The Sergeant.

The Sergeant

It was Ben who told me about him - this ex-army guy, strict disciplinarian, apparently. Ben had visited him several times, he said and he told me what had happened. I was more than curious, I was interested and excited. Ben made a phone call in the next room and spoke to someone. I couldn't hear what he said. At the end he gave me the guy's phone number, saying that I should give him a call if I was that interested.

I waited a couple of days, summoned up all my courage and dialled the number. A gruff voice on the other end of the line said he'd been expecting my call. Would I be free on Friday night? Yes! He gave me his address. I was told to be there at 10 pm. He explained that once I stepped over his door, I would have to do exactly as I was told and that he had no patience with time wasters. Oh! And someone else would be joining us.

The taxi driver got me there ten minutes late.

'A fine way to start!' shouted the Sergeant as he opened the door – My first Mistake!

He put his hand on my chest to stop me for a moment.

'Remember Boy – In this house, you do exactly as I say! Are you sure you want to come in? - Think about it Son! - You don't leave until I say so!'

I nodded a yes, without really thinking too much about it and walked in. He was dressed in full army camouflage fatigues. About 6ft 2 – Strong military bearing, short number one buzz haircut, obviously still very fit, tattoos on both his forearms, visible below his rolled up sleeves. Hard to age him but fifty or maybe even sixty, something like that. I knew he was retired. Ben told me he had been a Sergeant in the army, done several tours overseas, seen a lot of action in the Middle East. He motioned me down the hallway towards a door on the left. He opened it. Stairs down to the cellar appeared. My eyes met his and he pointed down the stairs. I climbed down, he followed, slamming the door shut behind him.

The walls of the cellar had been whitewashed and the tiled floor scrubbed clean. On one wall there were a variety of belts, chains and other items, neatly hanging, all in set places. I could see various rings and hooks on other walls and some chains, hanging from rings in the ceiling. There was one floor-mounted spotlight in a corner, pointing downwards, dimly lighting the room

Slumped in the corner, I could see the shadowy outline of another boy. He looked about my own age. I could see he was naked, except for a jockstrap. Sat on the floor, his knees held into his chest, his arms folded round them. He had a ball gag in his mouth, tied with leather straps round the back of his head. Leather ankle straps were joined together by a short chain. The same with his wrists

He looked up at me briefly, through the dim light, then his head dropped onto his chest and his eyes cast downwards again.

'You ready?'


'Yes - Sir! - Louder!'

'Yes Sir! - Ready Sergeant, Sir!'

'Strip to the waist!'

I peeled off my clothes and dropped them to the floor – My Second Mistake!

'Pick those up!' He yelled.

I scooped them up and held them in a bundle against my chest.

'On the table!'

I laid my things down on the table just as I had been told to do and he pushed them all off again onto the floor in a heap with his arm.

'Neatly Boy!'

As I bent down to pick up my things again, he put the sole of his boot on my arse and pushed so that I almost fell over. I stood up and arranged and folded my clothes neatly into a pile on the table.

'Guess your Mummy does that for you at home Boy? - Lazy little Shit! – Well not here she doesn't!'

His manner and his voice were changing and I began to feel threatened and I felt myself strangely starting to submit to this powerful, authoritarian figure in front of me with his stern army disposition.

Slightly taller than me, his face just inches from mine, he proceeded to deliver a lecture on how young men today had no respect for rules and authority, did exactly what they wanted, were all Mummy's Boys and that was why society was in the mess it was in today.

'Stand to attention in front of me, when I'm talking to you Boy!'

I could feel his spittle on my face as he shouted out. He walked round me and pulled the waistband of my jeans away from the hollow of my back.

'What the fuck! - Sissy Boy!'

I was wearing a pair of white skimpy briefs. He'd seen them and it was only then I remembered Ben saying I should wear boxers – My Third Mistake!

'Get those off!'

He grabbed me by the arm and led me to a cupboard in the corner, in which there were piles of neatly arranged army clothes. He grabbed a pair of army regulation issue white boxers and pushed them into my chest.

