and wiped my pussy and ass off with his shirt and then went to sl**p, snuggling me tight as he did.

I couldn’t believe what a total slut I was. First I sucked Pete’s dick, then let him fuck me in the ass, then drank a big cup of his cum, then was fucked by my dad in the pussy and ass and took a couple of his loads in the process. Geese, next thing you know I would be waking up in the middle of the night and fuck¬ing Darrel’s lights out. Maybe that’s why my dad brought me anyway, to experience new things like this. Who knows?

It was funny that I thought that about Darrel, because later that night, I had a dream that I went in to Darrel’s tent and got in his sl**ping bag, with no panties on. He tried to kick me out, but I convinced him that I wanted to be fucked and that my dad wouldn’t get mad, so he boned the crap out of me and sent me back to bed, where I had the best night’s sl**p ever.

I woke up before the sun came up and my dad was still fast asl**p, but I was fully-rested, so I got up and stoked the fire, which had almost gone out. As it crackled and popped, I could hear Pete rustling in his tent. Soon, the zipper flap of his tent slid open and he emerged, fully-dressed.

“Good morning!” he said with a smile.

“Good morning Pete, how are you?” I replied.

“Everyone still sl**ping,” he asked.

“Yeah, it would appear so,” I said.

“Would you like breakfast,” Pete asked.

“Not yet, but I could go for a Pete Cum Cocktail,” I said.

“You would really like some more of my cum in a glass?” he asked.

“Yes sir, if it’s not too much trouble,” I said shyly.

“Do you want it in a mug?” he asked.

“Ummm, no… how about one of those tall glasses there,” I said, as I pointed at these tall champagne glasses. I had no idea how they ended up on a camping trip, but I liked them very much.

“Okay,” he said, “I will be right back and a few minutes later, he emerged from his tent with a warm glass full of his spoo.

As he handed me the glass, I said, “Thank you kindly sir!”

“You got it,” he said, “I’m glad you like it!”

“I love it,” I said, as I chugged the whole thing.

“You love what?” my dad said, as he sprung from his tent.

“Oh, rice pudding daddy, it’s really good,” I responded.

“Well, we should have brought some for you then,” he said.

“Yeah, maybe next time,” I said.

“How are you this mornin’ Pete?” my dad asked.

“Fair to midland,” he said, “There was a bear in the camp last night making noise and it sounded like it was coming from Darrel’s tent.”

“Really?” he said. “Maybe it was just Darrel.”

“Maybe,” said Pete.

Hmmm, or maybe I really did go in Darrel’s tent in the middle of the night. It sure seemed like a dream to me. Just then, Darrel’s tent flap opened and he came crawling out.

“Good morning ya’ll,” Darrel said, rubbing sl**pies away from his eyes. “Did everyone sl**p well?”

“Very well,” said my father, “I heard you had a bear in your tent.”
Suddenly, Darrel turned and gave me this funny look, like I did something wrong. “What?” I said to Darrel.

“Nothing,” he said.

“Bears do frequent this particular area a lot actually,” said Pete.

“Yes they do,” said my dad.

“What’s for breakfast?” asked Darrel.

“Flapjacks,” said Pete.

“Yummy!” I said, “My favorite!”

Pete mixed up some pancake batter while we all sat around and talked about what we were going to do that day.

“I brought my camera and I need to take some pictures for a school project that I am doing about wildlife,” I said.

“We were planning on heading up to that upper ridge, on the other side of that mountain and see if we can get a moose,” said my dad.
Darrel spoke up and said, “Yes, we have got to get us a moose!”

“I don’t know that I am up to climbing that mountain with you guys today. I might just tag along with Talina and make sure she doesn’t wind up lost,” said Pete.

“That would be fine,” said my dad. “I appreciate that.”

We had a most delicious breakfast of flapjacks and bacon and sausage. Pete was a really good cook and my dad like having him on a moose hunt. I did the breakfast dishes, which wasn’t much, since we were using paper plates and throwing them in the fire. Dad and Darrel got ready in a hurry and said their goodbyes, making their way up the hill until they were completely out of site.

“So Talina, what did you really have in mind,” asked Pete.

“I brought my camera and I need to find and ecosystem and photograph it,” I said. “I figured we could walk to the lake and I could find something there to take pictures of.”

“We should take some pictures of you, so I have something to remember this trip by,” said Pete.

“Okay, I don’t mind that,” I replied, “That would be fun!”

We got ready and left camp on our way to the lake for fun and frolic. I was really glad that my dad didn’t mind Pete e****t¬ing me. It would have sucked to have gone with them and getting lost all by myself would have been equally horrible, so this worked out perfect. Pete and I walked about a quarter mile to the lake. It was really beautiful and really warm as well. I had my bikini on and a denim skirt over that. I found a small pool, where there were many water skimmers and other bugs. I put my camera on macro and began shooting pics of this tiny ecosystem. I was mindful to bend over in my skirt several times in front of Pete, just to tease the poor guy. I finally got enough pics and gave my camera over to Pete, who was more than eager to photograph me. I posed in several positions, wearing my skirt and pulling it up occasionally, to expose my bikini bottoms. I teased about as much a what would be considered fair, before I let him fuck me from behind.

Pete came twice in a row, filling my pussy with more cum than would possibly all fit, so it ran down my legs, like the time he did it in my ass. It was so warm and there was so much of it, I was always surprised. We took a break from fucking and smoked a joint. Pete wasn’t much of a stoner, but I was, so we got blazed.

Pete’s tiny cock that produced more cum than you could imagine

Pete sat there with his pants unbuttoned and his tiny cock poking out of the open zipper. It was hard to believe that so much cum could possibly come out of that little wiener… lol

“What do you want to do now?” Pete asked.

“Well Pete,” I responded, “you can start by licking my pussy and cleaning up some of this mess that is running down my legs still.”

“Okay,” he said as he headed down between my legs immediately and started tonguing my hole. He used the cum that had ran down the crack of my ass, to lube up my ass and stick his fingers in there. I liked it! I liked anything in my ass, just about. Noth¬ing too big, but Pete was perfect for ass fucking, so I let him fuck me in my ass and he came again at least three different times that I know of. I was getting tired in that position, so I pulled his cock out of my ass and turned around, getting on my back and reinserted him into my ass, only this time my ankles were up around his ears. He pumped me so full of cum, so many times that I almost thought I would never be able to do it again.

“Isn’t your ass getting sore?” he asked.

“A little,” I said, “but it feels so good, I don’t care about the pain, besides you are the perfect size for my ass, so it’s cool.”

“Okay,” he said, “just checking…” “What should we do now?”

“Well,” I said,” We could take some more pics of me, maybe this time without my bikini?”

“That would be nice,” replied Pete. “Why don’t you stand next to those rocks, by the water.”

“Okay,” I agreed and I found a spot that had a nice background.

Pete snapped several shots of me with my skirt on and then he had me take it off and got several pics of me, just in my bikini, then he said, “Okay sweetie, time to lose the suit.”

“Alrighty then,” I said, as I stripped down to my bare buns.

“No we’re talking,” he said, “How many pics will this thing hold?”

“A lot,” I said, “It has a 20gig memory card, so maybe a couple thousand.”

“Sweet!” he replied as he continued to snap away at every angle.

He took a lot of pics of me and after a while, we stopped and ate lunch. We had a couple PBJ’s in our knapsack and we gobbled them down. I laid there with my head in Pete’s lap and, as he reviewed the pics that he had just taken. There were quite a few, but here are my most favorite of all the ones he took that day.

(continue to Part 6)
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4 years ago
excellent series