Another pantyhose fantasy created by my awesome wi

As those of you who read my stories know, my wife wears sheer energy nude STW under her scrubs when she works a shift at the hospital. Turns me on to no end since I always get to rub her legs and feet when she gets home. Well last night was just a typical night. She comes home from work, we eat dinner and lounge around watching TV and I rub her feet and legs. I'm not thinking about sex, well I always do a bit when she's in pantyhose but I digress. So it's a pretty normal evening and sex is off the table as far as we both are concerned since it is bedtime and we're still downstairs watching TV.

So my wife goes upstairs to get ready for bed and I lock the house all up. I go upstairs and she is already in bed wearing a typical XXL t-shirt as a night shirt. Nothing is out of the ordinary, or so I think! Once I get into bed, we are just laying there watching a bit of the tube and she shuts the light out; that's when the fun started.

Little did I know she had left her pantyhose on! She doesn't sl**p in her pantyhose, so I knew I was going to be cumming very soon. Well she reaches her foot over to me, I'm almost asl**p mind you, and starts to rub my upper thigh with it. I thought I felt hose on her foot and I reached down and sure enough she had her pantyhose still on! Well I feigned sl**p so that she would keep the caressing going real soft and slow. So she takes my penis out of my boxers with her feet and starts rubbing it with her foot! I'm not really a footjob guy, but it's not like I'm against it either. So she gets me honeymoon hard with her feet and just keeps stroking real slow with her back to me. I'm getting really turned on now but I still don't open my eyes.

She is OK with this and gets the baby oil out of her night stand and starts to give me a long, slow handjob. This really turns me on since she is just staring at my big dick and getting into it. I know this as I am looking out of one squinted up eye. So she keeps stroking me and I think maybe this is just my turn to get serviced. Well it was. She got a pantyhose leg out of the drawer too and wrapped it around the base of my shaft. She likes big dicks that are all purple and ready to burst, so she puts the squeeze on the base with the wrapped around hose leg. So she is just stroking and looking at my penis and really getting into it. Well it only took about 5 minutes of this and I'm ready to burst. The pre cum is flowing at this point and she repeatedly bends down and puts my whole purple head in her mouth and sucks it out of me. She says that pre cum tastes way better than actual cum so she always tastes that.

So when I start to cum, she lets loose the hose around the base of my deck and I cum a seriously large load into her hand. She's not a porn star, so it's not like she licked it off her palm or anything, but it was very erotic to see her just look at it. It makes me feel like she is really still turned on by me and that makes me feel great since I'm so turned on by her.

Well that was it, but it was so erotic to be in the dark going to bed and to have her put her pantyhose covered feet all over me. Something about it was so hot since as I said, she doesn't sl**p in her pantyhose but kept them on because it turns me on. And to have her stroke me like that and get off on how hard I was and just worship my penis; it was very arousing!

Stay tuned for more stories of real sex from a real couple!
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6 months ago
That's a good pantyhose wife.
10 months ago
you are one lucky man.
2 years ago
i am so hard reading you, thanks
4 years ago
look forward to hearing more from you , and I to love the feel of stocking clad legs and feet