So yesterday, I went for a swim in the pool. It was pretty warm, and I was enjoying myself, when my b*****r-in-law stopped by with his daughter "B"(13) and her younger cousin "D". No big deal, we have people drop by all the time, so we were all swimming and splashing around, and the girls started play-fighting over an air mattress to float on. I was just minding my business, when "D" kept jumping out of the pool on the side rather than using the stairs at one end or ladder at the other. "B" pointed out to me that "D" was wearing "B"'s suit and it was a tad too big, and that the bottom kept sagging (she thought it was hilarious)... Now I couldn't help from noticing. So as time went on "D" kept climbing on the raft (which it tricky in the water, I must admit), and with the loose bottoms, right in front of me each time, I couldn't help but notice the fur developing... I know it was wrong, but she did it at least 30 time and I must admit, that that fuzzy little snatch had me mezmerized... I couldnt help but notice. And it was done on front of me most every time. Then a bit later, she finally got on, while I was under the diving board, and just hanging around that she was laying on the raft with help tiny left tit compeletly exposed. Good thing I was under water... I didnt' say anything waiting to see if they were playing a game with me or what (plus it was a nice view)... This went on for about 5 minutes before she or "B" "noticed" and fixed it... Looks like another hot day today... Guess where I'll be!

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3 years ago
best story yet, keep them coming mate. any chance you could get pics to attach to these stories to enhance the wanking
3 years ago
wifey told me when she was "D"s age, she would "accidentally" expose herself and hope someone saw her. she had the most fun in her friends uncles pool. theyd all run in one circle then float in the whirlpool. friends uncle would "bump" into her, his bare cock "accidentally" slipped out of his shorts and hed press his hips against her behind. this only made her ache more for him to feel underneath her suit... right there with everyone all around but no one seeing...
3 years ago
a good one
3 years ago
3 years ago
love it
3 years ago
mmmm great story,,but be careful those girls are up to something