'Put them on!'

With my back to him, I self consciously stepped out of my trainers, dropped my jeans and briefs and quickly stepped into the boxers. I could feel his eyes staring at my naked ass cheeks as I pulled on the boxers. I turned round, they were slightly too big and hung on my hips.

'The tie cord!'

I hadn't noticed it. I pulled the two ends together and tied them in a knot in the middle.

'Back on!'

He pointed to my jeans and trainers. I wear low hangers and as I pulled them up, there was about three inches of the boxers visible above the belt of my jeans. I pushed my feet back into my trainers.

'Over here! - Kneel down!'

I was crouched down in front of him, sat back on my heels. His hand went on the back of my head and he held it in tight against his crotch. His head went back and he sighed.

'Argh!!! - You like that Boy, don't you?'

'Mmmm Yeah!' I was just about able to mumble.

'Yes Sir!' he shouted.

'Yes Sir! - Yes Sir, I do Sir! - I like it Sir!' I blurted out.

I could feel his erection with my lips through the cotton material of his fatigues.

He grabbed my ear and hauled me up by it on to my feet. Then he dragged a chair and pulling it into the middle of the room, sat down on it and stared at me. I was inadvertently standing to attention.

'Over my knee Boy!'

Yes Sir!'

I felt his hand rubbing over the the denim covering my ass cheeks. Then a slight smack, then some more rubbing of his hand over my buttocks and a few more smacks. My cock was getting interested – very interested.

He reached over and round my waist and unbuttoned the top of my jeans and he pulled them half way down over my ass, exposing the top half of my backside. Now I could feel his hand smacking through just the cotton boxers and the smacks were being delivered quicker and harder and more frequently. My cock continued to get more excited but the smacks were really nothing at all. I was more horny at the thought that I was bent over his knee and he was in control and in charge of my punishment.

He reached his hand over me again and down inside the front of the boxers. He checked out my growing erection. He squeezed my cock but said nothing, just slapped my ass a few times in quick succession. He pulled my head back and up by the hair so that my eyes met his.

'Bet you're a right little cocksucker – Aren't you? - Want to suck my cock Boy?'

Yes Sir! - Yes Sir – Please let me suck your cock Sir!'

'On your knees again Son!'

He stood up, unbuckled his belt and slid his pants down over his thighs. He was massive! Nine, maybe more, fat inches of erect, uncut, veiny manhood had been set free. Now I will admit that I am a real cock whore and I can honestly say this was right up there with the best! He started slapping my face with it. My mouth tried to follow it, I wanted desperately to taste him and lick that monster.

Suddenly, he shoved it straight in my mouth roughly. My lips instinctively clasped around that thick shaft. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved it all in, right to the back of my throat, my nose jammed into his pubic hair. I gagged, my eyes filled with water and I coughed up saliva, which covered his cock and dripped off it, as he pulled out of my mouth.

'Bet you can do better than that Boy! - A lot better!' he snorted.

He started face-fucking me violently, holding my head with his two hands, one on either side, next to my ears. Again and again I felt him hit the back of my throat. Spit and saliva poured out of my mouth and dribbled down onto my chest. I kept coughing and gagging but it didn't stop him. I looked up pleadingly, unable to speak. He must have seen my distress but he looked back with total disregard and kept pumping into my mouth. In and out, in and out with a really mean grin, then he spat on my face and laughed!

He stopped. My head went down and I tried to wipe away the tears from my eyes and the saliva from my mouth with the back of my hand and stop coughing. His cock twitched in front of my face, covered in my saliva, dripping off it. The huge purple bell end of it looking at me angrily.

'Get Up!'

He went over to the wall and picked a paddle from its place and tested it, slapping his hand with it. He sat down again.

'Over here!'

'Yes Sir!'

He pulled my jeans right down, put me over his knees again and pulled the boxers down below my buttocks. My cock and balls were hanging down between his thighs. He started running the paddle over my ass cheeks. - Suddenly,


I almost jumped up off his knees – half in shock and surprise, half in pain!


