The One Who Got Away

I am not much of a writer but when it comes to sex I know what I'm Doing. Hope You Enjoy.

I had just recently returned home from another trip overseas I had already been planning on coming back to the states and enjoying myself and finding a woman for a night of fun and drinking an yes sex. Sex is all that I had thought about since my last port visit to England. I had done exceptionally well for myself in that country(another story maybe to posted Depends on feedback from this one). I had gotten back and checked into a hotel after being on a ship all I wanted was some personal time away from everyone including my closest friends.
I spent that entire after-noon grooming myself for the nights activities. I shaved my face took a long hot shower shaved my chest and trimmed my armpits I went all out. I dont have a very hairy ass but I shave it to keep myself clean an looking good. Cleanliness is next to godliness. I shaved my self and trimmed down my pubic hair I went all out for the anticipation of the night to come. I finally finished getting myself cleaned up and started drinking and headed to the bar. I was amazed at what I saw welcome home banners all over the place and women like you wouldn't believe waiting to get their hands on sailors who had money an they knew it.
I spent the most of the night shooting pool and drinking alone until a waitress came up to me and asked why I wasnt talking to anyone I said "I need some me time". She replied I get you. I laughed but she was amazing and she had my weakness right before my eyes... the right amount of freckles. I spent the whole night talking to her and trying my best to not push about taking her home. I knew she would be on to my game if I was to obvious due to her being around so much military and her previously telling me she had many friends that serve. So the night drags on I ask her for her phone number she replies I have a boyfriend. I blurt out the first thing that comes to my d***ken mind "I just asked for a phone number I never said I wanted to fuck you". So she laughs and gives it to me. A week goes by and I call. I spend most of the next 2 weeks talking to her almost once a day for 20mins at a time which is rare for me I hate cellphones and texting. She calls me one night an asks to come out for some drinks I agree.
We went to a local place she loves and we played pool and threw darts. The night was coming to an end she asked If I wanted to come back to her place for the night for a few drinks before we called it quits. I was so eager to go but acted like I was worried I had to work so after playing around and ignoring the fact she was wanting to I agreed. We get back to her place and lay on the couch watching movies and sipping on some beer and relaxing getting to know one another. She said lay down with me so its not uncomfortable for you. So we both stretch out on the couch cuddled up watching : You guessed it A Chic-Flic : She said my back has been sore from work so I offer to rub her back..So I pull her shirt up to her bra-line. I gently reach under an unstrap her bra. I re-assure her its so I can rub her back an she says well if thats all go ahead. I start to rub her back. I can remember laying on the couch running my hand up an down her back feeling her silky skin.
The touch of her skin was by far the best I have ever laid a hand on. I was rubbing up and down but on the way down going lower an lower until I was right at the base of her back and above her gorgeous and I mean gorgeous ass. She rolled over and I run my fingertips down her sides an across her tummy. I can see she is enjoying it so I continue not to push the issue or take her to a point where she will shy away...I gently tugged on her shirt and said you can keep your bra on an so she leans back up...and I sit on the couch an she lays her head in my lap while Im rubbing down her back. Her hot breath on my lap was making it very difficult for me to keep from getting an erection not to mention the thoughts of the beautiful woman and seeing her half naked body beneath me and the feeling of her skin at my fingertips.
I urged for her to come forward she climbs up me slowly she lets her bra drop to the floor and she leans up and kisses my neck. I couldnt help myself. In my mind I remember she has a man. I shouldn't do this. I thought about it more. If he was doing his job I wouldn't have to. She pulls me down to the floor on top of her breaking all thoughts of right and wrong. I kissed from her neck all the way down her stomach to her pants. I slowly unbuttoned her pants an gently pulled each leg off and fumbled at trying to get her foot out of the sandal which had been wrapped in the pant leg. Smooth Romeo, Very smooth. She giggled and all I could do was smile at the sight of this angel in front of me. I finally got her foot free and threw the sandal across the room. I slowly licked an kissed up her legs to her thighs and bit on the inside of her legs and stopped an kissed her through her panties which was damp. I bite down gently through her panties and made a vibrating-humming sound and watcher her squirm.
She rolled back so I could take her panties off and then I buried my face between her legs. I gently played with her one finger in an kissing on her clit and licking her lips and sliding my tounge in and out as I fingered her. I kissed all the way back up to her an got up on my knees. As I got up on my knees above her I started pulling my shirt off and while I was doing that I felt my shorts being unbuttoned and I could feel her mouth through my boxers on my dick. I am well endowed and this pleased her I could see it in her eyes. I stood up and dropped my shorts an boxers at the same time. I leaned my hand down to her and helped her to her knees and I stood atop of her while she spent some time pleasing me. Her mouth kissing and licking my dick and throating me. She sucked my balls and played with my cock for hours it seemed like. I normally dont shake when this is happening but something about her had me already broken. I stopped her an laid down on my back she immediately crawled over me and we began to 69. After about 5-10mins She raised up an started to rock back an forth. I had found her sweet-spot. I placed my hands on her amazing ass and then she came. I could feel her juices running down my face but I didn't stop until she almost feel over quivering.
I crawled over top of her and she locked her legs around my waist and I eased myself down into her. I started slowly not to hurt her inching my way into her pussy. Until I could feel how far I could go without hurting her. I could feel her push me away when I tried to go all the way. So I would back out and kiss her on the neck and ears and whisper just tell me when to stop. I seen this was hurting her. I rolled off and had her lay beside me like a sideways doggystyle. I spent the next hour in that position with her back up against me. The smell of this womans skin and perfume was the most amazing smell I have ever experienced. I had her back against my chest and my hands around her cupping her very perfect C-cups. I felt her begin to rock back and forth once I had gotten her used to me and finally I could her hear moan as I timed my thrust with her pushing back. I placed on hand on her hip an began to squeeze an could feel her hand come down on mine an dig her nails in. I felt her cum again and by this point I was close to my breaking point. Everything about her the smell of this woman the look the way the light danced of her body. I eased out an rolled onto my back she knew. She gently leaned down an began to orally finish me off and i put my hand under her chin to push her away she gently placed a hand on my neck an started to squeeze. This pushed me over the limit and I came. The rush of her choking me caused me to cum so hard I began to shake and quiver. She licked and sucked me dry and we spent the rest of the night laying in the floor sl**ping together with the blanket we had pulled off the couch.

(the one who got might ask. I eventually almost married this woman)

100% (9/0)
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3 years ago
Pretty good story. Thanks for posting