Limo Ride

It was a Gala event at the casino in Niagara Falls. You had finished off a successful evening. We were there, you in a slinky sexy sultry black dress and me in suit and tie. You had me teased for most of the night and I was semi hard as a result of it.

The clients were most impressed and as the night ended they took you aside and told you they had a Limo for you for the rest of the night.

We left out to the parking lot, my hand on the small of you back as we left. Out to the Limo to find a woman driver for us, looking sharp in black slacks and jacket and a crisp white blouse underneath, her hair up and under a driver’s hat.

She opened the back door for us and told us “Sir, Ma’am, the limo is fully stocked for you, please help yourself.” As you bent to climb in, my hand slid down and cupped and squeezed your ass. As I did I looked at the driver, she blushed and looked away, but grinned as doing so.

A bottle of wine was waiting for us and I opened it and poured two glasses for us.

Now underway, we sipped our wine and I turned to you to tease you back, my hand on your leg, slowly sliding up under your dress, only to find the edge of your stockings. I looked into your eyes and had a mischievous grin for you.

My hand crept further, finding the edge of your panties and I can feel the sheer fabric and hot moistness seeping from them. You moan lightly as I brush over them. You hand slides across my leg and you grab hold of me hard under my slacks. Your hand slides along the length, stopping to squeeze my swollen head.

You undo my slacks, and pull me free and drop to your knees on the limo floor in front of me. I notice that the limo window to the driver is open slightly, I can see the driver’s eyes in the rear view mirror and she is watching, her eyes following you.

As you start to suck me, my hand slides underneath you and up under your dress finding your pussy, lips swollen from the teasing. My fingers run along them, slow and smoothly, tracing your lips through your panties. I move the panties aside and slide my fingers right through your lips. I realize the driver is taking this all in, so I take my hand out and move instead along your back and down, pulling up your dress and showing your ass. My fingers running down and pulling your panties aside and start to finger fuck you from behind. The driver I can see is biting her lip.

You continue sucking me the sounds of a wet blow job are through the car. The traffic is slow from construction and the driver has slid the window down more. She has a view of your ass in the air and my fingers buried into your from behind. Just as you are about to cum I slide my fingers into your ass, you let lose a groaning moan and cum all over my hand. Your juices glisten in the light. The driver moans along with you and you move to

slide my slacks down and move to sit on me, reverse, you reach behind and grab hold of me and slide me deep into you. Your eyes lock to the driver’s and you two stare at each other, her seeing the pleasure in your eyes.

Traffic has cleared up and we are on Grand Island and the driver takes an exit. You are slowly riding me up and down my shaft, your juices flowing down me.

The driver pulls into a riverside parking lot I a nice dark spot and gets out, taking her jacket off. She comes around to back door and opens and says “Ma’am can I help you?” as she climbs in to the back, she knees and takes off her blouse, a white lace bra underneath, she starts to cup and squeeze her breasts,. The two of lock stares and as you ride me, she has her hand down her pants, trying to play but the clothing is too restrictive so she slides out them.

As she does this she reaches over and puts her hand on your thigh, you moan in approval and now with her pants off, she has her fingers playing. She then puts both hands on your legs and pushes them apart further. You move from sliding up and down my shaft to grinding, working your hips as she moves in.

Her tongue starts to dance across my balls and up along your lips till she gets to your clit.

She sucks down hard and I can feel that against the underside of my cock. She has your clit up between her teeth and you buck and moan cumming again. You hover onto my cock and I start to pound up and down into your pussy. Her tongue moves from my cock to your pussy with each stroke. You’ve grabbed her by her hair and pull her tight into your cunt, having her work you clit harder.

Just as I cum, I come out of you and explode over her, her face and tits and you explode again with that and she lets out an orgasmic moan of her own.

You slide down off me to your knees and she and you lock in a long passionate kiss and then you start to run you tongue down collecting my cum off of her and then with a tongue full you move back to a long deep kiss, sharing my juices with her from your tongue.

The driver starts to slip back into her clothes and says “I hope you had a good night”, she makes her back to the front of the limo and takes us back, dropping us off, she comes around and opens the back door. As you climb out her hand brushes to the inside of your thigh and she looks straight at you “Good night, Ma’am” and turns, closes the door and off she goes.
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