The Home Visit

I made sure I had packed my black bag well.  A home visit might
necessitate any type of examination or medication, so it was best
to be prepared.  I looked down at the home visit sheet I had been
given by reception.  Female, 37, pelvic pains.  Fairly standard
details so hopefully the visit shouldn’t take too long.  I ensured
I had a speculum and swabs with me along with pain relief as I set
off in my car.

After a short drive I arrived at the address on my sheet and,
parking outside, went to knock on the door.  After a couple of
minutes the door opened to reveal you.  A beautiful woman, dressed
in a very scanty neglige, with very alluring eyes.  I was instantly
taken by surprise, not expecting to feel the sudden surge of
attraction that I was currently experiencing.  Why were you dressed
so sexily?  What was I going to do with the wave of heat building
in me towards you?  Gaining control of myself, taking a deep
breath, I checked your name against my visit sheet and confirmed
that you were my patient.  ‘Why don’t you come in Doctor?’, you
breathed seductively, ‘I’ve been expecting you’.  Did you mean me
personally or just the Doctor in general?  ‘I’m glad it’s you
that’s come’, you added in a gentle voice, ‘I put in a special
request for you....’.  The last word hung in the air with loaded
tension.  I noticed your eyes glance over me and settle on my groin
where I couldn’t fully hide the arousal I was feeling.  ‘I’m sorry,
but visits are allocated by reception’, I replied trying to defuse
the chemistry which was busy brewing between us, ‘it was one of the
receptionists who allocated me’.  ‘Yes, I know’, you said, ‘and I
had a favor to call in with one of them you are!’, you
smiled gesturing to me with your hand.  Taking me by the hand you
led me into the lounge.  My mind raced.  Your touch had set
electricity off within me but my mind resisted the sensation trying
to restore professional decorum to the proceedings.  ‘Please, sit
down’, you said.  Then I noticed how thin the fabric of your
nightwear was.  I could make our the shape of your breasts beneath
it and noticed your hard, erect nipples against the silk.  The
garment clung to your body, emphasizing your sensual curves and
stopped just short of your mid thighs revealing smooth, waxed legs.
 Unable to deny my nature I felt myself growing harder as I drank
in your beauty and was glad that my sitting disguised this fact. 
‘So....ok....erm...’, I struggled to say.  My mind was full of your
scent and appearance and was already playing out quick fantasies
which I attempted to control.  ‘I understand you have pains? 
Pelvic region pains?’, I offered trying to battle on with the job I
had come to do.  ‘Oh yes, Doctor’, you sighed, ‘I have indeed. 
Quite often’.  ‘Tell me more’, I ventured trying to concentrate on
the diagnosis.  You proceeded to describe typical period pains as I
listened to the history.  When you had finished answering my
questions I suggested the need for examination.  ‘We can go to the
bedroom’, you said with obvious mischief in your eyes.  ‘Er....I’m
happy to examine you here’, I replied trying not to allow my mind
to imagine you laid out on a soft bed.  ‘No...the bed is
more....comfortable’, you responded and, taking my hand, led me
upstairs.  I should have pulled away from you, professional conduct
demanded that I enf***e some distance, but I was enjoying your
touch too much by now and figured that a little holding of hands
didn’t mean anything significant.

