Development of a pantyhose fetish

As I write these anecdotes, they will more than likely jump around a little bit since I’m now in my mid 40’s and this is going to be stories from my adolescence where a pantyhose fetishist was absolutely bombarded with womens’ feet and legs in pantyhose literally everywhere. My last story gave a little back story and also the story of my first orgasm. No, it wasn’t just my first ejaculation in pantyhose; it was my first orgasm period, so how could I not connect the two?
Well I spent most of my late elementary and early junior high school years with thoughts of pantyhose probably every 15 seconds or so! I was literally consumed as there were at least a dozen girls and teachers in pantyhose every single day, and when there was a call to dress up, you couldn’t find a bare leg. So how does a hormone enraged early teen get to act out on his fetish? I mean other than stealing pantyhose, where do you get them when you’re too chicken to stand in the check out holding a pile of pantyhose? Well steal them is what I did. Either actually from a store, or from friend’s moms or wives of friends of my mom and dad. So that’s what I did. The leggs were still in the plastic eggs and I could take one of those packages apart, pull the hose out and stuff them down my pants, and put the egg back in without making a tear to the cardboard. Plus NoNonsense came in a plastic pouch, so they were c***ds play to steal if you weren’t being watched. My favorites at the beginning were Leggs sheer energy in coffee and nononsense light support in tan or nude. Their nude was paler than Leggs, so I liked it better. The thing that sucked however was that I didn’t like my legs hairy and since I was in athletics, I couldn’t shave them. I tried to counter this by putting on multiple pairs. That didn’t give me the look I was after either as 3 pairs of sheer energy would give you this swirl look that I didn’t like. I wanted opaque tights but I liked the shine of sheer energy as well as the cling. So I discovered that 2 pairs of all nylon nononsense sheer to waist under the sheer energies was the perfect look. I still do this today.
So I would put on pantyhose any time I was home alone. Even if only for ½ hour or so. My parents were gone a lot, so I used to masturbate like 2-3 times a day sometimes. Plus they liked to go out in the evenings pretty regular also. So I would take my pantyhose, cut out the cotton panel for my penis to stick through in a hole that wouldn’t run the hose, and just pleasure myself all the time. I was a horny teenager and was really going at it at this time. I want to talk about my international pantyhose experience that was really, really erotic to me.
When I was in jr. high, I was in a program called CISV, or c***dren’s International Summer Villages. Basically an exchange student program. I had to host a k** from Denmark for a month and then he had to host me the next summer. It was very fun, especially since the mom worked for the Danish airline and she wore pantyhose literally all the time. Even on her days off she would wear a skirt, blouse, pantyhose and penny loafers. She was ok to look at also, but not great. Anyway, I had no idea the extent of her hose usage until she washed her pantyhose one day. They had radiant heat so she would lay her pantyhose on the radiators to dry. The first time she washed her hose, there were 15 pairs on the radiators! This drove me crazy since I didn’t have access like I did at home and was getting pretty horned up. Plus, they wear colored hosiery over there more and these were all kinds of different pastel style pantyhose. They were ALL sheer to waist, which was awesome, but they were also all reinf***ed toe, but oh well, pantyhose were everywhere. So I had to go in the bathroom a few times and pull one off, but one night is the story I wanted to talk about.
Since in bed or in the locked bathroom was the only place I wouldn’t be discovered, I wore a pair of her pantyhose to bed one night. As usual I was rock hard and oozing precum by the tablespoon. So as I was rubbing myself very quietly, my exchange student wanted to know if I was playing with myself! That country was much more liberal than the US at the time (probably still is) and they don’t think playing around with each other, especially in your youth, is anything abhorrent. They just think of it as k**s playing around. So my student wants to see and shows me his boner! It totally shocked me and I really didn’t have any feelings about it. Too bad he wasn’t also wearing pantyhose or I probably would have wanted to see. Well I didn’t respond to his queries, but it did make me more aroused as I was feeling very taboo. So much in the same fashion as my first pantyhose orgasm where I just had to touch my penis and it exploded, I just rubbed my erection a few times and it just jumped and spurted in my pantyhose; ruining the one pair I had confis**ted from his mom! That was the extent of my international pantyhose adventures, but since they were in my youth, they are still very erotic memories.
The other orgasm I had in foreign lands also involved pantyhose, but not on me and the focus wasn’t put on the pantyhose the girl was wearing. In Denmark at that time, a lot of the girls were wearing shorts and sheer pantyhose. I think it may have been a bit due to the cold, but I think the style over there is just to wear pantyhose a lot more. Anyway, there was a girl named Ghita that I thought was cute. Well one day she actually told me that we were going to ‘make out’. I thought she was good looking as hell so I was all for it. Well she was wearing pantyhose and shorts and this was driving me crazy. I think they were like a dark brown and I was hard the whole time around her. Well we were not going to have intercourse, that she made very clear. But we fooled around and just French kissed and did the stuff that inexperienced adolescents do. So the only hose play I got was to rub the hell out of her legs while we were kissing. Well she even let my hands wander under her shorts a bit to her hose covered ass, but she wouldn’t let me touch her crotch. She rubbed me over my pants and all that, but it was just so erotically charged and I think I leaked about a gallon of pre-cum into my underwear.
Needless to say I went back to the house later and masturbated. Once again, not big deal stories or forum’ish, but highly erotically charged and still make some of my best ‘eyes closed whacking stories’.
My next story will detail more of my very young adult life and my discovery of porn and porn shops with video arcades and a XXX theater. Lots and lots of time spent exposing myself in those and letting perverts ogle me as I masturbated and they watched me through the glory holes. Those were some erotic times to be sure. I will also get into some current events as my wife and I had a really hosed filled evening last night after she got home from work and we did the usual foot rubbing session. It went further and we got busy in pantyhose and it was just a mess!

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5 months ago
Right after we got married wife took a job at a restaurant where the uniform with a brown dans kin with an white lace apron that served as the very short skirt and they all wore LEGGS sheer to the waist coffee colored pantyhose
Her legs looked good enough to net at least two hundred bucks a night in tips.
1 year ago
First time I ever cum, I was wearing some pantyhose that I stole from the lost property box at school. Such a naughty act- taking them, slipping them on in private getting hard in seconds and then cumming in them. Awesome memories.
4 years ago
I like the stories. Reminiscing about personal sexual experiences make the best of stories.
4 years ago
really enjoyed reading this, thanks