He pulled my wrists back and held them together firmly in the small of my back to stop me jumping about, pushing me back down over his knees

'Count for me Boy!'

Thwack! - 'One!'


'TWO! - - THREE! - - - FOUR! - FUCK! That Hurts!'

'Shut the fuck up! – Count for me Son! – Out Loud!'

'FIVE! - - SIX!'

'S..S.. SE...VEN! - Please No More!' I yelled out.

'I said … Shut the fuck up! – Count you little piece of shit!'


I tried to free a hand to protect my ass but he held it down too firmly.

'NINE!' I could hardly speak, my face was so screwed up tight in pain.

'TEN!' That last one hurt, really hurt. He didn't hold back - I started sobbing. Then he made me stand up in front of him. I was shaking. I clasped my hands over my cock and balls perhaps a little ashamed of my erection. I could feel sticky drops of clear pre-cum drip from the end of my penis.

'What do you say?'

'Thank you! - Thank you Sir! - Thank you Sergeant!'
My punishment was over. I'd just about got through it. Or so I thought! I reached round to feel my ass and bent down to pull up my jeans.

'What the fuck do you think you're doing?' He was angry!

'I told you ... You don't leave till I say so! – My Fourth Mistake!

For the first time, I was scared – really scared. Up to that point, I probably thought I would just like to try what Ben had experienced. He only said there was a guy who spanked him. I should have asked more questions – A lot more questions!

'Bend over that chair!'

I shuffled over with my jeans and boxers gathered round my ankles. I leant over the back of the chair and put my hands on the seat.

'Spread them! - Show me your hole – let's see your little, pink boy-pussy!'

I reached round and pulled my buttocks apart.

'Nice tight little boi-cunt Son! - Hands back on the chair – Stay like that!'

I turned my head round to look back at him. He had taken another paddle from its place on the wall. Much bigger and heavier than the first.

'You ready to start counting again Boy?'

'Yes Sir! – I am Sir!' - I wasn't, far from it, in fact but I was trapped!

'ONE!' - I shouted out as the paddle stung my ass – Oh My God! That hurt!

'TWO - - THREE - - - FOUR!' - I stood up and put my hands on my ass cheeks.

'Fuck! That Hurts! Thank You Sir!

'We're not finished Son! Over the chair!'

He moved to the side of me and held my head down.

Number five – I couldn't hold still, tried to stand up, touch my ass but his hand on my head f***ed me back down and into position.

'You'll thank me for this Son!'

'Yes Sir! - Thank You Sir!'

I wasn't sure how much more of a beating I could take. I thought that if I showed my appreciation he might be lenient or even take pity on me. Not a bit of it. If anything, it seemed to egg him on!

'FIVE! - Thank You Sir!'

'SIX! - Fucking Hell! - Thank You Sir!

Six of the best – I looked up and saw that other guy, still crouched down in the corner. He wouldn't look at me, his head stayed bowed down resting on his elbows.


'What the fuck?'


'Seven – SEVEN! – Thank You Sir!' - I screamed out.

'EIGHT – Thank You Sir!' - I blurted out between sniffing and sobbing

A pause – perhaps he's finished.

'NINE – Argh! Fucking Hell! - Th..Th..Thank You S.S.Sir!'

'TEN!' - God Almighty!' – Wriggling about, bent over his knees! - 'Aaaaargh! Fucking Hell! - No More – Thank You Sir! - Please Stop – No More! Thank You, Th-Thank You Sir!'

I'd jumped up off his knee and was dancing about in front of him in agony, rubbing my ass – It felt as if it was on fire! Then sternly, very sternly, that voice again – It put the shit up me.

'Just who the fuck said you could stand up Boy?' - My Fifth Mistake!

'Get over here! - On your knees – Show the Sergeant how you'd like to thank him, thank him properly.'

