I love my mother

My mother was 18 years old when I was born. My dad left us a few months later.
Mom brought me up on her own and we were very close. She did not have boyfriends until I was old enough to stay home alone. She eventually did have a few boyfriends, but never had them to stay and always returned home at night.

In retrospect our relationship was odd, but at the time I thought the way we behaved at home was normal. Mom would walk around the house in bra and panties. Her slim tight bottom and firm g****fruit sized breasts (clothed) were simply something I never noted (just like a nude painting hanging on the wall just become part of the background).

I started dating when I was 15, but the girls never hung around for long. I later discovered, from a friend who dated an ex-girlfried of mine, that mom used to find an opportunity to have a confidential chat with them and put them off me.

At the age of 18 I joined the RAF on a 3-year engagement. After basic and trade training I was posted to a flying station in Norfolk, where I began dating a local girl. I never brought her home because by this time I was aware of my mother's tactics (which I had never broached with her).

I had just past the age of 19 (mom was them 37)when I returned home one Friday evening on a 72-hour pass. My mother cooked a meal and afterwards took her usual early shower. She came downstairs in a sheer silk tie-up silk dressing gown. I then had my shower and came down in my pyjamas (it was a hot night).

Mom lay on the sofa and I sat in the only armchair as we watched tv.

After a while I plucked up courage and told mom that Maria and I planned to get engaged.

She leaped from the sofa and came at me, screaming: "No girl is going to have you."

She raked her fingernals down my face drawing bl**d. I grabbed her wrist, forcing her back so that I could stand. She then tried to kick me, so I twisted her round and f***ed her back against the wall with her arms spread above her head.

There was only two layers of thin material between our naked bodies and, as I pressed close to restrict her movements, her dressing gown fell open exposing one pale breast with a nipple as firm as a nut. My cock immediately grew hard.

At this point the rage left my mother's face and her mouth formed a surprised 'O'. "You can let me go now," she said. "I can see that you feel the same as I do, so I won't fight you."

I slowly released her wrists, but stayed close in case this was just a ruse. Her hand went immediately to my crotch, slippin my cock from my pyjama vent, and began massaging my throbbing erection.

"You'll never know how many years I've dreamed of this moment," she breathed in my ear. I was still in a state of shock and, besides, I found I rather liked what was happening. Still massaging my cock she undid her dressing gown with the other hand and immediately began to rub my nob up and down her wet slit.

She then leaned back against the wall, thrusting her pelvis forward and guiding me into her. I just couldn't refuse, I was too high with sexual excitement, and I began to move inside her. We kissed and I seized both her breasts in my hands, sqeezing the nipples and sucking on them alternately.

All too soon and came inside her. I began to withdraw, but she said "Oh no you don't" and clasped both hands onto my buttocks holding me firmly in place. She began to rock backwards and forwards and, unbelievably, I began got hard again.

I came again and this time she climaxed with me.

We separated and she took me by the hand a led me to the sofa. Pushing me into a lying position she removed my pyjamas and then her nightdress. God, she then took my limp penis into her mouth. Her tongue searched my nob and then she began to slowly move my penis inside her mouth, taking it deep into her throat.

When I was hard again she mounted me, rubbing my cock around her hairy bush and them sliding it back to slip inside her anus. She began slowly and and gradually increesed momentum, moaning "Give it to me" and "Fill me with your spunk again".

After I climaxed she lay on top of me, nibbling at my nipples and caressing my cock. I don't know how long we lay there until she finally stood and, taking me by the hand, led me upstairs to the bedroom.

By this time I was completely committed. I could not stop even if I wanted to.
We didn't get out of bed until the following evening. When I had time to think about it all I realised that in 25 hours we had fucked each other 13 times.

Needless to say, weekend leave was never the same again. We fucked each other until I was 22, when she got married and emigrated.

I have had around 14-15 sexual partners since then, but none of them has fucked as well as my mum.

91% (46/5)
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2 years ago
Short and not so sweet. Mom seems to have had a problem of controlling situations rather forcefully. Her later marriage sure was an immediate turn of events. Very weird!
2 years ago
Nice story
2 years ago
very good..
2 years ago
mom is always the best
2 years ago
Super hot, thanks.
2 years ago
mom was one hot woman
2 years ago
Welcome...Great story