The Bike Ride

It was a hot day. Out on my bike, north to the twisty roads and the country.

You on behind me, not riding yours today but relaxing on the back.

I can feel you tight to me, your hands around on my thighs, moving with me through the corners.

An open stretch of road and quiet, no traffic. I run my left hand up your leg and up your thigh. Along in behind me I find you hot and wet sitting there. I run my fingers over your wet pussy through your jeans. A light touch to start, but then harder and deeper, stroking, rubbing your pussy. I can feel you getting wetter by the moment. I can feel you breathing heavy and hard and then feel you quiver as you cum and my fingers can feel your juices.

We continue on and now you have your hands running up and down my thighs. I'm hard from the attention and you grab my cock through my jeans feeling it throb as you do.

i pass a corn field and see an opening from the road, so i u-turn around and we head along the edge of the field and around the corner out of sight from the road.

I get the bike up on on center stand and we strip our gear off. I grab you and that hot, passionate probing kiss, feeling you tight in my arms. My hands grabbing your ass and pulling you tight. I can still feel you wet pressed up against me. I peel off your top and cup, squeeze your beautiful tits, teasing your nipples till they are hard, pinching, twisting them then ready for my to suck and nibble. I feel you moaning and arching as i do and my hands work your jeans undone. I slide them down and i drop to my knees and run my tongue over your wet lips. I get you sitting on the bike, back over the tank as I spread you wide and tongue deep. Sucking your wet lips up between my teeth and tugging them. My tongue circles your clit and I suck it between my teeth, running my teeth down your clit shaft. You have grabbed my head and you grind your pussy up into my face.

I sink my fingers deep into your hot wet cunt and find your spot. Working as i tongue your clit. I can see your juices flowing and puddling on the seat below you. I lift you high off the seat and my tongue traces the juices as they run and tease your now wet rim with my tongue. You quiver and moan and cum again for me.

You catch your breath and then slide off the bike. You drop to your knees and unzip me, pulling my swollen purple head and throbbing cock out. You tease with your tongue, playing with the pre cum sitting on the head, spreading the hole open and working your tongue down it. Cupping and squeezing then sucking my shaved smooth balls.

I pull you up from kneeling and i turn you to the bike and bend you over it. I run that swollen head through your wet lips and over your clit till you cum again splashing all over us. As you cum I drive deep into you, hearing you gasp. grabbing your hips i stroke long and slow, all the way out leaving your pussy gape open for my cock then all the way back in.

Deep and then harder and faster. I grab your hair and pull you back, reining you back into me. My hot breath on your neck and in your ear.

My finger working your ass, feeling my cock stroke your pussy as i finger fuck your ass.

Fuck me Baby, Fuck me hard. You match my strokes with the same power, enthusiasm. You're moaning, almost screaming as we fuck till you feel me tighten and explode deep inside you. The stroking stops as i pump my load deep. When you feel me drained you turn around and suck our juices from my cock.

We relax, have some water and suit up again, picking the corn stalks from the bike and off we go, feeling you wrapped around me as we head down the road.

Ever wonder if an ear of corn would make a good toy? lol, I should pick one while we are fucking and peel it open to try, those rows of nibblets should be good lol!!
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11 months ago
Well written.