When we got to the top of the stairs, you entered the bedroom and
sat on the end of the bed.  ‘So, Doctor, how do you want me?’, you
said, stretching your arms out.  ‘Err...would you be able to lay
down and raise your legs up and apart for me?’, I answered. 
Without hesitating you pushed yourself up the bed, lifted your
lingerie up to reveal the most exquisitely waxed pussy, and parted
your legs for me.  ‘Like this?’, you sighed, almost moaning.  In
response my cock was instantly erect again and showing obviously
through my trousers.  ‘My, Doctor, what’s that in your trousers?’,
you jested, teasingly.  Trying to ignore the tease I opened my
black bag and took out the speculum and swabs.  I gently lubricated
the blades of the instrument and slowly inserted it into your
pussy, going deeper and deeper until I felt I had reached your
cervix.  Turning it 90 degrees I opened the blades to reveal the
inside of your pussy which was glistening wet and flowing with
juices.  I noticed your hard clit, firm and erect and couldn’t
resist softly brushing it with my finger as I stabilized the
speculum.  You shuddered as I did so and gave out a soft groan. 
The air in the room was as charged as a thunderstorm.  Having
finished the examination I withdrew the speculum and noticed that
you didn’t move your legs back together or pull your neglige down. 
‘So, Doctor, what’s the diagnosis?’, you enquired.  ‘Period pains’,
I replied, ‘fairly standard, but should be controllable with
medication’.  ‘Which medication do you advise?’, you asked, looking
at me with intense eyes as you subtly stroked the inside of your
thigh with one hand.  ‘Well, one option would be the contraceptive
pill, I notice that you’re not on any at the moment’, I suggested. 
‘What would that do for the pains?’, you asked.  ‘It stops
ovulation and so stops your periods.  No periods.  No pain’, I
answered.  ‘I can think of a better way to stop periods’, you said,
a devious look in your eyes.  I was confused.  What were you
talking about?  ‘I can think of an injection which you could give
me which would definitely stop my periods’, you said, reaching for
my hand.  Then, the penny dropped.  I was knocked back!  Did you
mean what I thought you meant!?  ‘Come here, Doctor’, you
whispered, ‘come and sit with me’.  Every muscle in my body was
rigid with fear and every thought screamed at me to move away but
instead I felt a magnet pulling me towards you.  I could see your
beautiful pussy, the softness of your skin, the fullness of your
lips and deep within me a dark, a****l, instinct pulled me towards
you, urged me closer as I found the thought of fucking your pussy
deeply, and releasing my hot cum inside you, overwhelming.  My cock
was so hard I thought it would burst with the pressure, my heart
thumped and my skin burned with desire.  Unwarned, you quickly
pulled me towards you and I landed on the bed next to you. 
Instantly your hands were all over me, struggling with my belt, my
shirt buttons as you sought out my mouth to lock it with yours. 
Before I knew what was happening, my cock was free and immediately
had your mouth around it.  Hard, vigorous sucking, which only made
it harder and more sensitive.  I could see your pussy as you lay
beside me, your head on my cock, and instinctively reached out to
part your legs and bury my face in it.  Using my tongue and mouth I
licked you hard and used a couple of fingers to penetrate you and
find your G Spot.  You squirmed in pleasure, the desire of the act
overtaking us both as I felt your body shake with orgasm.  ‘Now!’,
you commanded, ‘Fuck me....I want your cock deep inside me!’,
flipping you over onto all fours I took my cock with one hand and
guided it deep inside your pussy.  The tightness and warmth was
sensational and I felt like I was going to cum any moment. 
Suddenly the thought of impregnating you flashed across my mind as
I struggled with my a****l desires.  Your arse was tilted up at me
beautifully as I drove myself inside you and, wetting one finger, I
guided it into your anus.  I felt you push back against me and
groan as I did so, your sphincter obviously relaxed.  So, you liked
a bit of back door action did you?!  Without missing a stroke I
swiftly withdraw my finger and pulled my cock out.  It was coated
with your juices and looked adequately lubricated.  Pushing myself
against your anus I slowly penetrated your arse until you took my
full length deep inside you.  You let out a loud groan, ‘Shit! 
Yes!  Fuck!!!  Fuck me baby!’, you shouted as I started thrusting
into your arse, fingering your pussy and clit.  The tightness and
dirtiness of what I was doing added to the excitement I was feeling
and I felt the cum building within my balls.  With four deep
thrusts I toppled into orgasm and started exploding deep within
your bowels.  Feeling the eruption you also started cumming, an
orgasm that wouldn’t stop for second after second after second. 
Your legs became weak as you collapsed on your front, your face
buried into the duvet screaming your ecstasy.  Once the climax had
settled I withdrew from your arse to notice the dribble of cum
leaking from your gaping anus.  Getting up to sort myself out, I
closed up my bag and stood by the doorway.  ‘You’ll be needing a
script for the contraceptive pill then’, I said, satisfied that I
had emptied my balls into you without the complication of
pregnancy, ‘I’ll leave a script at reception for you to collect
later’.  Turning on my heels I headed out the door and down the
stairs, the biggest smile across my face.

87% (15/2)
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2 years ago
very good but i think she wanted that injection in the front
3 years ago
Thanks!! ;-)
3 years ago
Nice exam..