I knelt between his legs. He remained seated on the chair. I pulled his huge erect cock out and towards my mouth and I started to suck him for all that I was worth. Tried to do my very best work! He began moaning with pleasure. Perhaps I could bring him to a climax and secure my release from what was fast becoming a hell hole nightmare! With my other hand I gently squeezed his ball sack.

I sucked and wanked him, like the expert I am. I thought I had him and got ready to see him shoot his load. No! – He pulled away from me, stood up and f***ed his stiff erection back inside his pants. I looked up at him with an unspoken, questioning look on my face.

'You turn up late! You show no respect for my home! Dump your clothes on my floor! You wear sissy-boy pants! You just keep on making mistakes – Don't You! Have you learnt your lesson?'

'Yes Sir, I think I have!'

'Well THINK isn't good enough! Get over here! Take those off!' He yelled, pointing.

I took off my trainers and socks, stepped out of my jeans and his boxers bunched up around my ankles and I folded them neatly and placed them on the table – that much I'd learned. I walked back towards him, stark bollock naked, with my hands covering my genitals and my half erect cock.


The boy in the corner got up and shuffled towards us in the middle of the cellar floor. The Sergeant released the restraints from around the boy's wrists and took off the ball gag from his mouth.

'Do it!'

The boy crouched down in front of me and started sucking me. I felt his hands resting on my bruised and battered ass cheeks. It hurt. But his tongue and lips knew what they were doing!

My tormentor tied each of the wrist restraints, that he had taken off Tommy and fastened them around my wrists instead. He fixed each of them in turn to a chain, which he then threaded through rings in the ceiling. He pulled on the chains, stretching my arms up and out so tightly, that the balls of my feet only just touched the floor. My body weight was part hanging from the chains. I could just about get one foot flat on the floor at a time but the other one would be almost completely off it, if I did. One leg was the most I had to support me.

My mind was racing, confused, scared, worried. What on earth had I let myself in for? One guy was stringing me up and another had got my cock as stiff as a pole in his mouth. Too much was spinning round in my head.

'Tommy! Enough!'

Tommy got up and sat on the chair. It looked as if he had seen all this before because he seemed to know what was going to happen next and what was expected of him. He leant forward, folded his arms on his knees and dropped his head down, looking at the floor once more.

The Sergeant started twisting my nipples, really hard and looking at me directly in the face as he did so with an almost evil grin on his face. This was more than playful it was full on tit torture. I was writhing about, suspended, unable to do anything other than try and twist my torso away from him. It was no use, he was determined to inflict as much pain and pleasure as he could. He wouldn’t stop, despite my cries of agony and anguish. Then he started licking my armpits, the stubble on his chin scratching against my skin as he licked and sniffed.

He went behind me and put his hand on my arse. His finger started playing with my anus. He crouched down, pulled my ass cheeks apart and stuck his stubbly face in my crack and started to lick out my hole. I was helpless. Tommy looked up, watched for a few moments and then his head bowed down again. I tried to catch his eye as if to say 'Help me!' but he'd looked away, he obviously knew what was coming next.

That was when the Sergeant fucked me.

He pulled his cock out and f***ed it roughly inside my hole. It hurt like hell. He put his hands on my hips and f***ed himself in and out of me. Long deep powerful thrusts as I hung there helpless, tossed about like a dog with a rag doll. His hands moved up and down the sides of my torso and then to my nipples, which he twisted and squeezed as he built his rhythm, faster and faster. I could hear his breathing increasing and just as he pulled out of me he let out a long sigh.

'Aaargh! Fuck Yeah!'

I felt his hot cum splash against the small of my back and over the top of my arse.

A pause.

I could hear him catching his breath and after a few moments.

'Time to find out if you've really learned your lesson Boy!'

My hole was all wet, I felt his sperm dripping down over it and down the inside of my thigh. He walked over to the wall, fastening his flies as he went and he took down one of those old fashioned headmaster's canes, which he started to swish about in the air, menacingly in front of me. He pointed the tip of it on my cock and I thought 'Fuck No!'

