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Fantasy fulfilled today

If you look through my videos, you'll notice I don't only love pantyhose. I also love big penises. I adore them and I also love to be naughty. That's why I love the pantyhose, they just feel so naughty. But I also love the big dicks. And one thing that makes that even more taboo, is a big, uncut penis on an old man. I met a physical freak today. Not to the extreme but to have a 7.5" x 6" erection is a big deal on an old man. Especially when it's super hard and stayed that way for over an hour. We even stopped and he didn't go soft. He looked so sexy walking back into the bedroom with... Continue»
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[Story] Another pantyhose fantasy created by my awesome wi

As those of you who read my stories know, my wife wears sheer energy nude STW under her scrubs when she works a shift at the hospital. Turns me on to no end since I always get to rub her legs and feet when she gets home. Well last night was just a typical night. She comes home from work, we eat dinner and lounge around watching TV and I rub her feet and legs. I'm not thinking about sex, well I always do a bit when she's in pantyhose but I digress. So it's a pretty normal evening and sex is off the table as far as we both are concerned since it is bedtime and we're still downstairs watchin... Continue»
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[Story] The power of my wife in pantyhose

As those of you who have read my stories know, I have a pantyhose fetish. My wife is a huge part of it, most of it really since she's usually got the pantyhose on, and her willing participation in my fantasy life is just incredible after all these years.

My wife has always worn pantyhose and wears pantyhose to this day. Even through all the early 2000's where pantyhose were considered taboo. She is a very good looking woman and she is into fashion, so it's not like she wears them with every single thing. If it's hot out, she has a sundress on and she has a tan, she won't wear them. Whi... Continue»
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[Story] Development of a pantyhose fetish

As I write these anecdotes, they will more than likely jump around a little bit since I’m now in my mid 40’s and this is going to be stories from my adolescence where a pantyhose fetishist was absolutely bombarded with womens’ feet and legs in pantyhose literally everywhere. My last story gave a little back story and also the story of my first orgasm. No, it wasn’t just my first ejaculation in pantyhose; it was my first orgasm period, so how could I not connect the two?
Well I spent most of my late elementary and early junior high school years with thoughts of pantyhose probably every 15 se... Continue»
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[Story] Birth of a pantyhose fetish

Part of what I find erotic is the pursuit of the feeling you got in your belly those very first times you were sexually turned on. What was turning you on and how intense and erotic it was as your hands were shaking and you were all nervous and aroused. Probably similar to d**g addicts always trying to get that first buzz feeling. For me it was, and always has been, pantyhose. Not stockings and that, but nude or suntan pantyhose. Probably a symptom of growing up in the 70's. I don't even really like black pantyhose that much. But to me writing is what gets me off, and this is all true s... Continue»
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