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A while back my wife and I were visiting a co-worker couple of hers. We had a number of drinks and the discussion got on submissive women, at which point my wife let it slip that she would enjoy being submissive. The husband and wife stood my wife up and stripped her, handing me all of her clothes. They then sent me home. It was 9pm. I had no idea what they were going to do to her. At 1am my wife called and told me that she was trying to be a good girl for them. I heard other male voices but when I asked my wife about it, she said she couldn't tell me any more until she got home. At4am I had to pick her up. She walked to my car naked. She told me that it was awesome, but felt bad because she had been used by several other men. Six altogether. She also told me that this couple shot some video of her both being used and being punished, and that she HAD TO submit to them twice a month from now on, or else others would see the vid! That night she had welts front and back. They've taken her out, make her expose herself, and they also let other dom's abuse her. Lately, when she goes out with them on Friday, she can't come home until Sunday evening.
Recently, they 'loaned' her to 3 doms who abused her non stop all week-end. her body was covered with marks, and her nipples and pussy lips were tender from clamps and shocks. The couple says the best fun is dripping HOT wax on her nipples and pussy after they've been thoroughly whipped. THEN to let the wax cool and whip off the cooled wax. My wife isn't home yet, but the couple just e-mailed me the vid of the woman being beingf f***ed to straddle and sit on a bunch of thumb tacks! Now I'm wondering if my wife will or has been made to do the same thing? Two weeks ago my wife said that the couple [and 2 friends] focused on her pussy. Insertions, shocks, clamps, flogging, long things, fat things, you name it!
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3 years ago
please elaborate, either that or pad out what your wife has told you, i was just getting started and it ended - please write some more
A xxx
3 years ago
Nice, maybe in a future story husband and wife can submit to a couple for the weekend
3 years ago
good start,is a part two comming?