He walked behind me, put a hand between my legs and grabbed my ball sack and pulled it down and back towards him, tugging on it hard. He rested his head on my shoulder, I could feel his sweaty breath panting against my ear as he reached round and hit my belly with the cane and then again and again but lower down. Each time the cane would strike my flesh, he tugged down on my balls. The cane just missed my penis.

He let go of me.

With no warning at all, he hit me across the buttocks with the cane. I yelled out, at the top of my voice.

'Nobody will hear you down here – Scream all you want but fucking make sure you count out loud for me Boy!'


That doesn't count Boy, now start!'

Swish! - It stung like hell – I screamed out at the top of my voice.

'One! … Thank You Sir!'

Tommy put his hands over his ears.

'Two! … Oh FUCK! … Thank You Sir! - Tears started to well up in my eyes.

Three – Across the back of the tops of my thighs – He missed my ass. I bit down on my lip, trying not to yell out.

Four – I was dancing about from one foot to the other, trying to turn my ass away from him and his cane.

Each time the cane struck, I yelled out. I tried to take quick, short breaths, panting to try to take my mind off the pain. He was watching me intently and he struck again each time just at the point before I could recover a little and stop wriggling about.

Five … Six … Seven

I wasn't writhing about so much at that point. I was just hanging by my bl**dless arms, head slumped forward, trying to think of nothing, just waiting for the next strike of the cane, trying to keep calm, stay conscious and pray to God that it would soon be over.

Eight – One really long scream of pain – I'm sure I saw stars with that one.

'Eight! Oh FUCK NO! Aargh! Th-Th-Th Thank You Sir!'

Nine and then - Ten – Harder than ever. I was sure he'd broken the skin on my arse. But I couldn't even think straight any more. I was just trying to get through the ordeal. I was gone, almost passed out. A glass of water was thrown in my face. I snapped back. Another glass of water was thrown over my back. As the water dripped down over my arse, it stung like hell.

In quick succession the cane struck my wet ass twice.

I let out a long series of agonising yells, screaming at the top of my voice, sobbing like a baby, tears falling from my eyes. Fuck! It was so sore!



Where I got the energy to blurt that out – I'll never know, crying like a c***d. But it did the trick.


I final swish of the cane – right across my nipples. Fuck it was agony!

He loosened the chains, my arms fell down, the bl**d started to return. Both my feet were on the ground again but they didn't support my weight and I collapsed in a heap on the floor.

'Tommy!' The voice barked out.

The boy got up off the chair, he crouched down by my crotch as I lay on the floor, almost lifeless, in a heap. He took my balls in one hand and my cock in the other. He started wanking me. I shot a huge load, which the boy tried to catch in his mouth but most of which shot all over my chest, which Tommy then proceeded to lick off me.


Tommy went back to his corner, where he had sat crouched, when I first entered the cellar. His ball gag and the wrist restraints were fixed on again.

The Sergeant looked at me.

'You're done – Now Fuck Off!'

After a few moments, I got up slowly to go to the table with my clothes on it and started to get dressed. The door to the stairway was opened and I walked towards it. Just as I began to climb the stairs, I looked back inside the cellar. Tommy was slumped in his corner. He'd pissed himself.

As I walked through the front door, I turned back and my eyes met the Sergeant's one last time.

'Thank You Sir!

He said nothing, barely even looked at me in fact and slammed the door shut behind me, as I stepped outside.

It was late. I hailed a black cab and it took me back to Tower Bridge and my parents' weekend flat. I had the place to myself, they were abroad. In the bathroom, I stripped off and looked at myself in the mirror. What a mess! Huge red whelks on my red raw backside. You could also see the actual stripe marks from where the cane had landed. I stepped tentatively into the shower.

Just after 2 am, a text appeared on my cell phone – Ben's number.

“U OK?”

Texted back:

“Tell U 2mrw”

I just did.

This is not exactly how it happened. I've left parts out and added a bit in (you can guess who he was) – Leave your comments if you wish guys.

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