The power of my wife in pantyhose

As those of you who have read my stories know, I have a pantyhose fetish. My wife is a huge part of it, most of it really since she's usually got the pantyhose on, and her willing participation in my fantasy life is just incredible after all these years.

My wife has always worn pantyhose and wears pantyhose to this day. Even through all the early 2000's where pantyhose were considered taboo. She is a very good looking woman and she is into fashion, so it's not like she wears them with every single thing. If it's hot out, she has a sundress on and she has a tan, she won't wear them. Which is fine by me since she will put them on when we get home if I ask her to. But if she's dressed up for work, going to work in her scrubs, or wearing boots with ANYTHING, she has on pantyhose or tights. She sort of got conditioned to wear them for two reasons; the era she grew up in and her time in school. Going to school in the '80s, all girls wore pantyhose; that's just the way it was. But she went to vocational school her junior and senior years and they had to dress as if they had a job in the field they were studying. She was into court stenography. So she had to 'work dress' everyday and she told me she wore pantyhose every day. It's a good thing I didn't meet her until she was 28 or we would have got nothing done!

So fast forward to today. She is an RN and she wears scrubs to work. Since she's on her feet all day, she wears sheer energy nude Sheer to Waist under her scrubs for the support. I think she also likes getting a leg and foot rub when she gets home, but I don't think she'd wear pantyhose for 12 hours unless she understood the support benefit. She is 47 adn doesn't have a single spider or vericose vein. Well I'm retired (yes we're age appropriate, I just make money in different ways) so I'm always in bed when she goes to work.

Well tonight a bunch of us are going out to dinner and she has to meet us there. So I wake up as she's getting dressed in time for the pantyhose putting on voyuerism! But today, since she's dressing up later, she puts on a pair of black dance tights. She wears the Capezio and Danskin tights since she says they are more supportive. I don't mind since they are so soft and lovely to the touch. Well this is really turning me on as she iss spendning time getting her seams straight and the like and she looks awesome standing there in her bra and hose. I get turned on and start masturbating. She always likes to watch me jack off, so she sits down on the bed and pulls the covers back and tells me to keep it up. I do and she starts caressing my balls in her hand while I masturbate. I have lots of pics on my profile so you can all see what I was playing with. She loves my penis. Anyway, right before I orgasm, she puts a firm grip on my balls, removes my hand, puts her mouth over the head of my penis and pumps me dry into her mouth. This was so erotic I think I'll have to masturbate again here in a few because the thought of that sight is etched in my mind.

I have the best wife in the world. After 19 years of marriage and two k**s, we still have it for each other big time. I have some pics of her, but she won't let me post them. She's afraid she'll get recognized. I took a bunch of pictures of just her legs and feet the other day after she got home though and I will try and post those. Size 7 with arches that come out of her pumps. I don't even have a foot fetish and her feet turn me on! To have found someone who gets my kink and doesn't mind playing along is just wonderful.
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8 months ago
She sounds like a lovely wife and its good that you both love pantyhose.......but does she know you like wearing them too!!!
2 years ago
Greatone. If I had a woman like dat, I'd personally peel them off any chance I got.
2 years ago
very nice story, very exciting!!!
2 years ago
Nice story
4 years ago
Man you are lucky I wish my woman would do that, i would fuck her everyday.
4 years ago
nice & good